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The 6 Best Natural Dog Toothpastes

Dental problems can lead to infections and inflammation that extend to the dog's heart and other important organs, which can be fatal. It is therefore essential that you routinely wash your dog's teeth.

Unfortunately, it may be tough to convince your dog of the significance of dental hygiene, and it can be even more challenging to persuade him to remain still long enough for you to wash his teeth. It is important for him to use a toothpaste that he likes and that fights plaque, tartar, and other problems well.

Many toothpastes do this by including potentially toxic ingredients in their formulations. These are not recommended whenever feasible, although they can be difficult to avoid.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has thus compiled this list of the best natural dog toothpastes. In the reviews that follow, you'll find our top recommendations for chemical-free toothpastes that will keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy.

Your dog will be so glad to have clean teeth that he will want to give you a kiss, and you will finally be willing to allow him.


Nylabone Natural Dog Toothpaste – Overall Winner



Denta-C, a component found in Nylabone Natural, helps reduce plaque and the bacteria that comes with it. This helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean and reduces the likelihood of an infection spreading to other parts of his body.

As it has peanut butter flavoring, getting your dog to accept it is also rather simple. While dogs appear to appreciate the flavor, it doesn’t have a powerful odor, so the scent shouldn’t be overbearing whether it’s on the brush or on his breath.

In reference to his breath, this may do wonders for dog breath. If you have detected a rotten odor emanating from your dog’s mouth, utilizing Nylabone Natural for a few days should be quite effective.

Consistency was the primary difficulty we had with it. It is quite runny and hence may be rather messy. This might make it difficult to close the cap after prolonged use.

However, consistency difficulties aside, this is still the category leader and the ideal place to start if you want to begin consistently cleaning your dog’s teeth.


  • Denta-C destroys plaque
  • Dogs enjoy the taste of peanut butter.
  • Beneficial for decreasing dog breath
  • Odor isn’t overwhelming
  • Can lower infection risk


  • The consistency is thin and might get muddled


Natural Toothpaste SENTRY Petrodex – Best Price



Convincing your dog to let you wash his teeth can be difficult, and if you’re concerned that the experiment won’t continue very long, SENTRY Petrodex requires a minimal financial investment. Despite its low price, we believe this to be the most effective natural dog toothpaste for the money.

Similar to the Nylabone Natural, this has a peanut butter flavor and a faint aroma. However, dogs do not appear to love its flavor as much, nor are they repulsed by it; the majority appear indifferent.

Nonetheless, this may make it little more difficult to communicate the notion to your mutt, therefore it rates below the Nylabone model.

Even with daily usage, each little tube lasts several months and is effective for decreasing plaque and tartar development. As a result, you can easily identify which portions of your dog’s mouth have been brushed and which have not.

We are huge admirers of the SENTRY Petrodex, although it would be wonderful if they enhanced the taste. However, you will not lose much if your dog refuses to try it.


  • Affordable choice
  • Helps decrease tartar and plaque
  • Not much odor
  • Long-lasting tube
  • Color facilitates visibility within a dog’s mouth


  • Most dogs are uninterested in flavor
  • Not ideal for teaching the notion of brushing


RADIUS Organic Canine Pet Toothpaste – Exceptional Option



You may be hesitant to give your dog a toothpaste that is many times more expensive than the one you use, but Pura Natural’s Pet is well worth the investment.

It does not include xylitol, chemicals, colors, or other artificial additions, so you can be certain that your dog will not consume anything dangerous if he consumes any.

Instead, it is made using food-grade materials, and the producer employs cruelty-free processes, leaving your conscience as spotless as your dog’s teeth.

Since previously indicated, however, the paste is pricey and difficult to control, as it tends to burst out of the tube. This results in considerable waste, which may be quite annoying. However, if you can extract the correct quantity, you’ll discover that a little goes a long way.

The high price of Pura Naturals Pet is likely to be justified by the product’s efficacy, but compared to our top two selections, we’re unsure if it’s worth the additional cost. It is still an excellent alternative, especially if money is no object in terms of doting on your dog.


  • Containing no chemicals or hazardous ingredients
  • Uses food-grade ingredients
  • Humane manufacturing procedures
  • A few drops may go a long way


  • On the expensive side
  • Difficult to regulate quantity employed


Natural toothpaste from Honest Paws for dogs



This product from Honest Paws is available in vanilla ginger and an odorless, flavorless variation, allowing you to determine which one your dog likes via trial and error. However, neither is likely to drive your dog insane.

This paste is effective in loosening and removing tartar, and as a result, it can whiten your dog’s teeth. You may purchase it alone or as part of a dental package that also contains a toothbrush and dental spray.

Each tube is proportioned generously and should last a considerable amount of time. The tubes make it simple to apply the paste, so there shouldn’t be any messes.

Expect it to have little effect on dog breath, and if your dog has a delicate constitution, you may want to avoid using it, since it may induce diarrhea and other stomach disorders.

Honest Paws is an excellent middle-of-the-road toothpaste, but its virtues may be found in the alternatives listed above, with less of its flaws. Therefore, it is difficult to rank it higher than this.


  • Removes tartar effectively
  • Can bleach teeth
  • Tube is spacious and user-friendly


  • The flavor is not very attractive
  • May cause stomach difficulties
  • Does little to improve dog breath


Natural Toothpaste with Kissable Flavor



Kissable All-Natural is sweetened with vanilla and Stevia, creating a flavor that many dogs cannot get enough of. This makes it much simpler to convince your pet to allow you to wash his teeth.

This toothpaste’s attractive flavor works against it as well as for it. The issue is that it contains tea tree oil, which may be poisonous to dogs in large quantities. We assume you can understand why it would be problematic to create a toothpaste that is both incredibly sweet and harmful.

Stevia may also cause stomach troubles in high amounts, so take it carefully (and, considering the price, you’ll want to do so anyway). The vanilla, though, should be alright.

The no-rinse solution effectively masks foul breath, so your dog should be kissable when you’ve finished brushing. However, that is not enough to compensate for the usage of a harmful substance, which is why it ranks so low on our list.


  • Tastes good
  • Covers up dog’s breath


  • Uses hazardous tea tree oil
  • May lead to stomach problems
  • Costly relative to alternative choices
  • Must be used judiciously


Natural Dog Toothpaste with Bristles



Bristly Natural employs a prebiotic mix designed to eliminate microorganisms and relieve inflammation. It can undoubtedly clean your dog’s mouth, but not significantly better than the other methods presented here, and its use is somewhat more involved.

It is intended to be used in combination with the Bristly Tongue Cleaner, which is a ridged chew toy.

That’s an additional cost (and the toothpaste isn’t cheap, either), and it would be upsetting to purchase the toothpaste only to discover that you can’t use it without purchasing a specific attachment. Nonetheless, it may be worthwhile if your dog enjoys chewing on the toy.

One teaspoon is a relatively substantial serving size, so expect to go through a tube really fast.

It is officially flavored with beef, however there are many additional components (such as tangerine oil and kelp) that can overcome the taste of cow. Consequently, you may find yourself substituting a different paste.

In the end, we believe that Bristly Natural should be viewed as a last alternative, one that you should only take if you have been unsuccessful in convincing your dog to try other options.


  • Some dogs would rather play than get brushed


  • Needs the purchase of additional accessories
  • On the expensive side
  • A large portion size
  • Other additions overpower the flavor of meat.
  • Tube doesn’t stay long

How to Pick the Finest All-Natural Canine Toothpaste

Why It’s Important to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Listen, we understand it. Nobody wants to brush their dog’s teeth, and most dogs don’t seem very pleased about it either. It’s certainly a bother, but it’s crucial if you want your closest buddy to be around for a few more years.

Tartar accumulation starts in the mouth, but if it gets out of hand, it may migrate to other regions of the body, creating artery blockages and other significant issues.

Also, plaque and tartar are laden with chemicals that can travel throughout the dog’s system, causing infection, inflammation, and more.

Additionally, it keeps your dog’s breath fresh and minimizes the possibility of dental issues, allowing you both to exchange more slobbery kisses.

Why Use Organic Toothpaste?

Many toothpastes are laden with substances like alcohol and fluoride that aren’t healthy for dogs if they get consumed, and let’s face it, they will be ingested.

This is why you should be careful about what sort of toothpaste you use and why you should never use human toothpaste on dogs.

The effectiveness of natural toothpastes is comparable to that of toothpastes containing problematic substances, and many natural toothpastes have scents that dogs enjoy. Therefore, he is more likely to endure having his teeth cleaned.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t simple. In fact, it frequently feels like attempting to wrangle a cow or coax a cat to accomplish anything. There are, however, steps you can take to make the process less stressful for everyone concerned.

Build Toward It

Do not grasp your animal and force a toothbrush into his mouth. This is certain to make him dislike the entire procedure. The objective is to construct gradually, and the full procedure should take many days.

Introduce him to the toothbrush and let him to sniff it, then offer him some toothpaste on your finger.

Do not force the toothpaste into his mouth or attempt to apply it to his teeth. Just let him inspect it and try some if he likes. If he does, give him praise. If he appears repulsed, you may need to locate another paste.

You may also try touching your dog’s gums with a single finger. Don’t insist, and don’t reprimand him if he refuses to participate.

The objective is to get him accustomed to having your finger in his mouth. You may choose to spread peanut butter on your finger to facilitate this procedure.

Include Toothbrush

After introducing him to the toothbrush and toothpaste, use the toothbrush on him. Gently raise his lip and delicately scrape the brush along his gumline.

He may flinch at this; that’s alright, and don’t hold his head, chastise him, or do anything else that would stress him out. Simply reassure him softly and either start over or try again the next day.

Use Soft, Gentle Strokes

Be sure to get the tops and bottoms of each side as you move the paintbrush in a circular motion. Don’t worry too much if you can’t access the inside of his teeth, as his tongue will normally keep that region reasonably clean.

If you observe any plaque accumulation, you should concentrate on removing it. This may require harder strokes, and that may mean going more slowly or spending more time to expose your dog to the notion.

Develop a Routine

Always attempt to clean your dog’s teeth at the same time and in the same manner. If he understands what’s coming, he’s less likely to panic out.

In addition, your program should conclude with plenty of praise and a few delectable treats. He will be more open if he understands that the routine will conclude with something fantastic.


Nylabone Natural is our preferred toothpaste because it contains compounds that fight plaque while maintaining the flavor that dogs adore. It reduces dog breath, so you don’t have to back away every time your dog wants to kiss you in the morning (he may be the one backing away if you haven’t washed his teeth yet).

When it comes to decreasing plaque and tartar, Sentry Petrodex is a cost-efficient alternative that is nearly as effective as Nylabone Natural. It’s a low-cost option if you’re unsure if your dog would like having his teeth brushed, and the unique colors make it simple to see if you’ve missed something.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best natural dog toothpastes.

Choosing a natural toothpaste for dogs may be quite difficult, and we hope that our evaluations have simplified the process for you. No matter which option you select, it is essential to keep a regular dental hygiene practice.

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