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The 5 Best Okocat Cat Litters

Okocat litter is eco-friendly and natural, and it takes a different approach than standard clay litters.

They offer clumping and non-clumping cat litters made from wood and paper in a variety of sizes. This litter is fully sewer-safe and biodegradable, and it may even be flushed down the toilet.

Depending on the Okocat litter you choose, absorption rates can range from 200% to 500%.

Okocat litter has no synthetic chemicals or hazardous compounds because the company is committed to delivering healthy and ecologically friendly pet goods.

Their litters include no inks, dyes, or fragrances, and there is no powdery dust, as is frequent with clay cat litters.

Okocat litter might help put your mind at ease if you're concerned about the environment and your impact on it. It is obtained carefully and processed ethically.

Best of all, it's completely eco-friendly; even the corrugated box it arrives in can be recycled. Here are the best Okocat cat litters that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes you should get.

Okocat Cat Litter Evaluation

Why should you choose Okocat above the other cat litter brands on the market? What makes their litter unique? Okocat does not manufacture clay or maize litter, as do many other companies.

Instead, they make litter from renewable wood and paper fibers that is safe for sewers and effective at regulating odors.

To have a decent indication of what to expect from this litter, we’ll look at its performance and makeup to see what it’s all about.

Who Creates Okocat and Where Is It Made?

Healthy Pet is a firm that is dedicated to producing pet products in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Okocat, along with Carefresh and Simply Pine, is one of the brands sold under the Healthy Pet name. J. Rettenmaier & Sohne Group, one of the world’s largest organic fiber firms, owns Healthy Pet.

It stands to reason that a company dedicated to “green” plant fiber technology would create kitty litter made completely of environmentally friendly wood and paper fibers.

Okocat is best suited for which kind of cats?

Okocat is suitable for all cats, though some highly picky cats may be put off by the texture at first because it differs from other types of litter.

If your cat has always used clay litter, the new texture will be a big adjustment. You may easily get around this by alternating between Okocat and your existing litter for one or two changes before making the whole move.

Which Cats Would Benefit from a Different Brand?

One of the few drawbacks to Okocat litter is its small weight, which makes it simple to track and disseminate.

If your cat is a messy cat to begin with, tossing the litter everywhere, you may have an even bigger mess to deal with when using Okocat.

In that instance, a heavier litter, such as Purina Tidy Cats with Clay Multi-Cat Clumping Litter, could be preferable.

Primary Ingredients Discussion (Good and Bad)

Okocat litter is unique in that it is not manufactured from common cat litter ingredients such as clay and maize. Okocat, on the other hand, is manufactured from eco-friendly and natural fibers derived from 100% recycled wood.

Not only do these fibers originate directly from the planet, but they are also entirely recyclable back into the earth because everything is biodegradable.

It’s even sewer-friendly, so you can flush it instead of creating more plastic waste by filling plastic bags with cat litter every week.


Wood is a completely natural and renewable material. However, the wood in Okocat litter was not produced by felling trees. It is made completely of repurposed wood.

Furthermore, Okocat is fully safe for the environment, which is one of Okocat’s goals. In reality, oko means “eco” or “environmental” in German. It’s so crucial to this company that it’s in their name!

Okocat litter is made from wood fibers that are devoid of synthetic chemicals and hazardous additions, making it safe for your cat.

Even better, unlike clay litter compositions, Okocat produces almost no dust. It also clumps significantly better than most typical litters.

Okocat litter is excellent for odor reduction. It does not include any aromas or perfumes to aid in this regard, but wood has its own nice natural odor and is highly absorbent, making it ideal for absorbing odors from your cat’s waste.

Wood fibers are also incredibly lightweight, however this might add to the clutter.

Even with a clean and tidy litter box, you may still find feline scents and stains around the house – but the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray can handle it all.

It permanently removes even the toughest stains and odors! Click here to find out more and order a bottle.

Cat Litter that is Disposable

Traditional clay cat litters, as well as litter produced from food ingredients, are not usually safe to flush down the toilet.

Okocat litter, on the other hand, is entirely sewer-safe and flushable, making it even more environmentally beneficial because you won’t have to contribute another plastic bag to the landfill.

Furthermore, flushing the old litter away is significantly more convenient than walking it out to the trash can!

All-Natural and Eco-Friendly

Okocat is a brand that is committed to being environmentally conscious and accountable for its environmental impact. All of the materials used in Okocat litter are acquired responsibly and are reused.

Okocat litter can even be recycled in its corrugated packaging. The wood fibers used in this litter are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and even flushable.

Outstanding Odor Control and Clumping

Okocat comes in both clumping and non-clumping formulations. If you choose a clumping formula, you may expect compact clumps that form rapidly and are simple to remove from the litter box. However, not everyone had a similar experience.

Okocat has no extra odor control because it contains no fragrances or perfumes, but it doesn’t need it. These wood fibers are incredibly absorbent and help to mask the odor of your cat’s excrement.

Furthermore, they emit a natural wood odor that is pleasant without the need for additional fragrance.

Superlight litter creates more waste

When compared to clay, wood fibers are quite light. The disadvantage is that it makes it more simpler to spread. While these fibers do not stick to cats’ paws as much as regular clay litters, they are easily flung around.

This litter will most likely cause a mess around the litter box that you are not used to. As a result, many users of this litter place their litter box on a mat, making cleanup of the area around the litterbox much easier.

Okocat Cat Litter in a Nutshell


  • Outstanding odor control
  • Excellent clumping ability
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and all-natural
  • It is possible to cleanse


  • It has a tendency to spread outside of the litter box.

History of Recalls

Okocat Cat Litter does not appear to have ever been recalled.


Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter Okocat

Okocat is a fantastic alternative to regular litters. Unfortunately, many all-natural litters have historically performed poorly, but the natural wood fibers utilized in Okocat outperform any typical cat litter medium.

Despite the fact that there are no added aromas or fragrances in this litter, it performs a fantastic job of preventing bad odors from accumulating.

These wood fibers are extremely absorbent and may quickly absorb any pet feces. Furthermore, the clumps form quickly and are easy to separate from the remaining good litter. This solution will also be significantly less dusty than clay litters.

What makes this garbage so unique is its environmental friendliness. It is not just biodegradable but can also be flushed down the toilet.

The wood used to construct these fibers is recovered and responsibly sourced, and even the box it arrives in is recyclable.


  • Excellent odor control
  • Natural and plant-based
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Odor control that is highly absorbing
  • 99% clear of dust


  • Lightweight fibers spread easily.

Okocat Unscented Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Except for one important difference, Okocat’s super-soft clumping wood cat litter is similar to their other blends.

While regular Okocat litters are rather soft, this mix is designed to be ultra-soft for sensitive paws. If your cat has previously complained about litter hurting its paws, it might benefit from trying this super-soft cat litter instead.

Of course, because this blend differs from the usual Okocat litter, it is more expensive. Okocat is already a really expensive litter, so this litter isn’t exactly cheap.

However, it is still eco-friendly because it is created from sustainably sourced “green” materials, just like the other litters in the Okocat family.


  • Super soft fibers are kind to paws.
  • Made from wood fibers that have been responsibly sourced
  • Biodegradable and natural
  • There are no scents, synthetic chemicals, GMOs, or harmful dyes in this product.


  • Priced higher than other Okocat litters

Dust-Free Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter Okocat

If your cat has respiratory issues or you are allergic to the dust that develops on more standard cat litters, the Okocat dust-free unscented non-clumping paper pellet cat litter may be the litter for you.

Instead of the wood-fiber litter found in other Okocat formulae, this one contains paper pellets, which eliminates dust. This is why it is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

Unfortunately, these paper pellets track even more than other Okocat litters, and the waste tends to spread rather far. Nonetheless, this litter is flushable, sourced responsibly, and fully safe for cats and the environment.

You still get all of the Okocat benefits, but in a safe form for your lungs. However, because this litter is one of the most expensive on the Okocat roster, you should expect to spend a premium for it.


  • Paper pellets that are completely dust-free
  • Flushable
  • Excellent for cats with respiratory problems.
  • Eco-friendly and responsibly sourced


  • One of the priciest Okocat litters
  • Excessive monitoring

What Other Users Have to Say

We have extensive experience with a variety of cat litters, including Okocat.

We’re confident in our assessments of each cat litter we test as a result of that experience. At the same time, we recognize that hearing from other real-world Okocat litter users could be valuable.

So we looked through Chewy and Amazon reviews to see what individuals thought about Okocat after using it with their cats, and the quotes below are taken directly from those reviews.

Chewy provided the following feedback. If you want to read more of them, click here.

“This is probably the nicest litter we’ve ever used.”

“It’s as organic as litter can get, plus it’s lightweight, dust-free, covers the litter incredibly well, and has no odor at all.” The ONLY problem I have is that it tracks a lot, possibly because the contents are light and tend to fall out of the box quickly.”

“We began using Okocat after seeing that The Cat Cafe in San Diego uses it for its rescue cats.” We’ve never used a better litter! We have five cats, and they all loved it right away. We use the original clumping Okocat, which clumps extremely effectively and emits no urine stench at all. We wholeheartedly endorse it.”

While the majority of Chewy reviews were positive, some users had a different opinion.

“I despise this litter. It tracks everywhere, stinks terrible, and takes an eternity to scoop because the clumping doesn’t function very well.”

“It does not clump nicely. When sifting, the clumps separate. It’s aggravating. Furthermore, it leaves traces all over the place.”

The general consensus on Amazon was very similar. We usually read their reviews before purchasing a new product, especially for our fussy kitties! Click here to read Okocat reviews on Amazon.


Okocat litter is among the greatest all-natural litters available. It departs from traditional formulations based on clay, corn, wheat, and other comparable elements.

Okocat, on the other hand, is made from wood fibers that are renewable, ethically sourced, and environmentally benign, all of which are part of the Okocat goal. These wood fibers are made from salvaged wood!

The materials used to manufacture Okocat litter are not only ethically sourced, but they are also fully safe for the environment.

These best Okocat cat litters are biodegradable and sewer-safe, so you may safely flush them down the toilet. Okocat will not produce dust in the same way as clay litters do.

However, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has noticed that because Okocat is so light, it tends to spread outside of the litter box, creating a bigger mess to clean.

If the environment is a primary priority for you, few cat litters are created more responsibly than Okocat.

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