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9 Best Open Farm Cat Foods

Open Farm is a tiny pet food company that takes pleasure in its honesty and transparency. All of its ingredients are 100% traceable, and the recipes use a lot of non-GMO components.

In addition, the company only works with farmers who provide ethically farmed cattle, poultry, and lamb.

As a result, Open Farm charges premium prices for premium cat food. Despite the increased price tag, you can rest assured that your cat is eating high-quality, clean food.

If you have a cat who has dietary sensitivities or allergies, you may appreciate Open Farm cat food because the ingredient lists are brief and uncomplicated.

They also contain only one source of animal flesh. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has tried a few of Open Farm's cat food recipes on our own kitties.

We have an ordinary adult cat with no health issues and one older cat that has difficulties eating certain solid foods due to tooth extractions.

Based on their responses to these best Open Farm cat foods, we believe it is safe to state that Open Farm is a trustworthy and dependable pet food provider that is worth the high cost.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Open Farm and what our kitties have to say about it.


Dry Cat Food Open Farm Wild-Caught Salmon

The Wild-Caught Salmon Dry Cat Food is a healthy choice for cats of all ages. The first component is wild-caught Pacific salmon, which is high in omega 3 fatty acids and DHA.

Other nutritious foods include cranberries, dandelion greens, and prebiotic fibers, which assist support digestive and urinary system health.

This cat food is also strong in protein, including around 44% crude protein on a dry matter basis.

Our only reservation was that the recipe included both red and green lentils near the top of the ingredient list, which can be difficult for cats to digest.

We were greeted with a distinct fish stench when we initially opened this bag. Although it was not comfortable for us, it immediately drew our cats’ attention.

This cat food passed the taste test, and one of our cats eagerly munched on the kibble with no problems digesting it. Our elderly cat couldn’t chew the kibble and so couldn’t consume it.


  • Pacific wild-caught The first ingredient is salmon.
  • Protein-rich diet
  • Aids in the health of the digestive and urinary tracts


  • Lentils may induce digestive problems.


Rustic Turkey Open Farm Homestead Blend

Both of our kitties loved the Homestead Turkey Rustic Blend. The dish had a thick consistency, and we could see real chunks of turkey inside.

When we presented it as is, our adult cat promptly devoured her piece. We had to mash up the food and combine it with one of the bone broths for our elderly cat to consume his portion effortlessly.

Because the recipe only provides one source of meat protein, cats with beef allergies can safely consume it. It also keeps a lot of moisture, so it can be an excellent way to keep cats hydrated, particularly if they don’t drink from a dish.

This dish did have a greater fat content (34% crude fat on a dry matter basis), and it was also relatively high in calories.

According to our research, the Homestead Turkey Rustic Blend is a nice food for cats, but it’s probably not the greatest solution for overweight cats who need to lose weight.


  • Senior cats may consume them easily.
  • There is only one sort of beef protein.
  • Can assist cats in staying hydrated


  • Lentils are included.
  • High fat content and calorie count


Cat Bone Broth Bundle

The Bone Broth Bundle for Cats, which included Homestead Turkey Bone Broth, Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth, and Harvest Chicken Bone Broth, was tested.

All of the bone broth recipes combine slow-cooked beef with healthful, non-GMO ingredients like pumpkin, carrot, and turmeric.

The ingredient lists are straightforward, and we like that they don’t include various types of meat, as some low-quality pet broths do.

There is no additional salt in any of the bone broth recipes, so they can help cats stay hydrated. You can offer them as snacks or as meal toppings.

They’re also safe for dogs, so our dog could join in on the fun and enthusiastically drank the Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth.

Because both cats and dogs may eat the same food, these bone broths are ideal for multi-pet households. We have no complaints about the bone broths.

They are more expensive than other brands, but they employ high-quality ingredients, and all of our pets enjoyed them. As a result, they’re well worth the money.


  • Ingredients are listed simply.
  • Animal protein from a single source
  • Non-GMO ingredients are used.
  • Ideal for households with many pets.


  • Relatively costly

Reviewed Open Farm Cat Food

Here is a breakdown of essential information regarding Open Farm that cat owners should be aware of before purchasing its cat food.

Who manufactures Open Farm and where is it manufactured?

Open Farm is a new pet food brand that began in 2014. Isaac Langleben, Jacqueline Prehogan, and Derek Beigleman are the founders. Their quest for healthful, high-quality dog food inspired them to launch Open Farm.

Open Farm works with farmers who raise high-quality produce while also treating their animals respectfully. It goes to great lengths to ensure that all of its ingredients are ethically sourced and completely traceable.

This corporation is headquartered in Toronto, with production operations in Minnesota.

Open Farm immediately expanded its brand to cat food after establishing its dog food line. It now sells dog food, meal toppers for cats, broths, and supplements.

Which Cats Are Suitable for an Open Farm?

Open Farm sells cat food in a number of forms, including dry food, wet food, broths, and various meal supplements. Its recipe ingredient listings only include one type of protein and all-natural veggies.

They are also quite straightforward in comparison to other pet food brands, which have significantly longer and more complex ingredient lists containing artificial flavors and preservatives.

As a result, they’re an excellent choice for cats who have food allergies or sensitivities. Many of Open Farm’s cat foods are appropriate for cats of all ages.

As a result, a kitten can continue to eat the same food as an adult, and you won’t have to worry about the difficulty of transferring your kitten to a different type of food.

Which Cats Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

The label of Open Farm’s dry cat food shows that it is suitable for all life stages. There are no specifications for this moist cat food.

If you wish to feed your kitten wet food, you should look for a different brand that clearly states that the formula is for kittens.

We have discovered that the recipes can include a range of produce that some cats may not like.

When we opened a package of Homestead Turkey Rustic Blend, for example, it smelled strongly of lentils.

Some cats who dislike eating veggies and other plant-based meals may be put off by this aroma.

Primary Ingredients Discussion (Good and Bad)

All of the cattle, poultry, lamb, and turkey are raised humanely and ethically, and the fish are all wild-caught.

As previously stated, all of the components are 100% traceable, and Open Farm has a thorough vetting procedure to ensure that it only works with the best farmers.

Open Farm is very deliberate and thoughtful about the products it uses in its meals. However, we were concerned when we discovered lentils in some of the food our cats ate. Garbanzo beans are also used in several of the recipes.

Although garbanzo beans and lentils are not poisonous to cats, they are also not the healthiest meals to feed them. Cats are obligate carnivores, despite their high protein content.

As a result, they thrive on animal flesh protein rather than plant-based protein. Cats who eat too much lentils may develop gastrointestinal problems, including vomiting and diarrhea.

A Trustworthy Pet Food Company

The transparency and commitment to ethical standards that distinguishes Open Farm from many other pet food companies.

When it comes to dealing with farms, fisheries, and producers, this company is careful.

It pays attention to the smallest details so that cat owners don’t have to waste time searching for high-quality cat chow.

As a result, Open Farm loyalty is based on consumer trust as well as the brand’s favorable image and practices.

Open Farm also works with a number of organizations that have stringent criteria for farming and agricultural processes:

  • Humane Certification
  • Oceanwise
  • International Animal Partnership
  • TerraCycle

Ingredient Tracking in Depth

Each Open Farm cat food package includes a lot code. It is typically seen on the back of the packaging.

You can enter the lot code into Open Farm’s website to learn about the origins of each component in the recipe. As a result, you’ll always know where your cat’s food originated from.

This feature goes above and beyond, and you may not even use it with every box of food you buy. However, Open Farm made a wise decision to hold itself accountable by providing an option for openness with its clients.

Sustainability in the Environment

Another important aspect of Open Farm’s branding is its dedication to environmentally responsible activities.

It has made a commitment to lower its carbon impact by 42% by 2030. This company’s practical efforts include measuring, lowering, and offsetting emissions.

Open Farm’s collaboration with Terracycle also keeps its packaging out of landfills. By registering with TerraCycle, you may send your bags to TerraCycle, who will recycle them for you.

Cat Food with a Limited Product Line

Open Farm is a young firm that does not yet have a large selection of cat food. We’d like to see additional specialist feeds introduced to the range, such as kitten nutrition formulae and low-calorie weight management recipes.

An Overview of Open Farm Cat Food


  • Ingredients are completely traceable.
  • Food sourced ethically
  • Recipes with a single source of meat protein
  • Environmentally responsible behavior


  • Cat food selection is limited.
  • Relatively costly

History of Recalls

As of now, Open Farm’s pet food has had no recalls. There have been no recalls of its cat or dog food lines.

What Other Users Have to Say

Open Farm –  “I have a melanistic Bengal who likes the food…” His coat is again regrowing and is quite lustrous and silky.”

Facebook – “Healthy, sustainable, and humane… ” “I am quite pleased with Open Farm.”

Amazon – As pet owners, we always double-check Amazon buyer reviews before making a purchase. These can be found by clicking here.


Open Farm makes premium cat food with the goal of guaranteeing that all components used in the recipes are ethically farmed and traceable.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) experienced a few minor issues with the recipes, such as the usage of beans and lentils, but there were no big issues.

Overall, we were blown away by how much our cats appreciated their Open Farm food.

As a result, we expect to see additional recipes emerge so that more cats can enjoy these delicious, high-quality meals.

Finally, we appreciate your selecting BestForPets over dozens of other websites to learn about the best Open Farm cat foods. Hopefully, this post has helped you choose the best product for your pet.

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