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11 Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeders

If your cat enjoys spending time outside while you are at work, you may be wondering how to feed them during the day.

Installing an outside automatic cat feeder somewhere your cat can easily access it is the solution. Under the porch, in a huge cat house, or in a garage that your cat has access to are all good options.

Automatic cat feeders deliver a predetermined amount of food at predetermined intervals throughout the day.

You won't have to worry about your cat going hungry or barging into your bedroom at 6 a.m. to demand food.

Many indoor automatic cat feeders are powered by plugging them into a power outlet, whereas outdoor cat feeders are typically powered by batteries.

Because there are so many different models to pick from, selecting the best outdoor automated cat feeder can be difficult.

To make things easier, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best outdoor automatic cat feeders.

Our evaluations contain all of the information you need to select the best outdoor cat feeder for your cat.


Best Buy: Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Cat Feeder

The Cat Mate C3000 Automated Cat Feeder is an excellent pick for the best outdoor automatic cat feeder for the money. This low-cost outdoor cat feeder holds 3kg of food, which is roughly a month’s supply of food for one cat.

Because the hopper is transparent, you can see when it needs to be refilled without having to open the lid. This feeder, which is powered by four size-C batteries, may be configured to serve three meals per day.

You can even program the meal size, starting at 10 grams and working your way up. Each meal can be a different size, allowing you to budget for mealtimes and snacks while you’re gone.

For easy cleaning, the bowl, lid, nozzle, and feed screw are all dishwasher safe. A disinfectant can be used to clean the electronic equipment.

One thing to keep in mind is that this feeder can be a little noisy when dispensing food, so your cat may need to get used to it over time.

Keep this feeder away from the elements. It would be excellent to place it somewhere like a covered porch. The snap-on top deters most cats from attempting to enter the hopper, but raccoons may figure it out.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Battery life is extended.
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Tip-resistant


  • When operating, it is noisy.


PetSafe Automatic Cat Feeder – The Best Option

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Cat Feeder is an excellent choice if you want an automatic cat feeder with a wide range of customizable choices.

This feeder features a conveyor belt that dispenses a predetermined portion of food and may be programmed to serve up to 12 meals per day.

This is ideal if your cat requires regular feedings. It even features a slow feeder mode, which distributes a pre-programmed amount of food over a 15-minute period rather than all at once. If your cat eats their food too quickly, this is excellent.

You can use this feeder for semi-moist foods in addition to kibble. The stainless-steel bowl is simple to clean, and the semi-transparent hopper lets you know when it’s time to replenish your cat’s food.

This is the ideal solution for outdoor cats, powered by four size-D batteries and great for keeping on a covered porch, in a large cat home, or in your garage.

This can also be used with a power chord as a backup, albeit it’s ideal for indoor use only. The price is the only thing keeping this automatic cat feeder from being in the top two on this list.


  • There is a slow feed option.
  • It can hold 24 cups of food.
  • Plan up to 12 meals per day.


  • Expensive


Automatic Cat Feeder Roffie

If you want a feeder with a huge hopper that can contain a lot of food, the Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder is a fantastic option.

This can contain 29 cups of dry food and has programmable quantities ranging from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups. This feeder can be powered by three size-D batteries or the power adapter provided.

Battery powered will be your best alternative for outdoor use. You can record a message to be played while the food is dispensed with this automatic cat feeder.

This is ideal for morning feeds when you don’t want to be woken up by your outdoor cat attempting to enter the house to be fed!

However, before purchasing this automatic cat feeder, you should measure the size of your cat’s kibble. It is only suitable for kibble measuring 0.2-0.6 inches in length.

Some cats may try to open the hopper to get to the food inside, and while the hopper has a snap-close cap, it isn’t really secure.


  • Simple to program
  • Portion sizes can be adjusted
  • The large hopper can accommodate 29 cups of food.
  • Plays a previously recorded message


  • There are just four feeding every day.
  • It is possible that not all kibble sizes will work.


Automatic Cat Feeder Arf Pets

The Arf Pets Automatic Cat Feeder will check all of your boxes and then some if you’re looking for a fantastic outside automatic cat feeder on the market today.

This automatic cat feeder may be powered by either a mains outlet or three size-D batteries. It’s ideal for outdoor settings where you don’t have access to power or don’t want to leave it plugged in.

The hopper’s 16-cup capacity means that this feeder can keep your cat fed if you’re going away for the weekend or want to keep feral cats who visit your property fed without having to put food out every day.

This automatic feeder also allows you to record an audio message that will be played when the food is dispensed! Reviewers adore this automatic feeder’s versatility and the value for money it provides.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you live in an area with raccoons, you may need to fasten the top because they can open the magnetic clasp.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Capacity: 16 cups
  • Power or battery operated
  • Food is dispensed up to four times each day.


  • There are none that we can see.


Automatic Cat Feeder PETLIBRO

The PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder comes in two sizes, containing 17 or 25 cups of your cat’s favorite dry food. The transparent hopper allows you to easily check the food levels and replenish them as needed.

The smaller size can store enough food for one cat for 25 days, while the larger size can store enough food for 35 days.

This can be consumed between one and four times each day. Each meal may be divided into nine halves, which is ideal if your cat eats their food too quickly.

This feeder can be used with a power cord, however we recommend powering it with three size-D batteries instead for outdoor use.

The top is secure and can only be opened by pressing two hands on either side of the hopper to release, so your cat or even a raccoon is unlikely to gain access to the kibble inside.

Because the LCD screen is small, programming can be difficult until you become acclimated to the various possibilities.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Voice message is included.
  • There are two sizes available.
  • Simple installation


  • Small LCD display


Automatic Cat Feeder Iseebiz

The Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder can be powered by three size-D batteries or an electrical outlet. You have the option of scheduling up to four meals each day.

This automatic cat feeder contains an infrared sensor that prevents the bowl from overfilling if your cat did not finish their previous meal.

You may even record a 10-second message to play while the food is being dispensed, reminding your cat to come and eat!

The top of the hopper is locked by a twist mechanism, which prevents cats or raccoons from knocking it off and eating all of the kibble within!

The only drawback to this outdoor cat feeder is that it only holds 12 cups of food, which isn’t as much as some others. It’s also more difficult to tell whether the food is running low because the hopper isn’t clear.


  • Every day, there are four meals.
  • Message on the voice recorder
  • Power supply with two outlets
  • Detector of clogging


  • When food is running low, it is difficult to see.
  • Limited capacity

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Automatic Cat Feeder

Should you get a self-feeding cat feeder?

Cats are low-maintenance, but if there’s one thing they insist on, it’s getting fed on time! If your cat enjoys going outside, an automatic feeder can ensure that they never run out of food.

It’s also preferable to leaving a bowl of kibble outside, which can attract rats or raccoons that will consume the food instead of your cat!

An automatic feeder is a wonderful idea if you have to work late or go away for the weekend but still want to make sure your cat doesn’t go hungry.

They can distribute the appropriate portion of food at predetermined times. You’ll know that when your cat meets you, it’s because they’re excited to see you rather than because they’re hungry!

Consider the following features:

Before purchasing an outdoor automatic cat feeder, consider the qualities that are most important to you.

We recommend the following factors:

  • Power source. Many automatic feeders are powered by a cord, but for an outside feeder, a battery-powered option is preferable. If your feeder includes both, use the battery-powered option for outside use. Keep your outside feeder in a dry place and undercover at all times to avoid damage from rain.
  • Size of a kibble. Some feeders will only accept kibble of a specific size, so measure a portion of your cat’s kibble and compare it to the size range accepted by any feeder you’re considering purchasing.
  • Cleaning is simple. Cat food dishes must be rinsed on a frequent basis, so ensure sure the bowl on whichever feeder you’re considering is simple to remove and clean.
  • Close the hopper lid. Some cats enjoy checking to see if they can obtain some additional food. The lid of any hopper on an automatic feeder must be secure enough so that your cat cannot rip it off and consume all of that delicious food in one go! If you live near raccoons or other wildlife, the more tight the lid, the better. Look for lids that require two hands to open or have a solid snap connection. You might even construct a wooden cage around the cat feeder for more security, leaving only the bowl visible.
  • The amount of food it can hold. If you know how much food your cat consumes in a week, make sure the feeder you purchase can carry approximately the same amount. If you have to go away for the weekend, make sure your cat has enough food. Having to replenish an automatic feeder every several days renders it nearly useless!
  • The number of meals consumed each day. Some automatic feeders provide four meals each day, while others provide up to six. Make sure the feeder you purchase is appropriate for the number of meals you want your cat to receive. Certain feeders offer a slow-feed mode that dispenses a modest amount of food over time rather than the entire meal at once.
  • Message on the phone. Some feeders allow you to record a message that will be played back while the food is supplied. This will assist remind some cats to come for their food, while other cats will quickly figure out when they’re going to be fed and will be waiting!

How to Train Your Cat to Use an Automatic Feeder

It takes some time for most cats to acclimatize to new situations, and getting them used to an automatic cat feeder is no exception.

Allow your cat to investigate the feeder for a few minutes before turning it on. If necessary, place a few snacks in the bowl to encourage them.

Don’t be shocked if your cat doesn’t enjoy the sound of the food being dispensed after you’ve set up the feeder, filled it, and preset the feeding times.

Place food in a bowl next to the feeder so your cat can choose to eat it instead. As your cat grows accustomed to the sound of the feeder operating, they will be more willing to eat from the dish.

They’ll adore the sound of the food being poured once they understand it refills itself by magic!


If you’re looking for the best outdoor automated cat feeder, the Automatic Cat Feeder PETLIBRO is our top pick. You can be there without actually being there thanks to its 4 Liter capacity, remote control, timer, and voice playback.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Cat Feeder offers plenty of utility at an affordable price. The tip-proof design provides a long battery life, and the glass hopper makes it simple to see when more kibble is needed.

With so many different makes and models to select from, finding the best outdoor automatic cat feeders for your cat can feel like an uphill battle. However, investing in an outdoor automatic cat feeder is definitely worth the money.

There’s no need to stress about what to do if you have to work late. BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) evaluations are intended to assist you in making the best decision possible, so your cat will never go hungry again!

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