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The 10 Best Outdoor Dog Houses

Every puppy requires their own space. They usually have a crate or bed inside the house that serves as their personal space for snuggling, napping, and chewing on toys. Outside, though, things might get more complicated. Dog homes are an excellent addition to any outdoor space.

There are so many options to choose from for pet accessories that it can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is a house that will fall apart a day after you put it together, or to purchase something that your dog will dislike.

To alleviate some of the stress, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviewed the best outdoor dog houses on the market, testing for material, durability, assembly, and all of the other features that are important to your pup.


DH250 Suncast

The Suncast dog home is our overall pick for your pup. This water-resistant cream type with a green roof is ideal for small to big breeds weighing up to 70 pounds.

It is easy to construct and composed of a strong resin. The raised floor also keeps your dog’s paws out of the dirt and cold.

This home comes together in approximately 10 minutes and has a modern appearance that will complement your outdoor décor. The color is also fade-resistant, and it comes with an optional vinyl door that adds insulation without restricting entry or departure.

Aside from that, the roof is detachable for easy cleaning, there is adequate ventilation thanks to the vents along the side, and you may use it all year. The measurements are 35″ X 27″ X 29.5″. Overall, this is a home that your dog will like.


  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Ventilated
  • Door (optional)
  • Sizes that are adaptable
  • Simple to construct


  • There might be noisy dog parties.


25118 Petmate

If you’re on a tight budget, this is the greatest outdoor dog housing for the money. You may select between red and black or white and black, and it comes in four sizes to fit dogs weighing 15 to 90 pounds. Furthermore, the two-piece home takes less than five minutes to build.

With rear ventilation and weather resistance, your pooch will be comfy. The device is built of tough plastic that will not mold or distort over time. The top simply removes for cleaning, and the barn-style design is appealing.

The main disadvantage of this model is that it lacks the optional door that our first pick has, but for the price, it is an excellent choice.


  • Sizes of all breeds
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ventilated
  • Simple to construct
  • Simple to clean


  • There is no door.


DHW10596-S Petsfit

If you have a more boujee pup, this premium choice will be ideal. This beautiful pup house is designed for tiny dogs and has an interior chamber, a window, and a porch.

The kiln-dried cedar exterior is finished with a grey hue stain. This little model will give atmosphere to any outdoor setting.

The shingled roof is water-resistant, the house is robust, the top lifts open, and the floor is detachable for easy cleaning.

It should be noted, however, that this model is more difficult to assemble, despite the fact that the holes are pre-drilled for ease. The inner area is 16.5″ X 18″ X 16′ and the overall structure measures 33″ X 25″ X 23″.

This type includes movable feet to accommodate your shorter-legged dog. The home’s exterior is long-lasting, with paint that won’t peel and is mold and rot resistant. This is your best choice if you want something fashionable and charming for your little companion.


  • Cute porch and window style
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Simple to clean
  • Fit is adjustable.


  • Only small dogs are permitted.
  • More difficult to construct


MPS002 Merry Pet

Our next choice is The Merry Pet House. This wooden housing comes in three sizes to fit tiny to small/medium sized dogs.

This kiln-dried cedar home has a ladder, rooftop balcony, and lattice so your pet can see his surroundings. The natural cedar style is finished with a non-toxic stain and can be painted if desired.

This choice is long-lasting and easy to clean, with a detachable roof and floor. The elevated floors will also keep your pooch warm.

This model, like our premium option, takes more time to set together. It should be emphasized, however, that the home includes all necessary hardware.

Also, keep in mind that while the model is vented and can be used in harsh conditions, it is not waterproof like the other possibilities. That being said, this is an excellent choice for your tiny dog.


  • Steps and latticework on the balcony
  • Long-lasting cedar
  • Platform with a raised floor
  • Simple to clean
  • Extreme temperatures are not a problem.


  • It was difficult to put together.
  • Only small dogs are permitted.
  • There is no water-resistance.


AM0021PS Tangkula

We’re going to make a dog home out of common wood in a reddish-brown color. This model is long-lasting and waterproof, and it is painted with natural and nontoxic paint.

Aside from that, this model has elevated legs to protect your companion away from the chilly, damp dirt underneath.

It comes in small, medium, and big sizes, although it is best suited for small and medium-sized dogs. The fir wood is supposed to be draft resistant, however keep in mind that ventilation is not as powerful as it is in other options.

However, another useful feature of this home is the movable feet, which make it simpler to place this model on uneven terrain. The assembly is too complex, and all of the necessary hardware is supplied.

Aside from that, keep in mind that only the floor may be removed for cleaning, while the roof cannot. This can make maintenance more challenging.


  • Fir wood is quite durable.
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable raised legs
  • Natural and risk-free paint


  • Only small and medium dogs are permitted.
  • It is not as well ventilated.
  • The roof cannot be removed.


Plastic Pet Confidence

This next pet room is made of strong plastic and has a white body and a blue canopy. There are also three sizes available: medium, big, and extra-large. Although little puppies can live in this housing, it is best suited for bigger breeds.

This type is simple to assemble because it snaps together rapidly. There is plenty of legroom for larger dogs, but keep in mind that the door is tiny, so plumper pups may struggle. This type also has a raised plastic floor to keep your pet off the ground.

However, there are a few downsides to these solutions. First and foremost, there is no water resistance, and it is not suitable for extreme cold or heat.

One of the causes for this is the subpar ventilation. This is also not the simplest house to clean. Otherwise, it’s a good choice for medium to large dogs.


  • Simple to construct
  • Durable
  • Elevated floor
  • There is plenty of space inside.


  • The door is narrow.
  • There is no water-resistance.
  • Cleaning is more difficult.
  • Reduced ventilation


YF99121KK-L by AmazonBasics

Our seventh slot goes to a foldable oxford cloth dog housing that looks more like a tent than a house. It has an elevated platform, a roof screen mesh panel with a roll-down cover, and a big entranceway. The construction might be a little complex, but it breaks down easily for travel.

However, because it is a canvas-like material, this alternative is not suitable for cold weather. It is also incapable of withstanding water.

There is just one size (big) available, and it is only suited for small dogs. Furthermore, cleaning the material is more difficult, especially if there have been any “accidents.”

This model is made out of both metal and plastic parts. While the canvas-oxford material is strong, the structure will collapse with any harsh movement or strong wind.

This model is 51.2″ X 40.6″ X 33.5″ and has excellent ventilation, as well as the option of blue, khaki, or black.


  • Portable
  • adequate ventilation
  • Fabric that is long-lasting
  • Elevated platform


  • The structure is not long-lasting.
  • Not suitable for use in inclement weather or while wet.
  • Cleaning is more difficult.
  • Only small dogs are permitted.
  • It’s difficult to put together.


Products of High Quality Dog House in a Cabin

Moving down the list, we come across a log cabin dog housing that appears to be a standard type. This one-size version is ideal for little puppies, measuring 25″ X 34″ X 22.5″.

This puppy house promises to be water-resistant, but it employs the sloping roof to keep water from accumulating on top. Unfortunately, it does not prevent some water from leaking inside.

This choice, on the other hand, is elevated off the ground for comfort, and the top does open for cleaning. However, keep in mind that it is not simple to open. Also, keep in mind that the durability is poor, and this model will only last one season.

Overall, the fir wood structure is difficult to assemble and does not come with all of the necessary gear. Finally, the door opening is modest, but the ventilation is enough.


  • Elevated floor
  • Roof with a slant
  • Adequate ventilation


  • Not long-lasting
  • Only small dogs are permitted.
  • A little door
  • It was difficult to put together.
  • Hardware is missing.


Our evaluations of the best outdoor dog houses are intended to provide you with a better understanding of the alternatives accessible to you and your pooch. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are delighted if they have helped you narrow down your search in any manner. On the other side, we feel you will be pleased with our top option, the Suncast DH250 Outdoor Dog House.

The Petmate 25118 Barnhome III Dog House is the greatest dog house for the money if you require a more cheap choice. We hope you found the material useful and that you are able to locate your pet the home of their dreams.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Best Outdoor Dog Houses

How to Choose the Correct Dog Size

When it comes to dog houses, you want to make sure your canine companion is as comfortable as possible.

After all, this will be their home, where they can unwind and feel secure. That being stated, you must obtain the appropriate size to fit them in order for them to feel at ease.

Let’s look at how to choose the proper size:

Measure Your Dog: The first step is to measure your dog while he or she is standing. You need the measurements from the tip of their snout to the end of their tail.

You should also take measurements from the tip of their nose to the floor. Finally, determine the number for their largest region.

The Dog House: When looking for dog homes, you should not only measure the inside but also the entryway. If there is any additional room, acquire the measurements for that as well.

Choosing the Door Size: First and foremost, your dog should not have to stoop to pass through the threshold.

Make certain that their head does not have to descend below 90 degrees in order to pass. Furthermore, their largest region should not be constricted. It’s alright if it touches, though.

Calculating the Inside Size: For this measurement, you want to provide enough space for your dog to stretch out and stand all the way up. They should also be able to fully turn around.

Another thing to remember is that you want to offer your pet space, but not so much space that they will utilize it to go to the potty. Also, if the property has aspects like a balcony, make sure they can fit comfortably without falling out.

Shopping Suggestions

When it comes to getting down and dirty and shopping, there are several aspects to consider. To make your dog as comfortable as possible, consider the following:

  • Size: we’ve already discussed this, but size is crucial!
  • The Floor: Choosing a home with elevated flooring can assist keep your pet warm and off the ground. It will help prevent moisture from penetrating the inside.
  • Cleaning: Yes, your dog concerns whether or not his abode is filthy. A retractable lid and bottom can make cleaning up simpler.
  • Water-resistance: No one, not even your pet, wants a leak in their roof. That being stated, look for a water-resistant choice.
  • Assembly: Would you rather wait for someone to build your house, then become irritated and give up? We don’t think so.
  • Durability: Finally, ensure that your dog will be safe, secure, and able to breathe in the space.

There are many more factors to consider, such as beauty, but these are the most crucial ones your puppy will want.

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