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The 9 Best Personalized Dog Collars

You want your dog's identification information to be the first thing people notice if he or she goes missing. With tags, this might be challenging. It is much more difficult if your dog is timid and does not approach people.

Individualized collars are more trustworthy than tags. Tags may break off, become damaged, become unreadable, and be hard to read on a dog that will not allow you to approach it.

Moreover, they are loud! If you'd prefer not to hear the jingle of your dog's tags every time he moves, a customized collar is a solution. Phone numbers are prominently printed on the collars, allowing them to be seen from a distance.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best personalized dog collars so that you may peruse these evaluations and choose the one that is ideal for your pet. Choose from attractive, sturdy, and fashionable collars to identify your closest companion.


GoTags Nylon Custom Collar – Overall Winner



  • Size of the breed: medium to big
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type of closure: quick release

The GoTags Nylon Personalized Collar is the finest personalized dog collar overall. The collar comes in five colors and four sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your dog.

The nylon webbing may be embroidered with up to 25 characters to clearly show your dog’s name and phone number. The color of the embroidery thread is available in fifteen variants. This collar features a D-ring, allowing you to quickly connect a leash or a tag.

When the collar becomes soiled, it may be easily machine-washed. The largest issue with the collar is the location of the brand tag.

If you utilize all 25 characters, the tag occupies space on the front of the collar, leaving little place for the embroidery. It is essential to choose the correct font size to ensure that the letters can be read properly.


  • Numerous color and size choices
  • Machine washable


  • The brand badge occupies space on the collar


GoTags Leather Personalized Dog Collar – Exceptional Selection



  • Size of the breed: small to medium
  • Material: Leather
  • Type of closure: quick release

The GoTags Leather Personalized Dog Collar is offered in two colors and five sizes, allowing you to select the ideal fit for your dog. It is constructed with conditioned, full-grain Italian leather for comfort and durability.

This item may be embroidered with up to 25 characters in 15 color combinations against dark or light brown leather. Even from a distance, the information may be easily viewed.

However, the collar may be too thin to utilize with a tie-out. It is possible for large dogs to break the collar by pulling on it, especially while sprinting. For identifying reasons, however, many dog owners enjoy the material’s appearance and texture.


  • Made from sturdy leather
  • Numerous size and color choices


  • Not applicable with tie-outs


Yellow Dog Design Paisley Custom Dog Collar – Ideal for Puppies



  • Size of breed: Small
  • Material: Polyester
  • Type of closure: quick release

This Yellow Dog Design Paisley Adjustable Personalized Dog Collar is ideal for pups. The collar is adjustable to accommodate your dog’s growth. It is offered in four sizes.

The material is vivid and highly apparent. The white embroidered identifying writing contrasts dramatically with the backdrop, making it visible from a distance. Plastic buckles make this collar secure and comfortable to wear.

When the collar becomes soiled, it may be washed in the washing machine without having to remove any annoying tags beforehand. This collar has a metal D-ring for leash connection.


  • Adjustable
  • Material and writing easily visible
  • Machine washable


  • There is just one text color available


Customized dog collar with buckle



  • Size of the breed: small, medium, and big
  • Material: Polyester
  • Buckle-style fastening

This Buckle-Down Custom Dog Collar offers a unique galaxy collage design. This collar may be embroidered with your dog’s identification information in white letters that contrasts starkly with the backdrop. There are three font options available.

The collar is equipped with a sturdy D-ring for leash attachment. This collar is made from polyester with a high density, assuring its durability and longevity. The collar is suited for dogs weighing 10 to 40 pounds.

Dogs weighing more than 40 pounds should only wear this collar for identification purposes, as tugging on a leash might cause it to shatter.


  • Galaxy artistic style
  • Three font selections


  • A single text color
  • Not recommended for dogs above 40 pounds


C4 Personalised Waterproof Dog Collar



  • Size of the breed: small, medium, huge, and extremely large
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Buckle-style fastening

The C4 Waterproof Personalized Dog Collar is offered in thirteen color options and four sizes. The customised wording will be either black or white, depending on the color you select.

This hue is water-resistant and resistant to stains. It is composed of thermo-elastomer of medical grade that can be washed with soap and water and does not collect or retain scents.

This collar is an excellent option for beach-loving, off-leash swimming dogs. Their identification information is clearly displayed, and the collar will not become difficult to see when wet.

The color of the collar fading over time has proven to be the greatest difficulty for several dog owners.


  • Available in 13 colors
  • Simple to clean
  • Waterproof


  • The collar’s color may fade


Customized ROAD iD ID Tag Dog Collar



  • Small, medium/large, and extra-large are the breed sizes
  • Composite of nylon and stainless steel
  • Buckle-style fastening

The ROAD iD Personalized ID Tag Dog Collar features an identifying tag that has been laser-engraved. The collar is available in three sizes and four colors. Molded silicone secures the identifying tag so that it does not jingle, hang, or slide.

A D-ring made of stainless steel is connected for leashes. While many dog owners appreciated the appearance and longevity of this collar, the major problem is a dog that scratches.

Dogs that were not accustomed to wearing collars repeatedly scratched at them. The movement ultimately eroded the etching and rendered the information unintelligible. So that they do not destroy the tag, dogs must be accustomed to collars before wearing this one.


  • Sleek design
  • Laser-engraved tag
  • Four color options


  • Scratching a tag repeatedly might ruin its information
  • Expensive option

Buyer's Guide - Selecting The Finest Customized Dog Collar

A customised dog collar may be embroidered or engraved with your identification information, removing the need for a hanging tag. You may select from a variety of colors and designs to create the perfect appearance for your dog.

What Should Be Printed on a Personalized Dog Collar?

A customized collar, as opposed to a plain collar, provides more information at first glance than the simple fact that the dog has an owner. You want your lost puppy to be returned to you as quickly as possible.

You should give the most vital facts that you would want someone to know if they find your dog. There is limited space available on the collar, therefore some information may need to be omitted.

On the collar, you can include your dog’s name, your address, your phone number, and/or your name, but you should prioritize the most essential information.

This is the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number for certain dog owners. It is the address and phone number for others. Include any information you want others to know if they discover your dog.

Why is a personalized dog collar necessary?

A simple collar with an identifying tag is a solid technique to ensure that your missing dog gets returned to you. However, a few things must occur for this to be successful.

First, someone must be near enough to your dog to grasp the collar, check for the identification tag, and read it.

Even the kindest dog can experience fear when misplaced. They get confused and unsure of what to do. They may not approach as easily as they might at home or when walking next to you.

The identification tag must also be affixed to the collar when your dog is found. Tags can become unreadable if they fall off, become damaged, or become worn down.

Personalized collars are immediately recognizable. Typically, the typeface is sufficiently noticeable from a distance. Even if they are unable to physically touch your dog, someone might phone you to let you know where he is.

No More Chimes

As much as we like our dogs, the jingling of their tags whenever they move may be distracting and irritating. This is particularly the case at night.

Dog owners who have trouble sleeping have been known to remove their dogs’ collars at night to prevent the tags from making noise.

If the collar is not reattached before the dog is allowed outdoors again, they are at risk of becoming lost without identification.

Although it is possible to reconnect missing dogs with their owners if they are not wearing collars, the procedure can take longer and be more challenging.

Personalized collars prevent the jingling of tags, eliminating the need to remove them due to their noise.

Considerations When Selecting a Personalized Dog Collar


There are customizable dog collars available in nylon, polyester, and leather. These collars are sturdy and long-lasting, however your dog may have an aversion to specific fabrics. Collars made of leather are often the least irritating for dogs with sensitive skin.


To obtain the correct neck size for your dog, it is important to measure. Wrap a tape measure around your dog’s neck to determine its size.

Add 2-3 inches to this measurement so that the collar may be changed. As a general guideline, the collar should fit tightly, but you should be able to easily put two fingers between it and your dog’s skin.

For a suitable fit, thicker collars will require additional length added to them. If you have a growing puppy, be aware that the collar will either need to be adjusted or replaced with a larger one as the dog grows.


Numerous customized dog collars contain plastic or metal buckles. If the buckle you select is made of metal, consider how frequently your dog swims. If your dog enjoys swimming, a buckle with an anti-rust coating may be the best option.


Numerous collars may be washed manually using dog shampoo, antibacterial soap, and warm water. Some may be washed in the washer for added ease. Choose the collar with the best cleaning instructions for you.


The GoTags Nylon Personalized Collar is our top selection for personalized dog collars. It is machine-washable and available in a range of colors.

Spaces for embroidery can accommodate up to 25 characters. we like our best value option is GoTags Custom Leather Dog Collars, which feature an attractive layout with easily readable text. In addition, a matching leash is included when ordered separately.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best personalized dog collars. We hope that our reviews helped you find the best collar for your dog that fits his or her needs.

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