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The 11 Best Premium Dry Cat Foods

Choosing cat food is not always a simple task. It is the responsibility of the owner to cater for a cat's nutritional needs, which can fluctuate over time.

"Cats are what we call obligate carnivores, which means they must have protein as the majority of their diet," explains Dr. Lewis Singleton of Banfield Pet Hospital in South New Jersey.

"Because cats cannot produce some amino acids and vitamins naturally, such as taurine, arginine, vitamin A, vitamin D3, and other B vitamins, they must be provided in their diet."

Here are the best premium dry cat foods that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.


CRAVE Grain Free High Protein Indoor Adult Cat Food is the best overall

Crave Indoor Adult Cat Food is the best premium option overall. There are several tastes to choose from, including chicken, chicken with salmon, salmon with ocean fish, turkey, chicken, and duck blend.

The number one item in catering to the protein-rich diets that cats require to flourish is meat.

Other nutritional ingredients include pea protein, potato protein, flaxseed, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, including as Vitamin E, which has been shown in studies to improve cats’ immune systems.

The recipes are inspired by your pet’s traditional hunting diet and provide high-quality protein and carbohydrates for healthy muscles, energy, and immunological support.


  • Available in a variety of flavors.
  • Real flesh is used.
  • Immune system support


  • Expensive


Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food is the best for weight loss

If you’re looking for a dry cat food that will help you lose weight, we recommend Blue Buffalo Weight Control.

It’s made with an appropriate combination of animal protein and calories to help your pet acquire and maintain an ideal body mass.

The first component is deboned beef. Following that are brown rice, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vegetables, fruit, and vitamins.

The round kibble is made up of a combination of specifically molded bites that are processed with less heat, according to the manufacturer, which helps retain the nutritional content of the components.


  • Real deboned beef is used.
  • Grain-free
  • Contains no artificial preservatives.


  • The bag cannot be resealed.


Orijen Biologically Appropriate Cat Food is the best choice for kittens

We recommend Orijen Biologically Appropriate Cat Food if you have a kitten at home (formerly called Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food).

It’s made with fresh, whole ingredients like free-range chicken, cage-free eggs, and wild-caught fish, giving your growing cat the nutrients they need to thrive.

In addition, there are no grains in the components list, which some owners appreciate. All of the ingredients in the recipe were chosen with your cat’s biological needs in mind.



  • Fresh ingredients are used.
  • Ingredients sourced from animals account for 85 to 90 percent of the total.


  • Expensive


Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food is the best for adult cats

Royal Canin Indoor Dry is the best premium dry cat food for adult cats. Dr. Singleton recommends it because it contains a fiber combination that aids digestion and weight management.

This cat food provides the recommended amounts of chicken meal, fat, vegetable fiber, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. The ingredients are highly digested and metabolizable, keeping your adult cat healthy, energized, and satisfied.

Make sure to get this food from a trustworthy pet retailer because counterfeit versions of this pet food appear to be a problem. When shopping on Amazon, make certain that the goods is being sold and shipped by the manufacturer.


  • Digestion-friendly
  • Fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals are abundant.
  • Available in 3-, 7-, and 15-pound packages.


  • Expensive


Adult Complete Essentials Purina Pro Plan Probiotics

Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials is a high-protein cat chow that was created with digestive and immune health in mind.

The main ingredient is actual chicken or salmon, which is blended with brewer’s rice and a probiotic and prebiotic mixture.

This dry cat food also contains omega-6 fatty acids, which promote a healthy coat and skin. 2 Eggs, animal fat, amino acids, and a variety of vital vitamins and minerals are also included in the ingredient list.


  • Full of protein
  • Digestion-friendly
  • Aids in the maintenance of a healthy coat


  • It is not grain-free.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Dry Cat Food

Stage of life

Match the dry food you feed your cat to their life stage. Kittens have specific dietary requirements as they grow and develop, so it’s important to feed them correctly.

Feed your cat a balanced meal that is high in nutrients and energy to keep them healthy and happy during their active adult years.

Senior cats’ dietary needs will differ from those of the first two life phases, so choose a formula designed for your kitty’s golden years.


This is a personal preference, but some felines are more picky than others. Finding a dry cat food that your cat will eat and enjoy can be difficult, especially if you’re switching from wet cat food.

While reduced ingredient feeds are beneficial to digestion, they are not necessarily appealing to all cats. To locate a dry cat food that your cat will eat, you may need to experiment with different protein sources and additives.

Nutrients that are necessary

To grow, your cat requires specific nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Taurine, for example, is an essential amino acid that your cat must obtain from diet.

Look for dry cat food that satisfies the bare minimum of needed amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

One thing to keep in mind is that your cat does not require carbohydrates in his or her diet, while there is no evidence to suggest what the ideal carbohydrate percentage for cats should be.


Crave Grain Free High Protein Indoor Adult Cat Food is the best overall premium dry cat food. It contains a high-quality protein blend, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

It also comes in a variety of feline-approved poultry and fish recipes. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food is another excellent option.

The veterinarian-approved formula contains meat, whole grains, animal fat, fish oil, and vegetable fibers.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your cat safe and comfortable, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best premium dry cat foods has helped you in your search!


How much dry cat food should a cat be fed?

If you’re unsure how much dry food to feed your specific cat, consult the packaging or your veterinarian. Consider parameters such as your cat’s weight and age to get a broad notion.

Most adult cats (those over a year old) can be fed a quarter cup of dry food twice day. Older cats or those with specific needs, on the other hand, may require more frequent feedings.

This is a circumstance where you should consult with your veterinarian. Ideally, you should feed your cat a mixture of predominantly wet food and some dry food.

This is because dry food has more carbs, and cats do not require carbs in their diet. In this scenario, you can half the suggested feeding amount for each type of food.

What should you look for in high-quality dry cat food?

It is critical to choose a premium dry food that offers key nutrients to suit your cat’s demands.

As previously stated, taurine is an essential amino acid that should always be found in dry foods because it aids digestion, muscle function, and immunity.

Other elements to look for include protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fiber aids digestion and weight control, and high-quality protein (turkey, fish, chicken, and so on) keeps your cat active and satiated.

A dry diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids is also preferable because it promotes healthy fur and skin.

Can dry cat food spoil?

Dry cat food, like any other pet food, can spoil. Always check the “best by” date to ensure that your food isn’t past its expiration date.

Keep your dry food in its original packaging for the best preservation—these bags are meant to keep food fresh for as long as possible.

To avoid air exposure, make sure to tightly shut the bag after usage. Food can deteriorate when exposed to air. Store your food in a cool, dry spot rather than out in the sun, which can cause the temperature and humidity in the bag to rise.

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