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The 10 Best Muzzles For German Shepherds

Before beginning your search for the ideal dog muzzle, it is essential to understand its purpose. Then you may choose a design and materials that meet your requirements. Muzzles for dogs have existed since the mid-1800s when they were constructed of leather and metal. Metal muzzles are still available, but you now have other alternatives that might provide more comfort for your pet.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s list of reviews features the best muzzles for German Shepherds, with pros/cons for each to help you make an informed purchase decision. The buyer's guide outlines the common characteristics and concerns of a muzzle, as well as a few helpful hints.


ZEUS German Shepherd Muzzle

The ZEUS is an excellent choice since it lets the dog drink, pant, and take goodies via the big apertures while offering optimal airflow so that your dog can breathe easily. The muzzle is held in place by an incorporated safety hook that runs through the collar.

The big version is designed for dogs weighing between 40 and 95 pounds, and the adjustable head and neck straps allow for a tailored fit. To determine the right size, measure from the tip of your dog’s nose to half an inch below the eyes. Then, measure the circumference of the nose at its broadest point, about half an inch from the eyes.

We appreciate the material’s durability and flexibility, as well as its basket-like form. The straps are rather tough to adjust until you become accustomed to them. Nonetheless, we believe this to be one of the greatest German shepherd muzzles on the market.


  • Flexible basket design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Able to consume and exhale
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Security hook


  • Difficult to adjust straps


Baskerville 61520 Dog Muzzle

The Baskerville is the finest German Shepherd muzzle for the money since it is constructed to be long-lasting and secure while being inexpensive. This is a basket-style muzzle that you heat-form (similar to a mouth guard) to fit your dog. The fitting instructions are explicit and straightforward. Unfortunately, some canines may dislike the lengthy procedure.

The design enables the dog to drink, pant, and consume specific foods while wearing the muzzle. The apertures are wide to provide ample ventilation. There are six sizes available, but size five would likely be the best fit for your German Shepherd.

The head and neck straps are easily adjustable, however, you will need to measure length and circumference to ensure that you get the suitable size.

This muzzle did not earn the top rank because Zeus provides the dog more freedom of movement to pant and drink.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Custom-fit
  • Comfortable
  • Allows drinking and eating
  • Simple to use


  • The dog may not enjoy heat form


Dogs My Love Muzzle

This is a chromed wire and leather basket muzzle fashioned from metal wire. It seems to be pleasant for our pets. Although this makes it harder for the dog to feed, drinking and panting are not affected.

The Dogs My Love muzzle fits German Shepherds and other dogs with similar nose structures nicely. It is prudent to measure your dog before to ordering this item, as it is only available in one size. The circumference is 13 inches and the length is 4.25 inches (measured from the end of the nose to the eye line).

The leather is supple and the straps are simple to adjust. This muzzle did not rank in the top two because it is more expensive and less comfortable than the competition.


  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Lightweight
  • Allows panting and drinking
  • Appropriate for German Shepherds
  • Simple to adjust


  • Pricey


CollarDirect Dog Muzzle for German Shepherds

CollarDirect is excellent for German Shepherds and other dog breeds with comparable muzzles. The huge version has a length of 4 inches and a circumference of 13 inches. This muzzle is distinctive since it is constructed completely of leather and is available in four distinct hues.

There are two straps that are simply adjustable: one between the eyes and one around the neck. There is ample ventilation, sufficient space for the dog to pant, and the ability to sip water. Leather construction gives flexibility and comfort.

However, leather has a disadvantage. Some persistent and excessively aggressive dogs may be able to gnaw through the muzzle. This robust muzzle comes at a reasonable price.


  • Appropriate for German Shepherds
  • Comfortable and adaptable
  • Strong leather
  • Permits breathing and drinking
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable


  • Aggressive dogs can gnaw through most materials.


LeparkSoft Dog Muzzles

This muzzle has a design distinct from others previously examined. It has a soft, breathable mesh on the bottom and a Velcro clasp at the top. It features a nylon strap with a buckle as well. This muzzle enables your dog to easily pant and sip water.

We appreciate that this muzzle is soft, flexible, and user-friendly. Additionally, it is washable and simple to clean. With the Velcro fastening on the nose, there is a potential that your dog might remove this item without much trouble.


  • Affordable
  • Permeable mesh
  • Simple to employ
  • Soft & flexible
  • Able to clean


  • Possibility of the dog escaping


Mayerzon Dog Muzzle

The Mayerzon is built of soft, foldable, and flexible silicone. There is a neck strap and an adjustable strap that fits between the eyes. We discovered that the top strap does not remain in position and moves to either side, necessitating regular adjustment. This strap may be removed, as its purpose is to prevent the dog from removing the muzzle.

Its lightweight design provides ample breathing and drinking space. This muzzle comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer. It comes with a complete handbook and training instructions for the muzzle that is packed with important information.


  • Foldable and malleable
  • Two elastic straps
  • Lightweight
  • The dog can both pant and drink.
  • 12-month assurance


  • Top strap shifts


BronzeDog Dog Muzzles

The BronzeDog muzzle is an adjustable metal wire basket with leather straps. The basket is designed to accommodate German Shepherd-like snouts, allowing the dog to pant and drink with minimal effort. The muzzle is constructed from strong materials, so you know it will survive even if your dog decides to be aggressive and attempts to gnaw the basket.

On the negative side, the solid metal basket may irritate your dog’s nose. It is essential to measure the length and circumference of your dog’s nose in order for this muzzle to function properly.


  • Durable metal basket
  • Genuine leather straps
  • Tailored for German Shepherds
  • The dog can both pant and drink.


  • Potential to irritate nose sores


Barkless Dog Muzzle

This reasonably priced muzzle is constructed from leather, making it comfortable, flexible, and sturdy. The ability to change the three bottom straps for a more customized fit is a plus, however, these straps do not look to be as comfy for the dog. The adjustable head strap contains a loop that hooks to the dog’s collar in order to fasten the muzzle.

Despite the fact that the adjustable features are wonderful, it is still necessary to measure your dog to acquire a suitable size. This muzzle is intended particularly for long-nosed dogs. There is sufficient space for your dog to pant and drink while wearing this muzzle. In contrast to other leather muzzles on this list, the quality of the leather is not as excellent.


  • Affordable
  • Flexible and supple leather
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Head strap eyelet
  • A dog can pant & drink


  • Substandard leather


Leather Pet Artist Dog Muzzle

The last item on the list is the genuine leather Pet Artist muzzle that provides all-around protection for aggressive dogs. This muzzle does not enable the dog to drink or eat while it is in place, but there is sufficient space for the dog to adequately pant.

We dislike that its design restricts airflow due to its increased enclosure. On the plus side, there are three adjustable straps and a loop on the neck strap for attaching it to the collar. Due to its unpleasant construction, this muzzle should be worn for no more than 10 minutes. The Pet Artist is a more expensive model than the others on the list.


  • Durable
  • Three elastic straps
  • Dog can pant


  • Unsuitable for extended usage
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Cannot drink
  • Pricey

Buyer's Guide

Muzzles have a role in society for the protection of your dog and others. However, it is essential to understand what characteristics distinguish an excellent muzzle from a poor one.

Ultimately, it is crucial to choose a muzzle that is both comfortable and won’t injure your dog. This section will examine the essential characteristics of a muzzle and some factors to bear in mind when searching for the ideal muzzle.

Elements of a Muzzle

Straps: The straps that keep the muzzle in place can be constructed from nylon or leather, among other materials. Some straps are simpler to adjust, while others are more robust. Adjustable straps provide a more customized fit. A neck strap with a collar loop will prevent your dog from prematurely removing the muzzle.

These are often made of plastic, metal, or silicone and have a basket weave design that provides your dog with ample airflow. They should at least permit the dog to pant, and it is a matter of personal taste as to whether the dog should drink or eat rewards.

Wire baskets are more resilient and suitable for dogs that may chew or bite. The pliability and suppleness of the silicone or plastic baskets make them excellent for comfort.

Sleeve: This muzzle restricts mobility by wrapping around the dog’s snout. Some designs are so tight that they prevent your dog from panting; thus, these are only suggested for brief periods of time, such as during a veterinarian appointment.


Even if the manufacturer specifies that the muzzle is appropriate for German Shepherds, it is your responsibility to measure your dog to determine the proper size. Sizing is a straightforward procedure.

First, you take a measurement from the tip of the nose to half an inch below the eyes. Then, the circumference of the nose at its broadest point is measured (where the snout meets the cheeks). Some muzzles may also need a measurement of the neck circumference.


Understand the function of a muzzle. It should never be used as a form of punishment, but rather to keep your dog and people safe in particular situations.

You are familiar with your dog’s behavior and when they may be violent and require a muzzle. In addition, they should not be left on permanently; they are intended for short-term use. Certain behaviors that are induced by worry, boredom, or attention-seeking can be corrected via persistent training.


You can find a quality muzzle at a reasonable price that won’t bankrupt you. As long as you get a collar that fits your dog and provides enough protection, you have achieved a win-win situation.

Simplicity of Use

The simpler it is to use, the less you and your dog will become annoyed. If there are too many straps and connectors, the muzzle might be difficult to install and may not fit properly. Also good are muzzling that are simple to clean.


  • Do not leave your dog unsupervised while it is wearing a muzzle.
  • Acclimate your dog to the muzzle to lessen anxiety and tension.
  • Without the ability to pant, a dog might soon overheat.
  • They can still wail or cry with the muzzle in place, but they can only bark if they can open their lips sufficiently.


Muzzles are excellent for particular circumstances and are available in a range of forms and materials to suit your tastes. Our evaluations focused on the best muzzles for German Shepherds.

The ZEUS Alpha is the greatest muzzle for a German Shepherd due to its durability, flexibility, and pleasant design. The greatest bargain is the Baskerville, which can be heat-formed for a bespoke fit and allows the dog to successfully pant, eat, and drink. The Dogs My Love muzzle is a luxury option with a lightweight and comfy design constructed from chromed wire and leather.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) understand how challenging it may be to choose the best muzzles for German Shepherds, so we hope you find our reviews and buyer’s guide helpful. Ensure that the muzzle you choose for your dog is both comfortable and provides enough protection.

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