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The 8 Best Plush Dog Toys

As a dog owner, you already have the nicest plush toy in the world. It's warm and fuzzy, squeaks and plays, and is always up for a cuddle.

Yes, it continues to steal your treats, but doesn't your pet deserve a gift for being such a nice furry friend? Perhaps a brand-new plush toy?

If you've already purchased one or two, you know how difficult the procedure is. Is the cute bear better than the even cuter panda? Is it better to buy one with or without a squeaker? Will it stay longer than 5 minutes? Most importantly, will your dog enjoy it?

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best plush dog toys on the market to save you time (and money).

When selecting our selections, we considered durability, filling, size, and, of course, cuteness. Before you make your final selection, read these reviews—your dog will thank you!


Best Overall: Floppy Knots Kong Dog Toys

  • Polyester is a synthetic fabric.
  • Squeaker and knotted rope inside
  • Toy sizes range from small to medium.
  • Small to medium breed size

For our greatest overall plushie, we went with a classic. This one, from the producers of the famed Kong toys, is meant to keep your pooch busy for hours. The interior knotted rope of the Kong Floppy Knots keeps those puppy teeth occupied rather than nibbling on your arm or shoe. All four paws are knotted, and the middle has a squeaker.

There are four characters to pick from: a fox, a rabbit, an elephant, and a hippo. Because it is composed of synthetic fabric and polyester fiber fill, this toy is quite durable, especially with the tight stitching. Because it is tiny, it is great for pups and small breeds.

The cloth is also made to be soft on your dog’s gums. We enjoy how this plushie has a variety of textures and colors, from the silky stomach to the spiral arms. The lack of filling also means there will be no mess if your dog pulls it apart.

We can imagine this plush toy quickly being a favorite in your home. If you want a high-quality, long-lasting stuffed animal, this is the one to purchase.


  • Construction that is long-lasting
  • Textures that are interesting
  • Several functions in one
  • Various character and size options


  • Some dogs may become bored if there is no filling.
  • There are no huge options.


Best Value: Invincibles Plush Dog Toy by Outward Hound

  • Dura-tuff polyester material
  • There are two or four squeakers and no filling.
  • Toys come in two sizes: little and large.
  • Dog breeds of all sizes

One of the greatest plush dog toys for the money is Outward Hound’s Invincibles Geckos. The name gives it away: these tiny fellows are built to last, even for the most ardent chewers.

These lizards feature two gigantic squeakers that continue to operate even when pierced. They’re also created with Outward Hound’s own dura-tuff lining, a super-durable fabric reinforced with double-layer seams. This increases the toy’s durability and resistance to gnawing.

Like the majority of the plushies on our list, there is no filling for your dog to tear out. The eye-catching colors are particularly appealing, and we enjoy that there are two sizes to pick from: the two-squeaker smaller version and the four-squeaker bigger version.

In any case, you’re receiving a high-quality toy that will last a long time. However, some people may find the design too simple.


  • Stitching reinforcement
  • When squeakers are pierced, they continue to function.
  • There are little and large alternatives.


  • Simple style


Premium Choice: goDog Gold Fish Action Plush Dog Toy

  • Polyester is a synthetic fabric.
  • Animated, with a squeaker
  • There are two toy sizes available: regular and big.
  • Dog breeds range in size from small to enormous.

The goDog Action Plush Gold Fish Animated Squeaker Dog Toy is designed for spoilt dogs who deserve the best. When your dog interacts with it, it comes to life, exactly like a real fish! We also appreciate that it does not require batteries.

It’s chomp-powered, which means your dog’s bites propel it forward. There’s also a squeaker inside to further stimulate their hunting instincts.

A heavy-duty inner is hidden underneath the colorful synthetic fabric, making it endure longer than typical soft toys.

Finally, the goDog Action Plush Gold Fish is still extremely soft, allowing your pooch to snuggle with it while they’re not playing. While this toy is extremely durable, it also comes at a premium price.


  • Playful interaction
  • There are no batteries necessary.
  • Lasts a long time


  • More pricey than comparable toys


Best for Puppies: HuggleHounds Squooshies Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

  • Polyester and synthetic fabric are used.
  • Features: Squeaker
  • Toys are available in one size.
  • Size of breed: All breeds

Our favorite puppy toy is the HuggleHounds Squooshies Durable Plush Squeaky Dog Toy. It’s constructed of super soft and luscious velveteen fabric, which is gentle on growing teeth and gums. This toy also has HuggleHounds-exclusive Tuffut Technology. It has a three-layer liner that is strong enough for teething dogs.

Squeakers are included for extra amusement, and the whole design is intended to be as charming as it is robust. Aside from being a teething toy, the HuggleHounds Squooshies may also be used to teach your new pal how to retrieve or play tug-of-war. The smaller size, however, may not be suitable for bigger dog breeds.


  • Gently massage the gums
  • Soft but tough
  • Lovely patterns


  • Larger breeds may find it too difficult.


Dog Toy Multipet Bouncy Burrow Buddies

  • Polyester and rubber are used.
  • Squeaker and an internal ball
  • Toys are available in one size.
  • Toy and tiny dog breeds are available.

The Multipet Bouncy Burrow Buddies Baby combines two of your dog’s favorite things: plush toys and fetch toys. Each Bouncy Burrow has a tiny, spherical ball that causes the toy to bounce and roll around.

Your dog will have a great time chasing it, and you will get a wonderful workout as well! This toy floats thanks to the inside ball, making it excellent for water-loving puppies. Bouncy Burrow Buddies include squeakers that activate when the toy is pressed for an added layer of enjoyment.

Bouncy Burrow Buddies include squeakers that activate when the toy is pressed for an added layer of enjoyment. You may select from raccoons, squirrels, beavers, skunks, foxes, and opossums.


  • The plush toy may also be used for fetch.
  • Different animal designs


  • Larger breeds are not advised.
  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • Larger dogs are not recommended.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Plush Dog Toy

The nicest thing of getting a new toy for your dog is seeing their face light up and tail wag when you give it to them. However, as a pet parent, you must take your responsibilities seriously. If you don’t get your dog the correct sort of toy for their breed, it might be torn up in minutes or become a choking danger. So, what should you be looking for?

The Value of Recreation

Aside from interacting with your dog, playing provides physical and mental stimulation to keep your dog active and healthy. To begin, the more you can challenge your dog’s brains, the smarter they will grow. This results in a happier and healthier dog overall. Second, exercise is essential while caring for a dog. Even a brief fetch game has been shown to boost their general athletic ability. Third, offering your dog toys helps to reduce behavioral changes. Do you enjoy it when your dog nibbles on your new shoes? We didn’t believe so. Purchasing a new toy for them is an excellent approach to alleviate boredom.

Why Do We Use Plush Toys?

If you own a bigger dog breed, you might be asking why you would buy a plush toy in the first place when there are lots of other, more durable toys available. To begin with, cuddly toys are a kinder type of entertainment. When your dog is playing with their plush toys, ideally they won’t knock over a light or strike the TV screen.

Another benefit of plush toys is that they serve as a buddy for your dog. While you only have one dog at home, it might be lonely when you’re not there. Giving them a soft toy they enjoy serves as a form of comfort for them.

Plush toys are available in a wide range of forms, sizes, and textures. While softer chew toys aren’t usually the ideal option for bigger dogs or aggressive chewers, they are gentle on puppy and elderly teeth that are more sensitive.


The Kong Floppy Knots blend durability, colorful textures, and built-in squeakers in one sturdy package for the greatest overall plush dog toy. The Outward Hound Invincibles Geckos are a robust, long-lasting toy that’s ideal for aggressive chewers, while the animated goDog Action Plush Gold Fish will delight any dog.

In every case, these top three plush are an excellent addition to your dog’s toy collection. They give hours of entertainment for your dog, whether he is playing catch, tugging on a rope, or simply curling up for a snooze.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our evaluations and guide assist you in finding the best plush dog toys.

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