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The 7 Best Organic Aquaponic Fish Foods

Aquaponics is a farming method that is becoming more and more popular as more and more people want to grow their own food and keep fish.

Aquaponics is a way to grow plants that use water and a fish tank at the same time. This lets the plants add oxygen to the water and clean it, while the plants get food from the fish waste.

One of the most important parts of an aquaponics system is giving the fish good food that meets their nutritional needs and makes enough waste to feed the plants.

Organic foods are not inherently healthier than non-organic foods, but some people feel very strongly about using organic products.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will talk about each product, in turn, to help you decide which is the best organic aquaponic fish foods so you can feed your fish the best food.


Repashy’s SuperFoods SuperGold Gel Premix

The Repashy SuperFoods SuperGold Gel Premix food mix is the best organic fish food for aquaponics as a whole.

This mix makes nutrient-dense gel food for goldfish and koi, but most fish that eat both plants and animals can eat it too.

It isn’t certified organic, but it does have whole foods like spirulina algae, egg, garlic, stinging nettle, and dried kelp.

It comes with clear instructions that make making gel food quick and easy. Once opened, it can be kept in the fridge for up to 6 months.

After being mixed, the gel food will last for 7-14 days. It’s made to help with digestion and tastes good enough for even the pickiest eaters.

Depending on what your fish likes, you can change the consistency of this food by adding more or less water to the mix.


  • Made for goldfish and koi in particular.
  • Contains a number of whole foods
  • Helps with digestion and absorbing nutrients
  • Gel thickness can be changed as needed.
  • Highly palatable


  • Not approved as organic


The Northfin Bug Pro Crisps

The Northfin Bug Pro Crisps are the best organic aquaponic fish food for the money. This food comes in four sizes that go up to 1,360 grams.

It has crisps that are 2 millimeters long and are made for small and medium fish that eat both plants and meat.

It’s not certified organic, but it is made with whole ingredients like whole Antarctic krill meal, whole sardine meal, spirulina, and garlic. It also has organic kelp in it.

It is a good source of B12, calcium, and phosphorus, and it doesn’t have any fillers or hormones. It’s a great source of protein and helps your body digest food well.


  • Best value
  • Four package sizes available
  • Made for fish that eat both plants and meat.
  • It has organic kelp in it.
  • Good source of many vitamins and minerals


  • Not approved as organic


Nyos True Algae Organic Balanced Ornament Food

The Nyos True Algae Organic Balanced Ornamental Food is made for saltwater fish, but it can also be fed to freshwater fish that eat plants or algae.

The German government has certified this food as organic, and it has few ingredients and no fillers, so your fish will get the most out of their food.

The soft granules taste great and are easy for even the pickiest eaters to eat. It’s guaranteed to be free of pesticides and fake flavors, and it has a lot of nutrients.

This food is a little bit more expensive than many other fish foods, especially when you consider how much food comes in a package.


  • Good for fish that eat plants and fish that eat algae.
  • The German government says it is organic.
  • No fillers, pesticides, or artificial flavors
  • Tastes great and is easy to eat.


  • Specially made for saltwater fish
  • Premium price


AquaOrganic Aquaponics Fish Feed

AquaOrganic Aquaponics Fish Feed is a pellet food made for fish that eat both plants and animals. It’s easy to break up for smaller fish, and a 5-pound package makes it great for larger aquaponics systems.

It has ingredients that are high in nutrients, such as organic oat groats, organic flax meal, and organic alfalfa meal.

It’s one of the few foods on the market that has a USDA organic seal. It does sell for a higher price than most fish food, but this is because it is certified organic.

It’s partly food that floats and partly food that sinks, so it’s perfect for aquaponics systems with fish that like to eat in different parts of the water column. This food is often out of stock, so it may be hard to get.


  • Made for people who eat both meat and vegetables
  • Small fish can break or crush it.
  • Large-size of the package
  • Ingredients that the USDA says are organic


  • Premium price
  • Often not enough to go around


For the best organic aquaponic fish foods, there aren’t a lot of organic fish foods on the market, so these reviews only focused on BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) favorite whole-food, organic products.

The Repashy SuperFoods SuperGold Gel Premix is the best choice overall. You can change the texture to suit your fish’s tastes, and it is one of the freshest foods you can give your fish.

The best choice for your money is the Northfin Bug Pro Crisps, which come in four sizes and are small enough for small fish to eat.

Buyer's Guide: Finding The Best Organic Aquaponic Fish Food

How to Choose the Right Organic Food for Your Aquaponics System

When choosing food, the first thing to think about is what kind of fish you have. Different types of fish have very different nutritional needs, depending on whether they eat everything, only meat, only plants, or only algae.

How big your fish are now and how big they will get will also help you figure out what they need to eat.

Big fish won’t be able to eat small food, and small food might be hard for big fish to eat before it starts to break down in the water.

You should also think about how much of the food needs to be organic for you to be happy.

Organic fish food is hard to find, but many people feel fine choosing food with whole food or organic ingredients, even if that food isn’t certified organic.

But there are a few certified organic foods on the market if you want them.

How do you know if fish food is good?

Just because a food is a certified organic doesn’t mean it is healthier or has more nutrients than other foods. No matter if the ingredients are organic or not, the quality of the food is determined by the ingredients themselves.

You should look for whole foods and lots of nutrients in the food you give your fish. Whole food ingredients, whole food meals, and things like spirulina algae and insect larvae can all help you figure out how nutritious a food is.

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