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The 11 Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages

The psychological difficulty of raising rabbits outdoors is real. To keep your rabbit healthy, you must provide a clean and dry place for it to live.

This is a huge undertaking, but finding the right rabbit cage will make things much simpler.

Outdoor rabbits require a special enclosure designed for the elements. We've researched the best outdoor rabbit cages available this year and compiled a list of the best picks.

You should be able to find a model on BestForPets (bestforepts.org) that works for you and your bunnies, as some of the outdoor rabbit cages here are more robust when it comes to use and simple approach, while others will shine when it comes to affordability.

Instruction Manual

Now that you have eight outdoor rabbit cages from which to pick, you should prioritize your needs. You need to think this through carefully since there are a lot of things to think about.

Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider about while selecting the finest outdoor rabbit cage.


Pictures online may not always accurately depict the actual size of a rabbit cage, so be sure to double check the measurements before making a purchase.

In pictures, goods might often seem considerably larger than they actually are. Photos taken by regular people tend to be more accurate, so you should look for such. Also, get out your ruler and sketch out the cage’s proportions.

It’s not enough to make sure it fits in the allotted area; it also has to be big enough to house your rabbits.


If you plan to keep your rabbit outside, the cage needs to be sturdy enough to withstand rain, snow, and sun. Pick select an item that is weatherproofed and has a proper roof, as this will be used outside.

The last thing you want is for your rabbits to be sitting in their house getting rained on.

At the same time, you need to be realistic that every few years, you will likely have to do some maintenance to your outdoor rabbit hutch.

Repairing a pen may be as simple as giving it a new coat of paint or oiling the corroded lock. The upkeep shouldn’t be terribly complex, but staying on top of it will make a major difference as to how long you get out of your rabbit cage.


Maintaining a spotless cage is a must while taking care of rabbits. The reality is that some outdoor rabbit cages are simpler to maintain clean than others.

The greatest conceivable design is a slide-out tray with a grid over the top. The rabbit can hop about the grid without worrying about trampling their own messes. The entire enclosure will stay cleaned if you do this.

The issue with certain cages is that the tray may be removed, but there is no grid above it, so your rabbit will have to keep stepping in waste. Without a grid, the rabbit can escape through the wide hole left in the cage when the tray is removed.


A ramp will connect the floors of a multi-story rabbit enclosure. Verify that the slope has a non-slip surface. Not checking for this might result in hurt rabbits from slipping and falling.

Closure Devices & Latches

Latch systems will be standard on all rabbit hutches. As a responsible rabbit owner, it is your responsibility to check the functionality of the latches and to install additional locks if necessary.

Add locks to the rabbit cage if you have small children who might not realize the danger they are in by leaving it open.


It’s not hard to find a rabbit cage outside. After determining your price range and the rough size of the cage you will need, the rest is up to personal preference.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews of outdoor rabbit cages should have helped you find the best outdoor rabbit cages for you.

Based on our research, we think that the Trixie Natura is the best option for rabbit owners because it is roomy, made of high-quality materials, and is easy to clean.

Prevue Pet Products’ cage is the ultimate outdoor rabbit cage if Trixie’s price is too high. This inexpensive one may not last long, but it’s the best solution to keep your bunnies safe during this time.


Overall, the best outdoor rabbit cage is the Trixie Natura


We highly recommend the Trixie Natura Rabbit Cage. Due to its sturdy build, attractive design, and reasonable price, this rabbit hutch is our top pick.

Built to last, the Trixie Natura is coated in a glazed pine finish over solid wood. Your bunny can hop between two floors using a safe, non-slip ramp.

The rabbit run’s whole rear wall is constructed from wood panels to reduce drafts and provide your pet with a more comfortable environment.

The Trixie Natura, like other excellent rabbit cages, features a removable plastic tray that can be cleaned and replaced. With the Trixie Natura, you won’t have any problem keeping your bunnies secure or getting to them when you need to.


  • Simple upkeep
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip ramp
  • It’s made of two layers, so it’s really sturdy.
  • Bunnies can run, hide, and play in a safe environment.
  • Sliding metal tabs on the side
  • Roof is hinged for convenient access.


  • Constructing it is a challenge.


In the realm of pet supplies, look no further than Prevue. Best Price on Rabbit Hutch


The Prevue Pet Products Rabbit Cage is a great alternative to the Trixie Natura if its price tag is too high for your budget. This is the most impressive outdoor rabbit cage we could find for the price.

Your rabbit will have a secure, comfortable, and convenient place to live with the Prevue. This outdoor rabbit hutch is constructed from fir that is naturally resistant to the elements, and it is further treated with a protective stain.

Asphalt shingles cover the roof of the rabbit’s home, keeping it just as warm and dry as your own.

The Natura is divided into many areas, so there’s plenty of room for activities like playing, resting, and working out. Bottom debris bin may be easily taken out for cleaning and replaced.


  • Designed to withstand the elements when used in the open air
  • Superb Deals
  • Anti-corrosion wood
  • There are three different places the bunny can visit.


  • Complicated to assemble
  • Cage – Cheapest Price but Lowest Quality


Stylish Rabbit Cage with a Classic Tudor Design


The Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Cage is an option if you are worried about how a cage will appear in your backyard.

It’s expensive, but this is the best place to keep your bunny secure. Compared to our top pick and runner-up, the Merry Products Tudor Decorative Rabbit Cage is rather expensive.

The elegant and practical Tudor-style rabbit cage dates back to the 16th century. This cage is very low maintenance, and it comes with a handy attic for storing rabbit necessities.

While it may appear great when assembled, some claim this one isn’t as high-quality as other options despite its complexity. If your rabbit cage will be on display in your yard, though, Merry Products may be a better choice.


  • What we see here is just stunning.
  • Inconveniently hygienic
  • Added storage area in the form of a loft
  • Capable of housing up to four rabbits.


  • Expensive
  • When compared to the cost, the quality is low.


Rabbit Cages for the Outdoors, Trixie


The Trixie Small Animal Cage and Outdoor Run is up next. Smaller rabbits, or any other tiny animals like guinea pigs, might benefit from this. Our favorite feature is the removable run area that allows your rabbit to safely go around and enjoy the outdoors.

This outdoor rabbit cage may be insufficient if you have a very large rabbit or multiple rabbits.

This cage’s roof and run both open on hinges, making cleaning a breeze. The ramp used to transition between levels is nonslip and functions without a hitch.

A removable plastic shell makes it easy to clean, just as our bigger Trixie variant (the most popular).

This cage’s very tiny size is the sole significant drawback, and it may be necessary to eliminate it from consideration.


  • Good place to let rabbits out in the yard.
  • Anti-slip ramp
  • Easily available
  • Inconveniently hygienic


  • Small
  • A challenge to assemble at times


Bunny Cage, Outdoor, Advantek Stilt, For


Outdoor rabbits might feel at home in the Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Cage. Your rabbits may securely run about in an enclosed space thanks to the sturdy wire that surrounds the run.

With its attractive red and white color scheme and ample space for a single rabbit or several younger bunnies to run around, this hutch is a great choice.

The wood is treated to prevent decay and insect infestation, so it may stay outside for decades without deteriorating. The model is attractive and practical, however there are a few drawbacks to consider.

This cage, to begin with, has no bottom. Your bunnies may become rather soiled if you use this on grass or dirt. The problem may be resolved by constructing a foundation to go under the cage.

To add insult to injury, the roof of this cage does very little to keep rabbits dry. It’s possible that you’ll need to add some more length to the roof yourself. You can get an Advantek for a steal, but if you need to customize it, it might drive up the price.


  • Value for money, if you will.
  • A pleasant grassy spot where rabbits can run about


  • A lack of a subfloor
  • Roof is not very efficient.


Rabbit Cage, Made of Pet-Safe Wood, by Petsfit


The Petsfit Wood-Rabbit Cage is designed for use outside, provided that it is not placed in an area that will be subjected to heavy precipitation.

Placing this rabbit cage in a location where it is subjected to the elements on a regular basis can hasten its demise.

There are benefits to utilizing this cage to house one or two tiny rabbits, despite the fact that it is not weather-proof. This model is simple to assemble and features a hinged roof that allows for speedy entry.

This Petsfit model’s biggest flaw is that the detachable tray for cleaning does not include a grate. A grate allows the tray to be easily removed and cleaned, which is appreciated by anybody who has kept rabbits for any length of time.

It’s going to be necessary to locate temporary housing for your bunnies while you empty and wash the tray. On top of all that, your bunnies have to sit and stroll around in their own feces until it’s cleaned up. This is not a great situation, so you may want to consider your options.


  • Simple access to the confined area
  • Very simple to assemble


  • Ineffectiveness of detachable tray for cleaning
  • Not intended for usage in all weather conditions


Outdoor Rabbit Cage with Raised Run (PawHut)


The Paw Hut Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Cage is a small solution that takes use of height to give your bunnies plenty of space.

This is a stacked design with a ramp between the two levels of the rabbit cage. Your rabbit will have plenty of space to exercise its natural curiosity and explore in the two major sections on each floor.

As far as cleaning is concerned, there are two pull-out trays, making your task pretty easy. Aside from that, your rabbits and their dwelling have several entrances.

In our experience, the PawHut’s exorbitant price tag is not justified by its subpar quality. We don’t mind paying more money for a rabbit cage that is nicely made and will last for years.

Assembling this model, however, reveals that it is not constructed from superior components and materials.


  • Inconveniently hygienic
  • Cool little package, for sure.


  • Expensive
  • Value-wise, it’s not worth the cost.


Lovupet Bunny Cage Made of Wood


The Lovupet Wooden Bunny Cage comes in last on our list. The fact that this model is last on our list does not necessarily make it the worst; it only shows that there may be more desirable alternatives.

On the plus side, the Lovupet has many entrances, so you can get to your bunnies quickly and easily. The frame is crafted from fir wood and steel wires. This material is sturdy, however it will disintegrate in the open air.

The cleaning tray in this cage was the first point of failure for us. Lacking a grate over the cleaning tray makes it not only more difficult to clean but also leaves your bunnies sitting in a sloppy environment for long periods of time.

In addition, you will probably have some difficulty putting this together, and you may end up having to use a few more screws to ensure its stability. Certainly not the greatest outdoor rabbit cage, but not the worst, either.


  • Durable fir wood and steel wire construction.
  • Several Entry Points for Convenience


  • The functional removal of the tray is a red herring.
  • Not very weather-resistant.
  • The value is low compared to the cost.


Can I let my rabbit in the backyard by itself?

Never leave a rabbit unattended in a cage outside. As sociable creatures, they won’t be happy spending the day locked up in a cage by themselves. The importance of giving children a rabbit as a pet friend cannot be overstated.

When exposed to the elements, how long does a rabbit typically last?

Since they are nocturnal, rabbits prefer the colder months. Extremely resistant to temperature changes, they may function at temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. If you provide a warm, well-insulated hutch, they should be OK even in the winter.

How can I effectively protect the hutch from mice and other vermin?

Take a look around the edges of your rabbit cage for any openings. Use hardware cloth or non-toxic sealant to patch any openings. Replace any chicken wire in the hutch with rodent-proof wire mesh, or cover the mesh with a rodent-proof substance, if necessary.

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