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12 Best Natural Flea Treatments And Repellents For Cats

Fleas, despite their small size, can be a major nuisance for pet owners.

Fleas can cause skin and coat problems due to excessive scratching, in addition to making your cat feel generally uncomfortable and itchy.

They may carry diseases and parasites that are harmful to your cat's overall health. Fleas are not only bothersome and potentially dangerous for your cat, but also for you!

They can live in your furniture, carpets, and floors, and they can also bite humans. The key to getting rid of them is to treat your pet as well as your home.

However, despite their effectiveness, chemical flea treatments have their own set of issues, as they can cause respiratory problems or illness if inhaled or ingested.

If you want a solution that is free of some of the harsher chemicals found in many commercial products, natural flea treatments and repellents may be the way to go.

That's why BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of the best natural flea treatments and repellents for cats, complete with reviews.

If you're looking for a product to protect your cat from fleas, hopefully these reviews will help you find one that works for you.


Flea Flicker by Ark Naturals! Kicker! Tick! Best Overall Dog and Cat Spray

  • Geraniol, eugenol, and peppermint
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Product Type: Treatment and repellent

We believe Ark Naturals Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! spray is the best overall natural flea treatment and repellent for cats because it is veterinarian recommended, which speaks volumes about the product’s quality and effectiveness.

It contains natural, botanical ingredients like geraniol, a type of plant oil derived from geraniums and other plants, and eugenol, which is another name for clove oil.

This spray also contains peppermint, which, along with geraniol and eugenol, works to treat and repel fleas due to the strong odor that fleas dislike.

This spray is ideal for cats with sensitive skin, and it leaves a pleasant scent behind. It’s also inexpensive and simple to use.

Even if the spray is diluted and the ingredients are deemed safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), peppermint oil can still be harmful to cats if consumed in large quantities.

It is critical that you only use the product as directed and do not overspray your cat. As long as you follow the instructions on the bottle, your cat’s flea problem should be reduced.


  • Affordable
  • Veterinary recommendation
  • Flea treatment and repellent
  • It has a pleasant odor.


  • If cats consume peppermint oil, they may become ill.


Best Value Natural Chemistry Natural Flea Spray for Cats

  • Cinnamon, clove, and cedar oils are used as ingredients.
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Product Type: Treatment and repellent

Natural Chemistry Flea Spray is the best natural flea treatment and repellent for cats for the money.

This spray is not only inexpensive, but it is also simple to use and can be used safely alongside other flea treatments without compromising their effectiveness.

This spray kills fleas on contact and repels them for up to seven days. It also keeps mosquitos and flies away. This spray contains cinnamon, clove, and cedar oils, which kill and repel fleas without the use of harmful chemicals.

Again, some of these ingredients may make your cat sick if consumed. It is critical that you use the spray as directed and do not overspray your cat or use it more frequently than necessary.


  • Affordable
  • Can be used in conjunction with other flea treatments.
  • Repels mosquitoes and flies as well.


  • If cats consume cinnamon or clove, they can become ill.


Cedarcide Topical Flea and Tick Spray – Premium Choice for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

  • Cedarwood oil, soybean oil, and diatomaceous earth are among the ingredients.
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Product Type: Treatment and repellent

Cedarcide Topical Flea and Tick Spray is a great natural flea spray for cats that contains ingredients like cedarwood oil and soybean oil.

Before using it on your cat, test for sensitivity with a light application. Of course, you should still carefully follow the instructions and avoid overexposing your cat to the spray.

The spray can treat and repel ticks, mosquitos, bed bugs, ants, and mites in addition to fleas. This spray can be used topically on your cat as well as on clothing, fabrics, and pretty much any surface inside your home (except food preparation surfaces) to kill and prevent flea and other insect infestations.

It will also not stain fabrics or upholstery. The only drawback is that this spray is expensive, which is why it is categorized as a premium product.

However, it is available in various sizes if you only need to treat your pet rather than your entire home, which can save you some money.


  • In addition to fleas, it treats other insects.
  • It is safe to use on your pet, yourself, and in your home.


  • Pricey


Natural Chemistry Cat Flea Shampoo – Best for Kittens

  • Cinnamon, clove, and cedar oil are the main ingredients.
  • Shampoo is a product.
  • Product Type: Treatment and repellent

Due to their immature immune systems and other parts of their bodies, you must exercise caution when using any type of flea treatment on kittens, even natural ones.

And, because even natural flea treatments can contain ingredients that are harmful to cats if ingested (in this case, cinnamon and clove), it’s critical to use products that reduce the risk of ingestion in a kitten.

That is why Natural Chemistry Flea Shampoo is our favorite natural flea treatment for kittens.

As a shampoo, this product is intended to be rinsed off rather than left on your kitten’s skin, reducing the likelihood that your kitten will ingest it.

Plus, bathing a kitten is much easier than bathing an adult cat. This product is gentle and safe to use on kittens when used as directed, and it can be combined with other flea treatments.

The only disadvantage is that it may not be completely safe to use on newborn kittens or kittens under a couple of months old, so consult your veterinarian before using it on very young kittens.


  • Most kittens will find it gentle and safe.
  • It is possible to rinse it off to avoid ingestion.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other flea treatments.


  • Not recommended for newborn kittens.
  • If cinnamon and clove are consumed, they can be harmful.


Hartz Nature’s Shield Home Flea and Tick Spray

  • Ingredients include cedarwood and lemongrass.
  • Product Type: Spray
  • Product Type: Treatment and repellent

Before we begin our review of this product, please be aware of the following: Hartz Nature’s Shield Flea and Tick Home Spray should not be applied directly to your pet.

You may want to use it in conjunction with a topical spray or shampoo for your pet.

This spray is intended to be sprayed around your home to kill fleas that may be living in your rugs, carpets, blankets, upholstery, and even your pet’s bedding after your pet has been treated to help kill and prevent fleas.

Having said that, killing fleas in your home is part of the treatment process. Otherwise, they’ll just find their way back onto your cat, making it even more difficult to get rid of them.

This product is very effective at killing and preventing fleas in your home. It is effective against adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae, as well as ticks and mosquitos. It can also be used outside.


  • Adult fleas and flea eggs are killed.
  • Can be used both inside and outside.
  • Use with confidence on fabrics, carpets, and upholstery.


  • Cannot be used on your cat directly.
  • Additional treatments for your pet may be required.


Away, Flea Oral Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs and Cats

  • Ingredients: A proprietary vitamin blend
  • Chewable tablet product form
  • Product Type: Treatment and repellent

First and foremost, this product is an oral tablet intended for your cat’s consumption. It is critical that you consult with your veterinarian first to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for your cat’s age and any health conditions.

That being said, the product itself is a combination flea treatment and vitamin supplement that works by masking the smell of carbon dioxide when your cat ingests it through the use of a safe vitamin combination.

Because carbon dioxide attracts fleas to your cat, the idea is that by masking it, the fleas will not bite even if they do get on your cat. As a result, the tablet also aids in the reduction of flea bite sores, scabs, and dermatitis.

Each tablet is flavored with liver to make it more appealing to your cat. The dosage suggests giving your cat one tablet per day with food, but consult your veterinarian first to ensure it’s safe.

Furthermore, because your cat is supposed to take one per day, it may not be the most cost-effective method, especially if you have other cats.

You may also need to use another method to treat fleas in your home to prevent them from multiplying even if they aren’t on your cat.


  • Tablet that tastes like liver
  • Vitamins are used instead of essential oils.
  • It conceals the carbon dioxide that attracts fleas.


  • Not as inexpensive
  • Because it is intended to be consumed, consult your veterinarian first.
  • You may need to use a different method to treat fleas in your home.


The Best Flea Comb for Dogs and Cats by Hartz Groomers

  • Ingredients: N/A
  • Product Type: Brush
  • Product Type: Treatment

If you want a product that is completely safe and natural for treating fleas on your cat that does not contain any chemicals or essential oils, you can always comb your cat’s fur on a regular basis to remove fleas and their eggs.

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Flea Comb is an excellent tool for this, and it is reasonably priced. It will temporarily help to reduce fleas. However, in the long run, it will only do so much to treat and prevent fleas.

Using a flea comb takes time, especially on a cat who dislikes being brushed in the first place.

A flea comb can be very safe and effective for kittens, but it may not be as effective for adult cats, in which case you will most likely need to use another flea treatment method.

You’ll also need to treat the fleas in your home if you want them to go away completely.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent for kittens (and safe)


  • Time-consuming
  • In the long run, it will not prevent fleas.
  • Other methods must still be used on your pet and in your home.

Buyer's Guide: Natural Flea Treatment FAQs

You may have more questions about natural flea treatments now that you’ve seen our list of products and reviews for each one, including whether they’re actually effective.

In this FAQ section, we’ve attempted to answer any questions you may have.

What Are the Ingredients in Natural Flea Treatments?

Natural flea treatments contain “natural” ingredients, but what does that mean exactly?

Chemical flea treatments, on the other hand, frequently contain synthetic chemicals or chemicals that pose dangerous health risks to both our pets and us.

Natural flea treatments are not necessarily chemical-free, but rather contain chemicals found in nature, the majority of which are produced naturally by plants.

Some natural flea treatments contain vitamins and minerals, which are also chemicals.

Is it safe to use natural flea treatments?

Natural flea treatments are said to be safer than chemical flea treatments or even chemical-containing flea medications.

The chemicals in many natural flea treatments, on the other hand, are essential oils produced naturally by plants.

We mentioned in multiple reviews that the product contained cinnamon oil, clove oil, or peppermint oil, which can be harmful to cats if consumed.

The reason for this is that cats lack certain enzymes in their liver, making it difficult for them to process and expel essential oils from their bodies.

It’s important to note that the essential oils used in flea and tick treatments are diluted with water, making them less dangerous.

However, essential oils can be absorbed by your cat’s body, which is why you should only use the products as directed and avoid overexposing your cat to the product.

Even diluted products can be toxic to cats in large quantities. If you don’t believe the product is working, you may be tempted to use more of it at once or more frequently.

However, it is critical that you give the product time to work and carefully follow the instructions. Although natural flea treatments are safer, if used incorrectly, they can still cause problems.

Do Natural Flea Treatments Work?

Natural flea treatments work on the premise that they contain ingredients that fleas dislike. Fleas are said to dislike the smell of many essential oils, including peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, and lemongrass oil.

However, unlike other flea treatments, which are regulated by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure their efficacy and safety, the essential oils in many natural flea treatments are not regulated and have not been proven to prevent flea infestations.

Having said that, there isn’t enough evidence to prove that all-natural flea treatments are effective at killing fleas. Some of them might, but it all depends on the ingredients.

However, natural flea treatments may be effective at repelling fleas temporarily, which is why you must reapply the products as directed and treat your house for fleas in addition to your cat.

What Should You Look for in a Natural Flea Treatment?

It’s important to note that no single natural flea treatment will work for everyone.

What works for you might not work for someone else because it depends on how many fleas your cat has, whether you have an infestation in your home, and the ingredients of any specific product.

That being said, you must consider both your own situation and the needs of your cat.

Even natural flea treatments may be unsafe if you have a young or old cat, or a cat with a medical condition. In any case, consult your veterinarian before beginning any flea treatment, natural or otherwise.

Remember that natural flea treatments work best if you treat not only your cat but also your entire home. If a natural treatment fails to kill fleas effectively, they will multiply and cause problems for you and your cat.

Remember that some treatments can be used on both your cat and around your home, while others are only for around your home and others are only for your cat.

If you want the fleas to go away completely, you may need to purchase more than one product.


Natural flea treatments, when used correctly, can be both safe and effective.

Ark Naturals Flea Flicker is the best natural flea treatment and repellent for cats in our opinion! Kicker! Tick! Spray.

Natural Chemistry Natural Flea Spray for Cats is the best natural flea treatment and repellent for the money.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that whatever product you choose is effective for you.

Remember to consult your veterinarian before using anything on your cat, natural or otherwise, if some of the ingredients are potentially harmful.

In the end, we appreciate that you chose BestForPets among dozens of other websites to learn about the best natural flea treatments and repellents for cats.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the best product for your pet.

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