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The Best Outdoor Heating Pads For Cats To Buy

Not every cat owner allows their pets to sleep with them inside. As autumn approaches, it is critical to provide a warm, safe haven for outdoor cats to escape the biting cold.

Outdoor heating pads can also be taken inside and used for kittens, geriatric cats, and sick cats.

The difficult part about purchasing one of these items is that there are just too many to pick from that claim to be the greatest.

How do you determine which reviews are reliable? Check out this list of some of the best outdoor heating pads for cats on the market this year.

Each item comes with a list of pros and disadvantages from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to help you understand what it offers and why it will or will not work in your home.


Best Overall: K&H Pets Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pad

By far the best overall outdoor heating pad for cats is the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pad.

The low wattage of this pad keeps the space warm without overheating your animals. It is also constructed of a soft, orthopedic material that they may lay on comfortably.

The inside padding is soft PVC that is easy to clean and will not absorb any precipitation.

K&H designed a heating pad that may be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it does require an electrical outlet, which may make locating a suitable location difficult.


Best Value FurHaven ThermaNap Pet Heating Mat

Heating pads are not an inexpensive purchase for everyone. This FurHaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Pet Heating Mat is a self-heating mat that warms itself by body heat.

Because it does not require energy or batteries to function, it is ideal for usage within small boxes or places.

However, because it is self-warming, it does not get as heated as many of the other heating pads, and cats must remain seated if they do not want the heat to disperse.

This heated mat is available in two sizes as well as a variety of colors and designs. The cover is machine washable and may be used anywhere on your property, both indoors and outside.

As a result, it is one of the most affordable outdoor heating pads for cats.


Thermo-Kitty Home K&H Birchwood Manor – Premium Choice

If you want the best, this thermal cat housing is the greatest method to keep them warm this winter.

The K&H Pet Products Birchwood Manor Thermo-Kitty Home is made of birchwood and includes an interior heated pad.

The two-door flaps allow your cat to come and go as they like, and you won’t have to look all over the property for a spot to set it because it will be shielded from harsh winds wherever it goes.

Because it is composed of actual birchwood, the house is strong.

You don’t even have to put it together once it comes. However, the cable line is very short, and if you don’t have enough outdoor outlets, you’ll need to use an extension cord.


Thermal Cat Mat from Downtown Pet Supply – Ideal for Kittens

Instead of utilizing electricity, the Downtown Pet Supply Thermal Cat Mat captures and reflects your cat’s natural body heat.

The cushion is portable and may be used indoors or outdoors, and the faux fur is plush and welcoming.

However, the little crinkle noise made by the reflective layer may scare away certain more timid cats.

While it will keep your cat warm, it will not keep your cat warm enough in temps below zero.


Pet Heating Pad for Cats and Dogs by Nicrew

Although the Nicrew Pet Heating Pad for Cats and Dogs isn’t as thick or soft as others, the cover is machine washable to keep it clean.

The cord is also encased in a metal that stops cats from chewing on it and injuring themselves.

While it generates a lot of heat, there is no temperature adjustment, and some cats may find it a little too hot. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to keep an eye on the temperature yourself.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Heating Pad for Cats: A Buyer's Guide

When deciding between an outdoor heating pad and an inside heating pad, there are several variables to consider.

Read through our buyer’s guide to identify which of these traits are most important to you and how each one will work for your specific situation.


The obvious purpose of purchasing an outdoor heating pad is to ensure that it will keep your cat comfortable throughout the coldest months of the year.

If your cat has no other type of protection save the pad, you should get one that uses electricity because it stays the warmest.

While self-heating mats that reflect your cat’s body heat are fantastic, they are best used in areas where there is already some protection from the outdoors, such as a barn or covered box.


Outdoor heating pads present a lot of problems because they require electricity and can occasionally get too hot for your cat to rest on.

Some curious kittens may even try to chew through the power cord and become shocked. You should test electric heating pads before letting your cat to use them.

If at all feasible, purchase a product that includes a cord cover that will not be punctured by sharp teeth.


Of course, you want your cat to be happy. Softer materials encourage your cat to use the pad immediately and keep them comfy until it’s time to get up.

Some materials create a lot of noise or have little cushioning. While some cats don’t mind, some are pickier and may struggle to acclimate.


These heating pads will ultimately become soiled because they are an outside product. The majority of them are machine washable.

Those who can’t find a machine-washable choice should at the very least choose a pad composed of materials that are simple to clean with soap and water.


These evaluations have shown you some of the best outdoor heating pads for cats on the market right now.

Narrowing down thousands of possibilities isn’t always easy, but BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes this article has helped you make an informed selection.

To clarify, the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pad is the best overall outdoor heating pad for cats. There are, however, options for any budget.

Those looking to splurge should consider the K&H Pet Products Birchwood Manor Thermo-Kitty Home, while those on a tighter budget should consider the FurHaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Pet Heating Mat.

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