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The 11 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For Large Breeds

You may have observed that the majority of dog beds on the market are made for small or medium breeds when searching for a bed for your enormous beast.

There are manufacturers that create giant dog beds; however, some may not fit really large dogs. Some beds are too tiny, while others provide inadequate support for large animals. This may be quite frustrating for pet owners!

This post is for you if you own a huge dog who requires an orthopedic bed. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked for the best orthopedic dog beds for large breeds and put together in-depth reviews to help you choose the right one for your big dog.


The Best Cat and Dog Bed Is the FurHaven Plush and Suede Orthopedic Sofa

  • Size: 36″ L x 27″ W x 6.5″ H
  • Deep pool, Almondine, espresso, gray, and clay

Examining the FurHaven Plush and Suede Orthopedic Sofa Cat and Dog Bed brought an end to our hunt for a sturdy dog bed at a fair price. It received the award for the finest orthopedic bed overall.

The bed is constructed with medical-grade memory foam to support and keep your large dog cool during heated weather.

The three side bolsters are soft and supportive, and the front opening is accessible to senior dogs with joint concerns. Unlike competing products, the cover is machine-washable and easy to reattach.

The longevity and general quality of the FurHaven bed pleased us. Customers were immensely pleased with the bed, and their canine companions appeared to quickly take to the comfy sofa.

The sofa from Furhaven resembles a little couch, and it does not clash with your other furniture like less beautiful designs might. It is offered in five sizes, although numerous buyers have reported that the size chart is somewhat incorrect.

For extra-big canines, we recommend getting the jumbo size, as the large size is significantly smaller than the jumbo and cannot handle dogs beyond 50 pounds.


  • Affordable
  • Supportive medical-grade foam
  • Cozy pillows do not lose form
  • Attractive design


  • Sizing chart problems

The Most Affordable Petlibro Memory Foam Rectangular Dog Bed

  • Size: 35” L x 22” W x 3” H
  • Color: Gray

The Petlibro Memory Foam Rectangular Dog Bed was our budget-friendly selection for the finest dog bed. The rectangle bed is constructed from high-density foam and gel memory foam.

The combination of these foams creates an exceptionally comfortable bed for your big dog with joint or hip problems. The cover is machine-washable, and it is simple to remove and replace the cushions for cleaning.

The majority of beds in this price category are comprised of substandard foam and provide minimal comfort for large dogs, however the Petlibro Memory Foam behaves like a bed of superior quality.

Customers were happy with the bed’s durability and design, and a number of dog owners said that it helped their geriatric dogs sleep peacefully and pleasantly.

This bed size is suitable for dogs weighing up to 65 pounds. However, if you have a larger dog, you may get the next-largest PetLibro bed at a higher price.


  • Utilizable cooling gel memory foam on warm days
  • Easy to remove and clean cover
  • Affordable


  • More costly for greater quantities

The Big Barker 7″ Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed is the Best Option for Your Pet

  • Size: 52″ L x 32″ W x 7″ H
  • Charcoal gray, cocoa, khaki, and burgundy are the hues

The Big Barker 7″ Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed is the largest bed we’ve examined, and it is certain to comfort your enormous dog during naptime and night.

It is intended particularly for dogs recovering from surgery and those with movement problems. The microfiber cover is soft and pleasant on delicate skin and is created with orthopedic foam of the highest quality, which helps to ease joint discomfort.

A University of Pennsylvania research examined the impact of dog beds on the quality of life of large dogs using this bed. It is designed to last for several years, and the maker promises that the foam will keep 90% of its original form over time.

The Big Barker was our top selection in the luxury category, but it may be a bit pricey for the typical dog owner.


  • Superior memory foam
  • Enough space for huge dogs
  • Ideal for dogs with arthritis


  • Expensive

FurHaven’s Velvet Waves Comfort Cooling Gel-Infused Bolster Pet Bed

  • Size: 44″ L x 35″ W x 10″ H
  • Brownstone, celadon green, and granite gray are the hues

The gel-filled layer positioned on top of the medical-grade memory foam foundation of the FurHaven Velvet Waves Perfect Comfort Cooling Gel Bolster Cat and Dog Bed is intended to keep your pet cool during the summer.

The faux fur sleeping surface is snug and comfortable, and the overstuffed bolsters provide support for canines in any posture. It is available in five sizes and features a detachable cover that is machine-washable.

The majority of buyers were pleased with the FurHaven bed, however some complained that the cover was difficult to remove and clean. Covers for mattresses with thick bolsters are often more challenging to remove than covers for flat beds.


  • Gel coating keeps canines cool
  • Overstuffed bolsters
  • Soft, fake fur cover


  • After cleaning, the removable cover is difficult to reattach

The Orthopedic Bolster Bed for Cats & Dogs by K&H Pet Products

  • Size: 30″ L x 25″ W x 9″ H
  • Color is gray and brown

The foundation of the K&H Pet Products Orthopedic Bolster Cat and Dog Bed is made of medical-grade memory foam, and the bolsters are stuffed with eco-friendly recycled bottles.

The cover is constructed with upholstery-grade velvet and ultra-soft microfleece. It is available in four sizes and features a machine-washable and air-drying detachable cover.

Some mattresses have poly-filled bolsters that fall out when the cover is removed, but K&H’s stuffing is bound by a strong fabric and will not escape.

Although memory foam is ideal for big breeds, it compresses with time. Some buyers stated that the foam suddenly shrank from 3 inches to 2 inches.


  • Durable velvet cover
  • Cushions are simple to remove and clean
  • Microfleece is suitable for those with sensitive skin


  • Memory foam is thinner than 3 inches

Dog Bed with Serta’s Orthopedic Bolster Support System

  • Size: 38″ L x 27″ W × 10″ H
  • Gray, chocolate, and tan

The Serta Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed has a 3.5-inch thick orthopedic foam foundation, which is significantly thicker than the majority of its competitors.

The big bolsters are ideal for dogs that want to sleep with their heads elevated, and the broad aperture on the front bolster makes entry less stressful for elderly animals.

The bed was built by Serta with older dogs in mind, and it is more supportive than many comparable items. However, the cover is challenging to remove and replace while cleaning.

The filling is not contained in a separate cover, so it leaks out when the bed is unzipped. Although Serta is the biggest mattress manufacturer in the United States, its dog bed designs are not the most innovative.


  • 3.5-inch-thick memory foam
  • Over-sized bolsters
  • Attractive design


  • Inconvenient to clean
  • Loosely-packed polyfill cushion

Large and Extra-Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed in the Heartland

  • Size: 40″ L x 30″ W x 3.5″ H
  • Gray, green, and brown

The MidWest Double-Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed is designed for senior dogs with movement problems such as hip dysplasia. The extra-thick egg crate foam is supportive and comfy, and the cover is meant to resist smells, spills, and stains.

The detachable cover may be machine-washed and dried, although it must be cleaned more regularly than covers on other mattresses.

The white fleece cover becomes soiled quickly, and if you have a dark-haired dog that often sheds, you must clean the cover almost weekly. Despite being thicker than other types, memory foam compresses rapidly and loses support.


  • Large enough for enormous dogs
  • Cover repels stains, smells, and liquids
  • Ideal for canines that want flat beds


  • White fleece is difficult to clean
  • Foam compresses too much

Large Dog Bed with an Orthopedic Pillow for the Backseat

  • Size: 55″ L x 25″ W x 3″ H
  • Color: Khaki, gray

It might be tough to travel with a large dog if you cannot locate a bed that fits in your car without sliding about.

The Big Barker Backseat Barker Orthopedic Pillow Bed is particularly intended for automobile travel. It has two side bolsters that may be raised against the vehicle’s side for additional support.

The maker says that the high-quality memory foam would retain 90 percent of its original form for a decade. It includes a non-slip base that secures your pet, and the microfiber cover is simple to remove and machine-wash.

Although the foam is supposed to remain supportive for many years, a number of pet owners have claimed that the bed never expanded upon shipment. Most beds require one to two days of expansion prior to use, however for some customers, the Big Barker did not expand at all.


  • Side cushions protect your dog during turns
  • Non-slip base


  • Foam remains compact
  • Too small for certain sport utility vehicles

The KOPEKS Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed and Pillow

  • Size: 50″ L x 34″ W x 7″ H
  • The hue is rust brown

The KOPEKS Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed and Pillow is a large bed with a thicker foundation to support large dogs. The premium memory foam is hypoallergenic, and according to the maker, it is the same foam utilized in luxury beds for people.

It includes a machine-washable microsuede cover and a waterproof lining to protect the base from liquids. The memory foam is meant to maintain its form over time, and the non-slip base is great for hardwood floors.

The KOPEKS bed is designed to strengthen aging bones, but some dogs find the mattress uncomfortably hard. Customers also reported that the zippers broke quickly and that purchasing replacement covers was difficult.


  • Waterproof membrane
  • Non-slip base


  • Too rigid
  • Defective zippers
  • Expensive

How to Choose the Finest Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Big Dog

If you haven’t determined which bed is appropriate for your large dog, you may use our advice to make a selection.

Favorite Animal Companion

Whether you select an expensive or affordable bed, your dog’s reaction to it will determine whether or not you must return it. Some canines are easily pleased, whilst others will ignore new furniture and return to resting on your sofa or bed.

Observe your dog for a few days before discarding the delivery’s cardboard container to confirm the product is acceptable. Fortunately, most beds are returnable if you are dissatisfied.


Although all manufacturers provide a warning that their beds are not chew-proof, some beds are more resilient than others. If your dog can remove the cover and ingest the foam, beds with exposed zippers are more likely to sustain harm.

Some dogs are adept at manipulating zippers with their tongues, but you may prevent this problem by selecting a type with a concealed zipper.

A few of the extra-thick memory foam mattresses we evaluated did not retain their form for as long as the manufacturers claimed.

This can be difficult if you have a large dog, therefore we recommend buying a bed made of medical-grade foam, which maintains its form longer than conventional egg crate material.

The cover’s longevity is also an issue, given that it may be machine-washed. Thinner coverings have a tendency to shrink after washing, and some fit so snugly on the base that they finally rip.

Facilitated Cleaning

Every bed in our tests has a removable and machine-washable cover, but manufacturers forget to note how simple it is to remove and reattach the cover.

If the bolsters are filled with poly-fill material, they should be contained in a separate cover to prevent the poly-fill material from escaping. If the cover is difficult to remove, you should choose a different bed that can be readily dismantled and cleaned.

Cover Content

Unless you have a poodle or another breed with minimal shedding, you should avoid purchasing a bed with a white cover. Even if you routinely wash the cover, its light hue will make it look unclean.

Dog Bed Size

On the product description page, the size charts offered by manufacturers might be irritating for buyers. The most common issue with dog beds is selecting the correct size for your pet. If you have a huge breed such as a Saint Bernard or Mastiff, get the largest size offered.

Some dog owners are understandably hesitant to pay extra for a king-sized bed if they can choose a big size that is less expensive. However, giant beds are typically too tiny for bigger dogs, and jumbo or extra-large is the only suitable size.

Dog Bed Cost

However, you do not need to spend a money to discover a dependable product. Premium beds are often more lasting than inexpensive ones, but you do not need to spend a fortune to find a dependable product.

Except for our top option, the top five beds are fairly priced and constructed to last for several years. However, the greatest benefit of purchasing an expensive model is its look. Beds with a higher price tag tend to complement your furniture better, and some resemble human-sized sofas.


There are hundreds of dog beds available for purchase online, but we feel our picks are the best on the market.

Our top option for cat and dog beds is the FurHaven Plush and Suede Orthopedic Sofa. It has a high-quality base made of activated foam, and its detachable lid is much easier to clean and put back together than those of its competitors.

Durable craftsmanship earned the Petlibro memory foam rectangle dog bed its best value award.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our website to learn about and research the best orthopedic dog beds for large breeds. Choosing the best product for your huge dog might be difficult, but we hope that our reviews and buying guidelines can make the process easier.

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