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The 6 Best Muzzles For Pit Bulls

Muzzles get a negative reputation, although they may be highly effective training instruments. In addition, they can give security and safety for your Pitbull as well as the people and pets with whom you interact. Even some individuals like them for their appearance!

Regardless of why you're looking for a muzzle for your Pitbull, you need one that is not only protective but also pleasant for your dog. There are several muzzles available on the market, but we wanted to identify the finest, so we tested as many as we could.

There were several qualified contenders, but only a handful distinguished themselves from the competition. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled this list of in-depth evaluations to assist you in finding the best muzzles for Pit Bulls.


Leather CollarDirect Pitbull Muzzle

There are several reasons for muzzling your Pitbull. The CollarDirect leather muzzle is our favorite of all of them. This muzzle will prevent your dog from biting through no matter what. It is also highly threatening, giving your dog a menacing appearance. For some, this may not be a desirable quality, while others may appreciate the appearance.

This muzzle, handcrafted from real leather, is more than just imposing in appearance. It is sturdy and will undoubtedly endure a very long time. Our Pits became accustomed to it quite fast, growing accustomed to putting it on and taking it off. There are two adjustable straps to fine-tune the fit, but you must still measure your Pit to ensure the exact size.

This muzzle is a bit more expensive due to its excellent combination of looks and functionality. It’s not the most costly we’ve tried, but it’s among the most expensive. However, we believe the quality is unparalleled, which is why it has won the #1 spot on our list.


  • Handmade
  • Authentic leather
  • Two adjustable straps provide your dog with a comfortable fit.
  • Looks intimidating


  • Expensive
  • Size must be accurate


Baskerville Ultra Pitbull Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is our pick for a comfortable muzzle that won’t restrict your Pitbull’s ability to drink and eat. We believe this is the most cost-effective muzzle for Pitbulls, and it’s simple to understand why.

Many people are repulsed by the frightening appearance of muzzles, but this one is far less scary. It is also quite economical, costing almost half as much as the CollarDirect model we initially tested.

This muzzle may be heated to adjust to the contour of your dog’s snout and obtain a perfect fit. Even among the same breed, each dog has a unique face shape, therefore we loved this characteristic. After heat-shaping ours, it became one of the most comfortable muzzles we attempted on our Pit bulls.

However, it did tend to rub a bit on the top of the nose, though this was never an issue. This was the only problem we were able to identify. In conclusion, we believe that Baskerville offers the finest value, which is why it is ranked second on our list.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Still able to pant, eat, and drink when muzzled.
  • Suitable for your pet
  • Does not appear terrifying
  • Can be molded by heat


  • Can rub atop the nose



If your major issue is your Pitbull’s ability to bite, then a softer type muzzle will not prevent the desired behavior. Instead, the BRONZEDOG muzzle is made of inflexible stainless steel and has no give.

This muzzle will prevent your dog from biting through regardless of what they do. It is incredibly durable while being comfortable for your Pitbull. The bridge of the nose is well-padded, and there is plenty of space for your Pit to pant and lick his nose. The design does not limit airflow.

This muzzle is particularly designed for Pitbulls, so it should fit perfectly. Nonetheless, double-check by measuring your dog’s snout to guarantee a correct fit. This is one of the most costly muzzles we’ve tested, but the superior protection and comfort are worth the additional cost in our opinion, so it’s our top selection.


  • Padded for the comfort of your Pit
  • Stainless steel structure is extremely durable.
  • Your dog may continue to lick its nose.
  • Will not impede breathing


  • Expensive
  • Must have the correct snout size to fit correctly.


Barkless Pit Bull Dog Muzzle

We loved the concept behind Barkless’ dog muzzle. Due to its silicone construction, it is one of the lightest we’ve encountered. It is soft and foldable, yet quite resilient. It allows your dog to drink and pant, ensuring their comfort while wearing it.

However, it was ineffective at preventing biting. If that is your major objective, we recommend selecting one of our top three alternatives, which were far more effective for this reason.

We had difficulty putting this muzzle on due to the buckle mechanism. However, it was not at all difficult for our Pits to escape! If you intend to leave your pet unsupervised while wearing this muzzle, you should not anticipate it to remain on for very long.

If you are purchasing a muzzle for aesthetic purposes, the Barkless is an excellent option due to its low price. But if you want to stop your dog from biting, you will need to choose a muzzle that is less flexible and more rigid.


  • Allows drinking and panting
  • Soft but resilient silicone basket


  • Ineffective at preventing biting
  • Extremely difficult to fasten the buckle
  • Easy for a dog to escape


Didog Leather Pitbull Dog Muzzle

There is no question that the Didog leather dog muzzle will prevent your dog from biting. Unfortunately, they cannot easily keep their nose wet, drink water, or even exhale. Worse, it has poor breathability. The leather covers the whole mouth of your Pit. The nose is somewhat exposed and there are little air openings in the front, but we did not find this to be sufficient.

The Didog muzzle causes your dog obvious discomfort. None of our Pit bulls were interested in this muzzle. As it is made of genuine leather, it is rather pricey.

We recommend selecting a muzzle of superior quality that will allow your dog to be comfortable while protecting them and others. Or, you could save money by purchasing the Baskerville Ultra muzzle, which functioned just as well but cost less.


  • Cannot chew through


  • Not as breathable as competing styles
  • Very unpleasant for dogs
  • Cannot drink or lick your nose while wearing it.


Niteangel Nylon Dog Muzzle

Niteangel has designed a novel muzzle that is far less scary than conventional muzzles. Instead of a cage around your dog’s nose, the Niteangel muzzle consists of a simple loop that closes their mouth. It does not restrict their respiration and has extra-plush cushioning for their comfort.

Unfortunately, this muzzle was not as effective as we had intended. No matter how it was adjusted, the dogs were still able to bite with it on. Worse, the stitching is extremely poor and began unraveling during the first week of use. Eventually, the entire side fell off, rendering the muzzle useless.

Even though it is a very inexpensive muzzle, we expect it to survive for a while. Even though it was functioning, our dogs had no difficulty removing the collar after a few minutes. Overall, this muzzle did not impress us, and we do not suggest it to our readers.


  • Does not impact respiration


  • A dog can still bite while wearing this.
  • Weak stitching unraveled.
  • Dogs can remove it.

Buyer's Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed some of our top choices for Pit Bull muzzles, we believe it’s important to highlight the characteristics we’re using to evaluate them. While everyone has their own reasons for choosing to muzzle their Pitbull, it is important to consider all of these aspects while making your decision.


Protection is the primary motivation for the majority of Pitbull owners to get a muzzle. If your dog is getting into things it shouldn’t, biting itself in an injured region, or otherwise causing harm, a muzzle can protect it from itself. Of course, it’s not only for your dog’s safety.

People are typically fearful of Pitbulls, therefore a muzzle can help reduce their fear by letting them know that your dog cannot harm them. If your dog is a biter, a muzzle can prevent them from striking, therefore protecting people and other dogs.


After protection, the comfort of our canine companions is our first priority. Certain muzzles are unpleasant, and our dogs refused to wear them. There are various characteristics to look for in a muzzle to guarantee that it is comfortable for your dog. For example, the bridge of their snout, where it sits, should be well padded.

If not, it might irritate the skin over time. Ensure that it is completely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit every time. You should also ensure that they have enough breathability so they don’t run out of air. Our preferred muzzles also allowed space for panting and licking the nose to keep it wet.


Muzzles have become somewhat of a fashion statement. In fact, several Pit owners have utilized social media to display their dog’s scary muzzles. If you like this appearance, then a muzzle is an easy choice.

Certain muzzles are far more intimidating than others, despite the fact that the majority of muzzles have a menacing appearance. If you’re searching for a muzzle based on aesthetics, we recommend leather muzzles, as they tend to complement that aesthetic the best.

Can They Remove It?

It’s no secret that certain canines are adept at evasion! Some muzzles are also more difficult to remove than others. Together, these two make a poor combination. If you know that your Pit Bull enjoys escaping, the finest muzzle for him will feature numerous cinch points so that it is impossible for him to escape.

When we left the dog alone for five minutes, several of the muzzles appeared to be secure. Some manufacturers offered greater flexibility than others, and we discovered that the better the muzzle fit our dogs, the better it stayed on.


Although all of the muzzles we examined are designed to serve a similar objective, their performance varies. We compared six muzzles for Pit Bulls that we believed to be the best, but only three have received our endorsement. Before you go out and get one, we will briefly review everything so that it is fresh in your memory. The CollarDirect leather muzzle was our favorite and has gained our highest recommendation due to its threatening appearance and exceptional protection. It is crafted by hand from real leather, is pleasant for your dog, and protects them and others safely.

We believe the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle was the most cost-effective option. It is harmless and does not impede eating, drinking, or breathing. In addition to being heat-formable to obtain a precise fit, it is also extremely reasonably priced. Our premium selection from BRONZEDOG is made of stainless steel for the highest level of protection. No matter what, your dog will be unable to bite through this. It does not impede your dog’s breathing and is cushioned for comfort. All three of these muzzles have been tested and certified, and we are confident in recommending them to you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope this guide assists you in finding the best muzzles for Pit Bulls. Best of luck!

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