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The 11 Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Whether you have a cat who enjoys outdoor living or you want to provide refuge for feral cats in your yard, providing your adventurous buddy with an outdoor cat home is a terrific way to make their lives easier!

There are numerous qualities that should be considered necessary for a weather-resistant cat housing, and understanding what to search for will save you time and stress with poor solutions.

While certain elements may appear apparent, items like a double door might help your cat feel more comfortable while also providing choices for escape from predators – it's okay...

The majority of individuals do not consider this!

To make your search easier, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a thorough list of reviews of the best outdoor cat houses that will assist you in finding the ideal outdoor housing for your cat.


Best Overall: K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated A-Frame House

We’d rather not tell you what we like about this and instead tell you what our kitties like about it!

This cat home has a water-resistant exterior that withstands rain and even snow, so you won’t have to worry about going outdoors to haul it in when the weather turns bad.

This house was really easy to put together and remained together very well once put together. This is spacious enough to accommodate two or three cats if necessary.

The heating pad inside can make your cats much more comfortable on cold evenings, and the double door with detachable flaps provides you setup options and allows your cat to escape if a dog or other predator blocks one of the doors.

A minor quibble is that we would have liked to see a protective coating on the wiring to keep chewing at bay.

While the lightweight structure is convenient for assembly and relocation, it does mean that this house will not withstand strong winds.

To summarize, we believe this is the greatest outdoor heated cat home overall.


  • Exterior that is water-resistant
  • Simple to construct
  • Durable construction
  • Large enough to accommodate many cats
  • Heating pad is included.
  • Double doors for more security and comfort


  • There is no protective wire covering.
  • Not suitable for windy conditions.


Best Buy Trixie Outdoor Wooden Cat House

Our best value option is an absolute steal for a place for your kitties to call home.

This cat home is built of highly solid pine, and the roof is comparable to asphalt roofs used on buildings, so it should withstand rain, wind, and other adverse weather.

It’s elevated off the ground to protect the flooring from water damage, and the floor inside is detachable, making cleaning this cat housing a breeze.

When not in use by your cat, the front ramp folds up into a door that latches shut, so you won’t have to worry about raccoons or other unwelcome “house guests.”

If you’re worried about your cat or want to give them some treats, simply lift the hinged roof to check on them. Assembly was challenging, and the instructions were tough to understand.

This cat home also does not include a heating pad, so if you live in a colder region, you will need to provide one for your cat.

The lack of warmth and the complexity in assembling precluded this from being our top pick. However, we believe this is one of the greatest outdoor cat shelters for the money, especially given the pricing.


  • Made from tough materials
  • Withstands inclement weather
  • Cleaning is a piece of cake.
  • Safety door latches
  • Roof hinges provide for simple access.
  • Very inexpensive


  • Assembly is a little tough.
  • Heat source is not included.


Petmate Kitty Kat Condo Outdoor Cat House – Superior Selection

This igloo-shaped cat housing is composed of tough foam that provides good protection from rain, snow, and even wind.

Although the floor is made of an insulating material that will keep your cat warm in the winter, this house does not include a heat source. If the temps are extremely low, you may need to give a heating pad as well.

If necessary, the dome can be quickly disassembled for cleaning, and the carpet inside is machine-washable, so you won’t have to spend much time cleaning this cat house.

The lack of a heating pad and the greater price precluded this from being one of our top two choices, but it is still a great alternative for providing some sturdy shelter for your outdoor cats!

When it comes to top options, we believe this is the best outdoor cat housing available.


  • Materials that are extremely durable
  • It is particularly resistant to adverse weather.
  • The floor is comprised of an insulating substance.
  • Simple to construct
  • Very simple to clean


  • Heat source is not included.
  • More pricey than other alternatives


Extra-Wide Outdoor Kitty House by K&H Pet Products

This is a good-sized cat housing with enough inside space for two cats.

It’s made of a water-resistant material that will withstand mild rain and snow, but if exposed to severe rain, you may notice some leaking. Furthermore, the house is relatively light and may not do well in high winds.

With folding walls and a zippered roof, assembly is a breeze, and there are two see-through entrances to give your cat an extra escape option if necessary.

This house does not have a heating source, but it does have a machine-washable pad on the inside, making cleaning simple and stress-free.

The materials are of moderate quality, but some deterioration may occur over time.

Because this cat home lacks a heat source, you will need to purchase an additional item to keep your cat warm on cooler evenings.


  • Adequate space for two cats
  • Made of water-repellent material
  • Assembly is a breeze.
  • Cleaning is straightforward.
  • There are two doors for your protection and comfort.


  • In heavy rain, prone to leaking
  • Strong winds are not recommended.
  • Materials of medium quality
  • Heat source is not included.


Outdoor Feral Cat House ecoFLEX

This ecoFLEX cat house is an attractive cat house made of recycled plastic. It includes two doors for further security and to alleviate your cat’s dread of being trapped in a small space.

Because the material utilized is easy to clean, you should spend relatively little time hosing or wiping this house down.

Unfortunately, the doors have minor cracks surrounding them, so rain does tend to find its way in, especially if it’s windy.

The house is straightforward to assemble, however the two doors require adhesive from the inside. We’re not sure they’ll last, and you might have to check them every now and again to make sure they haven’t slipped off.

The house is fairly small and can only comfortably accommodate one small cat. The ecoFLEX cat house’s materials appear to be fairly durable, however we would have preferred metal screws than plastic ones for increased longevity.

This is another house that does not include a heat source, so if you live in a colder climate, you will need to provide one.


  • Very appealing
  • There are two doors for your protection and comfort.
  • Simple to construct
  • Very simple to clean


  • Doors have a tendency to leak.
  • Doors that are prone to detaching
  • There is only enough space for one cat.
  • Heat source is not included.


Outdoor Cat House by Petsfit

This is a lovely cat house that would look great in any outdoor setting. It’s built of cedar and asphalt for the roofing, and it appears to withstand the test of time and use.

The roof is elevated above the main part of the home, making it prone to leaking. Unfortunately, this configuration makes it unsuitable for outdoor use.

The house is also quite small, making it unsuitable for larger cats. There are two entrances for easy escape from predators, as well as a balcony space where cats can rest.

The floor isn’t complete and needs to be supplemented with another material, and the doors aren’t covered, leaving this house even more exposed.

Because of the openness to the elements and the lack of a heat source, this house is not suitable for colder locations or inclement weather.

We’d skip this one and go with one of our other suggestions further up on the list.


  • Beautiful in appearance
  • Made from a long-lasting material
  • Two doors are featured for further security and comfort.
  • There is also a balcony for extra space.


  • Extremely prone to leaking
  • The inside is really small.
  • The floor requires additional materials.
  • Not appropriate for colder climates.
  • There are no doors for protection.
  • There is no heat source supplied.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Outdoor Cat House

When looking for the ideal outdoor cat housing, you’ll discover a plethora of distinct characteristics.

There are a few crucial things to check for to ensure that you offer your cat with a proper, safe, and pleasant shelter.

Here are the top features of a cat home to look for when selecting your next outdoor domicile for your kitten.

Materials That Are Weatherproof

The obvious first consideration is whether the material will protect your cat from the elements.

A long-lasting, waterproof or water-resistant material is required to keep rain and snow out of your cat’s shelter.

Entrances for your cat are obviously required, so buying a cat house with well-sealed doors and windows is also critical.

You’ll want to look for doorways that are easy for your cats to walk through yet won’t be blown open by the wind.

Although it is rarely a serious concern in many regions, you may need to look for a cat housing that is both durable and heavy enough to survive severe winds.

All of the advantages of being shielded from the elements in your home should be given to your cat as well!

Double Doors

A minimum of two doors are also required for an outdoor cat housing. Cats dislike feeling trapped, and this dread is especially strong in compact areas such as a shelter.

Giving your cat two alternatives for entering and exiting isn’t simply for comfort.

Raccoons, possums, and other potential predators are bound to come into contact with your cat if they spend at least some of their day outside.

If an animal prevents your cat from departing one of the doors, the other exit, which was previously used to calm them down, becomes critical for survival.

This is an important characteristic to look for, as it might be the difference between your cat using or disregarding the house you choose entirely.


Another feature to look for in an outdoor cat housing is interior space. While space may appear to be a creature comfort, your cat may avoid a cat housing that is too small.

Because of the same dread of being trapped in a small space, the thing you purchase may go to waste if it is too small.

You should pay close attention to the dimensions of the residences you’re contemplating to ensure that they’re large enough to provide some comfort and movement within.

Source of Heat

Another thing to consider for your cat’s comfort is a heat source. Some outdoor cat shelters incorporate a heating pad to provide some warmth during very chilly days.

If you live in a colder region or are concerned that your kitty will get cold at night, a cat home with a heating element is a good choice.

Many goods do not come with a heat source, so you may need to purchase one separately.

Cleaning Ease

We understand that your cats come first, but now that you know what to look for to ensure their comfort, it’s time to think about yourself!

To make your task easier, go for a cat housing that is simple to clean.

This could imply that the building material is easily hosed or wiped down, or that the inside is easily accessible and has a machine washable floor pad.

In any event, your cat housing will be used frequently and exposed to the weather. Purchasing an outdoor shelter that is easy to clean will make your life easier in the future.


Finally, consider how simple it is to create, disassemble, and relocate your cat house.

You’ll probably only have to construct it once, but difficult-to-follow instructions or pieces that don’t fit together well can be quite frustrating and result in a return rather than a happy cat.

If the cat home you purchase is simple to disassemble and reassemble, and light enough to move around as needed, it will be a product that you will continue to use even if you relocate or travel.


An outdoor cat house may provide your cat with a pleasant shelter, protect them from harsh weather conditions, and keep them secure from predators.

We know firsthand that finding the ideal cat house can be a blessing that provides you with some piece of mind about your cat living outside, but determining how to choose one can be tedious and time-consuming.

The K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated A-Frame Habitat is by far our favorite outdoor cat house.

This housing is long-lasting, simple to put up, protects your cats from the weather, and contains a heat source to keep your kitty warm and snug on cold nights.

If you want the most bang for your money but still want a house your cats will like and feel comfortable and protected in, we recommend the Trixie Outdoor Wooden Cat House.

Whichever cat house you choose, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is confident that these reviews of the best outdoor cat houses will help you find the best one for you and your feline buddy!

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