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The 8 Best Predator-Proof Rabbit Hutches

Everyone takes the weather into account when keeping rabbits outside.

A person may need to account for the possibility of extreme weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and cold.

However, many people overlook another significant threat: predators. Keep your rabbit in a cage safe from the elements and predators if you care about their health.

To make sure our bunnies are safe from harm, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) decided to compare and contrast the best predator-proof rabbit hutches on the market.

We have learned a lot about these huts after using them for a long time, and we will share it with you in the next five reviews.

Advice for Shoppers

We’ll give you some pointers that should help you choose the perfect hutch for your rabbit if you’re still having trouble deciding. After putting so many of these hutches through their paces, we feel confident in our ability to advise you on what to look for in a good one, and we will do just that in this article.

Criteria for Evaluating a Rabbit Cage

Easy Accessibility

Make sure the interior of your rabbits’ habitat is easily accessible. It should be easy to get your rabbit in and out of, and it should be cleaned periodically. Consequently, we advocate for making accessibility a top priority.

Although most hutches we’ve seen are on the modest side, most of them allow many ways of access. Find a hutch that has a removable roof for easy access inside.

Drop-In Trays That Slid Out

We’ve touched on the need of frequent cleaning, but there is a method to shorten the process. For easy and quick disposal of old bedding and pet waste, consider investing in a pan that slides out from under the bed.

Plus, who wants to use their hands to gather all that?


To be sure, your rabbits have to have access to some sort of breathing apparatus. Choose a shelter that lets in plenty of fresh air but also offers your rabbits with a sheltered spot to rest.

There is a lot of ventilation in these hutches since they are made with wire fence. You should select one with sufficiently thick wire to give you comfort.

Safeguarding against Dangerous Animals

Predators like foxes, coyotes, bobcats, and even mountain lions will see your rabbits as an easy meal that’s waiting for them in a cute little lunchbox.

Wherever you happen to call home, you should be prepared to face some, if not all, of these predators. Even a big enough bird may make a meal of a little rabbit!

Be sure your hutch is secure enough to keep out any potential predators in the region. It’s best to use very strong wire for the vents if you’re going to build a hutch out of solid wood.

However, not all wood is made equal; choose one that is constructed from strong wood rather than something too fragile and mushy.

From the Weather’s Wrath

It’s not just about the predators. The need to keep your dogs safe from the elements is a more frequent concern. The weather (whether it be rain, heat, snow, cold, wind, etc.) poses serious risks to your rabbit.

All of these dangers may be avoided if you have a decent hutch. This not only affords you refuge from the elements when it’s windy, chilly, or raining outside, but also allows you to get some fresh air and cool down when the sun comes out.

Vacant House for Your Rabbits

Choose a hutch that can comfortably house all of your rabbits. Unless your rabbit is quite large, a smaller hutch should be sufficient for a single rabbit.

A lot more room is required for housing two or more rabbits. Choose a rabbit home that’s roomy enough to accommodate your rabbits safely and comfortably.


There are many rabbit huts out there, but if you want to keep your rabbit safe, you need a hut that can withstand the elements and keep predators away.

Finally, after letting our bunnies try a variety of huts, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) decided on its top three recommendations.

However, we’ve included reviews so you can check them out. The best predator-proof rabbit hutches on the market in its selection.

The Trixie Natura 1-story rabbit cart is our top pick. The corrosion-resistant wood used in its construction ensures that your pet’s safe haven will last for years. Easy assembly is another benefit.

Tangkula Rabbit Hutch is our top choice for its reasonable price and high quality. Due to the raised design, your rabbit will be protected from the rain, and the multiple entrances and removable bottom tray make cleanup a breeze.

The PawHut Solid Wood Hutch is the best choice if you are looking to provide your rabbit with the best possible habitat. A sturdy pair of metal and fir tiers means your rabbit can live comfortably and safely.

Multiple entry points make it easy to get inside, and the removable tray makes it easy to clean on a regular basis. 


The Best Rabbit Cage All Around Is the Trixie Natura One-Story Hutch

The 1-Story Rabbit Hutch by Trixie Natura is elegant in its simplicity, with its solid wood construction and glazed pine finish.

It has been treated so it will endure for years with no care, however you may reapply stain every couple of years to potentially lengthen its life. There is a main living space, as well as a separate bedroom with a door.

Because the roof is hinged and has locking arms, you can easily open it, remove the bowls, and sweep the floor without having to juggle any of those tasks.

During hotter weather, you may unlock the roof using the arms and let some fresh air into the hutch. The hutch may house either a single giant rabbit or a number of smaller rabbits.

Although this is the greatest rabbit hutch overall, we recommend placing it under a roof or other kind of protection due to its lack of strength when compared to more expensive models.


  • Made entirely out of wood
  • Stable Covering
  • Elegant and aesthetically pleasing layout
  • Cheap


  • A more robust version of this is possible.


Most Affordable Rabbit Habitat: The Tangkula

In order to protect your rabbits from the elements and hungry predators, it is important to keep them out of reach. In fact, that’s why we put legs on the Tangkula Rabbit Hutch.

Keeping your rabbits in a safe, elevated location makes them harder to catch. They are also more resistant to the effects of water and other natural factors.

With the Tangkula hutch, cleaning is a breeze thanks to the detachable bottom tray. With this, you can quickly and easily dispose of trash and old bedding in one simple motion, making cleaning a breeze.

In addition, this cage provides you with practically unrestricted access to its interior thanks to its three accessible openings (including the roof).

Since ventilation is important for your rabbits’ health, the hutch is constructed in part from sturdy wire fencing. It will let in lots of fresh air while blocking off any nearby predators.

The remainder of the structure is made of wood, which isn’t extremely robust, thus this alternative may really be stronger. This is the greatest predator-proof rabbit hutch we could find for the price because the entire structure is secure and reliable.


  • The elevated structure ensures the animals’ dryness and safety.
  • Its sliding bottom tray is easily removable for cleaning.
  • Security and airflow are both improved by wire fence.
  • With several entry points, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.


  • You can’t expect much durability from this wood.


The PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch is an Excellent Option

If you want to treat your rabbits like royalty without breaking the bank, you might want to check out the PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch.

Your pets will have the best of both worlds with this incredible setup, as they may enjoy the outside inside the confines of the fencing while you’re at work, or take refuge from the weather in the upper, roofed and walled area.

This hutch has a durable construction thanks to the use of fir wood and metal wire fence. It has a sturdier build quality than the other hutches we looked at, giving you peace of mind that your pets will be safe within.

This hutch facilitates quick and easy cleanup. There are several entry points providing convenient access to all areas.

In addition, the primary housing section of the hutch features a detachable tray that slides out and can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. Despite the greater price, we believe the added conveniences and room are well worth it.


  • Two floors of room for your bunnies
  • Constructed of solid fir and wire
  • Simple access is provided through many entries.
  • This unit’s easily detachable tray facilitates speedy cleanup.


  • Expensive compared to alternatives


PawHut Double-Level Rabbit Cage

PawHut’s Wooden Rabbit Hutch, Two-Story is an excellent choice for housing your rabbits. However, it also has several significant flaws.

The fact that the cage’s doors could be locked gave us peace of mind that our bunnies were protected. Having an asphalt roof is great, too, because it keeps out both the sun and the rain.

Furthermore, the main living area could be cleaned in a flash thanks to the convenient drop tray that slid out from under the couch.

We were looking forward to putting this hutch together, but as soon as we opened the package, we were overcome with a peculiar and powerful stench.

We persisted in our assembly despite our misgivings, only to discover that the finished product was far less durable than we had anticipated.

To make matters worse, the actual measurements ended up being several inches less than the promised dimensions, so we wound up with far less living room for our bunnies than we had anticipated.

The PawHut 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch has several issues, but it’s still an excellent product overall. For the money, we believe there are better alternatives, such as the second-ranked Tangkula rabbit hutch on this list.


  • Features doors that may be locked for extra safety
  • Sun and rain are kept out by a sturdy asphalt roof.
  • Dropping tray that slides out for simple maintenance
  • Your bunnies will have two floors of living quarters.


  • Less-than-stated dimensions
  • Lacking the desired sturdiness
  • Distinct, peculiar odor


Imperial Rabbit Cage for Pets

The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch may appear like a palace for rabbits, but it’s actually rather little inside. Even so, the two levels of living area are sufficient for one or two rabbits. The aluminum pullout tray makes cleanup a breeze as well.

It’s constructed largely out of treated timber, which is meant to be durable and safe for animals. It has a strong cedar-like odor, which is extremely toxic to rabbits. Even though it’s meant to be harmless to animals, the odor turned us off somewhat.

In addition to the timber, we added fox and coyote-proof reinforced galvanized mesh to provide for ample ventilation and visibility of your rabbits from the outside.

However, that will not be the only means of escape for them. Gaps between the poorly matched panels allow the elements inside.

This is largely because the pre-drilled holes generally didn’t line up properly. In the end, we had a sizable building that wasn’t as solid as we’d hoped and didn’t provide adequate protection from the elements for our bunnies.


  • Foxes and coyotes won’t be able to chew through the galvanized steel mesh.
  • With its metal pull-out tray, trash removal is a breeze.


  • Lacking the desired sturdiness
  • The pre-drilled holes were misaligned.
  • When there are spaces between the panels, air may easily flow through.
  • Has a sharp scent, like cedar.

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