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The 7 Best Nail Caps For Cats

Most informed cat owners today would never consider declawing their feline pals, but if they have allergies or a skin problem, they may suffer with cats who scratch furniture, floors, people, and even themselves.

Finding the best nail caps for cats can be nothing short of a miracle for these cat owners.

There are several solutions available, however some do not remain on your cat's claws, some interfere with your cat's claw retraction, and some utilize conventional nail adhesive, which is neither safe or comfortable for cats.

If you're looking for non-toxic nail caps that will meet the needs of both you and your cat, have a look at these evaluations of some of BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) top selections to help narrow down your search.


Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps – Overall Winner

Because these nail caps are soft and flexible, they will be more comfortable for your cat and will not prevent claw retraction. While comfort is crucial, it also means your cat will be less inclined to try to tear them off.

These caps will stay on quite well once dried and will most likely last several weeks. The caps themselves are non-toxic, as is the cyanoacrylate-based glue, so you don’t have to worry about them harming your cat.

The adhesive dries quickly in about ten minutes, making application quick and easy.

These claw caps are available in a variety of colors, so whether you want to match your cat’s paws or add a little glitter and attitude to your feline companion, there’s an option for you.

Given its thickness, the glue can get a little messy and difficult to get out of the tube, but the fact that these caps really stay on more than makes up for it!

They arrive in a substantial quantity that should last you six months.


  • Material that is soft and flexible
  • Suitable for your pet
  • It will not inhibit claw retraction.
  • Caps stay on for weeks.
  • Non-toxic substance was used.
  • The glue dries quickly.
  • There are numerous color options available.
  • There are a lot of them.


  • Time is required for the adhesive to dry.
  • Glue can be a nuisance.
  • It’s difficult to get the glue out of the tube.


Cat Nail Caps with Soft Claws – Best Value

Because these caps are made of vinyl, they are comfortable for your cat and allow them to retract their claws.

They’re smaller than many others we’ve tried, so your cat won’t mind them and will be less likely to bite them off or remove them.

Both the material and the glue are non-toxic, thus using them will not damage your cat. The caps were securely fastened, however the adhesive didn’t last as long as the glue that came with our top pick.

The glue is also incredibly thick and tough to apply, but it dries rapidly, so the application process should go well. The lower lifespan and difficulties in implementing these precluded it from being our number one choice.

However, considering the low price, we believe these are the greatest nail caps for cats money can buy.

They come in a pack of forty, so as long as you pick the proper size, you should be good for a few months. With many color options, these can also add some flare to your cat.


  • Comfortable and adaptable
  • Will not obstruct claw retraction.
  • Your cat is unlikely to pull it off.
  • Non-toxic materials are used.
  • Caps remained on for weeks.
  • The glue dries quickly.
  • Very inexpensive
  • There are a lot of them.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.


  • Shorter life expectancy than the number one pick
  • It is quite tough to apply


Cat Nail Caps – Kitty Caps – Premium Choice

This is another set of flexible vinyl nail caps that will be comfy for your cat once they get used to them.

The components in the caps and adhesive are non-toxic and safe for your cat, so you won’t have to worry about your cat getting hurt if they gnaw on them.

The adhesive is tough to apply and dries slowly, so you’ll probably need assistance when applying it to your cat.

These are available in a variety of colors, however they are only available in a mixed pack, so you cannot select which colors you want.

Although the glue is stronger than in many other solutions, it is not as sturdy or long-lasting as the adhesive in our top two spots.

Because of the limited color options and shorter lifespan, this is our third choice, but these are still fantastic nail caps that will protect your family and house from your cat’s nails.


  • Your cat will be flexible and comfy.
  • Non-toxic materials are used.
  • Available in a variety of coverings.
  • Strong adhesive that will last for weeks


  • It is tough to apply glue.
  • Slow drying glue
  • There is no color option.
  • Shorter lifespan than other alternatives
  • Expensive


Cat Nail Caps VICTHY

These nail caps are constructed of durable vinyl resin. Because your cat’s nails will not penetrate them, they provide excellent protection.

Unfortunately, a more firm cap like this is less pleasant than a flexible material, so your cat may try to bite these off faster than they would flexible vinyl caps.

Most caps will come off if your cat is determined enough, and these may motivate them! Because the adhesive takes a long time to dry, applying these will be challenging and possibly require assistance.

These caps are available in a range of colors, however color cannot be selected. We also discovered that some of the colors given were insufficient to cover all four of our cat’s paws.

The caps and adhesive are non-toxic and safe for your cat, however the glue felt really hot when we touched it, so we’d be concerned that it might create discomfort for our cat as well.

The adhesive isn’t as good as it is in our higher-rated caps, so these should last around two weeks if your cat doesn’t bite them off sooner.


  • Nails will not be able to penetrate it.
  • They are available in a range of hues.
  • Non-toxic materials are used.


  • It can be upsetting for your cat.
  • Most likely to be bitten
  • It takes a long time for glue to dry.
  • There is no color option.
  • There aren’t enough caps of each hue.
  • The glue is really hot to the touch.
  • Glue does not last long.


Cat Claw Caps Zetpo

This is another tougher nail cap that won’t flex or move easily, so your cat will probably bite them off.

Normally, a harder cap equals more protection, but we discovered that the caps that did stay on were punctured by our cat’s claws, so this just provides temporary protection as their claws grow.

The glue is powerful, but it appears to be hazardous to cats. It made touch with our skin and made us feel tremendously hot. We don’t recommend using this product on your cat for this reason alone.

The caps come in a number of colors, but there is no way to select which one you want, and the colors we received did not include enough caps to cover all four paws.

These caps come in a pack of 100 and are very cheap, but because the glue is dangerous and the caps can be rendered worthless by sharp claws, we recommend avoiding them entirely.


  • There is strong glue supplied.
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Cat’s nails easily pierce
  • Your cat will be unhappy.
  • Glue is dangerous and extremely hot to the touch.
  • There is no color option.
  • There aren’t enough of each color.

Buyer's Manual

We understand how difficult it can be to find the correct nail caps for your cat.

There are a few crucial factors to look for when purchasing caps that will safeguard your home while also being safe for use on your cat.

Allows for flexibility and comfort

If you’re anything like us, your cat’s comfort comes first, so make sure the nail caps you buy aren’t composed of a hard, stiff substance.

Nail caps should be robust but flexible, and the capacity of the cap to bend will provide the best comfort for your cat. The greatest caps are usually composed of a softer vinyl that is flexible with your fingers.

Caps made of this softer material will not stick out as much to your cat as those made of tougher plastic or vinyl resin.

This means your cat will be more at ease, and they will be less likely to try to bite them off of their claws once they become accustomed to the sensation of nail caps.

Retraction Isn’t Prevented

Most nail cap manufacturers create products that do not interfere with your cat’s natural claw retraction, but this is something to keep an eye out for.

Normal claw movement nail caps are normally non-tapered sleeves made of a thin material that won’t get stuck on the skin around your cat’s claws.

This is yet another feature that will improve your cat’s comfort. The less likely your cat is to notice the caps, the thinner the material.

If your cat’s nails operate normally with the caps on, you may see them biting at them at first then quickly tolerating and even forgetting about them.

Strong Glue is included

Most nail caps are attached to your cat’s extended claws with adhesive, so the strength of the glue included with your nail cap kit will be the only thing keeping them in place.

Make sure the glue is rated to last four to six weeks – this is the normal amount of time it takes your cat to shed their nails naturally.

While lengthier periods of time may not be an issue, any shorter period of time will most certainly cause you considerable frustration.

If the glue doesn’t last long enough, you’ll have to re-apply it frequently, and your cat may still do damage to your furniture or floors if the caps fall off unexpectedly.

Non-Toxic Construction

It’s probable that your cat will dislike the sensation of nail caps on their claws. This is usually only the case the first few times they’re used, but it could happen even if they’ve grown accustomed to wearing them.

If your cat is unhappy, he or she will bite the nail caps off, so make sure they are made of a substance that will not be harmful if chewed or ingested.

The majority of high-quality caps are made of vinyl, which is safe for your cat and will pass smoothly even if it consumes them. You should also ensure that the glue is non-toxic.

Because your cat may lick their paws and any glue that may have dripped out of the cap during application, it is critical to use glue that is safe to swallow in small amounts.

Fast-Drying Glue is used

If your cat is naturally quiet or if they’re used to having their nails clipped, the application process will be straightforward.

If you don’t have a cat who doesn’t mind you messing with their paws, fast-drying glue is your best friend.

The best nail cap adhesive dries entirely in about ten minutes, and glue that takes much longer than that is unsuitable for application and monthly re-application.

Cat-Safe Glue is used

Glue must be non-toxic while also not causing discomfort during application. Many low-quality nail caps use ordinary nail glue, which is frequently the same type used to apply acrylic nails to humans.

If this type of glue comes into contact with your or your cat’s skin, it can burn and create severe burning sensations.

Glue can easily get on your cat’s fur or the flesh around their claws during application, especially if your cat is restless.

Make sure the glue you use is safe for your cat and does not feel hot when it comes into touch with skin.

Available in a variety of colors

Sure, you’re purchasing nail caps to protect yourself, your cat, your furniture, and your flooring, but who says they can’t also be fashionable?

With a color selection, you can provide protection while also giving your kitty some flair and personality.


Cat nail caps are small, yet they can make a big difference in your life.

With the appropriate caps, you’ll have a safe and happy cat who won’t scratch you, your family, your furniture, or your flooring.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) offers the Purrdy Paws Soft Cat Nail Caps for comfy and cat-safe nail caps that stay on for weeks.

If you’re seeking for cost-effective nail caps that are easy to apply and will last a long time on your cat’s claws, the Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps are an ideal solution.

Whatever nail caps you choose, be sure they are safe, sturdy, and won’t take hours to apply.

These reviews of the best nail caps for cats should assist you in locating the ideal set of nail caps that will provide you with comfort and peace of mind.

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