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The 11 Best Parakeet Cages

Parakeets or macaws are endemic to Australia, but you may have adopted one or two as pets.

A parrot in French is called a parakeet, and the two words are quite similar in meaning.

There is a familial relationship between these two birds, even if they are not identical.

Parakeets require less cage maintenance than larger birds like parrots because of their smaller size.

First of all, smaller bird cages don't have to be as spacious and cordless as cages for larger birds. This implies that giant birdcages can also be used for parakeets.

Although there are many parakeet cages, we have cut them down to these.

You'll understand much better after reading these reviews and BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) buyer guide on which parakeet cage is the best parakeet cages for your bird and home.

Instruction Manual

Let’s discuss the features you should seek out while shopping for a parakeet cage in case you’ve changed your mind.

Size of the Cage

The larger the cage, the better, as a general rule. Get the largest feasible cage if you can afford to do so. If you just have room for one bird, the minimum dimensions for a cage are 18 by 18 by 24 inches. A cage for many birds should be at least 50 inches by 50 inches in size.

Length of the Primary Entrance

Parakeets are capable of keeping themselves occupied, but they really like human company. Make sure the door to the cage is a good size for engaging with your bird or allowing your parakeet free access in and out of the cage.

Your parakeet will have no trouble entering or exiting, and your hand will have no trouble reaching all areas of the cage.

Small-Door Count

If so, it’s likely because parakeets have a penchant for playthings. Parakeets enjoy a variety of perching options, including those that produce noise when hit and even mirrors.

You’ll need a method to set up these toys and perhaps rearrange them every so often to keep your bird amused. This might be mitigated by adding several tiny entrances to the cage.

In addition to its utility as a bird play, the several tiny entrances to the cage allow for the addition of multiple perches, food dishes, and nesting areas.

Having a door nearby makes it much simpler to swap out the food and water than if you had to reach through the main entrance.

How I Like to Clean My House

Bird cages have a variety of bases, as you can see from our roundup of parakeet cage evaluations. Every few days (or more frequently with additional birds), you’ll need to pull out a drawer and replace the liner.

The birds may be able to readily soil your floor, though, because of the shape of the cage. Because of this, some creators of birdcages fashioned removable bottoms with a lip of a few inches off the bottom to catch any stray objects.

What you like is the only thing that matters. There are others who like things to remain as they are, in which case they should get a cage that already has a drawer.

One option is to get one that has a plastic bottom enclosure if you’re want to try something different and potentially make less of a mess.

Materials That Won’t Break

In general, parakeets are too little to do significant damage to a birdcage, however this can vary depending on the individual bird.

Still, when they set their minds to it, some people can sneak away like ninjas. If you have a bird and you know she can easily bend metal wires, you may wish to choose a cage with thicker bars.

If you want to relocate your birdcage frequently, you should think about investing in one that is more robustly constructed and resistant to damage from knocks and scrapes.


Thinking about how often you’ll be lugging the cage around with you when you go places is also important. If so, look for a parakeet cage with a top handle and a combination of low weight and durability.

That way, you won’t have to worry about dropping it as you carry it from place to place.


Your macaw deserves the largest cage you can comfortably accommodate. If you have the space for it, the Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage is the largest parakeet cage you can buy.

For longevity, portability, and overall high quality, the Midwest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage stands out as our top pick for the best parakeet cage.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) really hopes that our reviews of the best parakeet cages will be helpful to you in making your final decision. Since you won’t have to do your own research, you can spend more time with your cute macaw.


Bird Cage at the Midwestern Poquito Avian Hotel, Winner of the Best in Show Award

The Midwest Poquito Avian cage is a dual-purpose cage for your home and travel needs.

This appealing cage comes with two color options, has a drawer that can be pulled out for housekeeping or for playing outside the cage, and has a comfortable carry handle (or an additional perch). This cage is suitable for a parakeet up to about medium size.

This cage is great because it is made of high-quality materials that will last, and the door is large enough to let your bird come and go as it pleases.

You may shape the provided perching rope anyway you choose, and the two feeders are made of durable stainless steel.

The fact that it might be tricky to assemble is one of this cage’s few drawbacks. Some potential consumers were turned off by the product’s heft and voiced concerns that it would be cumbersome to transport.

Finally, the price tag on this enclosure is more than what you’d pay for a standard parakeet cage.


  • High-Quality Components
  • Ample proportions
  • Space-Permeable Door
  • Pull-out drawers make it simple to store items.


  • The cost was a little high.
  • Heavy
  • Possible difficulty in assembly


Bird Cage, Vision II Model M02, at an Affordable Price4

The Vision II Model M02 birdcage may not have the most alluring name, but it is the greatest parakeet cage available at this price. It’s an excellent cage for flying because of its height, and setup is a breeze.

The plastic, fixed bottom of the cage ensures that waste is contained within the unit, rather than spreading around the home.

The safe, non-toxic materials used to construct the cage mean that your pet may rest easy. When you need to let your parakeet out for some air, you may simply remove the top. The several, sturdy perches in this cage make it ideal for a pair of birds.

This bird cage might not be appealing to those who prefer a design that has drawers at the bottom for easy maintenance. Domed plastic covers the top of the cage, making it impossible to hang toys for your bird there.


  • Fantastic flying cage
  • Modular Design for Convenience of Construction
  • Depth at the base aids in debris collection.
  • Chemical-free construction


  • Disappointed fans of drawers will have to make some changes.
  • Plastic cap


Vision II Bird Cage, Model L01, Top Pick

Vision has released yet another cage, the Vision II Model L01. One or two little birds would fit well in this cage. There’s no need to use anything fancy like zip ties to keep the doors shut; they come pre-assembled.

Both the perches and the dishes are constructed of sturdy materials that will serve you well for years to come.

The water and food bowls are conveniently placed. If you want a tray-like plastic bottom on your birdcage, this one is for you. This cage has won widespread acclaim for its sturdy construction and thoughtful design.

Quality comes at a price in this situation. Birdcages don’t get much fancier than the Vision II Model L01, except in price. Some customers have complained that it’s too challenging to assemble.

It’s possible that there are problems with quality control for this type, resulting in consumers receiving defective cages.


  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Intimidation-free passageways
  • Quick and simple access


  • The plastic base may not appeal to everyone.
  • Substandard quality assurance
  • Frustratingly Tricky Put Together


Bird Cage by Prevue Pet Products, Made of Rustic Iron

If your parakeet needs some extra space to fly around, you shouldn’t look any farther than the Prevue Pet Products Flight Cage.

Wrought iron, which gives this birdcage both aesthetic value and structural integrity, was used in its construction. The cage is mounted on a pedestal with wheels, allowing for convenient relocation whenever desired.

There are two wooden perches on the cage itself for your bird’s enjoyment. The base removes easily for washing. Fast shipment is a major selling point for this product.

If you need a huge cage and are on a budget, but don’t want to go on quality, this is your best pick.

The fact that you have to stick your hand in there to access the food and water bowls is one of the many reasons we don’t like this cage.

Broken cage wires and a bent bottom component were two examples of the product damage that was occasionally received. Some bird owners may be uncomfortable with how easy the doors open, however this is easily fixed by adding more clips.


  • Extra-sized aviary
  • Inexpensive
  • Well done
  • Dependable cords
  • Slide-out trash can


  • Can’t open the lids of the food bowls
  • Not enough strength in the doors


Pet Supplies by Prevue Toy Bird Cage for Flight Simulations

Once again, Prevue Pet Products earns a spot on our Best Parakeet Cage list. It’s clear that this cage was made with little birds in mind.

The size of this cage pleasantly surprised several buyers. The bottom drawer of the cage may be easily removed for thorough cleaning.

This cage is a fantastic alternative if you’re trying to save money because it’s quite cheap for a cage of its size. It’s just the right size for one large or two little parakeets.

The cage provides them with sufficient space for flying and playing. The stand is not included, but the cage may be readily mounted on one.

The only real complaint I’ve heard regarding the cage is that some buyers have received broken units. Furthermore, the metal on the cage may be too fragile for birds who are prone to escaping.


  • Much larger than it appears
  • Storage drawer for cleaning supplies
  • Excellent buy


  • Shipments were occasionally flawed upon arrival.
  • Worryingly frail wires


Yaheetech Parakeet Bird Cage, Free-Standing

Climbing-inclined tiny birds will love this Yaheetech-designed tall cage, which can house two birds. If your bird like hanging toys, this is the cage for it.

There’s a storage container at the base, and it has its own stand for easy placement. There are ten entrances, providing enough of options for storing nesting materials, food, and water.

The cage has a swing, three wooden perches, and four hooded feeders. Moreover, the cherry on top is a second perch made of wood at the highest pinnacle of the enclosure.

The wires in this cage are barely as sturdy as a wire clothes hanger, so it’s not a good fit for birds who are very feisty. Even the food and drink dishes feel a little flimsy.

Torx or zip ties may be used to secure the cage’s doors and other components. This cage was challenging to assemble for at least a few people.


  • Innumerable perches
  • There are a lot of entrances here.
  • Good for mountaineers
  • Closed compartment in the stand


  • Doors and wires are made of cheap material.
  • The bowls that hold feeder food often crack.
  • Frustratingly Tricky Put Together


Fancy Cage for Birds by Zeny

If you have more than one parakeet, this ZENY birdcage will accommodate them all comfortably (or other small bird). It’s constructed of iron, takes the form of a box, and features a built-in display platform.

The distance in inches between each bar is 0.5. The cage itself is rather roomy, and it features two long wooden perches in the center.

This cage also contains a drawer for those who want to clean their cages in that manner. The swiveling wheels make it simple to move when necessary. The four plastic food and water cups are included with this cage.

The reviewer cautions that this cage may contain lead, which is hazardous to birds. Some customers complain the cage is weak and had problems putting it together because of the unclear directions. Side perches are not suggested for use with this cage.


  • Extra-large bird enclosure.
  • Complete with a display stand
  • Rolling stand


  • Possibily containing lead
  • Bad for perching on the side
  • Badly written assembly instructions


A Cage for the Two of Us in the Ranch House, Complete with Parakeets

This adorable navy blue cage with two pitched wire roofs was built by You & Me Parakeet to resemble a home. Two wooden perches and two plastic feeders with lids may be found inside.

It’s just the right size for a single parakeet, and it’s roomy enough for two. The absence of plastic components on the cage itself bodes well for its durability.

A metal carrying handle is located on the top. Even if you weren’t already impressed by all of these great qualities, you definitely will be once you see how cheaply it can be had.

Although there are many positive features of this cage, there are also some drawbacks. The cage, for one, is not the most convenient for rearranging contents.

Be cautious to measure the space you intend to put the cage in, since it is smaller in person than it seems in the photographs.

In order to keep the doors from falling, you may need to use twist or zip ties. That the cage has pointy edges is a problem for some.


  • Adorable style
  • Affordable
  • Produced using high-quality components


  • Axes with a pointy end
  • The doors keep falling down
  • Not as big as it appears
  • Item rearrangement is a chore within


PawHut D10-019WT cage for birds, often made of metal, for use in the house

Even though it’s not our top pick, PawHut’s Metal Indoor Bird Cage has some advantages. The only cage on this list with enough room for many little parakeets, and with three wooden perches already fixed inside.

The included stand may be moved around thanks to its wheels. The 63-inch height of the enclosure is a notable feature. Two huge doors on the outside of the cage provide access to the outdoors, while nine smaller doors provide access to perches, dishes, and playthings. Thanks to the built-in drawer, maintaining its pristine appearance is a breeze.

This cage isn’t made of the highest quality materials. This cage is more plastic than any other on the market. Some birds may not be able to safely use the swing that comes with the cage.

The doors tend to get caught and require some jerking to open, which might be frightening to your birds.


  • The triad of wooden seats
  • Possibility of more than one exit


  • A lack of high-quality construction
  • Many plastic components
  • Locks and doors frequently become jammed.
  • The swing is a dangerous accessory.

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