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The 11 Best Pet Vacuums

As any pet owner knows, dog and cat hair have a nearly miraculous ability to find their way into every crevice of your home.

Especially during shedding season, removing pet hair from your carpets and rugs may seem insurmountable. When a standard vacuum cleaner simply won't do, there is an alternative: pet hair vacuums.

A lot of vacuum companies jumped at the chance to help pet owners keep their homes clean. With so many alternatives available, it can be difficult to choose which one is ideal for your house. This is where we come in.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the best pet vacuum on the market right now. We also answered some of the most common questions about this important tool, so you and your dog can enjoy a clean, hair-free home.

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Shark Upright Pet Hair Vacuum

 Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter

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The Shark Pet Vacuum is an excellent choice for households with pets. Its 2-in-1 Powered Lift-Away Technology allows you to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas while the powered brush roll continues to rotate.

The vacuum’s advanced swivel guidance allows for effortless maneuverability in tight spaces.

The Shark Pet Vacuum also features an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal that, in combination with the HEPA filter, traps 99.9% of dust and allergens, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Its 0.88-quart dust cup capacity allows for extended cleaning sessions, and removing the dust cup makes it easy to empty debris in a matter of seconds.

The Shark Pet Vacuum is equipped with LED headlights on the nozzle that illuminate hidden debris and pet hair throughout your home, making it easy to locate hard-to-find messes.

With its fingertip controls, you can easily switch from hard floor mode to carpet mode, making it a versatile cleaner.

The Shark Pet Vacuum also includes a self-cleaning Pet Power Brush designed to remove pet fur and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.

The Shark Pet Vacuum is a must-have for pet-friendly households. It is an excellent investment for pet owners who want to keep their homes free of pet fur and dander due to its powerful suction, advanced features, and convenient accessories.


A powerful vacuum may swiftly cover a great deal of ground

Swivel steering facilitates access to difficult areas

LED lighting is a fantastic addition

HEPA filter is beneficial for allergy sufferers

Equally effective on hard floors and carpets


Heavy than competing brands

Several clients claim dependability difficulties

Dyson Upright Pet Hair Vacuum

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Animal 2

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With its upright spherical design and powerful suction, the Dyson pet vacuum is a top choice for pet-friendly households.

Due to its ability to provide the most forceful suction on the market, it is particularly effective at removing dog fur from carpets.

With its self-adjusting cleaner head, the Dyson pet vacuum is incredibly versatile, allowing for easy transitions from carpets to hardwood or tile floors. Additionally, the extended wand makes it easy to access narrow corners and spaces.

When the vacuum is full, the Dyson pet vacuum is equipped with a button that facilitates the hygienic discharge of debris. In addition, each Dyson vacuum comes with a five-year warranty, ensuring the product’s durability.

Certified as asthma and allergy-friendly, the Dyson pet vacuum is equipped with a HEPA filtration system that traps pollutants and microorganisms, preventing them from being expelled back into the home.

In addition to a turbine tool, stair tool, and combination tool, the vacuum is a comprehensive cleaning tool.

The Dyson pet vacuum is an adaptable and hygienic option for pet owners who want to maintain a clean and healthy home. It is an excellent investment for pet-friendly households due to its powerful suction, versatile design, and sanitation features.


Probably the strongest vacuum cleaner on the market

Automatic adjustment of the cleaner head to different surfaces

The design of the ball facilitates maneuverability

Contains a 5-year warranty


Inexpensive in comparison to other models

Comparatively hefty

eufy Boost IQ RoboVac Vacuum for Pet Hair

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

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With the eufy IQ RoboVac , pet owners can now keep their homes clean and free of dog fur.

Digital Trends named this streamlined vacuum cleaner the “Best Robot Vacuum of 2018” due to its compact design, quiet operation, and powerful suction.

The eufy IQ RoboVac can provide up to 100 minutes of powerful suction on a single charge, making it suitable for cleaning most homes. It is effective on wood, parquet, and carpet thanks to its artificial intelligence technology, which automatically increases suction force when necessary.

The anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover of the eufy IQ RoboVac not only gives the vacuum a modern and sleek look but also protects it from accidental damage.

It is also equipped with an infrared sensor that enables it to avoid obstacles and drop-sensing technology to prevent accidents. The vacuum returns autonomously to the charging receptacle when its battery is low, ensuring that it is always ready to clean.

In addition to the vacuum, the bundle includes a remote control (with two AAA batteries), a charging base, an AC power adapter, a cleaning tool, an additional set of high-performance filters, four side brushes, five cable ties, and an instruction manual.

The eufy IQ RoboVac also includes a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. Overall, the eufy IQ RoboVac is a compact, powerful, and convenient option for pet owners who want to keep their home tidy without spending hours vacuuming.

It is an excellent investment for households with pets due to its quiet operation and extended battery life.


Runs quietly

Minimal effort procedure

Automatically changes suction power to deal with every situation



Less potent than manual vacuum cleaners

Still must be drained manually

Need must be charged between usage

iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vacuum Robot

 iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

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Roomba is a well-known brand of autonomous vacuum cleaners, and its most recent model, the Roomba 690, lives up to its reputation.

Its sleek and premium design complements any home decor, while its sophisticated technology provides pet owners with a thorough and efficient clean.

The low profile of the Roomba enables it to reach tight spaces, allowing it to collect pet hair from areas that would be difficult to access with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

The three-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes ensure a complete clean on both hard surfaces and carpets.

The Roomba 690 is equipped with patented dirt detect sensors that prompt the vacuum to work harder in areas of high debris concentration, such as high-traffic areas of your home.

Its comprehensive suite of intelligent sensors guides the Roomba safely under and around furniture to ensure that all floors are thoroughly cleaned.

With the iRobot Home App, pet owners can schedule cleanings from anywhere, making it a convenient option for households with a busy schedule.

The Roomba 690 is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing pet owners to control it with their voice alone.

In addition to the vacuum, the bundle includes a dual-mode virtual wall barrier, a home base charging station, an additional filter, and an owner’s manual.

It also has WiFi connectivity, an edge-sweeping brush, an auto-adjust cleaning head, and a 90-minute runtime before automatically detaching and recharging.

The Roomba 690 is an intelligent and powerful option for pet owners seeking a convenient and effective cleaning solution. Its advanced technology and compatibility with smart home devices make it the best choice for pet owners with a busy lifestyle.


Minimal effort – excellent for daily cleaning

Excellent connections

Compatible with a variety of surfaces, the brush head adapts automatically to match


Best when utilized alongside a standard vacuum cleaner

Less effective than traditional vacuum cleaners

Ilife V3s Pro Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum

 ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction

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The ILife V3s Pro robotic vacuum is a wonderful option for pet owners searching for a vacuum with the ability to remove pet hair. Its low-profile design allows it to capture pet hair and other pet-related debris from under beds, tables, and couches.

Additionally, the vacuum is self-charging, so it is always available to use. After a session of cleaning, the ILife V3s Pro will autonomously locate a charging receptacle.

Additionally, pet owners can remotely configure when they want the vacuum to begin cleaning, allowing them to return home each day to a clean residence.

The ILife V3s Pro is designed specifically for firm floors, making it suitable for wood and tile. It has a tangle-free pet hair care suction that concentrates on picking up hair without tangles, as well as effectively removing grime, crumbs, and detritus.

Built-in infrared sensors that can detect steps and obstacles and help the vacuum avoid hazardous drop-offs and collisions provide the vacuum with anti-bumping and anti-fall capabilities.

A remote control or single-button contact on the vacuum make initiating the cleaning procedure simple.

To maintain the vacuum’s optimal performance, pet owners should unload the dustbin and clear the filter after each use and replace the filter every month.

The ILife V3s Pro also includes a 12-month warranty and a customer service team based in the United States for your peace of mind.

Overall, the ILife V3s Pro robotic vacuum is an outstanding option for pet owners seeking a vacuum with tangle-free pet hair care suction and anti-bump and anti-fall features.

Its low profile and self-charging capabilities make it a convenient and effective option for companion owners with a demanding lifestyle.


Minimal effort procedure

Ideal for routine cleaning while you’re away

Ideal for use on hard flooring

Convenient feature for scheduling

Relatively budget friendly

Effectively negotiates tight turns


The relatively small dust tray must be filled often

Filter replacement is required regularly

The Dyson V8 Absolute is a cordless stick vacuum

Dyson (214730-01) V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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The Dyson cordless stick vacuum is among the leading contenders for the best stick vacuum for pet fur. Its powerful bristles are designed to reach deep into carpet fibers to remove even ground-in dirt.

Additionally, it is effective on concrete surfaces, suctioning up both large debris and fine dust, making it ideal for homes with pets.

This battery-powered, cordless vacuum provides up to 40 minutes of powerful suction between charges. Its HEPA filter helps capture pollutants, expelling air that is cleaner than the air you breathe, which is particularly advantageous for pet owners with allergies.

The lightweight and adaptable design of the vacuum makes it easy to maneuver throughout the home, and the immediate release trigger ensures that battery power is only consumed during cleaning.

Additionally, the Dyson stick vacuum features a smaller cleaning head for hard-to-reach areas, such as stairs, and a telescoping handle that extends and retracts effortlessly, allowing for easy access at varying heights.

This vacuum has a direct drive cleaner head with up to 8 minutes of fade-free power in Max mode, driving stiff nylon bristles into carpets to capture deep-down grime. The soft roller cleaner head can maintain its power for up to 30 minutes, making it suitable for hard surfaces.

Whole-machine HEPA filtration captures allergens, making this vacuum an excellent option for pet owners who want to keep their residences free of pet fur and other allergens. The filter is washable, ensuring its durability.

Overall, the Dyson cordless stick vacuum is a potent and efficient option for pet owners seeking a versatile home cleaning solution.

It is an excellent investment for pet owners who want to keep their residences free of pet fur and allergens due to its powerful suction, HEPA filtration, and cordless design.


Extremely lightweight construction

Being cordless allows you to vacuum anyplace without hassle or risk

Dyson vacuums are renowned for their high suction

HEPA filter keeps pet dander at bay – ideal for allergies


40 minutes of operation may not be sufficient for intensive cleaning or large residences

Far more expensive than alternative choices

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum Cleaner

 Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight

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The Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet is an excellent cordless vacuum designed specifically for pet owners who want to keep their homes clean and tidy.

Its cordless design eliminates the stumbling hazard posed by an electrical cord, allowing pet owners to move freely throughout the house while vacuuming.

The vacuum is equipped with Hoover’s WindTunnel technology, which is designed to remove even the most stubborn pet hair and debris from hard surfaces and carpets.

A simple-to-read ‘fuel gauge’ on the handle of the vacuum makes it easy to determine how much power is left.

Additionally, the Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet has an extreme recline handle that enables pet owners to reach further without having to rearrange their furniture.

Its edge cleaning bristles eliminate dirt, dust, and pet hair from hard-to-reach edges, ensuring a thorough clean throughout the home.

It is important to note that this vacuum is designed for use in the United States, and products with electrical connections may require an adapter or converter for use in other countries.

The Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet is a powerful and efficient option for pet owners seeking to keep their homes free of pet fur and debris.

Its cordless design, strong suction, and easy-to-read fuel gauge make it a practical and effective solution for pet owners with a busy lifestyle.


The cordless design is handy and eliminates a significant tripping danger

Strong suction

Capable of excelling on both carpet and hard flooring

Warranty for 2 years included

Wide cleaning head permits rapid coverage of a large area


Limited battery capacity; 20 minutes of cleaning may not be sufficient

Some users discovered that occasionally hair can block the mechanism

Shark Rocket DuoClean Pet Hair Vacuum

 Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded

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The Shark DuoClean vacuum is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a lightweight, maneuverable vacuum with powerful suction. With a weight of less than 10 pounds, this vacuum is easy to maneuver, making housekeeping a delight.

The Shark DuoClean vacuum has rotating blades that can penetrate deep into carpets and between flooring and tiles, ensuring that every surface is thoroughly cleaned despite its lightweight design.

It is entirely capable of sucking up high piles, including pet and child food debris, making it a great option for pet owners.

This vacuum is distinguished by its Duoclean technology, which employs a dual brushroll system to thoroughly clean carpets and directly engage floors for a polished appearance.

The vacuum can also be converted into a 4.5-pound handheld vacuum for above-floor cleaning versatility.

The brushroll compartment of the vacuum makes it easy to maintain the brushroll, while the included pet multi-tool is designed to remove pet fur from all surfaces.

Additionally, the vacuum is equipped with LED lights on the floor nozzle and handheld vacuum to help locate hidden debris throughout the home, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

The Shark DuoClean vacuum is a powerful and versatile option for pet owners seeking to keep their homes free of pet fur and debris. It is an excellent investment for pet owners due to its Duoclean technology, lightweight design, and included pet multi-tool.


Intelligent and lightweight design is maneuverable

Offers a strong, in-depth clean

Equally comfortable on carpets and hardwood floors

LED lights provide a clear view of the area being cleaned


Some consumers raised concerns about the vacuum’s durability

Regular emptying of a relatively small dust container is required

Black+Decker Dustbuster Cordless Vacuum

 BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum

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The BLACK+DECKER cordless handheld vacuum is a great option for pet owners seeking a portable and convenient way to remove pet hair, grime, and debris from their homes.

This lightweight and portable vacuum is ideal for supplementing your weekly vacuuming efforts, and its extending crevice tool makes it even easier to reach those difficult, hard-to-reach areas.

The cordless design of the vacuum makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for removing pet fur from your vehicle and other outdoor areas.

Despite its small size, cyclonic action provides powerful suction and protects the filter, ensuring consistent suction power.

The battery is dual-purpose and charges quickly due to the unique charging base included with each vacuum. Additionally, the vacuum is easy to empty and maintain; simply rinse the debris container and filter in the sink.

Furthermore, the BLACK+DECKER dustbuster includes a two-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind that it is sturdy and well-made.

With the vacuum’s ergonomic design and on-board extension, you will not have to bend over as often. Its rotating slim nozzle rotates 180 degrees to fit into narrow spaces at various angles, and the pull-out crevice tool allows access to hard-to-reach areas such as between sofa cushions and on top of shelves.

For sweeping and vacuuming upholstery, the flip-up brush adds a new level of versatility.

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER cordless handheld vacuum is a powerful and convenient option for pet owners seeking a portable way to remove pet fur and debris from their homes. Its lightweight design, strong suction, and included accessories make it a great investment for pet owners.


Portability and portability

Excellent for the house and automobile

Simple to maintain and rapidly recharge

Mighty for its size


Unsuitable for usage on huge areas

Comparatively little power compared to greater vacuums

Professional Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

 Shark NV356E 31 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Swivel Steering

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The Shark pet hair vacuum is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a powerful and versatile vacuum that can effectively remove pet hair and pollutants.

Shark’s anti-allergen features, including ‘Complete Seal’ technology and a HEPA filter, prevent 99.9 percent of dust and allergens from escaping the vacuum, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your pets.

The Lift-Away function of the vacuum allows you to easily detach the nozzle to clean above the floor, on upholstery, furniture, stairs, and more, making it ideal for pet owners who want to thoroughly clean their homes.

The vacuum is also equipped with a brushroll shutoff that allows for a smooth transition from maneuvering on dense carpets to delicate cleaning on bare floors, ensuring a thorough clean on all surfaces.

This vacuum is also ideal for pet caretakers, as it can effortlessly collect pet hair and other debris. It thoroughly removes pet dander from upholstery and other surfaces, leaving your home clean and fresh for you and your pets.

The vacuum’s swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver in and out of narrow spaces, corners, and around furniture, while the vacuum’s extra-large dust cup enables extended cleaning sessions. The included crevice tool enables versatile cleaning of ceilings, corners, moldings, and confined spaces.

Overall, the Shark pet hair vacuum is a powerful and versatile option for pet owners seeking to keep their homes clean and allergen-free.

Its Lift-Away function, anti-allergen features, and included tools make it an excellent purchase for pet owners with a busy lifestyle who want a cleaner and healthier home.


Allergy friendly

Light enough for convenience

Powerful motor yields excellent suction

Brush rollers deactivate on densely piled carpets and hard surfaces, so safeguarding them


A small number of clients were unhappy with Shark’s return policy

Requires frequent maintenance

PowerSpeed Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner from Eureka

 eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The pet-friendly vacuum from Eureka is an excellent choice for pet owners who want a lightweight and affordably-priced vacuum with powerful suction on a variety of surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, and tile.

This vacuum costs only $60 and weighs less than 10 pounds, making it a budget-friendly option without sacrificing functionality.

The wide, 12.5-inch head of the vacuum allows you to clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

It also includes a variety of attachments, such as a stretch hose, an extra-long crevice tool, a cleaning brush, and an upholstery tool, making it easy to remove pet hair from every corner and crevice of your home.

The vacuum’s five height adjustments make it suitable for use on carpets, shag rugs, and hard floors, while its wheels prevent scratches and gouges on parquet floors.

The dust cup’s extra-large 2.6L capacity holds more dirt and requires less frequent emptying, allowing you to clean more and empty less.

With the included quick-release handle attached to the stretch tubing, it is easy to clean above-floor surfaces such as draperies, ceilings, and furniture.

The crevice tool, polishing brush, and upholstery tool are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that your entire home is thoroughly cleaned.

Overall, the pet-safe Eureka vacuum is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a lightweight, affordable vacuum with powerful suction and versatile attachments. Its wide head, height adjustments, and included tools make it a great investment for pet owners who want a clean and tidy home.


Excellent value choice

Strong suction

Versatile attachments permit cleaning from ceiling to floor


Enables rapid coverage of a broad surface area


Limited allergy prevention technology

The fixed head hinders maneuverability

Buying Guide

Before vacuuming, our cleaning experts recommend spraying carpets and upholstery covered in fur with an anti-static spray, such as Static Guard, to help remove pet hair and make it easier to remove. Then, there are several features to consider when purchasing a vacuum for pet hair:

1. Bag vs. bagless:

Dust cups or bags are necessary for the inevitable and frequent dumping that occurs when vacuuming up after a pet. Bagged vacuums, ideal for homes with allergy sufferers, keep pet hair, pollen, and debris out of the air when emptying the vacuum.

Bagless vacuums are often sealed to prevent debris from escaping and reentering the air as you clean, but they need to be emptied directly into the garbage receptacle, where dust can escape and return to the air or floor.

Bagless models are ideal for households that do not frequently restock trash containers. For easy post-cleaning sanitation, ensure that the dust cup is large and easy to empty, or that the bag can be disposed of without difficulty.

2. Filter type:

In addition to preventing dust from recirculating, filters can also help neutralize pet odors in your home. Consider models with multi-layer filtration that can capture more particles than a single layer filter.

Models with pre-filters and whole-machine filtration offer multiple levels of filtration at various vacuum parts to prevent dust and debris from reentering the air in your home.

And if allergies are a concern, HEPA filters are the most effective, as they capture 99.97% of dust, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and any airborne particles smaller than 0.3 micrometers (nanoparticles).

3. Type of flooring:

Several vacuum cleaners include attachments designed specifically for cleaning various types of flooring. Brushes with softer bristles are less likely to cause scratches than those with harsher bristles, making models with detachable brushes or soft bristles the best option for hardwood floors.

Rotating brush rollers with stiff bristles are beneficial for removing as much dirt and debris as possible from dense carpets.

4. Corded vs. cordless:

With a corded vacuum, you never have to worry about running out of battery power; however, cordless vacuums are easy to transport from room to room or use in a car. Depending on your usage, you should choose between a corded and a cordless model.

Do you plan to carry it around the house and outside, or do you anticipate using it for extended periods of time? If you’re considering a cordless model, look for one with a second battery for extended run time.

5. Size and weight:

Portability is an essential consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. If you frequently vacuum up small amounts of pet hair, you may want a handheld or stick vacuum that is compact and lightweight for quickly suctioning up small amounts of pet hair.

If you frequently vacuum large areas to remove pet fur, however, you’ll need a corded canister or upright vacuum that never runs out of power. Consider that heavier vacuums will be more difficult to transport up and down stairs if you have multiple floors to clean.

6. Pet tools & features:

Important features for capturing pet hair include rubber trim and raised “fingers” on floor nozzles, as well as attachments that neutralize static and break the connections so that fur can be removed more easily. Tangle-free brush rollers also eliminate the need to trim long hair strands (from pets or humans!) that become entangled in the brush.


1. What style of vacuum is ideal for pet owners?

The ideal vacuum for pet proprietors depends on their specific requirements. Canister vacuums are more maneuverable and work better on hardwood surfaces, whereas upright vacuums are ideal for larger residences with carpeting.

Robotic vacuums are practical for daily cleaning, whereas stick vacuums are lightweight and portable. Wet vacuums are useful for cleaning up pet accidents and handheld vacuums are ideal for cleaning confined spaces.

2. What characteristics should I search for in a pet vacuum?

Look for a pet vacuum with powerful suction to effectively remove pet fur and dander from carpets and other surfaces. Choose a vacuum that can manage a variety of floor surfaces and is adaptable.

Consider purchasing a vacuum equipped with anti-allergy technology, such as a HEPA filter, to trap dust and pet particles. Choose a vacuum that is simple to manipulate and maneuver throughout your home, as maneuverability is essential.

3. Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean up pet urine?

You can use a wet vacuum to clean up pet urine. Wet vacuums are designed to clean up water-based stains and are useful for cleaning up pet accidents. Be sure to clean up the urine as soon as possible to prevent staining and odor.

4. How frequently should I vacuum if I own pets?

It is recommended that pet owners vacuum at least once per week, and more frequently if they have pets that excrete or suffer from allergies. This will assist in removing pet fur, dander, and other debris, keeping your home clean and wholesome for you and your canines.

5. Can regular vacuums effectively remove pet hair and dander from carpets and furniture?

No, regular vacuums may not have the necessary suction power or specialized attachments to effectively remove pet hair and dander.

6. Do pet vacuums come with specialized attachments for cleaning pet hair from upholstery and stairs?

Yes, most pet vacuums come with specialized attachments, such as pet hair brushes and crevice tools, to effectively clean pet hair from upholstery and stairs.

7. Are cordless pet vacuums a good option for cleaning up pet hair and dander?

Yes, cordless pet vacuums can be a convenient option for quick cleanups, but may not have the same suction power as corded pet vacuums for deep cleaning.


Through the process of research and testing, we have found two types of light pet hair vacuums with strong suction that provide a good experience: the Shark upright vacuum for pet hair  and the Dyson upright vacuum for pet hair

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our customers for choosing our website so that I can read and refer to the best pet vacuums. We hope you have chosen for yourself a pet-hair vacuum that suits your budget and needs.

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