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The 8 Best Odor And Stain Removers For Guinea Pig Cages

Guinea pigs are fantastic pets. They are endearing, affectionate, and amusing.

However, if you do not clean their cages, they will begin to stink, and that odor will quickly spread throughout your house.

If not properly maintained, the odor of a Guinea pig's urine-soaked bedding might turn your stomach when you enter a room.

Although it is typical for a Guinea Pig's cage to smell, you may eliminate the stains and odors by utilizing excellent cleaning tools.

Below are BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) evaluations of the best odor and stain removers for Guinea pig cages.


Zero Odor Pet Stain Removal Spray

Our selection for the most cost-effective odor and stain removal is Zero’s Odor Pet Stain Removal Spray.

This spray is inexpensive and suitable for multi-pet homes, so you may use it on your Guinea Pig’s cage as well as your cat’s and dog’s bedding.

It may be used on carpets, furniture, and more. The mixture is fragrance-free and non-toxic, so you need not worry if your pet examines a freshly cleaned section of the cage.

This spray removes pet scents at the molecular level, as opposed to just disguising them. According to some consumers, the spray is not odorless as advertised, and it does not eliminate all smells and stains.


Affordable for most budgets

Excellent for multi-pet homes

Odorless and non-toxic

Eliminates pet smells on a molecular level


  • Is not odorless
  • Occasionally failed to work

Kaytee Clean Cage Deodorizer Spray for Small Animal Habitats

Our top option, Kaytee’s Clean Cage Small Animal Habitat Deodorizer Spray, eliminates all smells associated with small animal feces.

The nicest feature of this spray is that it comes in a 32-ounce container, and you only need to apply a little amount to an area for it to be effective.

It simultaneously cleans and deodorizes, however there have been claims that it functions as a cleaning first and an odor removal second.

Notably, this cannot be sprayed directly on your pet’s bedding, and you must remove your Guinea Pig from its cage before using this spray.


  • Cleanses and deodorizes simultaneously
  • Little is required to start operation.
  • Possesses a grip and pump motion that make it simple to use.


  • Cannot be directly applied to bedding
  • Remove stains more effectively than scents

Natural Chemistry and Habitat Preservation Natural Pet Cleanser and Deodorizer

We propose the Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat Natural Pet Cleaner and Deodorizer if you’re seeking for a solution that disinfects and eliminates smells simultaneously.

The 1-gallon container of this solution is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing cages and other environments. It is effective on a variety of surfaces and leaves no residual perfume scent behind.

It may also be utilized when your pet is contained inside the cage. The major issue with this remedy is that it lacks a spray nozzle, making it difficult to use and easy to spill owing to the bottle’s size and awkwardness.

If you have your own spray bottle, though, you can easily pour some into it and use it. Customers also claimed that as the solution dries, it leaves a thin residue on everything.


  • It disinfects and eliminates smells simultaneously.
  • Does not leave a perfume scent behind.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of surfaces
  • Compatible with the pet’s cage.


  • Does not include a spray nozzle.
  • Leaves a tiny residue behind.
  • The bottle is difficult to use and prone to spilling owing to its design.

No Scent Professional Pet Waste and Odor Eliminator and Cleaner for Small Animals

Suppose you’re looking for a material that can be applied to hutches, tanks, toys, bedding, and more. In this situation, we suggest No Scent Small Animal Professional Pet Waste Odor Eliminator & Cleaner.

Not only does the product not include dangerous chemicals, but it is also eco-friendly; thus, if you are ecologically sensitive, you will be contributing to the preservation of the planet.

As pet owners are well aware, Guinea Pig pee may leave a lingering odor in the house. This product is also effective in eliminating the odor.

According to some consumers, this solution is not fragrance-free, but rather leaves a minty aroma behind. Additionally, several consumers reported that the solution did not function as intended.


  • Works on cages, playthings, and bedding
  • Eco-friendly
  • Contains no hazardous substances
  • Greatly reduces urine smells


  • Not fragrance-free
  • Leaves a minty scent behind.
  • Some clients reported that it was ineffective.

8 ounce of Kaytee Smellin’ Good Critter Spray

We suggest the 8-ounce container of Kaytee’s Smellin’ Good Critter Spray for an effective spray.

It is non-toxic and safe for use on pets, their cages, bedding, and other surfaces. It effectively eliminates pet waste smells, and the spray bottle makes cleaning convenient.

The pricing for an 8-ounce bottle of Smellin Good Critter Spray is a tad steep, and several customers said that the spray smelled like baby powder, which both the owners and their dogs disliked.


  • Non-Toxic
  • A few drops may go a long way.
  • Compatible with pets and their cages.
  • Eliminates animal waste odors


  • Small bottle given the cost.
  • Smells like baby powder

Arm & Hammer for Pets Deodorizing Spray

Arm and Hammer is a well-known brand that manufactures a variety of goods. The Arm & Hammer for Pets Deodorizing Spray may be sprayed directly on your Guinea Pig and its cage to efficiently and safely eliminate smells.

It includes baking soda, which has been praised for its cleansing and deodorizing abilities for many years. Unlike some of the other items on our list, it does not leave a lingering odor.

Customers noted that the spray was effective for around five minutes before the odor returned worse than before. Others said that the spray nozzle was of poor quality and difficult to use.


  • Can be sprayed on Guinea Pigs and their cages immediately.
  • Eliminates smells efficiently and safely
  • Contains baking soda
  • Does not leave behind a strong odor.


  • Works just for 5 minutes
  • Spray nozzle is inexpensive and challenging to operate.
  • Might not be suitable for tiny animals

Nature’s Miracle Cage Odor Eliminator for Small Animals

Nature’s Miracle is another well-known pet brand. Ideal for Guinea Pig cages is their unscented Nature’s Miracle Cage Odor Eliminator for Small Animals.

This 16-ounce odor and stain remover eliminates smells rather than just disguising them. It is also pretty reasonable considering its size and functionality.

Cage Odor Eliminator cannot be used with your pet in its cage, nor does it need to be sprayed on accessories or toys.

Additionally, it takes longer than 10 minutes for the spray to begin working and dry, leaving some pet owners unhappy with the wait and the outcomes.


  • Unscented
  • Removes smells rather than disguising them.
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be used with animals in a cage.
  • Can take more than 10 minutes to dry and become effective
  • Not valid on toys and accessories

Spray Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Despite the fact that we all like our Guinea Pigs, the odor of a filthy cage may become overpowering if left for too long.

We recommend Hepper’s Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet and Stain Odor Eliminator Spray as the most effective odor and stain removal for Guinea Pig cages.

It is a fantastic option for eliminating stains and odors without leaving behind harsh chemical scents. Whether you have stains on your carpet or in your pet’s cage, this spray is quite effective.

The only negative we discovered was that it required numerous applications to remove stains, and some users did not like the product’s odor.


  • Formulated with bio-enzymes for comprehensive stain and odor control
  • Offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Applicable in the majority of regions where pets are permitted.
  • Excellent for use on cages and bedding


  • Numerous applications are required to eliminate a single stain.
  • Some owners disliked the odor.

Buyer's Guide

Now that you are aware of the most effective odor and stain removers for a Guinea Pig’s cage, you may have more inquiries regarding the items.

In the section that follows, we’ll provide a few suggestions for selecting the ideal option.

How Effectively It Removes Odor

Determine how successfully the remedy you are applying eliminates smells as your initial step. As seen by the products on our list, some are more effective than others in eliminating animal waste odors.

Some odor eliminators promise to eliminate smells while, in reality, they only mask the stink for a few minutes.

What Kind of Odor Does It Leave?

Some stain removers leave behind a strong odor, and many pet owners would prefer that their pets’ cages smell only of freshness and cleanliness.

Some of the cleansers on our list smell like baby powder, while others have no aroma. It is up to you to decide which option is best for you.

If you don’t mind a perfumed odor in your Guinea Pig’s cage, many of the goods listed above will suffice.

Does It Contaminate?

For many of us, it is essential that the stain and odor remover we use to clean our Guinea pig cages also disinfects the cage.

The best products, such as the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, eliminate the proteins that produce smells and prevent their reappearance.

Your first concern should be the health of your Guinea Pig, so carefully examine the list of components on any odor and stain remover you are contemplating.

Some of the products on our list may be used on your pet and its surroundings, while others need you to remove the animal from its cage.


Our top value selection is the Zero Odor Pet Stain Removal Spray due to its affordability and molecular elimination of pet scents.

Our top option, Kaytee’s Clean Cage Small Animal Habitat Deodorizer Spray, eliminates all smells associated with small animal feces.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that these evaluations of the best odor and stain removers for Guinea Pig cages will assist you in locating the best odor and stain remover to keep your Guinea Pig’s cage smelling fresh and free of stains.

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