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The 15 Best Organic Dog Foods

There are presently no regulations that producers must adhere to when labeling dog food as natural or organic. So, you need to check the ingredients and sources to make sure the product you're buying is natural.

You also have to decide if you want to buy dry or wet food, freeze-dried raw food, or one of the many grain-free diets that are becoming more like the normal dog diet.

Below are reviews of the best organic dog foods that we could discover on the market. These products include natural components and are devoid of poisonous and harmful substances.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has tried to point out any controversial ingredients and has made a list of different types of food and their main ingredients so that you can choose a brand of food that your dog will like and that will meet its nutritional needs.


Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Whole Grain Dog Food – Best Overall



  • Food Type: Dehydrated
  • Dehydrated chicken, organic barley, and dehydrated potatoes are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 24.5%
  • Grain: Comprehensive

You can control the ingredients and guarantee that your dog receives a nutritionally balanced meal consisting of healthy, organic, natural products by preparing homemade dog food.

However, achieving optimal protein levels and ensuring that your dog receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals might involve some effort.

Dehydrated dog food provides a type of compromise. It is made with natural ingredients that are cooked slowly. This method preserves vital nutrients and enzymes while eliminating water and moisture from food.

To create Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Food, combine the necessary amount of food with 1.5 times the amount of warm water. Stir the mixture for three minutes before serving.

This is a food that contains grains. It has dried chicken as its principal component and gives a respectable protein content of 25%.

Honest Kitchen complies with FDA regulations for kitchen hygiene, and the company claims that all ingredients are acquired from the United States, with none coming from China.

Due to the efficiency with which the food is dried, a 10-pound package will produce 40 pounds of food. Additionally, the meal is not appropriate for a grain-free diet, and not all dogs appreciate the flavor.

Due to the abrasive nature of dry kibble, which aids in plaque removal, giving a soft food to your dog poses certain dental concerns. Supplement with hard chews or wash your teeth regularly.


  • Convenient raw food preparation
  • 25% protein
  • Human grade kitchens
  • American-made ingredients
  • The essential element is chicken


  • Expensive
  • Plaque is permitted to form by soft foods
  • Preparation required before feeding


Organic Dog Food by Newman’s Own, Grain-Free Chicken & Liver – Best Price



  • Type of Food: Wet
  • Organic chicken, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken liver are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 10%
  • Grain: Zero

The primary components of Newman’s Own Organic Grain-Free Chicken & Liver are organic chicken, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken liver. It contains 10% protein, which is less than optimal but typical for a moist diet due to its high moisture content.

In addition to organic meat, it contains a variety of chelated minerals and vitamins that are highly bioavailable due to their chelated form.

Although the components appear to be of excellent quality on the whole, the cuisine contains carrageenan, a problematic ingredient due to reports that the natural thickener is extremely inflammatory.

It has been associated with episodes of colitis, arthritis, and potentially colon cancer. Food producers assert that the type and amount of carrageenan used are safe, however it is worth mentioning that you may want to avoid this food if your dog already has rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory disorders.

The inclusion of chelated minerals and the use of organic ingredients are positives, but there are some concerns regarding the use of carrageenan.

Feeding a diet consisting solely of wet food increases the likelihood that your dog will develop poor dental hygiene, so you should supplement with dry food, provide dental chews, or brush your dog’s teeth daily.


  • The essential element is chicken
  • Composed of chelated minerals
  • 70 percent organic ingredients
  • Grain-free cuisine


  • Soft food stimulates does not combat plaque
  • Contains carrageenan


Organix Grain-Free Chicken Butcher & Bushel Organic Dog Food



  • Type of Food: Wet
  • Organic chicken, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken liver are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 8%
  • Grain: Zero

Butcher and Bushel by Organix is wet canned food. It comprises certified organic meat and vegetables, and the chicken recipe’s major ingredients are organic chicken, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken liver.

It contains 8% protein. While the protein ratio of most wet meals is lower than that of dry foods, 8% is still low compared to the 10% of comparable canned foods.

Organix canned food may be fed in a number of ways, similar to the majority of wet food variations. It can be offered as the primary source of nutrition, coupled with dry food for a complete diet, or as a topping for dry food.

A topper is typically used when a dog does not enjoy dry food. It moistens the kibble, the gravy makes the dry food more appetizing, and it allows you to boost the protein content of your dog’s diet while decreasing the cost of providing wet food.

Castor and Pollux Organix is not a cheap meal, but its components are of high quality. There are chicken bones in the entrée, but they have been slow-cooked and are nearly inedible.

It is safe to feed them, but you must be prepared. In comparison to other wet cuisines, the food is quite moist, and it may be fairly oily.


  • Organic chicken is the key component in this dish
  • Wet food is tasty and appetizing
  • Grain-free cuisine


  • Owners might be repulsed by bones
  • Very wet
  • Can seem greasy


Tender & True Chicken & Liver Organic Grain-Free Dry Dog Food



  • Food Type: Dehydrated
  • Dehydrated chicken, organic barley, and dehydrated potatoes are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 24.5%
  • Grain: Comprehensive

The USDA has certified Tender & True Organic Grain-Free Chicken & Liver Dry Dog Food as organic. This certification is often designated for human foods and indicates that the product passes criteria for soil quality, animal husbandry, and more.

Manufacturers of dog food are not required to obtain USDA certification, thus the presence of such certification is a good indicator when searching for high-quality organic pet food.

Dehydrated chicken is the primary component of Tender & True’s dry food. Chicken is occasionally viewed as a contentious item since, although being an evident source of protein, it loses a great deal of moisture and nutritional value when cooked.

In essence, the quantity of chicken included in the ingredient list is exaggerated. Due to the presence of dried chicken in Tender & True, chicken remains the predominant ingredient even after cooking.

The components also contain chelated minerals, but no probiotics, resulting in a 29% protein ratio, which is excellent even for dry food. However, the meal is pricey for kibble, and other dogs just do not enjoy dry food.


  • USDA-approved
  • Composed of chelated minerals
  • The essential element is dried chicken
  • 29% protein


  • No probiotics
  • Expensive


Castor and Pollux Small Breed Grain-Free Recipe Dry Food



  • Type of Food: Dry
  • Organic chicken, organic chicken meal, and organic sweet potatoes are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 26%
  • Grain: Zero

Cast & Pollux Small Breed Formula Grain-Free Dry Food is an organic, grain-free recipe. Its principal constituents are chicken and chicken meal, but alterations to the formulation have increased the proportion of organic chicken fat.

Chicken fat is an excellent source of omega fatty acids despite its unattractive reputation.

The organic food is high in protein (26%), USDA-certified organic, created in the United States, and contains antibiotic-free organic chicken.

Fruits and vegetables, which provide nutritious value to the diet, are free of pesticides and fertilizers. Prebiotics and probiotics are present in the components to help digestion.

Notably, this is a recipe for tiny breeds, meaning the kibble is fairly small and may not be good for large dogs.

Although this is less costly than certain freeze-dried raw foods, it is still a luxury product. However, it contains peas and pea protein, which are both high in protein but provide little nutritious value.

Changes to the recipe have eliminated chickpeas and alfalfa meal and replaced them with components of greater grade.


  • 26% protein
  • Chicken is the key component in this dish
  • Grain-free dish
  • USDA-approved


  • Small kibble
  • Includes both pea and pea protein


Wellness CORE Original Turkey Grain-Free Dry Dog Food



  • Type of Food: Dry
  • The top three ingredients are boneless turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal
  • Protein Level: 34%
  • Grain: Zero

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Turkey Dry Dog Food is a premium food that is strong in protein. Turkey deboned, turkey meal, and chicken meal are the primary components.

Also prominent on the ingredient list are chicken fat, an excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids, and flaxseed, possibly the finest plant-based source of omega fatty acids.

Prebiotics and probiotics are located farther down the list of ingredients and are intended to aid better and more efficient digestion of the food.

The sole contentious component in this dish is tomato pomace, which is only controversial since it is perceived as a relatively inexpensive filler that might be substituted with a higher quality product.

The 34% protein content is more than most other foods. Taurine, a notable ingredient in this recipe, is not a necessary nutrient but is deficient in grain-free dog food. It also contains chicory root, a healthy source of inulin, which is also a prebiotic and source of dietary fiber.

Finally, the minerals added to the diet are chelated, which increases their bioavailability and makes them simpler for the body to absorb. This meal is of premium quality, as seen by its premium price.


  • The principal element is turkey without bones
  • Contains taurine
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are included
  • Grain-free diet


  • 34% protein may be excessive for certain diets
  • Too huge kibble for tiny breeds
  • Expensive


Gather Free Acres Dry Organic Free-Range Chicken Food



  • Type of Food: Dry
  • Organic chicken, organic dehydrated chicken, and organic peas are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 30%
  • Grain: Zero

The manufacturers of Gather Free Acres Organic Free-Run Chicken Dry Dog Food, Petcurean, carefully selected their meat and vegetable suppliers. The resulting food, according to them, is organic and free of GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides, and growth hormones.

Even the packaging is composed of 30% plant-based components. The components have no artificial additives, but are rich in vitamins and minerals that are utilized to nourish the meat.

The meal is grain-free and has 30 percent protein, making it suited for most diets. In addition to chicken, Gather contains krill, which is a fish oil and an advantageous source of omega fatty acids.

As a grain-free food, we would have liked to see taurine listed in the ingredients, and even for a premium food of this type, the price is quite high.

However, the ingredients are of high quality and organic, and the combination of chicken and fish has proven to be a popular flavor. Unfortunately, this combination of ingredients gives the dish a rather unpleasant odor.


  • Organic chicken is the key component
  • 30% protein
  • Palatable and delightful taste
  • Grain-free


  • Expensive
  • Smells
  • Possibly contains taurine


OrgaNOMics Salmon and Duck Dinner Grain-Free Organic Pate



  • Type of Food: Wet
  • The top three ingredients are salmon, duck, and organic carrots
  • Protein Level: 10%
  • Grain: Zero

OrgaNOMics Fish & Duck Dinner Organic Grain-Free Pate is a grain-free pate comprised of organic salmon, organic duck, and organic carrots. It is affordably priced, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and enriched with additional organic fruits and vegetables.

The wet food contains 10% protein, which is adequate for a pate, but it is very moist compared to other foods and may need to be mixed with dry food to provide the texture your dog prefers.

The food also contains organic egg, coconut oil, and vegetable oil in addition to salmon, which is rich in omega fatty acids that are beneficial for cognitive health, coat, and vision.


  • Wet pate is edible
  • Decent price
  • Salmon and duck are the key components


  • A little too wet
  • 2 protein sources


Purina Beyond Organic Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe Canned Dog Food



  • Type of Food: Wet
  • Organic chicken, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken livers are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 7%
  • Grain: Comprehensive

The key components of Purina Beyond Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato Wet Dog Food are organic chicken, organic chicken broth, and organic chicken livers.

The food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to increase its nutritional value. It is a very rich source of vitamin B complex and also includes vitamin A and vitamin D.

Made with chicken foundation components and organic sweet potatoes, the dish contains a very small number of ingredients. The remaining components include vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

The recipe includes 7% protein, which might be greater, and although it is not labeled as grain-free, it does not contain maize, wheat, or soy, which are often the components that cause the greatest adverse reactions in individuals with sensitive stomachs.

Purina advertises that the food is devoid of GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth hormones, so you know precisely what you are giving your four-legged buddy.

Unfortunately, this is another dish that includes carrageenan, and some owners may choose to avoid it due to the ingredient’s rather contentious status.


  • Organic chicken is the key component
  • Excellent source of vitamin B
  • USDA natural


  • 7 percent protein
  • Contains carrageenan


Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties



  • Food Type: Freeze-Dried
  • Chicken with ground bone, chicken liver, and chicken gizzard are the top three ingredients
  • Protein Level: 48%
  • Grain: Zero

Chicken Dinner Patties from Stella & Chewy are freeze-dried raw food. They have the form of a patty, which is often described as puck-like. The puck may be served dry or rehydrated with cool or warm water to make it more appetizing for your canine companion.

Stella & Chewy suggests rehydrating the food if the dog does not regularly consume a large amount of water at mealtimes. Due to a change in the food’s mix, the pucks have often turned rock solid and will require rehydration.

Due to the fact that this is primarily a raw diet, the extremely high 47% protein content is not unusual, and the food may be blended with dry kibble to lessen it slightly.

It may be too rich for some dogs, but you should be able to avoid this by introducing the food gradually over the course of two weeks.

Notable is the fact that while the fruit and vegetables in the meal are certified organic, the meat is not.

This dish has chicken with ground bone, chicken liver, and chicken gizzard as its first three ingredients. In addition, it is strong in protein, contains organic fruits and vegetables, and comes in compact puck forms.

Although the cuisine does not include any contentious components, alterations to the formula have rendered the pucks nearly inedible without rehydration, the price is exorbitant, and the meat is not organic.


  • Organic fruit and veggies
  • Freeze-dried raw food in the form of a puck


  • No natural meat
  • 47% protein is excessive for certain dogs
  • Expensive
  • Redesigned pucks are inflexible

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Finest Organic Dog Food

As more pet owners want food with high nutritional content that is devoid of undesirable substances like as antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and GMOs, more manufacturers are introducing such products.

This is fantastic news for dog owners, since it implies a broader option of organic and natural meals.

Food Class

The sort of food you purchase affects not just the ease and simplicity of feeding, but also the quantity of protein you provide.

You may also discover that some dogs just do not enjoy particular types of food, and if you serve dry or dried meals, you will need to check liquid intake at mealtime more closely to ensure that your dog does not get dehydrated and receives sufficient water.

The most prevalent varieties of dog food are:


Most dry food is in the form of kibble. It is handy, has a long shelf life, and is your only alternative if you leave food out for your dog.

It is typically the least priced food choice, but also the least appetizing. Numerous canines prefer moist food because it smells and tastes more like meat.

Additionally, it is naturally dry. Provide your dog with a fresh supply of water and ensure that he drinks plenty throughout mealtimes; if not, you may need to resort to additional methods to induce him to consume water.


Canned and sachet dog meals, including pate and pieces in gravy, are commonly known as wet food. Dogs typically prefer moist food because it tastes and smells nicer.

It is more appetizing. This ensures that a dog’s daily feed has a sufficient amount of water. However, wet food should only be left out for one to four hours, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise it may spoil.

Once a can is opened, it must be consumed in its entirety or placed in the refrigerator. Wet food is more expensive than dry food, however it may be used with dry food to create a balanced diet.


Dehydrated dog chow is made with actual food components that are cooked at extremely low temperatures and at a slow rate.

This technique eliminates the moisture from the contents, leaving a dried, dry meal, while preserving the protein, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Dehydration frequently employs the same natural elements that you would give a dog on a raw food diet. Some dried foods can be fed as-is, while others must be rehydrated.

The rehydration procedure involves combining the meal with cool or warm water, mixing it, and allowing it to rest anywhere from a few minutes to thirty minutes prior to serving. Due to the compact form of dried food, it is a suitable alternative to raw food when traveling.


Dehydration relies on warm air to remove moisture from food, but freeze-drying requires freezing the food, depressurizing it, and then allowing it to return to room temperature.

This procedure ensures that even more vitamins and minerals remain in the food, as they are immobilized during the freezing process and cannot leave afterwards.


Natural and organic foods, particularly raw and freeze-dried options, are becoming increasingly popular. When purchasing, many owners want nutritional benefits, but not all natural brands are created equal.

We found Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dry Dog Food to be the best of the group, despite its high price. It is easy to rehydrate, has the right amount of protein, and is made in high-quality kitchens with high-quality ingredients.

Another excellent alternative is Newman’s Own Organics 95% Chicken and Liver Dinner, which has at least 70% organic ingredients.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our readers for visiting our website to learn about and research the best organic dog foods. We hope that you have selected the proper organic dog food.

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