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15 Best Pet Odor Neutralizers

Pets become excellent companions and frequently provide a sense of fun and fulfillment to your home.

Even the best-trained pets sometimes have mishaps. When this occurs, you are left with a shambles that might plague you for years.

Pet odor neutralizers are essential for all pet owners, whether you have a stubborn pet who likes to go potty on the carpet or you simply want to have something available for an inevitable accident.

Because there are so many brands and goods on the market, selecting the best one can be difficult. But don't worry!

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is here to assist you in locating the best pet odor neutralizer for you and your specific situation.

Let's take a look at our top picks for the best pet odor neutralizers we've has found.


Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. is the best overall odor neutralizer. Stain and Odor Remover

  • Spray is the kind.
  • Pets and homes are both safe (chlorine-free, no hazardous propellants, and color safe)
  • Enzymes, nonionic surfactant, odor suppressant, and opacifier are among the ingredients.
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are water-safe.

A good pet odor neutralizer is the Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator.

The producer is so confident in its product that it gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which guarantees a complete refund if the stains and odors aren’t removed.

It also works on all surfaces, so you may use it to remove stains and odors from furniture, hardwood floors, litter boxes, and even clothes.

Despite its superior cleaning power, it has a mild recipe that is proven to be safe for all carpets. It works so well, in fact, that the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), a major institution in the carpeting business that “certifies exceptional carpet cleaning products, equipment, and service providers,” has given it their seal of approval.

The Rocco & Roxie spray has a notably strong aroma, which is one of its primary drawbacks. The scent should lessen as the solution dries, as it does with practically all odor neutralizing agents.

It also eliminates pee and feces odors, but if you have a sensitive nose and dislike flowery and cleaning fragrances, this product may not be for you.

Instead, we recommend using something less strongly perfumed, such as Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover.

It does not have the same money-back guarantee as Rocco & Roxie, but it is a comparable product that is also CRI approved.


  • Provides a complete refund if the product does not work.
  • Works with all carpet kinds.
  • It is useful for laundry.
  • The Carpet and Rug Institute’s seal of approval


  • It has a strong scent.


Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is the best premium odor neutralizer

  • Concentrate is the kind.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic materials
  • Orange oil is a natural ingredient.
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are water-safe.

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is an outstanding pet odor neutralizer that, as the bottle says, “smells like paradise, works like hell.” What makes it unique is that it is highly effective on almost any pet stain.

Angry Orange is a non-toxic, all-natural cleanser that satisfies the FDA’s “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) requirements, which is a significant benefit if you have children and are concerned about their exposure to harsh chemicals.

It is also biodegradable, making it environmentally beneficial. And because it’s a concentrate, a little goes a long way when you dilute the solution with water.

If you like the smell of oranges, this cleaner is for you: it has a very strong citrus scent that will undoubtedly dominate any pet stench while working to eradicate odor-causing compounds.

However, if you are sensitive to odours, you may want to search elsewhere. While you may be tempted to put this in your carpet or upholstery cleaner, you should exercise extreme caution when doing so.

Concentrated orange oil has the potential to dissolve polystyrene, a typical consumer-grade plastic that may be found in machine cleaning components like as tanks and hoses.

With this in mind, if you wish to test it in a machine cleaner, be sure to dilute the recipe correctly and clean the tank and hose immediately after usage.

Otherwise, if you’re searching for a good carpet cleaner-specific solution to clear stains and odors, something like the Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Carpet Cleaning Formula would be worth a try. It is only compatible with upright carpet cleaners and only works on carpets, however it will protect your machine.

Finally, use Angry Orange with caution near your pets. According to the manufacturer, it is non-toxic and suitable to use around pets. When consumed, orange oil is poisonous to both cats and dogs.

Because many cleansers are hazardous when consumed, this isn’t necessarily a worry unique to this product, but it’s worth noting considering the company’s claims of being natural and pet-friendly.

See our section on using pet odor neutralizers around pets for additional information.


  • A small amount goes a long way.
  • Eco-friendly and home-friendly
  • Meets FDA-GRAS requirements
  • Strong citrus scent that will refresh any odorous environment


  • For sensitive individuals, the odor is overpowering.
  • Carpet/upholstery cleaners may be harmed.
  • Pets must be handled with care.


Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain and Odor Remover is the best low-cost odor neutralizer

  • Aerosol foam type
  • Safety for your pets and your home
  • Enzyme blend, surfactants, isopropyl alcohol, aroma, odor counteractant, and preservative are among the ingredients.
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are water-safe (except untreated hardwood, leather, suede, silk, and wool)

Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain and Odor Remover is a miracle for budget-conscious pet owners, as it is less expensive than many other neutralizers on our list.

It comes in an aerosol container and shoots foam, allowing it to penetrate deeply into carpet and other materials to tackle even the most stubborn stains and odors. It is made by a reputed pet odor neutralizer manufacturer.

Nature’s Miracle provides a money-back guarantee, which adds to the product’s effectiveness.

There are also a variety of specifically formulated sprays for both cats and dogs that are designed to treat severe stains and odors while inhibiting noting of existing areas.

The fact that this neutralizer has a strong chemical odor is possibly its weakest attribute. This is most likely because isopropyl alcohol was used.

However, given that it’s designed to combat strong odors, it’s a trade-off worth making, especially if you’re on a tight budget and anxious to find a solution to pet odor problems that simple DIY approaches won’t solve.

It is also important to note that this product should not be used on untreated timber, leather, suede, silk, or wool.

Other odor neutralizers will not work on certain surfaces, and regardless of what the manufacturer says, always perform a test spray in an inconspicuous area of the surface you’re treating before addressing the problem you’re attempting to clear.


  • Deeply penetrates carpets
  • Guaranteed money back
  • Inexpensive
  • Cat and dog formulations are available.


  • Noxious chemical odor
  • Untreated timber, leather, suede, silk, or wool are not suited.


Bissell Pet Pro Oxy Urine Eliminator is the best carpet cleaning machine odor neutralizer

  • Formula for carpet cleaner
  • Safety: Eco-friendly product that is safe to use around children and pets.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, surfactants, silicone defoamer, citric acid, sodium citrate, acrylic polymer, sodium polyacrylate, fragrance are among the ingredients.
  • Carpeted surfaces

Bissell’s Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Carpet Cleaning Formula is the only pet odor neutralizer on this list that is designed specifically for carpet cleaning equipment.

It’s also the only neutralizer with hydrogen peroxide, an oxidizing chemical that effectively removes difficult stains and odors.

If you’re looking for an excellent pet odor neutralizer that works with carpet cleaners, this is a significant advantage because it’s the only one on the list that’s specifically created for this reason.

It’s designed specifically for pet messes, uses biodegradable detergents, and has earned the EPA’s “Safer Choice” badge.

Unfortunately, this also implies that it has a relatively limited use. This implies that if your dog soils your couch, you’ll need to use something else if your carpet cleaner lacks a hose adapter.

While you may be tempted to use it in a portable upholstery cleaner, the manufacturer specifies that this mixture is only for upright carpet cleaners.

It also lacks enzymes, which limits its application outside of carpet cleaning machines. Because enzymes need time to operate, just spraying them on the carpet and sucking them up is pointless.

However, while peroxide oxidation changes the color of stains and addresses general scents, enzymatic solutions such as Rocco & Roxie Supply Odor Eliminator perform better at breaking down organic components in canine messes than peroxide.

We’ve written about this in greater detail below. If you have a carpet cleaning machine, a combination of an enzymatic cleaner with this mixture would be a wonderful 1-2 punch against tough stains and aromas in carpets.


  • The EPA designated it as a “Safer Choice.”
  • Contains biodegradable detergents
  • Designed for pet messes
  • Hydrogen peroxide is present.


  • Only suitable for upright carpet cleaners
  • It is devoid of enzymes.


Best Odor Neutralizer with a Light Scent: Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

  • Spray is the kind.
  • Use with caution around children and pets.
  • Denatured ethanol, non-pathogenic microbes, natural enzymes, mild detergent, and aroma are among the ingredients.
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are water-safe.

It can be tough to find a suitable pet odor neutralizer that doesn’t have an overpowering aroma if you have a sensitive nose. Fortunately, Simple Remedy’s Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover provides a solution.

It’s a good option to conventional pet odor neutralizers because of its faint scent, which works to freshen odors while the formulations break down odor-causing components.

The Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover is a concentrated product that can be used right away. This implies that it has the benefits of a concentrate but does not need to be mixed or diluted before use.

The one-gallon version also includes an easy-pour cap that dispensing the formula in a stream. This allows you to make precise applications or replenish spray bottles without making a mess.

Along with a delicate aroma, this neutralizer is kind on your carpets and upholstery, earning it the Carpet and Rug Institute’s seal of approval.

However, the manufacturer specifies that it should not be used on wool or leather, so keep this in mind if you have wool carpets or leather furniture.

And, as usual, test the product on a tiny area before tackling a bigger one to avoid ruining your floor, carpet, or furniture.


  • Scent is light.
  • Cap for easy pouring (for 1 gallon size)
  • There is no mixing in this concentrated formula.
  • Approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute


  • Wool and leather are not recommended.


Best Outdoor Odor Neutralizer for Pets: A Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

  • Spray is the kind.
  • Formulation is non-toxic when taken orally.
  • Enzyme mixture, sodium laureth sulfate, opacifier, sodium saccharin, aroma
  • Surfaces: Outside surfaces

Pet odors can be a problem even outside, whether you have a small yard with a lot of pets, artificial turf, or wandering neighborhood cats.

Simple Green’s Outdoor Odor Eliminator is an excellent way to eliminate unpleasant outdoor pet odors.

It is suitable for use on both natural and synthetic grass, as well as other outdoor surfaces.

It is also non-toxic to your dogs because it is produced using an orally non-toxic recipe. This is an excellent way to avoid accidently poisoning dogs and other creatures who may wander into your yard.

Simple Green has two bottles to make application easier: a large bottle containing the neutralizer and a smaller spray-style container with a hose adapter. Simply fill the bottle with the right amount of solution, connect it to your hose, and turn it on.

The water combines with the solution and sprays from the opposite end of the bottle. It also has a valve near the sprayer end that allows you to conveniently start and stop water flow without having to modify water flow at the spigot.

This neutralizer is safe for all outdoor surfaces, however it should not be used indoors. That means you’ll need to use a different product to combat both outside and inside odors.

We propose the Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, which may be used both indoors and outside.

Angry Orange has the added bonus of repelling troublesome feral and neighboring cats, but unlike the Simple Green formula, it is harmful to cats and dogs and does not include the handy hose sprayer bottle.


  • Useable on grass and other outdoor surfaces.
  • It includes a one-of-a-kind hose attachment bottle.
  • It is pet safe because it is non-toxic when used orally.


  • Not for use indoors.


Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle is the best organic odor neutralizer

  • Spray is the kind.
  • Non-toxic, non-GMO, and non-hazardous properties
  • Enzyme combination, nonionic surfactant, essential oil aroma, opacifier
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are water-safe.

Look no further for an organic pet odor neutralizer that is non-GMO and non-toxic. The Sunny & Hunny Pet Stain & Odor Miracle is an excellent odor neutralizer that may be used on a variety of surfaces, including laundry. It also comes in a choice of fragrances, which is something that many other pet odor neutralizers do not provide.

The internationally known Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics has also certified this neutralizer as Leaping Bunny.

Leaping Bunny Certified implies that the company has met a stringent set of Leaping Bunny standards for manufacturing cruelty-free, pet-friendly products.

If you’re concerned about the safety of animals around the world, this neutralizer will give you piece of mind.

The one notable disadvantage of Sunny & Hunny’s neutralizer is that it is substantially more expensive than competing solutions like Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain and Odor Remover.

While Nature’s Miracle’s product may be as successful at removing stains and odors, it is not Leaping Bunny Certified and has a harsh chemical odor that Sunny & Hunny’s does not.


  • Useful for laundry
  • There are several perfumes available.
  • Non-GMO, non-toxic, and all-natural
  • Leaping Bunny Approved (cruelty-free)


  • Pricier than comparable products


Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel is the best odor-neutralizing air freshener

  • Air Freshener Type
  • Non-toxic, non-GMO, and non-hazardous properties
  • Lime, pine, cedarwood, anise, and clove oils, potassium acrylate acrylamide, sorbitan oleate, polysorbate 80, tocopherol alpha, and proprietary preservatives are among the ingredients.
  • Airy surfaces

So far, we’ve discussed a variety of pet odor neutralizers that target scents at their source. Many of them, such as Simple Solution’s Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover, are excellent for pet accidents and basic cleaning.

However, regular scents, such pet litter boxes, are more difficult to maintain fresh. This is where air fresheners such as the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel come in.

Fresh Wave air fresheners are manufactured from all-natural components and last longer than comparable air fresheners.

While other major brand air fresheners, such as Febreeze, may only last 45 days, Fresh Wave’s lasts 60 days. And, according to the EPA’s “Safer Choice” mark, you can be assured that this product is safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Because it is natural, this odor neutralizer is made up of strong plant oils that combat odors in the air and leave a pleasant fragrance in their wake.

They’re even effective against food and smoking odors, as well as pet odors. You can even remove the gel from the container and place it in another container where it can evaporate.

This is an added benefit if you are particular about the interior design of your home. The main issue with this odor neutralizer is that it does not tackle scents at their source.

If, for example, you have old cat messes on carpet that were not adequately cleaned, applying this neutralizer to treat the stench that has returned years later is merely bandaging a far deeper problem.

Of course, this isn’t a problem particular to this product, but rather a disadvantage of air fresheners in general.

However, for applications like as neutralizing odors from litter boxes and pet carriers in between routine cleanings, this product is an excellent neutralizer that will help keep your home smelling fresh.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Longer lasting than other air fresheners
  • The EPA designated it as a “Safer Choice.”
  • Harsh enough to combat a wide range of strong scents
  • The ability to readily place gel in other containers


  • Does not address the source of the odors.


Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover is the best hard floor odor neutralizer

  • Spray is the kind.
  • Use with caution around children and pets.
  • Isopropyl alcohol, a gentle detergent combination, natural citrus oil, and fragrance are among the ingredients.
  • Hard floor surfaces (except untreated and unsealed hardwood floors)

Many pet odor removers claim to be suitable for all surfaces. However, if you have expensive hardwood or other hard floors and want complete confidence that the product you’re using will not damage them, the Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover is the product for you.

It’s designed specifically for hard flooring, and like its Extreme Pet Stain and Stench Remover companion, it doesn’t have the overpowering odor that other odor neutralizers do.

It’s reasonably priced in comparison to other odor neutralizers, so you won’t have to break the bank to get this product. And its innovative 3-in-1 sprayer nozzle gives you alternatives for dealing with odors (mist, stream, or foam).

Because it is intended for hard floors, it should not be used on carpets, upholstery, or other materials. This product should also be used with caution on untreated or unsealed wood floors, since it might cause harm to the wood.

This is common with liquids, so it’s not a defect with the product, but it’s worth noting that the manufacturer expressly recommends against it if you have such flooring and wish to use the neutralizer on them.

Aside from its incompatibility with fabrics, it’s an excellent neutralizer and the only one on this list designed exclusively for hard floors of all types.


  • Designed primarily for use on hard surfaces
  • Sprayer nozzle with three functions
  • Reasonably priced


  • Carpet and textiles are not suited.


Pet Odor Exterminator Candle is the best odor-neutralizing candle

  • Candle kind
  • Safety: Possible fire hazard (otherwise safe)
  • Enzymes, paraffin, and soy
  • Airy surfaces

If you have pets and enjoy burning candles, you should seriously consider using the Pet Odor Exterminator Candle.

These candles, which come in a variety of smells, are a terrific alternative to passive air fresheners that will leave your house smelling great.

This is because, while the candle burns, enzymes are released into the air, attacking scents rather than simply masking them.

It not only works on pet odors, but it also works on smoke and other household odors. Exterminator Candle promises that each candle, weighing 13 ounces, will burn for 70 hours. A single candle will last more than two months if used for an hour every day.

They, like passive air fresheners, do not treat the source of scents. These candles are also more expensive than air fresheners like the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel, but they provide you more control over when you use them. Depending on your requirements, this can be beneficial or detrimental.

If you want to maintain your home smelling nice while you’re away, so you can come home to a pleasant-smelling environment, this may not be the product for you.

Because they are candles, you must light them for them to work. If you enjoy burning candles and have odorous pets, this is the product for you.


  • There are numerous smells available.
  • It has a burn time of up to 70 hours.
  • Suitable for a wide range of scents


  • Does not operate passively
  • Creates a fire danger
  • More costly than air fresheners


Big D Odor Control Fogger Aerosol is the best aerosol odor neutralizer

  • Aerosol is the kind.
  • Direct exposure/ingestion could be harmful.
  • Acetone, n-butane, propane, and other substances (unlisted ingredients)
  • Airy surfaces

Nature’s Miracle, the last aerosol product we mentioned, wasn’t it a bit of a tease? The Big D Odor Control Fogger Aerosol is an aerosol product, however it is a true aerosol product rather than foam in a can.

As a result, it has the ability to penetrate surfaces and neutralize scents, making it an excellent remedy for residual pet odors that have soaked into the room’s walls, floors, and furniture.

Big D’s neutralizer can be used manually for spot spraying or automatically to fumigate an entire room with an aerosol solution. It works similarly to “bug bombs” for fumigation, but for scents rather than pests.

That means you must remove all people, pets, and plants from the room or home before fumigation.

You should also avoid approaching the area for a while, as well as opening doors and windows to thoroughly ventilate any lingering aerosol and the strong odor in the air.

The Big D Odor Control Fogger is a highly powerful odor control product, but it should only be used as a last resort unless you plan to use it for spot spraying.

It contains harsher components than other pet odor neutralizers and has a considerably stronger stench than even the extremely effective Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator.

The Big D neutralizer, on the other hand, is simpler and more successful at covering big areas in a short period of time than any other neutralizer on this list.

It should also be safe to use with the room’s furnishings, but if you’re concerned, you could cover or remove any furniture you wish to keep spotless.

It’s a worthy consideration for spot spraying and deep odor problems due to its high efficacy, adaptability, and ease of usage.


  • Manual or automatic operation
  • To neutralize odors, it penetrates surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Effectively eliminates residual odors


  • It is not safe to use near people, pets, or plants.
  • Ingredients that are harsher than conventional odor neutralizers
  • A very strong odor


Mad Lemon Pet Odor Eliminator is the most gentle odor neutralizer

  • Concentrate is the kind.
  • Non-toxic properties
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are water-safe.
  • Alcohol C12-C16 (ethoxylated), 2-propanol, aroma, and other unlisted ingredients

We’re sorry to inform you that the Mad Lemon Pet Odor Eliminator is not a sister product to the Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s speak about Mad Lemon for a moment.

Mad Lemon Company’s “inspired” lemon concentrate aims to fill a void in the market for citrus-scented pet odor neutralizers.

It’s not nearly as strong and efficient as Angry Orange’s odor remover, which is near the top of our ranking thanks to its unhappy lemon.

It does, however, have a more forgiving scent, at least in terms of intensity – by the time it’s dry, the smell should be almost non-existent.

Because it is a concentrate, you may tailor the strength of the solution, allowing you to create an extra punchy combination for obstinate odors.

Furthermore, because it is not a pure orange oil concentration or an enzymatic recipe, it is likely to be safer and more effective in carpet and upholstery cleaners than other similar items on this list.

The contents list, on the other hand, is quite ambiguous, with certain ingredients present in amounts smaller than the required reportable levels. If you use it in a machine cleaner, make sure to completely clean the tank and hose after use.

This is to ensure that nothing in the recipe can harm the plastic and rubber parts of your machine, as it isn’t specifically marketed as a carpet/upholstery cleaning formula.

You should also exercise caution around your pets before and after washing with this angry lemon juice.

If the notion of employing a concentrated neutralizer appeals to you, but you don’t want to drop an orange oil bomb inside your house, you could choose for the less potent Mad Lemon Pet Odor Eliminator.


  • The aroma is not as strong as that of other citrus concentrates.
  • For harder scents, you can adjust the strength.
  • Working in carpet/upholstery cleaning machines is possible.


  • Not as potent as similar concentrations
  • The ingredient list is a little hazy.

Is a Pet Odor Remover Really Necessary?

When looking for an efficient pet odor neutralizer, the first thing you should evaluate is whether you actually need one.

For household accidents, a simple combination of water and vinegar, or vinegar and baking soda, may be able to remove spots before they become serious.

However, depending on the type of odor you’re dealing with, this may not be enough. These home cures may only be temporary and will not remove all odor-causing substances.

This may leave you with mild residual scents, encouraging you to re-soil previous locations.

In addition, inappropriate methods for cleaning stains and odors can lead them to become chemically embedded in carpets and floors.

As a result, you may need to seek expert assistance to correct this. To be safe, use a product that is specifically developed to neutralize and remove pet scents and stains.

Considerations When Choosing Pet Odor Neutralizers

You may not realize it, but there are numerous factors to consider when selecting a decent pet odor neutralizer.

There are numerous reliable companies that manufacture high-quality remedies for various types of pet scents. Some of the factors to consider while purchasing for a pet odor neutralizer are listed below.

Pet Odor Neutralizers: What Are They?

There are numerous brands and formulations of pet odor neutralizers, as well as numerous types of neutralizers.

We’ve gone over this in greater depth later in the guide, but here’s a quick breakdown of the many sorts of neutralizing items we’ve discovered:

  • Sprays: A neutralizing mixture that comes pre-diluted in a spray bottle and can be sprayed directly on odorous regions.
  • Concentrates: Before using concentrated neutralizer recipes, combine them with water.
  • Carpet cleaner formulas: Odor neutralizer solutions that have been specially formulated for use in carpet cleaning machines.
  • Aerosols: Odor-neutralizing formulae produced by a pressurized aerosol can.
  • Air fresheners: Passive air fresheners are constructed of gels and oils that operate to neutralize scents in the air.
  • Candles: Candles that have been specially prepared to neutralize strong pet aromas in the air as they burn.

Enzymes vs. Oxidizing Agents

While oxidizing agents are used in only one of the products on our list, they are rather frequent in this sort of product.

Similarly, enzymes are popular in pet odor neutralizers. When compared side by side, the two are often incompatible and offer significant advantages and disadvantages.

This will be covered in greater detail later in the guide. For the time being, keep in mind that enzymes are often more successful as a long-term solution than oxidizing agents, although oxidizing chemicals handle stains remarkably effectively and act swiftly.


Because pet odor neutralizers are cleaning solutions, they may include hazardous chemicals that endanger your pets and other family members.

While harsh chemical chemicals are easy to identify and avoid, even natural compounds might endanger your dogs.

Citrus oils, for example, are harmful to cats and dogs when given in high concentrations. Similarly, there are several essential oils that can be harmful to your pets.

Keep an eye out for product certifications from the FDA, EPA, and other well-known organizations that work with businesses to ensure they make and sell safe and effective items.

Surfaces Suitable

Aside from keeping your pets and family safe, you need think about the surfaces you intend to clean.

Some products are suitable for all (water-safe) surfaces, while others are designed exclusively for carpets and hard floors.

When deciding whether cleaners are appropriate for which surfaces, you should check not only the contents but also the manufacturer’s label and cautions.


The safety of your dogs, families, and houses is a crucial consideration when selecting a suitable pet odor neutralizer.

Clearly, compounds with long scientific names may signal dangerous ingredients to avoid. However, keep in mind that not all ingredients are as dangerous as their labels suggest.

Polysorbate 80, for example, is a surfactant and emulsifying agent often used in food and cosmetic products, whereas tocopherol alpha is a kind of vitamin E. Both are non-toxic and suitable for use in the home.

Meanwhile, the concepts of natural chemicals and safety are frequently confused.

While natural compounds are generally safer than man-made chemicals, not all natural ingredients are safe. Essential oils, for example, can be fatally harmful to your dogs.

What You Should Know About Pet Odor Neutralizers

Even with everything we’ve discussed so far in this tutorial, there’s still more information you should be aware of regarding pet odor neutralizers.

Pet Odor Neutralizers: What Are They?

The best odor neutralizer for you will vary greatly based on the type of mess you want to deal with and a few other criteria.


Odor neutralizer sprays are ready-made and ready-to-use products.

If you prefer simplicity, a decent spray, such as the Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Stink Eliminator, will assist you in efficiently addressing odor areas.

Sprays are frequently packed with enzymes to assist combat odor-causing substances and will work on most surfaces if used according to the formula’s recommendations.


Concentrates are concentrated solutions that must be diluted with water before usage.

Concentrates provide a level of versatility that other forms of pet odor neutralizers do not, allowing you to tailor the intensity of the final solution by adding more or less concentrate.

This can make them more effective for removing tenacious stains and odors that regular sprays just cannot remove.

Some concentrates, such as the Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, are quite strong and have a pleasant aroma. However, it also implies that you’ll have to take extra steps to thoroughly mix the formula.

Pure concentrates on scents should be avoided because some concentrates are hazardous to dogs in excessive doses. When used in high concentrations, they can potentially harm the surface to which they are applied.

Finally, if you intend to utilize a concentrate in a machine cleaner, be cautious. We believe the Mad Lemon Pet Odor Eliminator is the safest concentrate we’ve found for this purpose.

However, you should always take the required steps to protect your pricey machine cleaners.

Formulas for Carpet Cleaners

If you don’t want to risk damaging your carpet cleaner, these carpet cleaning machine pads are a fantastic alternative.

Carpet cleaning odor neutralizers, such as the Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Carpet Cleaning Formula, are excellent for removing pet stains and eliminating odors.

Because they’re developed for carpet cleaners, their possible applications are quite limited.

If you want to use a carpet cleaner to remove odors from carpets, we recommend pre-treating with an enzymatic cleaner, such as the Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover, before using a carpet cleaner to reap the benefits of both enzymes and carpet-specific cleaning solutions.


Pet odor neutralizer aerosols are, as the name suggests, cans of aerosol spray.

The solution is either a foam, as in the case of Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain and Odor Remover, or an aerosol spray that mists in the air, as in the case of the Big D Odor Control Fogger Aerosol.

Fresheners for the Air

Air fresheners are odor neutralizer formula-containing passive containers. They are designed to slowly evaporate into the air and combat scents that permeate the surrounding environment.

Because air fresheners do not tackle the odor at its source, they are ineffective for scents created by pet accidents throughout your home.

Rather, they’re perfect for persistent scents generated by pets, such as litter boxes and pet carriers, which would ordinarily require frequent cleaning.

Of course, they are not a replacement for regular cleaning. However, unless you have the time and energy to clean your cat’s litter box numerous times a day to eliminate residual odors, air fresheners like the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel are a nice middle ground between constant cleaning and having unpleasant scents permeate your home.


Pet odor neutralizer candles are a terrific way to keep aromas at bay while also adding a nice ambience to your house. Candles, like air fresheners, function by eliminating scents in the air rather than attacking them at the source.

While normal candles may only mask the odor, other candles, such as the Pet Odor Exterminator Candle, include enzymes that kill bacteria.

The components in odor neutralizer candles work to neutralize odors throughout the environment as the wax melts and eventually evaporates into the air, leaving behind a fresh scent.

Because candles require illumination, they are ineffective at combating scents while you are not around. They also pose a fire risk, while other neutralizers do not.

Still, they’re a terrific way to get rid of reoccurring odors, and they’re especially useful if you enjoy burning candles.

Which Should You Use: Oxidizing Agents or Enzymes?

Oxidizing agents are substances that supply oxygen to organic molecules in order for them to break down.

However, oxidizing agents are incapable of decomposing all organic compounds that create odors.

Uric acid, for example, is a chemical that cannot be broken down by oxidizing agents.

As a result, using an oxidizer on a urine-stained carpet can lift the stain and eradicate the microbiological activity that generates the stench.

When uric acid dries, it loses its scent, but when exposed to sufficient humidity, the uric acid causes the original odors to reappear.

Enzymes, on the other hand, efficiently degrade organic compounds such as uric acid.

A good pet odor neutralizer’s bacteria and enzymes will work to break down odor-causing substances by converting them to a gaseous state, letting them to escape into the air.

The disadvantage of enzymes is that they require more time to operate. This is because, unlike oxidizing agents, enzymes require time to break down odor-causing chemicals.

Depending on the enzyme concentration and the number of molecules to be broken down, they can take hours, days, or weeks.

As a result, oxidizing agents like Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator are more effective for quick and short-term solutions, while enzyme-based odor eliminators like Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator work for larger and more long-term odors that have found their way into your floors and carpet padding.

As previously said, using an enzymatic solution with an oxidizing carpet cleaner to eliminate tenacious odors in carpets is a terrific option.

This way, you can take advantage of the full range of enzyme and oxidation benefits to get rid of even the toughest odors and stains.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors

The label of the pet odor neutralizer you purchase should have all of the information you need to utilize it correctly.

However, it is all too easy to neglect and forget simple precautions that could save you from a major headache caused by dealing with noxious scents.

That is why we are here to provide advice and simple reminders while selecting and using them.

First, conduct a spot test

Will pet odor neutralizers stain or damage your carpet, floor, or furniture? They could. That is why it is important to test them initially on a tiny inconspicuous area.

Even though a product claims to be suitable for all surfaces, a little test spray is recommended to ensure you don’t harm your carpet or favorite recliner.

When you go in with your guns blazing, you risk harming the area to which you’re administering the solution.

When testing, you should ideally wait 24 hours following the test spray to watch for any detrimental effects on the surface. You should apply a test spray on delicate and expensive textiles like silk, suede, wool, and leather.

If you don’t want to risk causing harm to your flooring, you can use a candle or an air-freshening gel-based pet odor eliminator—just keep in mind that they aren’t always as effective, so you might want to reconsider if you’re dealing with a particularly stinky problem.

Maintaining the Moistness of Enzyme Formulas

Enzymatic neutralizers must be wet in order to begin functioning. This enables the bacteria to live and reach the organic substances they are meant to degrade.

While indoor treatments should naturally keep these chemicals wet, outdoor treatments make this more difficult.

If you’re using the Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator, for example, you should avoid addressing odors throughout the day.

Instead, tackle them at sundown to allow the enzymes to work overnight to eliminate odor-causing chemicals. This will keep the enzymes from being killed or evaporated by sunshine and high daytime temperatures.

Odor Neutralizers in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

It’s tempting to use a pet odor neutralizer in your carpet or upholstery cleaner. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before incorporating them into your expensive cleaning machinery.

To begin, some pet odor neutralizers can seriously damage your cleaning machines.

Because products like Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator are all-natural, they appear to be safe. However, because it is concentrated orange oil, it has the potential to eat away at plastic parts at high doses.

As a result, you should either avoid using it in a cleaning machine entirely, or ensure you’ve appropriately diluted the product. You should also immediately remove any remaining solution in the tank and thoroughly clean the tank and hose.

Other neutralizers, such as enzymatic solutions such as Sunny & Hunny Pet Stain and Odor Miracle, should be fine to use in machine cleaners.

However, because enzymes are used in these formulae to break down stains and odors, employing a carpet or upholstery cleaner may render the treatment completely worthless. This is due to two main factors.

To begin, many carpet and upholstery cleaners utilize hot water to assist in the removal of dirt and other undesired particles from the carpet.

High heat may destroy enzymes before they can neutralize odor-causing chemicals. Furthermore, by putting them in a cleaning machine, you’re essentially dumping the solution and sucking it back up, thus reducing the enzymes’ efficiency.

For carpet cleaners, use a machine-safe product, such as the Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Carpet Cleaning Formula.

You can also use an enzyme neutralizer to pre-treat the odor before using the Bissell solution in your carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean the area.

Defying Strong Fragrances

Pet odor neutralization products frequently contain strong floral, citrus, or “cleaning chemical” smells that are intended to disguise or replace bad aromas while enzymes and other components work to eradicate odors. This isn’t usually a problem for most people.

However, if you have a really acute sense of smell, this can be a significant headache-inducing problem. You can try a mildly scented product, such as Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover, but it may be too heavily perfumed for you.

While the neutralizer is working, you can sprinkle baking soda on or around the stain. Baking soda can aid in the absorption of some of the smell in the neutralizer.

Allow the baking soda to settle for a bit, then sweep or vacuum it up when you believe it has sufficiently absorbed the scents.

Baking soda combined with adequate ventilation in the afflicted room will assist remove fragrances and reduce the harshness of the odor.

Hopefully, this will prevent you from suffocating in the aroma of your preferred pet odor neutralizer.

Using Pet Odor Removers Around Pets

Because vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide aren’t the most effective methods of removing tough pet odors, you’ll most likely have to use pet odor neutralizers to get rid of them.

However, these items may include toxic substances that are detrimental to your pets or family. Even natural treatments can be dangerous to your dogs.

Essential Oils That Are Dangerous

Many essential oils are toxic to cats, dogs, and other animals, exemplifying the conflation of natural products with safety.

Essential oils like pine, tea tree, and wintergreen oils (as well as citrus oils) can be dangerous to your animal’s health, especially when exposed to concentrated oils.

It’s crucial to remember this because many natural products employ essential oils for aroma.

Harmful oils are only a minor part of the overall solution in most odor neutralizers, making them less toxic. Nonetheless, it is advisable to use caution while exposing your animals to these products.

Pets should not be exposed to neutralizers

When using a pet odor neutralizer, make sure your pets are in a separate area from the cleaning solution.

It’s critical to keep your pets away from the fresh odor neutralizers, whether that means shutting your cats in another room or letting your dogs outside while you tackle odorous regions.

Even when a spot has dried, you should keep an eye on your pets in cleansed areas.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) offers Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. and Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator as the two most prominent and dependable products for your consideration after investigating and testing all of the items listed above.

We’ve talked about the many sorts of best pet odor neutralizers, what to look out for, and general recommendations for using them efficiently.

They’re fantastic for keeping your home smelling fresh, stain-free, and beneficial in reducing recurrent markings on floors and furniture.

When fluffy has an accident on your beloved carpeting, you’ll be glad you chose an excellent pet odor neutralizer.

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