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The 17 Best Pet Hair Removers

Pet ownership has been found to promote happiness, decrease stress and anxiety, and even improve heart health. But at what cost? Cat owners pay the price of having cat hair on every item of clothing and every surface in their home. For the majority of us, it's a modest price to pay for the happiness our cats bring into our lives. Fortunately, a regular grooming routine paired with a pet hair removal arsenal allows you to enjoy an almost fur-free existence. Continue reading to see our best pet hair removers available. If you're weary of finding cat hair in your food, clothes, and everywhere else, you'll be relieved to know that there are numerous pet hair removers on the market. You'll need to put in some effort to use these tools, but the greatest items can work miracles. Let's get started with BestForPets (bestforpets.org).


Pet Hair Remover Brush Brevalli

This pet hair removing brush is effective and simple to use on a range of textile surfaces, including clothing, furniture, drapery, and bedding.

Simply sweep the brush across the chosen surface to collect hair, then insert the brush into the base to clean it. Remove the cap and pour the accumulated hair into the rubbish when the base is full.

This pet hair remover boasts an ergonomic form and a travel-friendly size in addition to its self-cleaning capability.


  • Design that can be reused for a long time
  • The self-cleaning base swiftly removes accumulated hair.
  • Rubber grip handle, easy to use
  • It can be used on a variety of textile surfaces.


  • It may take numerous passes to capture thick hair.
  • To work, it must be utilized in a precise manner.

ChomChom Roller for Removing Pet Hair

A simple roller that does exactly what it says it will: remove pet hair from any piece of furniture in the house, including the automobile. This reusable pet hair remover does not require the use of adhesives, and no refills are required.

It attracts hair using static electricity and collects it in a chamber that may be simply discarded once full. This equipment is suitable for cleaning furniture, bedding, and car seats, and it is both eco-friendly and simple to use.


  • Reusable and environmentally friendly design
  • It does not require any adhesives or refills.
  • Hair is collected in an easy-to-empty compartment.
  • It can be used on a number of upholstered surfaces.


  • Some users find it difficult to empty.
  • It might not perform as well on fine or short hair.

Extra Sticky Lint Roller for PetLovers

A sticky pet hair and lint remover will do the trick if you’re just wanting to remove a few stray hairs off clothing or furniture. This PetLovers set comes with two rollers and three refills for a total of 450 pages.

This roller has been updated with a comfort grip handle and 360-degree spinning for a convenient, frustration-free experience. When the sticky paper becomes hairy, simply rip it off to reveal a new sheet underneath.


  • It can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • For ease of operation, the handle rotates 360 degrees.
  • It comes with two rollers and three refills.


  • Multiple sheets may be required for thick hair.
  • Finding the ends of diagonally cut sheets might be difficult.

Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom FURemover

Handheld pet hair removers work well on furniture, but flooring demands a different approach. FURemover’s pet hair removal broom has a long, extensible handle and a rubber head.

The rubber bristles attract pet hair from carpet, hard floors, tile, and linoleum, making cleanup a breeze. As an extra plus, the head is detachable and has a built-in rubber squeegee that is ideal for cleaning windows.


  • It is effective on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Head is detachable for easy cleaning and storage.
  • Window cleaning squeegee built-in
  • It has an extensible handle.


  • There is no self-cleaning design.
  • It is possible that many passes on the carpet will be required.

Pet Hair Remover Nado Care

This tool, another reusable pet hair remover, not only removes fur but also pulls lint from clothing, furniture, and automobile interiors. This roller requires no glue or single-use ingredients and is simple to wipe with a moist cloth.

Simply roll the tool back and forth across the surface to remove hair, then empty the hair collection box when full. This product’s most recent version even includes a cap to keep the brush clean between uses.


  • No single-use materials, reusable design
  • With a moist cloth, it is simple to clean.
  • Hair is collected in a specific chamber.
  • Brush comes with a lid to keep it safe between uses.


  • Priced slightly higher than other models
  • Not suitable for small or confined locations.

Pet Hair Remover Fur-Zoff

This cat hair remover isn’t beautiful, but it gets the job done. With its distinctive scaled texture, this solution rapidly and simply removes hair from carpets, fabrics, and other surfaces.

To collect hair, simply sweep the product over the surface. This hair remover is constructed of 90% post-consumer recycled materials and is both inexpensive and recyclable.


  • Contains 90% post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Hair is removed from a number of surfaces.
  • Simple to use with a sweeping motion


  • Short hair may not function as well.
  • Cleaning might be difficult.

2-in-1 Pet Glove: Grooming Tool + Pet Hair Remover Mitt for Furniture

This pet hair remover glove is exceptionally simple to use when compared to traditional hair removers. Slip the mitt over your hand, adjust the hook-and-loop wrist strap to your liking, and go to work.

This dual-sided mitt has a velour side for removing hair from carpet, furniture, and clothing and a grooming side with gentle rubber bristles. This solution is suitable for all coat types and is ideal for pet hair removal and everyday maintenance.


  • Also works as a grooming glove.
  • Adjustable to accommodate a wide range of sizes
  • Hair removal from carpet, clothing, and furniture


  • Rubber material has the potential to harden over time.
  • Fit may not be appropriate for all users.

Pet Hair Remover Brush WELLTED

This pet hair removing brush, like our top selection, is reusable and self-cleaning.

The WELLTED pet hair remover brush has an ergonomically designed plastic handle for comfort and a dual-sided head for removing pet fur and lint from upholstered surfaces.

This pet hair remover is simple to use; simply swipe it across the surface before inserting it into the self-cleaner base to gather the hair. We like that this product comes with a second travel-sized pet hair remover.


  • Design that is reusable and self-cleaning
  • It includes a second travel-sized tool.
  • It is effective on all upholstered surfaces.


  • It may take numerous passes to capture thick hair.
  • To work, it must be utilized in a precise manner.

Pet Fur Removal Pick-Up Mitt CleanAide Hair Magnet

This mitt is a wonderful choice for removing a little amount of pet hair fast and efficiently. This mitt is made of a tough polyester and polyamide blend and has a thumb hole so you may use it with either hand.

It has a dual-sided design and may be easily used on clothing, furniture, and other fabrics. Simply put it on and run your hand across the surface.


  • Simple design, simple operation
  • Each set includes two mitts.
  • Thumb holes for ambidextrous operation


  • Short hair may not function as well.
  • Ambidextrous use could be carried out more efficiently.

Furless Home Fabric and Rug Cleaner Lilly Brush Fluffy Pets Forever

This pet hair remover is comfortable and straightforward to use thanks to its basic, ergonomic design. Simply glide the brush across the target area to remove medium to long pet hair fast and effectively.

This pet hair removing brush is comprised of nylon bristles that are soft on cloth, and it is reusable, so there is no waste. It may be difficult to clean and may not be the best solution for very short hair, but it is certainly an option to explore.


  • Handle ergonomically built for comfort
  • The nylon bristles are soft on the fabric.
  • No single-use items, reusable design


  • When compared to other possibilities, it is somewhat costly.
  • Cleaning might be difficult.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing a Pet Hair Removal Tool?

Pet hair removers available in a variety of shapes and sizes to remove cat and dog hair from diverse surfaces.

Because these instruments are so specialized, you may need to buy many for various purposes. Here are some things to think about when buying for pet hair removers.


First and foremost, what type of pet hair are you attempting to remove? If you simply have a few loose hairs on your suit jacket, a smaller brush or roller may suffice.

However, for heavy shedding and large surfaces such as sofas or carpets, you may require something a little larger. Consider getting a vacuum cleaner with several attachments for different surfaces.


As much as you adore your cat, you are unlikely to spend a fortune on accessories.

The good news is that pet hair removers are usually fairly inexpensive, however spending a few dollars extra may make a difference in terms of function and longevity.

Consider the product’s quality as well as its longevity – you may spend a bit more upfront for a reusable brush, but that cheap roller may cost more in the long run when you include in the cost of replacement rolls.


The last thing you want to do is spend money on a pet hair remover only to have to refill it a few weeks or months later.

Many manufacturers say that their items will endure for years, but if you use it every day (or multiple times per day), you should temper your expectations. Before you buy, check customer reviews to get a sense of a product’s durability.

You should also think about how easily the item can be cleaned and maintained. A pet hair remover is useless if it becomes clogged with hair and ceases operating effectively.

Self-cleaning pet hair removers are highly convenient and may outlast less expensive choices.


Consider the regions that collect the most pet hair. How easily available are they? What is the size of the surface? Finding the correct tool entails thinking about the task at hand and making a decision based on that.

While you may be able to purchase a “multifunctional” pet hair remover, it may not be your best pick.

These tools may accomplish a variety of duties, but not all of them well. In some circumstances, acquiring a specialized device for diverse applications may be preferable.

In addition to considering which surfaces the pet hair remover is intended for, evaluate how it eliminates the hair and whether it also removes lint. Think about how long it takes to utilize the tool to get the desired result.


We’ve previously addressed it briefly, but it’s a good idea to think about how you’ll clean your pet hair remover.

Some methods, such as rollers, include sticky tape sheets that you can simply pull off and dispose, but others employ bristles or metal teeth to literally scrape cat hair off the surface.

Some pet hair removers have a self-cleaning function. If you don’t want to do that, make sure you can easily remove the gathered hair from the tool.


Every pet owner requires a reliable pet hair remover. Unless, of course, you have a hairless cat.

The good news is that pet hair removers are often reasonably priced. The bad news is that not all of them are worthwhile investments.

Pet Hair Remover Brush Brevalli and ChomChom Roller for Removing Pet Hair are the two most prominent and dependable products for your selection, according to BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) investigation and testing of the aforementioned products.

You’ll need to do some study to get the correct tool for the job and to ensure that the product you purchase is sturdy and easy to maintain.

You should groom your pet on a regular basis, in addition to investing in a reliable pet hair remover. Brushing your cat on a daily or weekly basis not only helps minimize shedding, but it also helps maintain your cat’s skin and coat healthy.

After all, there are many options for researching the best pet hair removers available, and we’re honored that you’ve chosen BestForPets.

Hopefully, this article should have assisted you in selecting the best item for your pet.


What is the most effective method for removing pet hair off furniture?

If you don’t have a pet hair remover specifically made for furniture, try donning a pair of rubber gloves. To attract and collect the hair, dampen the gloves and rub them over the surface.

You might also try spraying a mixture of water and fabric softener on the upholstery and wiping it clean.

How do you remove pet hair from bedding?

Begin by drying the bedding for 10 minutes and then shaking it out.

Next, add a half cup of white vinegar to your washing machine’s rinse cycle to loosen any leftover hair, and wash it alone or with only a few other items to allow the extra hair to drain readily.

How can you quickly remove pet hair from clothes?

A pet hair roller or brush is an excellent last-minute pet hair removal solution.

If you have time, run the items through the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes to soften the fabric and loosen the hair. Shake out the clothing before putting them through the laundry as usual.

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