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The 10 Best Oral Flea Treatment For Cats

As a cat owner, it might be tough to tell when your kitty is feeling worn down or ill. Some animals conceal their discomfort or anguish, but when fleas infiltrate your house, there is no misunderstanding about the harm they cause to your pet.

When cats have fleas, they frequently bite and scrape their skin, and you must find a solution promptly to protect your buddy from infections, coat damage, and illness.

Fleas will attack any warm-blooded species in their path, and when a flea infestation is severe, humans can suffer alongside their pets. Flea drugs are available in a variety of ways, but we'd like to highlight the finest oral therapies available right now.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has collated evaluations of some items and added a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in selecting the best oral flea treatment for cats.


All-Natural Flea Repellent

Flea Away, which caters to both cats and dogs, is made from all-natural components and meets FDA human requirements.

And since Flea Away contains no hazardous chemicals or residue, you can be certain that it is safe for both nursing cats and their litters.

This pill not only helps your cat get rid of fleas, but it also has various health advantages such as fostering better skin, decreasing shedding, and strengthening joints. Cats like these supplements because they taste like liver.

When taken on a daily basis, your pet will be flea and tick-free in less than 30 days!


  • More than simply flea protection
  • Provides extra health advantages
  • Cats like the flavor.


  • It may take some time to work.


TevraPet Cat Flea Prevention

The TevraPet Flea preventive formula for cats is a rapid acting formula and contains potent and efficient chemicals such as Fipronil and (S)-Methoprene.

It not only ends the infection but also prevents future ones by assisting your cat in getting rid of ticks and fleas once and for all.

This is due to the fact that it successfully eliminates all fleas, larvae, and eggs, including those that may transmit Lyme disease.

This mixture is not only quick-acting but also simple to use. Simply squeeze the formula over your cat’s neck with the supplied no-mess applicator.

It comes with a six-month supply, six applicators, and six months of flea prevention drops. It is manufactured in a certified Eu-GMP facility and has been third-party tested for quality.

It also comes with a money-back guarantee!


  • There is no sticky residue or bad odor.
  • Ingredient with scientific backing
  • Kills fleas at all phases of development.


  • The design of the applicator may be enhanced.


Capstar Cat Flea Tablets

Capstar Flea Tablets for Cats are among the most affordable oral flea treatments for cats. They are affordable, begin functioning within 30 minutes, and may be put in food or straight to the cat.

The pills are safe for cats above the age of four weeks, which means they work on younger cats than most conventional flea treatments.

Capstar is cheap, yet the primary ingredient, nitenpyram, kills more than 90% of adult fleas. However, it is only valid for 24 hours. If the fleas return, the pill may be administered every day, although this becomes difficult and costly.

Although it does not provide long-term therapy, Capstar Flea Tablets for Cats allow you to eliminate an infestation and get ahead of the issue before switching to a longer-term flea control medication.


  • More than 90% of adult fleas are killed.
  • Cheap
  • Suitable for kittens over the age of four weeks.


  • Only work for 24 hours a day.
  • Extra-large tablets


Green for Cats Program

Flea Control Program 10021 Green oral ampoules are pricey, but since they are intended for use with big cats, they are really less expensive than certain alternatives and may give a solution when regular pills are insufficient.

The treatment kills adult fleas and sterilizes eggs, preventing new fleas from being created on your cat. A single pack comprises six ampoules that should be administered monthly for six months.

This is another manner in which Program 10021 Flea Control Green pills prove to be a superb buy. Program 10021 Flea Control Green consists of oral solution ampoules rather than tablets.

This implies that the liquid may be given straight, mixed with food, or combined with some small morsel to persuade them to take the medication.

While an oral solution may be preferable for certain cats, other owners may choose to use regular pills.


  • A six-month supply
  • Makes eggs infertile
  • Solution orally


  • Oral solution may not be appropriate for all cats.
  • Initially costly


Nitenpyram Flea Pills for Cats by Dog & Cat MD

Veterinary Medicine for Dogs and Cats Another nitenpyram-based flea medication is QuickTabs Nitenpryam Flea Treatment. These are safe for both dogs and cats, and one pack contains six pills.

The pills begin working within 30 minutes of administration, and unlike many other flea treatments on the market, they are tiny and simple for your cat to take. The medications do not provide long-term relief.

They kill adult fleas fairly instantly, but they do not eliminate flea eggs or larvae, so your cat may easily get infested again.

These have the same appearance and components as Capstar, but they have not been shown to be as successful in the control of feline flea infestations.


  • Adult fleas are killed within 30 minutes.
  • Small and simple to swallow
  • 6 pills are included.


  • It has no effect on eggs or larvae.


Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment

Capstar 004CG-61011 Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment pills include nitenpyram. Adult fleas are killed, and they begin working in as little as 30 minutes. According to the makers, these pills will kill practically all adult fleas.

Because they do not operate to destroy flea eggs or larvae and do not prevent new fleas, they may be quite successful at removing an infestation but should be paired with something that will manage flea eggs in the long run.

A package includes 6 pills, and if your cat exhibits indications of reinfection after 24 hours, you may give another tablet. As a result, you should have enough for a week of flea-free kitty existence.


  • Six tablets
  • Almost all adult fleas are killed.


  • Only work for 24 hours a day.
  • Don’t harm the eggs or larvae.


While compiling the best oral flea treatment for cats, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discovered that the Capstar flea pills are very economical, can kill 95% of adult fleas on your cat, and begin working within 30 minutes.

Buyer's Guide

Fleas are parasitic insects that feed on human and animal blood. They are extremely common in domestic pets like dogs and cats, and if an infestation is not treated early, it becomes progressively difficult to cure.

Itching and scratching, biting their skin, and even shivering are all symptoms of a flea infestation. You may also search for evidence of bites and, if you find them, choose between topical and oral flea treatments.

Symptoms of Fleas

The most evident sign that your cat has fleas is that they scratch and itch. As the flea bites and draws blood, it causes the cat’s skin to itch, resulting in scratching and biting.

It may also leave red markings or welts on the skin of the cat. Itching and chewing on a regular and sustained basis might result in hair loss and puffiness.

Illness is spread by fleas.

Fleas are a nuisance that may lead to secondary symptoms and diseases.

They may also cause and transmit illnesses such as the ones listed below:

Tapeworms – Tapeworms connect to the gut before eating and reproducing on the host. They are easily identified by the egg packets that exit the cat’s body through the anus and resemble rice grains.

Fleas transport eggs and larvae from one victim to the next. The greatest strategy to keep tapeworms from spreading from host to host is to kill and prevent fleas.

Allergy to Fleas Dermatitis – Also known as FAD, this is an itchy skin illness caused by a flea allergy. It may be quite unpleasant and cause your cat to claw itself to the point of bleeding. A single flea might cause a bad response in very sensitive cats.

Feline Infectious Anemia – Anemia is a low blood count, and cats may suffer from feline infectious anemia, which occurs when a tiny parasite is spread from one cat to another and the immune system kills the cat’s own blood cells because it feels its host is under assault.

Cat Scratch Fever, also known as Carrion’s Disease, is an ailment that affects 40% of cats at some point in their lives. It is spread when a cat cleans itself and consumes contaminated flea excrement. It causes fever, enlarged lymph nodes, red eyes, vomiting, and other symptoms.

Aside from being an irritating irritant, fleas are a serious concern for cats. If you notice a flea infestation in your cat, you should act quickly to eliminate the fleas and keep your cat healthy and safe.

Fleas will reinfest your cat, so double-check your flea control and establish how often you need to reapply the treatment.

Why Should You Use Oral Flea Treatment?

Topical flea treatments, also known as spot-on treatments, are those that come in little ampoules and are applied between the cat’s shoulder blades.

Because they may leave a sticky residue, you must keep your cat and other animals away from the liquid. If your cat is allergic to the flea medication, it may make them worse than the fleas.

Oral medication eliminates the need to keep other cats away from the treated feline and may avoid contact dermatitis induced by flea treatment.

Tablets – Cats are infamous for refusing to swallow medications, however some adapt better than others. Pill pockets, which are little snacks with room for a tablet, are available for purchase.

You may also wrap a tablet in a little scrap of food or a small cat treat. A pill applicator, which enables you to gently shoot the tablet down the cat’s throat, is also available. Smaller tablets are simpler for your cat to swallow, but bigger ones are typically stronger.

Oral Solution – A liquid is an oral solution. It comes in the form of an ampoule that may be mixed with food or cat treats.

The difficulty with this technique is that you can’t be sure how much liquid your cat has consumed and how much is sitting on the floor or the edge of the dish.

4 Tips for Giving Pills or Tablets to Your Cat

You should never grind or break medicines before feeding them to your cat unless your physician recommends it. Because ground tablets might taste bitter, your cat will be able to detect the presence of anything foreign in their diet.

It also implies that your cat may not get the whole dose of medicine. Instead, use the following methods to assist your cat swallow medications.

1 – Safeguard Yourself

Learn how to wrap a towel around your cat like a baby in swaddling clothing. The towel will prevent your cat from using its claws and feet. It can save your arm and prevent your cat from fleeing until you want them to.

2 – Make Use Of A Pill Popper

A pill popper resembles a syringe. You insert the pill into the end of the syringe, which is directed towards the cat’s throat, and then swiftly push the syringe down the cat’s throat.

This will trigger your cat’s gag reflex to activate, causing him or her to swallow. They’ll probably lick their lips a few times after that, but the pill should be completely gone by then.

3 – Disguise the Tablet as Food

It’s an old tactic, but it works in the majority of circumstances. Most of us have heard stories of cats that can smell drugs from ten feet away and shun even the most delicious reward, or those who consume the treat and spit out the pill.

However, for the most part, you can insert a pill inside a cat treat and properly feed it. Always be certain that the food you pick is suitable for your cat.

4 – Make Use Of A Pill Pocket

A pill pocket operates on the same fundamental premise as physically putting a tablet into food. These are little treats with a gap or pocket where you may insert the pill and feed it to your cat.

These may be highly helpful, although some flea pills are unusually huge and may not fit in all pill pockets unless gently persuaded.

Treatment Methods

Instant Relief – Adult fleas, not eggs, are normally killed by instant relief tablets. The trouble with this is that the fleas will have already set eggs, which will hatch and leave your cat with another infestation, even if you cure them 24 hours later.

This first treatment is advised for cats with severe infestation or if your cat is allergic to flea bites. This is due to the fact that quick relief tablets often kill 95% of adult fleas and may be administered again 24 hours later.

Monthly Protection – In contrast, several pills and liquids are administered on a monthly basis. They not only kill adult fleas but also try to destroy eggs and larvae.

When the adult fleas die, your cat will no longer pick up fleas unless they come into touch with them in the wild or from another animal.

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