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15 Best Pet Loss Sympathy Gifts

It's the part of pet ownership that no one wants to contemplate: the day they leave you to cross the rainbow bridge.

Losing a pet can be just as traumatic as losing a human companion, and if someone you care about is going through this, one of the greatest ways to show them how much you care is to give them a pet memorial gift.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews the best pet loss sympathy gifts, which are thoughtful and loving gifts for pet owners who have lost a pet. 

These may not take away the pain of their loss, but they may serve as a reminder that someone out there cares just as much as they do.


Windchime with Pawprints Left by You

One of the most difficult aspects of losing a four-legged buddy is how quiet the house becomes without them. It’s completely silent, with no pitter-patter of small feet or tails banging against walls.

This Pawprints Left by You memorial windchime will help fill the emptiness.

It won’t replicate your favorite pet’s sounds, but every time it makes a noise, you’ll be reminded of them. It also includes a lovely poem recognizing the importance of our dogs in our lives.

The melodic tubes are constructed of robust metal and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The pawprint charms are both elegant and subtle.

There is also space for extra engraving if you want to customise it for the intended recipient. Because it is so heavy, it takes quite a bit of wind to activate the chimes.

Aside from that, there isn’t much to critique about the Pawprints Left by You windchime – it’s sure to be a welcome gift during a time of tremendous sorrow and is the greatest dog loss sympathy gift we’ve found.


  • Fills the emptiness left by the death of a pet.
  • Includes a lovely poem
  • Equally appropriate for indoor or outdoor use
  • Additional engraving space
  • Pawprint charms are sophisticated and modest.


  • It takes a lot of wind to trigger it.


Natural Soy Candle Pet House Furever Loved Memorial

Burning a candle has always been a traditional way to remember lost loved ones, and the Pet House Furever Loved Memorial is the ideal way to honor your pet’s loss.

It has a gentle, calming scent that combines honey and golden vanilla. The end result is soothing without being overwhelming, which is ideal for a bereaved pet parent.

This is also a long-lasting candle, with a burn period of more than 70 hours.

There will be no smoke or soot because it contains no colors, paraffin, or anything else that might fill your home with noxious fumes.

However, even after it has been used, the jar is reusable and is covered in phrases that will remind you of your lover.

Of course, a candle isn’t the most enduring memorial, but the reusable jar contributes to it being the best cat loss condolence gift we’ve found.

The Pet House Furever Loved Memorial is the way to go if you want something classy and unobtrusive.


  • Fragrance is light and calming.
  • Burn time of 70+ hours
  • There will be no additional smoke or soot.
  • It comes in a reusable container.


  • Not the most durable present


Faithful Friend Dog Memorial Figurine by Carson Industries

Even when our dogs leave us, they are never truly gone; they will be with us for as long as they live on in our hearts.

You might even feel as though they’re keeping an eye on you, and the Carson Industries Faithful Friend is a visible reminder of their presence.

This lovely souvenir is hand-painted resin, giving it the appearance of a serious, long-lasting statue chiseled in stone.

It may be placed anywhere in the house, allowing you to set it wherever you want to remember your dead pooch the most.

The simple design complements any décor, and the huge heart carved into the shoulder will undoubtedly stir your emotions. The wire wings allow you to hang it if you choose, but it has some heft, so be careful.

As you may think, this ornament isn’t the most sturdy, so don’t drop it. There’s also no way to personalize it, and it would be good if you could engrave a pet’s name someplace on it.

Nonetheless, the Carson Industries Faithful Friend is a heartfelt reminder of the life that was shared inside your home. It will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to any mantle.


  • Beautifully hand-painted resin
  • Fits in with any decor
  • It can be placed anyplace in the house.
  • A large heart is carved into the shoulder.


  • If dropped, it will break.
  • Customization is not possible.


Pet Memorial Stone with Pawprints Remembered and Picture Frame

If your pet spent their days outside, the Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone is an excellent way to keep their memory alive in their favorite spot.

This is a surprisingly enormous memorial; you might have trouble finding a spot for it. Still, it’s lovely and sturdy, and it should last for years to remind you of your pal. There’s even a picture frame.

However, because the frame isn’t very secure, the photo you insert may be harmed by rodents or the environment.

You might want to put the whole thing somewhere where Mother Nature can’t get to it.

It’s also not flush with the memorial’s surface, so it’s prone to trapping leaves and other debris, which could obscure your view of the heartfelt quote inscribed into the resin.

Of course, you may leave it inside to decorate your mantle or tabletop; it will merely take up space that way.

If you want to go all-out to remember your pet, the Pawprints Remembered Pet Memorial Stone will undoubtedly do the trick.

However, it is not perfect for somebody looking for a gentle remembrance of a gone companion.


  • Beautiful and long-lasting resin construction
  • Touching quote etched into the surface
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Picture frame is included.


  • Incredibly huge and hefty
  • The frame collects debris.
  • The photograph will not be protected from the elements.


Frame for a Pearhead Dog Collar

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with a pet’s death is deciding what to do with their belongings.

On the one hand, they no longer require it, but on the other, you’re not ready to let it go. At least one of these issues is beautifully addressed by the Pearland Dog Collar Frame.

The frame accommodates your dog’s collar (if it’s a small breed – it’s not large enough for larger dogs).

A photo of your pet can be placed above the collar, making a beautiful memorial to one of your most beloved friendships.

Glass protects both the collar and the frame, and an easel and hook let you to display it wherever you like. The frame is encased in hand-finished wood, which adds a touch of elegance.

You must be careful when attaching the collar because the paper backing is easily torn. Also, the photo slot has an odd dimension and won’t fit a 46 picture, so you’ll have to perform some tweaking.

If you can get everything to fit, the Pearhead Dog Collar Frame is one of the most dramatic ways to honor a lost pet.


  • Beautiful technique to recycle a dog collar
  • There is also room for a photograph.
  • It comes with both an easel and a hanger.
  • Everything is shielded behind glass.


  • Only tiny breeds are suitable.
  • The paper backing readily tears.
  • The photo slot is not of typical size.


Onyx Paw Cylinder Necklace by HooAMI

If you wish to preserve a piece of your pet close to your heart, the HooAMI Onyx Paw Necklace is ideal.

The cylinder is designed to store a handful of your deceased pet’s ashes, so you’ll be carrying them about with you. It’s a heartfelt homage, but it may be too gruesome for some.

Because the necklace is composed of stainless steel, it can take a beating.

You won’t have to be cautious when wearing it, and it won’t break if it unintentionally collides with something throughout the course of your day.

The casing has pewter paw prints on it, which adds a charming touch to the whole thing. It also includes a filling kit and a box to allow the transfer of remains as straightforward as possible.

It’s not cheap, and you can’t get it wet or you’ll damage the remainder. Aside from that, the HooAMI Onyx Paw Necklace is one of the most touching ways to keep your pet close.


  • Contains a small amount of pet ashes
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • On the casing, there are adorable pewter paw prints.


  • Some may find it a little macabre.
  • On the expensive side
  • It won’t get wet.


Wall Picture Frame with Pearhead Pawprints

When most veterinarians euthanize or cremate an animal, they first take a paw print.

This print is frequently sealed in plaster as a memorial to the owner’s buddy. However, many owners are unsure what to do with this memento.

The Pearhead Pawprints Picture Frame is a lovely way to maintain and display this print.

The wall frame displays the print on one side and a photograph of your pet on the other, providing a beautiful tribute to your furry friend.

The frame has a faded appearance that complements most existing decorations, and the sawtooth hanger makes it simple to install on any wall.

A gray background board complements both the poster and the shot nicely.

The print is kept in place with double-sided tape, which isn’t very sturdy. You may need to replace it with another type or come up with another solution.

Also, it’s difficult to keep both the photo and the print centered in the display, so you might have to mess with them a little before hanging it up.

The kit contains the clay needed to make your own paw print, but most people won’t think to do it ahead of time (and giving this as a gift before the pet dies is a bit gloomy).

As a result, you must be very confident that you can obtain a print from the vet, or else the entire thing is worthless.

However, you won’t find many display solutions that are more elegant than the Pearhead Pawprints Picture Frame, making it well worth the time it takes to put up.


  • Holds a photo as well as a plaster cast of the pawprint.
  • The distressed finish complements other décor beautifully.
  • Everything is beautifully offset by the gray background board.


  • It’s difficult to center a photo and print it.
  • The included tape is insufficient to hold up the print.
  • It is necessary to arrange ahead of time in order to obtain the paw print.


Paw Prints on Our Hearts Sand Stone by Carson Industries

The Carson Industries Paw Prints on Our Heart is a moving tribute that you may place in your yard; it’s a way to remember your pet without expressly acknowledging their death, allowing you to hold on to your most cherished memories without being continually reminded of one of your darkest.

While its sandstone construction suggests it should be placed outside, there is a keyhole hook on the back that allows it to be hung on a wall.

You must be careful with it no matter where you put it because it is easily damaged. That makes it less than weatherproof, especially if you live in an area prone to severe weather.

It barely weighs roughly 3 pounds, making it portable, but it could fly away in high winds. It will have to be placed somewhere out of the way, which lowers its usefulness as a memorial.

The Carson Industries Paw Prints on Our Hearts is a lovely way to remember your pet, but you must be careful where and how you set it if you want it to stay in one piece.


  • Back keyhole for wall hanging
  • Beautiful sandstone construction


  • Easily harmed
  • Too light for places with high winds.
  • Not suitable for areas prone to adverse weather.


Desktop Expressions “Woof” Dog Picture Frame by Walden International Designs

The Walden International Designs “Woof” Picture Frame isn’t only for pity; it will warm any dog owner’s heart. It will, however, be especially devastating following the loss of a pet.

The beautiful desktop item features a photo slot between two glass plates, as well as a modest message in front of a pewter cottage.

All of this lies atop a black woodblock, lending weight and stability to the piece.

It’s difficult to insert the photo, so make sure you get the one you want to display the first time. There could also be adhesive left over from the stock photo, which could damage the image you choose.

There isn’t much room between the pewter house and the photo, which can make cleaning difficult.

Expect dust to accumulate there. It’s also only for dogs, so it’s useless if your loved one has lost a cat or another animal.


  • Holds a photograph between two glass plates.
  • The black woodblock serves as a stylish and solid foundation.


  • Only appropriate for dog owners
  • It collects dust and is difficult to clean.
  • Inserting a photo is difficult.
  • Glue is frequently left behind by stock images.


Necklace with Cathedral Art Paw Print Memorial Ashes Locket

Every time you wear this gorgeous pewter Cathedral Art Paw Print Memorial Locket, you will receive compliments.

The necklace has a single, subtle paw print on one side and a filigree motif on the other. Inside is a little brass urn designed to retain a few of your deceased pet’s ashes.

The whole outfit is a little hefty and big, so you’re unlikely to forget you’re wearing it. It’s also difficult to conceal under a shirt.

Unfortunately, the paw print fades over time, and the clasp is untrustworthy. It may fall off if you’re not careful, and you don’t want to lose it.

It’s also tough to close the locket because you have to position the urn perfectly to for it to close. Again, losing the urn would be sad, so if you’re not careful, this can be a significant issue.


  • A brass urn for storing ashes is included.
  • Simple paw and filigree pattern


  • The paw print fades with time.
  • The back clasp is untrustworthy.
  • It is difficult to close
  • Hefty and clumsy
  • It’s difficult to conceal under a shirt.

Buyer's Guide for Pet Loss Gifts

Losing a pet is tremendously traumatic, and choosing a gift for someone who is grieving can be tough as well.

However, there are a few things to consider if you want to purchase something that would truly affect them during their time of grief.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Pet Memorial Gift?

This is tough to answer definitively because it varies based on the circumstances. What will work for one owner may be absolutely wrong for another.

In general, though, something that can be customised is more superior to something that cannot.

They want to remember their unique pet, not be reminded of pet loss in general.

While something with their animal’s image or name may be unpleasant at first, it will almost certainly become a beloved possession over time.

Durability should also be considered. Many owners will transfer some of their feelings from the deceased pet to the memorial present, so if it becomes damaged or broken, it may feel as if the owner has lost the animal all over again.

What Is the Best Way to Support Someone Who Has Lost a Pet?

Being present for them is the most important thing you can do. Listen to their problems, recall their best memories, and be there for them when they need it.

Even if you’ve lost pets yourself, don’t tell them you understand how they feel. This has a very unpleasant impact on anyone who is mourning.

If you must say something, let them know that you recall how great your pain was in a comparable circumstance, but give them space to convey their own feelings.

Also, avoid rushing the process. This includes trying to cheer them up, and it certainly means disposing of objects that can remind them of their pet.

These goods are likely to be even more valued now that the pet has passed away, so even if they’re painful now, they’ll want them around in the long term.

Don’t even think of trying to replace a lost pet. It will most likely take some time before they are ready for another best buddy, and having a new animal to care for will add to the burden. Worse worse, the new pet may be neglected or unloved.

Ultimately, all you can do is be there for them. If it’s been a while and you’re concerned that they’re not healing, you could recommend seeing a therapist or finding a way to cherish the memories of the departed animal rather than being wounded by them.


Helping someone recover from the loss of a pet isn’t easy, but the presents on this best pet loss sympathy gifts list should help ease their suffering a little bit.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that these evaluations have helped you locate the right memorial token for your mourning friend, but remember that no present, no matter how thoughtful, can replace your kind words and attentive presence.

Losing a pet is devastating, but these presents can help us reflect on what actually matters: all the love that they brought into our lives in the first place.

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