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The 10 Best Paper Pellet Cat Litters

With the endless new ideas that cat pros come up with, looking for fresh litter may make you dizzy.

However, if you encounter litter that has a lot of chemicals or harsh additives, you might ask what natural options you have.

Paper pellet cat litters are environmentally conscious options with substantial benefits—and some drawbacks. We want to clarify the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can make an informed choice.

Let's get started with BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the top %product_count% best paper pellet cat litters on the market today.


Recycled Paper Cat Litter Is New

  • High odor control
  • Absorbency: High
  • Dust: Low
  • Low tracking
  • Non-flushable disposal method

Fresh News Recycled Paper Litter is an excellent choice for maximum natural freshness.

Because it is made entirely of recycled materials, you can help the environment while still providing safe litter for your cat.

There are no harsh additions or chemicals; instead, natural components are used for effectiveness. For best odor control, this litter composition includes an ammonia blocker made from baking soda.

Because these are pellets, they are classified as non-clumping litter. It holds three times the moisture of regular litters while being less scoopable.

Because the formula is 99% dust-free, it is completely hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive cats and humans alike.

Despite the fact that it absorbs urine quickly, it does not turn to mush. Every pellet keeps its original shape.


  • Affordable
  • Controlling odors using baking soda
  • Hypoallergenic


  • It is not scoopable.


Cat Litter Small Pet Select Recycled Pelleted Paper

  • Moderate odor control
  • Absorbency: High
  • Dust: Low
  • Low tracking
  • Non-flushable disposal method

Choose a Small Pet Recycled Pelleted Paper Litter is an excellent choice that gets the job done. It’s made specifically for cats and other small animals to absorb pee and avoid smells.

To alleviate buyer confusion, the business additionally provides a 100% money-back guarantee. This trash is made entirely of recyclable materials and is devoid of toxins.

It controls litter odor well, but there are no extra fragrance controllers, such as baking soda.

We discovered that the pellets are slightly smaller than others, which may result in increased tracking—however, we still consider it to be a low tracking litter in comparison to others on the market.


  • 100% recycled content
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Toxin-free


  • Pellets that are smaller


Natural Paper Cat Litter Okocat

  • High odor control
  • Absorbency: High
  • Dust: Low
  • Low tracking
  • Non-flushable disposal method

Okocat Natural Paper Cat Litter is incredibly effective for the intended function, in our opinion. We liked this litter because of its delicate texture, which is constructed of recycled white fibers that naturally absorb waste.

This particular kind offers excellent odor control and has no dyes, perfumes, or additives. The quality is obvious, with plant-based odor reducers. The formula is completely dust-free, resulting in no airborne clouds.

It’s difficult to scoop because it’s non-clumping. The white litter aids in locating pee spots so that you can clean the appropriate places without wasting the remaining fresh litter.

Despite the fact that the brand claims no additives, it has a powerful odor.


  • Totally dust-free
  • To identify filthy areas, use white litter.
  • Controlling odors using plants


  • Strong odor


Multi-Cat Clumping Paper Cat Litter HARTZ

  • High odor control
  • Absorbency: High
  • Dust: Low
  • Moderate tracking
  • Non-flushable disposal method

Our favorite clumping paper pellet litter is HARTZ Multi-Cat Clumping Paper Litter, and there aren’t many on the market.

It offered the finest odor control in our opinion, allowing it to withstand frequent restroom usage. It’s ideal for multi-cat households, as claimed.

This light formula contains an ingredient that turns unclean spots blue. We thought it was a fantastic concept to simplify cleanup and conservation.

It’s not officially eco-friendly, but it does contain 80% recycled materials. So, if you’re searching for a completely ecologically aware option, this might not be it. It also tracks far better than other paper pellet solutions.


  • When soiled, it turns blue.
  • Multi-cat
  • Initially clumping paper pellet litter


  • There is just 80% recyclable material.
  • Superior tracking to competitors


Recycled Paper Multi-Cat Litter Is New

  • Scented: Yes
  • Dust: Low
  • Clumping: No
  • Tracking: Low

Because it is incredibly absorbent, our Fresh News Recycled Paper Litter is ideal for multi-cat families.

It also contains baking soda to help control odors, and while it does not state whether or not it contains artificial perfumes, the fact that it is scented litter suggests that it most likely does.

It is three times more absorbent than clay cat litter, but it has the same absorbency as paper cat litter that does not state that it is intended for multi-cat households.

The sole difference between the multi-cat and regular versions of this brand appears to be that the multi-cat version is scented.

It is made of 100% recycled paper, and due to the huge size of the pellets, the amount of tracking should be minimal.

It is also 99% dust-free and 100% non-allergenic, so the smell should not irritate your cat or you when you clean the litter box.

You may also use it for other tiny pets who require litter or bedding. It is, however, more expensive than the other paper cat litters on this list.


  • Non-allergenic
  • Dust-free
  • Excellent for several cats


  • Artificial fragrance may be present.
  • Expensive

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Best Paper Cat Litter

If you’re new to paper pellet cat litter, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. Sure, that’s good for the environment, but will it do the job? There are a few things you should think about before purchasing.

Let’s look at the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision before you commit.

How Does Paper Pellet Cat Litter Work?

Paper pellet cat litter is a relatively new type of litter that differs from classic clay-based choices.

It is safe for the environment, simple to clean, and some are even flushable. Because of the pellet structure, each piece can absorb pee and trap odors.

Advantages of Paper Pellet Litter


A significant advantage of paper pellet litter is that practically all options are non- or low-tracking.

Because the pellets are larger than the small granules found in many litters, they will not become entangled in little paws and thrown across your home.


Paper pellets are biodegradable, which means they will degrade over time and will not pollute the environment.

This is a significant advantage for cat owners versus messy, heavy options that are difficult to dispose of, such as clay.


Some paper pellet litters can be flushed, but not all. Read labels thoroughly before assuming that every litter is flushable—this is not the case.

Material Recycled

Many recyclable paper pellet litters are available. These paper materials are degraded to produce absorbent fiber.

High Absorption

Paper pellets are extremely effective in absorbing urine. Even though many of these options are not scoopable, the pellets do an excellent job of containing waste.

Paper Pellet Litter’s Drawbacks

Scoopability is not possible

Unlike litters, which are easy to sift through, paper pellets are harder to shovel. Clumping paper pellet litters, such as the fifth on our list, are now available, but they are scarce.

Odor Control is less effective

Because paper litter soils so easily, lingering odors may be an issue. Some other solutions include odor protection.

Using Paper Pellet Cat Litter

If you’ve been using standard cat litter, the transition will be difficult. We’ve all seen how picky cats can be about their toilet place. Make sure to ease them in slowly so they can adjust to the changes.

Some cats will not like the texture or coverage of paper litters. If they reject the idea, they may use the potty outside of their litter box.

Odor Control with Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Because many paper pellet cat litters do not contain extra aromas or scents to maintain odor control, you may be wondering how to combat odors.

Many customers claim that even after cleaning, some strong pee stench remains.

You can add a little more odor prevention by:

  • Baking soda can be used to neutralize odors.
  • To reduce odors, sprinkle coffee grounds around the box.
  • Purchase safe litter box deodorizers.

Best Paper Pellet Cat Litter Scoopers

Traditional scoopers may not be suitable for paper pellet cat litter. Because the pellets are larger than ordinary grains, they stick together without sifting.

Purchase scoopers with larger, narrow openings through which the litter can easily fall back into the pan.


If you’re still interested in paper pellet cat litter, this review of the best paper pellet cat litters from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) should have led you to a product you’re eager to try.

Fresh News Recycled Paper Litter may be the perfect option for you if you want the power of paper pellet cat litter but not the price tag.

It contains everything you might desire in a cat litter for less money: absorbency, hypoallergenic substance, and odor control.

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