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The 10 Best Outdoor Cat Repellents

While you may enjoy cats, you probably don't appreciate uninvited neighbor and stray cats straying into your yard. These pests can create a variety of issues, including digging up plants, assaulting local wildlife, and even transmitting parasites and diseases. Outdoor cat repellents can help with this.

Outdoor cat repellents, which come in a variety of varieties, can help chase away outdoor cats quickly and gently. The question is, which type should you buy?

When looking for a repellent, consider how it repels, the amount of the area you want to cover, the brand, and the price.

It might be difficult to navigate through the many options and reviews available online, so BestForPets (bestforpets.org) simplified your search for the best outdoor cat repellents by selecting our ten favorites below!


Best Overall: Homarden Cat Repellent Outdoor Scat Cat Mat

In our opinion, Homarden’s scat cat mat is the best overall cat repellant. It is non-toxic to both cats and garden plants, and it is heat resistant.

It also doesn’t damage cats; it just makes their paws itch, making it a compassionate option for repelling outdoor cats. It’s easy to use—just wrap it around the poles or trees you want cats to avoid climbing or scratching.

You can also use it indoors to keep your own cats away from furniture that they should not be on! This repellent is composed of flexible plastic and comes with ten mats that cover 13 ft.


  • Simple to use
  • Humane
  • It is particularly effective at repelling cats.


  • There have been reports of a few cats preferring to utilize as a back scratch.
  • There have been a few instances of mats falling apart in a short period of time.


Best Value Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent with Sensor and Flashing Lights

If you’re on a tight budget, we believe this is the greatest outdoor cat repellant for the money. It’s so simple to use—just bury the product anywhere in your yard and you’re good to go.

Using an ultrasonic speaker, this repellent creates an unpleasant sound that humans cannot hear but which cats and other animals can.

To detect motion, it employs a passive infrared sensor. It’s solar-powered, which is good for the environment, and it’s weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about animals getting in during the rain or snow.

It is safe for both animals and humans because it employs sound rather than chemicals.


  • Best overall value
  • It employs sound rather than chemicals.
  • Setup is quite straightforward.


  • This may not work if you live in an area with little sunlight.


Premium Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler

If you’re looking for a high-quality outdoor cat repellant, this is the product for you. This motion-activated sprinkler employs a combination of water, motion, and sound to prevent unwanted visitors to your yard.

It has three detecting modes: day mode, night mode, and 24/7 mode, allowing you to use it just when necessary. Using a passive infrared sensor, it can detect tiny creatures such as cats from up to 20 feet away.

It also functions as a standard sprinkler! It is simple to set up. Simply insert four AA alkaline batteries and put it into the ground.


  • The majority of market features
  • Simple to set up
  • Humane and safe


  • Will also detect you on the grass and spritz you with water.
  • Larger animals may be able to knock down smaller ones.


SSSCAT Spray Cat Deterrent by PetSafe

This motion-activated spray is ideal for people who know exactly where undesirable cats are getting into. When motion is detected, this device will emit an odorless (and perfectly harmless) spray that will irritate cats.

It has a 3 foot range and can spray between 80 and 100 times per can. Simply insert four AAA batteries, then position the can in any area that your pests frequent, and you’re ready to go!

It can also be used for indoor animals that are continually jumping on counters, etc. Furthermore, if any problems happen, you can call PetSafe’s customer service 6 days a week.


  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Little effort is required on your behalf.


  • To be effective, it is necessary to know exactly where outside cats have been.
  • Some customers have complained about the product not operating consistently.


Ultrasonic Animal Repellent WINWISH

This outdoor ultrasonic cat repellent comes with two charging options: solar and USB cable. It uses three AA batteries (included) to repel cats and other animals with sound and LED flashing lights.

The lights come in white and red and may be programmed to flash up to 14 times. It can detect motion from up to 30 feet away thanks to its 120-degree infrared sensor angle (depending upon the size of the animal).

The WINWISH Ultrasonic Animal Repellent is easy to set up and comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty.


  • Setup is simple.
  • It repels animals by using light and sound.
  • Solar-powered


  • If anyone in the home is prone to seizures, this product may be hazardous.

Choosing The Best Cat Repellent Buyer's Guide

Cats are excellent pets, but if your neighbor’s or stray cats keep roaming into your yard and wreaking havoc, you’ll want to find a strategy to discourage their behavior.

Why Do You Need a Cat Repellent?

Outdoor cats that enter your yard can cause property damage by digging and may even be hostile towards your own pets.

They can also use your yard as a toilet, leaving nasty surprises behind that may include parasites that are harmful to other animals or even you.

Stray cats may also be infected with diseases like mange, which can easily transmit to other cats. Cats that roam into your yard, as natural predators, can attack local wildlife such as birds or squirrels that you may be fond of.

Obviously, you want to keep these annoyances at bay. Cat repellents make it simple to keep outdoor cats out of your yard. They are usually simple to apply and will not harm cats, merely deter them.

What Types of Cat Repellents Are There?

Depending on your demands, there are a few different cat repellents available.

Sprays for Cats

Outdoor cat repellent sprays are similar to those used to keep cats from leaping on counters or scratching furniture indoors.

They are typically non-toxic and will not hurt your garden or your household. They usually function by emitting an odor that cats find undesirable. Simply spray in areas where you don’t want outdoor cats.

Water Repellants

Most cats dislike water, which is why sprinkler-style deterrents can be so effective. These cat repellents are motion actuated and will spray a stream of water if movement is detected.

Cats are not hurt, only irritated. This is perhaps the simplest method for keeping outside cats at bay.


These employ sound to deter cats from entering your yard. Furthermore, because they are motion-activated, they emit a sound that is unpleasant to cats but is typically undetectable by the human ear.

They can be solar-powered or battery-powered, and they can even have flashing lights or an alarm.

What To Look For When Buying A Cat Repellent

When it comes to selecting the best outdoor cat repellant for you, consider the following factors.

Placement, Placement, Placement

Check repellents to see if they should be used indoors or outdoors. Some are designed to keep indoor cats away from goods, while others are designed to keep outdoor cats away.

Some can be utilized both inside and outside.


Different repellents will be effective in different sized areas. Some may only work up to a few feet in height, but others may operate up to thousands of square feet.

Consider the area you want to protect and double-check the coverage details.


If you opt to go with something motion-activated, you should look into the product’s durability. Is it waterproof or useable in all weather conditions? Will animals easily knock it over?


You don’t want to injure outside cats, but you also don’t want them to stay away. Make certain that the things under consideration are safe for cats (and any other animals, including your own).


It is critical to understand a product’s brand. Is the product’s brand notorious for being shady? Is there a guarantee or warranty? Are they old hat, or are they new to the outdoor cat repellent market?


Some products will be far more expensive than others, but they may also perform significantly better.

Before purchasing, consider how much you’re willing to pay to get rid of unwanted animals and how much value you’re getting for your money.

Customer Feedback

One of the finest methods to investigate a product is to read what others have said about it. Examine both the positive and negative evaluations, but be wary of fraudulent reviews.


While there are the best outdoor cat repellents available, a handful stand out above the rest.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes Homarden Cat Repellent Outdoor – Scat Cat Mat is the greatest overall because of the positive feedback.

The Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent with Motion Sensor and Flashing Lights is unquestionably the finest value, especially if you want a motion-activated repellent.

Finally, with its utilization of motion, water, and sound, the Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler is a premium option.

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