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The 15 Best Parrot Cages

You've decided to buy a new parrot cage, but you don't know where to start.

You may have a parrot that you have had for a long time, or you may be thinking about buying one for the first time.

Your pet bird may spend the next fifty years of its life in a cage, so cage selection becomes important.

Did you know that a Major Mitchell cockatoo named Cookie, who lived at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago until he was over 82 years old, holds the record as the oldest known parrot?

You should make sure your parrot is safe and comfortable, as it may outlive you.

While choosing the perfect home for your gorgeous parrot can seem like a daunting task, we're here to help.

In this article, we look at eight separate birdcages, each designed to hold a parrot of a certain size. In a nutshell, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has thought of all the best parrot cages, and all you have to do is make the final choice; we have finished the job.

Buying Advice

Because you never know how long your parrot will live, it’s crucial that you find a cage that will be comfortable for him during his whole life.

If you’re thinking of buying a new, pricey bird cage for your parrot, there are a few things to keep in mind first. Your parrot deserves a home that is not only safe and secure, but also provides him with a pleasant environment in which to live.


The size of the cage you get is the single most important factor to consider. Large parrots, in particular, require a cage that is at least 1.5 times the size of their wingspan, however a larger cage is usually preferable.

The minimum recommended size for a cage for a Scarlet Macaw, with an average wing span of 46 inches, is 69 inches; for an African Grey, with an average wing span of 28.5 inches, the recommended size for a cage is 43 inches; for both species, 57 inches is preferable.


The slack in the cage’s bars is important, too. If you put your parrot in a cage meant for a larger bird, he or she runs the risk of escaping through the much broader bars or having his or her head caught.

Parrotlet, the smallest kind of parrot, prefers a spacing of little more than half an inch. It may be tempting to purchase an overly big cage for a little parrot, but you should always ensure that there will be adequate space for the bird to move around within the cage.


All of the cages discussed here have wheels, making them ideal for a parrot that enjoys occasional excursions to new locations.

If your bird is highly bonded to you and you need to keep him in his cage for a time, this might be a great solution since he can still be close by and feel secure.

In addition, you may take your parrot outside on a lovely day without worrying about it escaping and hopefully cheering up your parrot.

Holding Area for Flights

To put it simply, a flight cage is a place to practice flying without risk. To put it simply, it’s a cage with sufficient space for a bird to spread its wings and fly around inside.

The larger the parrot, the more space he’ll require in his cage to spread his wings. If you do not have the room for such a huge cage, however, you may still let your large parrot fly around your home; you just need to give him more time out of his cage. The flight cage should be proportional to the size of the bird.

Transportation company

A parrot, like a cat or dog, should have access to a travel carrier for trips to the vet and other short, non-emergency journeys.

You may also use a travel carrier if you need to relocate. You may select from small, portable bird cages or a softer-sided carrier, but make sure it’s the right size for your parrot.

Play Top

The play top provides a means for your parrot to perch outside of the cage and even have the ability to relax and, well, play.

Others of the cages on our list feature a play top, and some even offer ladders and areas to store food bowls. Think of it as your parrot’s own small back porch, except missing the BBQ.

Cage Materials

What the cage is constructed out of is another key thing to consider. It ought to be durable enough to accommodate your parrot and to endure your bird’s frequent pecking.

Most of the cages on our list are constructed of wrought iron, while stainless steel is another common choice. You’ll also want to check on what the material has been treated with as obviously, you’ll want to avoid any harmful compounds.

Bottom Drawer

How you clean the cage is another vital element, especially for you. All except one of the cages in our testing includes a bottom drawer; the other is set up for raising the entire cage off the bottom tray.

The slide out tray option does make your task of cleaning the cage easier, particularly because you don’t need to remove your bird out of the cage during this procedure. The easier it is to clean, the more you won’t hate performing the cleaning.


In summary, we find that the Premier Pet Products bird cage is the best choice for small and medium parrots. In addition to being well made and roomy, it also features a durable design, making it a great choice for your little parrot.

The Vision II Model M02 is our recommendation for the best parrot cage at a great price thanks to its innovative hanging bars and waste shield that will help prevent food and bird droppings from falling outside the cage.

Now you know the answer. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has a review of different-sized parrot cages that we hope will help you make the right choice for you and your bird. We hope your feathered member enjoys his new home once you find the best parrot cages for him.


Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage – Best Overall

The Conure or Parrotlet would fit well in the Prevue Pet Products bird cage, which is ideal for little birds. Featuring 2 big front doors and 6 smaller side access doors, this bird house can accommodate a variety of small to medium sized birds.

Four double-tiered food trays and three wooden perches are included. The bottom tray may be removed for simple maintenance.

The wrought-iron cage is on wheels for portability and features a convenient extra shelf at the base for stowing away items.

It’s more expensive than the other cages on our list, and we didn’t particularly like the lightweight construction of the food trays. This is a highly strong cage that will provide plenty place for your birds to exercise and fly about.


  • Strong and roomy
  • There are two enormous doors in the front and six smaller doors on the sides.
  • The removable bottom tray makes cleanup a breeze.
  • A total of 3 hardwood perches and 4 double-sided feeding trays
  • Cage-rolling wheels
  • Extra storage space in the lower shelf


  • Paper-thin trays for feeding
  • Difficult to put together


Bird Cage, Vision II Model M02, Excellent Quality at a Reasonable Price

If you’re looking for an affordable parrot cage, go no further than the Vision II Model M02. This cage is inexpensive and well-suited for little parrots like the Parrotlet and Conure.

Four perches, each with a unique grip, can promote your parrot’s circulation and prevent foot issues. There are four separate compartments in which food and garbage may be stored, as well as two waste guards to keep the trays clean.

This, together with a sizable base and the cage’s detachability from the stand, facilitates quick and straightforward cleanup. The Vision II includes panels on the exterior that open to reveal storage space for food.

Although it is possible to clean the cage without removing the complete thing, some people might find it inconvenient. The cage’s assembly could be challenging, and the included food dishes might be too tiny for some.


  • Inexpensive
  • It has 4 resting rungs that are ergonomically built to alleviate foot pain.
  • The cage’s two double food trays are accessible from the outside.
  • A large, well-protected foundation means less mess.


  • Some people may find the absence of a lower drawer in which to store cleaning supplies to be more of a nuisance than an advantage.
  • The trays in which food is served are rather little.
  • Making a cage is a difficult task.


Stylish Parrot Cage – Top Pick for Your Pet

If you have a bigger parrot, the Homey Pet cage is an excellent option. The bottom tray of this rust-proof and aesthetically pleasing cage may be removed for simple washing.

It has a stable base with wheels for portability and comes with three feeding trays, each with its own door for added convenience.

The parrot may come and go from the cage as he pleases, thanks to the play top that can be closed or left open. With its roomy interior and sizable front door, this cage is ideal for a giant parrot.

Be warned that the bar spacing in this cage is intended for bigger parrots and will not accommodate smaller birds. The wheels were occasionally sticking or sliding off because they were not strong enough for the cage. Due in part to a lack of included directions, assembly presented a few challenges.


  • Cage that is both attractive and functional
  • Rolling around makes a breeze
  • Rust-proof metal
  • There are three compartmented feeding trays.
  • There’s a lot of room for a parrot of any size.
  • Toy that may be played with either open or closed


  • Costlier than comparable options
  • A lack of assembling instructions
  • Problems with stuck and broken wheels were common.


Bird Cage by ZENY

If you have a little parrot, the ZENY Bird Cage is a great option. The two long hardwood perches and the wrought-iron construction with thinner bars make this birdhouse ideal for tiny birds.

It includes four feeding doors and a slide-out drawer for convenient storage and cleaning. The cage is mobile thanks to its stand’s swiveling wheels and an additional shelf for storage.

It may be challenging to put together the cage due to unclear instructions. Cages have arrived broken or with misaligned mounting holes, both of which are problematic.

We also noticed that the cage wasn’t as strong as some of the others on our list, and it seemed pretty flimsy overall.


  • A material similar to wrought iron
  • Put the dirty dishes in the bottom drawer.
  • Rolls around easily and has an additional shelf for storage.
  • Separate doors for each of the four feeding trays
  • A little parrot would have plenty of room.


  • Poorly written assembly instructions
  • Poor quality, flimsy structure
  • As expected, some of the cages arrived broken.


Parrot Cage with Wheels and Open Top by Yaheetech, Made of Iron

The Yaheetech cage has a structure that is resistant to water and corrosion, and it comes with two hardwood perches, making it ideal for medium-sized parrots. It includes a secure feeding door and three stainless steel bowls for feeding convenience.

The grate on the bottom prevents the birds from stepping in their own waste, and the slide-out bottom tray has been painted with waterproof paint, making cleanup a breeze. The cage has lockable doors so your birds can’t fly away, and it also looks nice when it’s shut up.

Some of the bars in the cage were bent, and the instructions were confusing, as is the case with many of these cages. The wheels are modest but appear to function properly. The manufacturer claims this cage is rust-proof, but it’s better off being stored inside.


  • Lovely cage
  • Use the perch as a top in a game.
  • Includes 3 stainless steel bowls and secure feeding access doors.
  • This bottom drawer comes out and is watertight and grate-protected.
  • Rust-resistant


  • Poorly written instructions that are difficult to understand
  • When we got there, the bars were already bent.


Parrot Cage with Nova Microdermabrasion on Top as Star Player

If you have a medium-sized parrot, you should consider the Nova Microdermabrasion bird cage. It’s crafted from wrought iron and would make a roomy aviary, but it’s not robust enough to house a parrot.

There is a big door up front, and the top is a huge play area with a perch, a ladder, and enough for two food trays. There are 3 feeding doors and 5 stainless steel feeding bowls included. It has 4 swivel wheels and a slide-out drawer for convenient cleaning.

To be safe, only medium-sized parrots should be housed in this cage, as the bars are too flimsy for bigger birds and too widely apart for smaller birds. Any bird with a powerful beak might theoretically bend the bars and fly away. There were no guidelines either.


  • Wheeled and easily transportable
  • Toy loft includes a ladder, a perch, and enough for two food bowls.
  • There is a massive wrought-iron entrance door.
  • It has three feeding compartments and five stainless steel bowls.


  • For use only with parrots of a moderate size.
  • Absence of directions
  • Flexible bars


A VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Bird Cage

The VIVOHOME is yet another option for pet owners searching for a bird cage adequate for parrots of a more moderate size.

It’s constructed out of welded steel with four swiveling wheels and an additional shelf for convenience. The cage has a removable bottom tray and top tray for simple cleaning and maintenance, and a bottom grate to keep the birds from stepping in their own excrement.

It features a ladder, a perch, and a spot for two food bowls on the playtop, and it comes with four stainless steel food bowls and three wooden perches.

Unfortunately, we discovered several sharp edges on the cage that might do serious harm to either you or your pet bird. The fact that it was missing a few pieces upon arrival didn’t help matters much.

Similarly to the previous cages, this one lacks instructions and is somewhat smaller than anticipated.


  • Built with steel that has been welded together
  • Ideal for small to medium parrots.
  • includes a storage shelf in addition to the standard
  • The play structure’s top has a ladder and a shelf ideal for holding snacks.
  • Includes four meal dishes made of stainless steel


  • The danger of sharp edges
  • Pieces missing
  • Diminutive compared to anticipation
  • Absence of directions


The PawHut 63″ Indoor Bird Cage is a Metal Cage That Can Be Used Indoors

For a small to medium sized parrot, the PawHut is an excellent housing option. There are many doors on the sides for storing food, two huge doors at the front, and a tiny basket in the base of the stand for even more space.

It’s mobile because to its swiveling wheels and durable plastic and steel frame. It comes with three wooden perches, four plastic food bowls, and one swing, and the bottom drawer lifts out for easy cleaning.

The majority of the cage was nearly impossible to assemble due to twisted and misaligned pieces and the absence of directions.

Some of the plastic pieces were cracked and damaged upon arrival, and the various doors were not properly aligned, making it difficult to open and close them. Some elements of the cage were rusted, leading us to suspect that it had been used before.


  • Extra storage in the form of a little basket
  • The trash can may be easily removed from the bottom drawer.
  • Comes with a swing and four plastic bowls for meals.


  • Nothing to follow
  • Most of the pieces aren’t aligned properly, making assembly difficult.
  • The plastic pieces were cracked in several places.
  • Some components had developed rust.
  • The majority of the cage was damaged during shipment.

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