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The 11 Best Non-Clay Cat Litters

Clay kitty litter is popular due to its ease of use and low cost, but it has several downsides, including a terrible ammonia stench and the possibility of creating respiratory problems in your cat.

Fortunately, there are various non-clay cat litters on the market that are inexpensive, effective, and cat safe. This article contains eleven reviews of the best non-clay cat litters available this year.

Finally, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) include a buyer's guide to help you select the finest kitten litter for your budget, home, and kitty. Continue reading to find out more.


Best Value Feline Pine Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

The Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter is the best non-clay cat litter for the money. As our value option, it stands to reason that this kitten litter is inexpensive.

In addition to its low price, the bag weighs 40 pounds, making it the largest bag on the list.

Another advantage of the Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter is that it employs pine to naturally reduce odors.

With its chemical-free nature, the product does an excellent job of retaining odors and keeping ammonia at bay.

This device does have a learning curve because it is made from wood. Because of its wood construction, it does not clump, making it difficult to clean the first few times.

When you understand how to utilize kitty litter, you will find that it makes your life so much easier by reducing pee odor without breaking the bank.


Premium Choice Pioneer Pet SmartCat Clumping Grass Cat Litter

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter is the most remarkable kitty litter.

This is our premium option since it is very pricey, but it has excellent clumping and odor reduction qualities that make the price worthwhile for some users.

On the one hand, the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter is capable of absorbing urine and trapping odors without the use of chemicals or perfumes.

However, because the grass material clumps like typical kitty litter, you can quickly clean out your litter box.

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat Unscented Clumping Grass Cat Litter’s only disadvantage is its high price. This kitty litter is not suitable for individuals on a tight budget due to its high price.

Regardless of the expense, cat parents who will spend anything for their beloved feline would adore this product.


Original Recycled Paper Pellets Cat Litter is brand new

We recommend the Fresh News Original Recycled Paper Pellets Cat Litter if you like paper litter. This kitty litter is composed entirely of recycled paper and is biodegradable when composted.

These two characteristics make the kitten litter significantly better for the environment than other forms of kitty litter.

Nonetheless, the Fresh News Recycled Paper traps odors because it is blended with baking soda, a natural odor neutralizer.

Although the amount of baking soda used is helpful for odor neutralization, it is not harmful to your cat’s respiratory system. It is even safe for small animals like rabbits, whose systems are far more sensitive than cats’.

The cost of this kitten litter is quite reasonable.

Even if there are less expensive paper options, we recommend this paper kitty litter because to its recyclable nature and ammonia locker technology.

You will have to clean out the litter box more frequently, as with all paper kitty litters.


The Best Multi-Cat Clumping Corn Litter in the World

World’s Best Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter is another popular non-clay cat litter.

This kitty litter is the best since it traps odors, is safe for cats, and can even be flushed down toilets linked to septic or sewer systems.

The fact that this kitty litter is manufactured from all-natural corn kernels that are free of chemicals and perfumes makes the products healthy for your cat.

Simultaneously, these kernels easily trap scents and clump on contact, resulting in no unpleasant ammonia odor.

The World’s Best Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter’s sole potential disadvantage is its high price.

It is one of the most expensive products on this list, yet it delivers unrivaled effects.

Because it lasts twice as long as ordinary kitty litter, you won’t need to buy it as frequently, making the hefty price tag more bearable.


Clumping Walnut Cat Litter that is Naturally Fresh and Unscented

One of the greatest options for cats with particularly sensitive respiratory systems is the Naturally Fresh Unscented Clumping Walnut Cat Litter.

This walnut cat litter contains no dust, grains, chemicals, or toxins, making it one of the safest products available.

Aside from being safe, the Naturally Fresh Unscented Clumping Walnut Cat Litter does an excellent job of cleaning up after your pet.

To lock in odor, the mixture soon clumps into tight balls. Surprisingly, the product is also quite inexpensive. It is one of the largest bags on this list at a reasonable price.

This makes it an excellent choice for cat owners looking for a low-cost product that is nevertheless extremely effective and safe for their cats.

Some people have complained about scooping this stuff.

It must be scooped once a day because the walnuts absorb so much moisture that if you wait too long between scoopings, they become virtually rock solid.

Parents who do not wish to scoop as frequently will require a different product.

Finding The Best Non-Clay Cat Litter Buyer's Guide

Why Should I Purchase Non-Clay Cat Litter?

Non-clay kitty litter is usually better for your cat.

Because of the substance used in traditional kitty litter, the clay eventually turns to dust, causing respiratory difficulties in both cats and people.

Clay kitty litter will not benefit your cat, especially if it already has respiratory concerns.

Non-clay kitty litters are also better for the environment. The majority of clay litters are produced through strip mining, which is harmful to the environment.

Almost all non-clay litters are created with natural components, making them safer for both your cat and the environment.

What are the components of non-clay kitty litter?

Non-clay kitty litters are available in a range of materials. Recycled paper, pine, wood, corn, wheat, walnut, and grass are among the most popular.

Each material has advantages and disadvantages, therefore it is critical to carefully select your cat’s kitty litter.

How to Select Kitty Litter

When it comes to selecting kitty litter, there are a few aspects to consider. Here are some considerations you should make before making your decision.

If your kitty litter is not comprised of clay, it is most likely made of another natural alternative. Choose a material that is appropriate for your cat based on your particular preferences.

  • Odor Management: The most crucial element to consider when selecting a kitten litter is odor control. Your cat’s urine stinks soon. Make sure the kitty litter you choose can trap odors to keep your home from stinking like a pigsty.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Choose a kitty litter that is simple to clean. Clumping litters are often the most convenient and favoured by cats. Although not all materials clump, many do.
  • Dust: Certain kitty litters produce dust, which spreads around your home and enters your cat’s sensitive respiratory system. To make breathing easier for you and your cat, choose a kitty litter with as little dust as possible.
  • Cost: Unfortunately, you will have to buy kitty litter on a regular basis for the rest of your cat’s life. Make sure the kitty litter you choose is reasonably priced so that you can purchase it on a regular basis for many years.

These are not the only criteria to consider, but they are among the most crucial when choosing a non-clay kitty litter in particular.


Based on these reviews, the World’s Best Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Corn Cat Litter is the best non-clay kitty litter on the market due to its excellent absorption, odor-locking abilities, and simplicity.

If you can’t afford Kitty Poo Club, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends the Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter alternative, which is less expensive but still produces excellent results.

Whatever product you choose, remember to keep our shopping advice in mind.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this article will assist you in selecting the best non-clay cat litters for your pet.

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