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The 15 Best Organic Catnip

Both cats and their owners can enjoy catnip. Cats benefit more from organic catnip because it is less toxic and more potent.

If you want to feed your cats catnip, but want to make sure it's safe for them, then organic catnip is the right choice.

As a result, all of them are suitable for human consumption. In addition, they are packed with 100% natural catnip, selected at the peak of its potency.

To help you choose a high-quality organic catnip product, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled reviews of the best organic catnip on the market.

Most cats respond well to the organic catnip we've described. Catnip from reputable brands can provide your pets with the same health benefits. 

How to Pick the Finest Natural Catnip

Purchasing organic catnip already has several advantages. Pesticides and other substances that might be dangerous to your cats are not an issue. Cats usually react better to organic catnip because of its higher concentration of nepetalactone.

There are, however, a few essentials to keep in mind when searching for organic catnip. In order to establish the optimal combination for your feline friends, it is important to first identify the many components involved.


Certifications offer an extra layer of assurance that the catnip you’re buying is truly organic. Examine the label to determine if the catnip has been graded and authorized by a certifying organization like the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Make sure it simply has catnip in it and no added chemicals or preservatives by reading the label.


The packaging of catnip is essential to preserving its strength and freshness. If not a resealable bag, at least the catnip should be packaged in some sort of container.

When possible, use a jar or canister since the lid provides a more secure closure. You can shake the contents of the lid to disperse the catnip evenly.

Get a container with a tight cover if the catnip doesn’t come in a resealable packet. A good sealed container can extend the life of your catnip, which will reduce your overall cost.


You’ll find that various brands of catnip have varying degrees of grinding. To the contrary, some are so fine that they’re almost powdery, while others are so coarse that they contain substantial chunks.

Toys that don’t come with a built-in catnip pouch benefit most from finely powdered catnip since it will adhere to the toy better.

Catnips, when finely or mediumly powdered, are imperceptible in cat food because of their tiny size. Since there are no chemicals in organic catnip, it is perfectly fine to eat.

Scratching posts and mats can also benefit from medium-ground catnip. Pets are allowed on the furniture, although the furniture can get dirty quickly.

Instead, coarsely crushed catnip is recommended for use with pet bedding, as the ineffective particles are readily sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.

Toys with a specific catnip pouch benefit from coarsely crushed catnip since it’s simpler to clean up and restock with new catnip.

When catnip is coarsely powdered, it retains its potency for much longer. When the leaves are crushed, they release more of the fragrant essential oil and have a stronger scent.

Components of a Plant

The catnip plant’s leaves and flower buds have the highest concentration of active ingredients. Catnip’s essential oils, which cause the plant’s namesake reaction in felines, are most concentrated there.

Since the leaves and blossoms make such a big impact in how a cat reacts to catnip, producers often make a point of saying that their products contain them.

It’s important to examine a package of catnip to determine whether it has a significant number of thin stems. The stems of a plant are less effective than other portions since they don’t contain as much oil.

Cats can be easily scratched by dried stems, thus catnip mixes with a lot of stems should be avoided.


Since it contains a powerful and effective combination and is reasonably priced, we think “Yeowww!” Organic catnip is the best organic catnip on the market.

Cat Crack organic catnip is another of our favorites because of its strong scent, which helps attract kittens.

The effects of different types of catnip on cats vary. You may find that these potent organic blends work better with a cat that doesn’t like traditional catnip. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you can find the best organic catnip for your pet.


Yeowww! The Most Effective Catnip Is Organic

  • Produced in the USA
  • Coarseness: Medium

Yeowww! The greatest organic catnip is Organic Catnip because it is a carefully crafted mixture of the finest catnip leaves and flowering tips.

You can simply sprinkle on tiny amounts over toys and scratching posts because of its medium coarseness. This catnip is edible, so feel free to sprinkle some on your cat’s food every once in a while.

Yeowww! You can purchase Organic Catnip at most pet stores and even on the internet because it is a popular brand. Package sizes range from 1 ounce to 2 ounces. Every box is sealed securely to keep in all of the freshness.

Remember that this item is designed mostly for adult cats, thus there is little chance that your kitten will have any kind of reaction to it. However, the fragrance of this catnip is rather potent, so more cats will likely benefit from it.


  • Famous name brand
  • Smells so good
  • No Roots


  • Totally harmless to kitties.


Top-Rated Organic Catnip from SmartyKat

  • Origin: China and the United States for farming.
  • Coarseness: Coarse

Even while organic catnip is sometimes more expensive than its non-organic counterpart, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a good supply.

When compared to other solutions on the market, SmartyKat Organic Catnip is quite cheap. As an added bonus, the price is unbeatable for the high quality of this organic catnip.

Organic catnip from SmartyKat comes from the best farms in the US and China. To guarantee the reliability of the catnip mixes they sell, SmartyKat owns and actively supervises the operations of all their international catnip farms.

Product packaging at SmartyKat is also environmentally friendly. In order to make it simpler to sprinkle the catnip over cat toys and cat chow, this particular kind of catnip is packaged in a bottle with a shaker.

It’s important to remember that this blend is often more coarse than blends of other catnip brands. To make the leaves attach better to cat toys and scratching posts and to create a stronger scent, you may need to crush them between your fingers.


  • Sustainable packaging
  • Easy-to-use shaker
  • Pronounced odor when crushed


  • A few bits may be too rough.


Catnip that is both high-quality and sustainably grown is included in the Pettobox Catbuzz Premium Kit

  • Made in the USA, Washington State
  • Coarseness: Medium

You need not seek any farther for the finest organic catnip available. The quality of Pettobox Catbuzz Premium and Organically Grown Catnip is unmatched.

In order to ensure that their non-GMO catnip crop is as fresh and pungent as possible, family farmers plant and harvest it by hand during the height of the growing season.

The package is very well designed. One and a half cups of medium-ground catnip leaves and blossoms are contained in each catnip tube. Additionally, the tube is recyclable and harmless to the environment.

This catnip comes in a drawstring pouch made of 100% cotton. So, cats may play with the pouch itself or with other toys when you sprinkle some catnip inside.

There’s a beautiful touch with the pouch, but you need to be careful with how you store the goods or it might get damaged. Keep the catnip fresh by replacing the lid securely after each usage.

In addition to the premium presentation and catnip, your purchase will help protect animal habitats.


  • Designed to be both environmentally safe and responsibly crafted
  • Packaged with care
  • Manufacturer is on the side of mom-and-pop shops.
  • Picked at the peak of efficacy


  • Possibility of rapid fragrance depletion


Organic Catnip – Cat Crack is Perfect for Kittens

  • Produced in the USA
  • Coarseness: Medium

One of the most fragrant organic catnips is Cat Crack Organic Catnip. Catnip is picked by farmers at its height so that they can obtain the most essential oils.

This catnip is made using a special extract that helps it maintain its potency and freshness for a longer period of time. Many cat owners report success with their kittens with this catnip since its aroma is much stronger than that of competing brands.

It’s possible for batches to vary somewhat in quality because this catnip is grown organically. Some mix orders may include too many stems, according on customer feedback.

Therefore, check the amount of stems in the catnip by looking through the clear jar. Unopened jars are more convenient to return and get your money back on.


  • Cat-friendly and able to work with them
  • Smells so good
  • Maintains the purity of the oil, which is vital.


  • Potentially high stem count


Rolls of Meowy J’s Meowijuana Catnip

  • Produced in the USA
  • Coarseness: Fine

While the name “Meowijuana Catnibas” may sound like a joke, each roll of Meowy J’s Rolled Catnip actually includes premium organic catnip that was picked at the peak of its potency.

The most aromatic catnip is gathered at this time of year. It doesn’t even need to be opened for the cat to get a whiff of it.

Cut the rolls in half and sprinkle the catnip onto the kitties’ favorite toys for the finest experience. If you merely offer your cat a roll, the paper wrapper is likely to turn sloppy and mushy.

While this particular catnip may be pricier than others, many feline friends have reported that it is well worth the cost.


  • Packaged in a way that’s easy to carry around
  • Smells so good


  • As a result of packaging, there may be a mess.
  • Product of a higher price range


Organic Catnip Makes the Fat Cats in the House Zoom Around the Room

  • Made in the USA, Washington State
  • Coarseness: Fine

To ensure that your cat only gets the best, Fat Cat’s Zoom Around the Room organic catnip blend only contains the flower and leaves. For extra long-lasting freshness, it also comes in a resealable zip-top bag.

You need not worry about your cat getting scratched by brittle stems and excessively dried leaves with this catnip because it is softer than other catnip brands. As an added bonus, the finer grind makes it ideal for use with toys and vertical scratching posts.

This catnip can be too powdered for the liking of some cat owners, who have noted a diminished fragrance. Possible causes of this discrepancy include differences in packaging and transport.


  • Packing sack that can be resealed
  • Easily adheres to playthings
  • A gentle feel


  • Variability in fragrance intensity


Growing Catnip for Cats

  • Produced in: Canada
  • Coarseness: Medium

The Catit Catnip Garden is an organic, pesticide-free choice for your feline friends. It’s a pleasant medium coarseness, so it’s simple to sprinkle on cat toys or mix into their food.

The catnip is packaged in a jar with a secure top to ensure that it retains its potency for as long as possible. Many feline companions can’t resist its tempting minty aroma.

Some cat owners have expressed worry that the blend contains stems or other lengthier bits. However, the majority of these fragments are rather harmless because of their softness.


  • Safely sealed container.
  • Pesticide-free
  • Cascading wafts of refreshing mint


  • Not guaranteed to be stem-free


Classic Organic Catnip from Skinny Pete’s

  • Produced in the USA
  • Coarseness: Medium

Nepeta cataria, or catnip, is used in Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Classic Organic Catnip. Catnip leaves are the only component of the mixture, as the stems and sticks are removed during the milling process.

It also features a fabric bag that can be stuffed with catnip and played with by your feline friend.

This catnip is medium ground, so it will adhere to cat toys. If your cat isn’t interested in catnip, try grinding the leaves to generate a stronger fragrance. It is packaged in a resealable container that preserves its freshness and aroma for extended periods of time.

Although the price per unit is greater than that of competing brands, the package size is less than average. However, you can rest certain that this is genuine organic catnip of the highest quality.


  • Pulverized and twig-free
  • Sealable bags
  • Included is a reusable cotton bag for storage.


  • Moderately costly


Pure Bliss Organic Catnip from Petlinks

  • Produced in the USA
  • Coarseness: Coarse

Since Petlinks Pure Bliss Organic Catnip is coarsely crushed, it is more effective when used to scent cat bedding than on cat toys. Also, unlike other products, this one seems to help kitties.

Leaves and flowers are both part of the catnip plant because they work together to create a stronger aroma that is more appealing to cats. Many buyers, however, also discovered stems in the mixture, so you may need to spend some time picking them out.

This catnip is now available in a convenient jar that features a fine-tuned sprinkling mechanism on the top. The catnip will remain fragrant and effective for a long time thanks to the jar’s design.


  • Cat-friendly and able to work with them
  • Relies on the use of flowers and foliage
  • Smells so good


  • Not guaranteed to be stem-free
  • Not a good toy adhesive


Silvervine Organic Catnip from Munchiecat

  • Origin: China and the United States for farming.
  • Coarseness: Coarse

Organic catnip and silvervine are combined to create Munchiecat Organic Catnip with Silvervine. Similarly to how catnip affects cats, silvervine can have the same effect on humans.

In light of this, silvervine may be a better option than catnip for cats who don’t respond well to the former.

The mix keeps the plant’s vital oils alive by including both catnip leaves and blossoms. Manufacturers also carefully filter the final product to ensure that seeds and stems are at a minimum.

This resealable pouch is smaller than those offered by competing manufacturers and may cost extra. This mixture is strong, so remember that little is more.


  • It has silvervine in it.
  • Cat-friendly and able to work with them
  • A little goes a long way.


  • Moderately costly

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