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The 7 Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

There are several canines that like nothing more than riding on the back of their owner's motorcycle. There are a number of secure ways to transport your dog on your bicycle, despite the dangerous appearance. Whether you are searching for an on-person carrier or something to install on your motorcycle, there are devices that will keep your dog safe throughout a lengthy journey.

Thankfully, we've completed the laborious tasks so you don't have to. We researched and examined every available motorbike dog carrier. Here is the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) list of the best motorcycle dog carriers with in-depth evaluations of each:


Saddlemen Pet Voyager Carrier – Best Overall

The Saddlemen Pet Voyager is a high-quality, capacious motorbike dog carrier. This bag is built with various mesh ventilation panels and compartments for storing your items safely.

The bottom is additionally cushioned with a resting mat for extended journeys, ensuring that your toy-sized passenger is comfortable during the journey. In the event of an accident, the bottom tray is removable and washable, containing the mess and protecting your things.

This carrier is also equipped with two mounting systems: the Versa-Mount seat dog harness for motorcycles has an adjustable sissy bar strap system. If you own numerous bikes, it might be advantageous to have two distinct mounting choices.

The main difficulty with this type is that it requires a seat that is at least as broad as the bag, thus it may not fit on bicycles with small seats. Otherwise, we strongly suggest the Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager as the finest motorbike dog carrier overall.


  • Superior dog transporter or cargo bag
  • A variety of mesh panels and pockets
  • Resting cushion for convenience
  • Two mounting systems are offered.
  • Cleanable base tray


  • Not suitable for tight seats

Lifeunion Dog Carrier Backpack – Best Value

The Lifeunion Dog Carrier Backpack is a backpack-style carrier that enables you to transport your dog comfortably while traveling. It is constructed of durable polyester and cushioned straps to assist support your dog’s weight. This bag contains mesh ventilation panels and zippered compartments for your stuff.

The backpack carrier may be worn on the front or back, making it ideal for dogs that like to travel in the front seat. Additionally, the Lifeunion is less costly than other carriers, particularly mounted-style carriers. A potential drawback may be the carry-style design, which might be uncomfortable on the back during extended rides.

Some dogs may also refuse to enter or move too much to be used properly while riding, which is why we did not rank it first. If your dog is not too heavy for your back and you like backpack carriers, the Lifeunion Dog Carrier Backpack is the most cost-effective motorbike dog carrier.


  • Polyester bag with cushioned shoulder straps
  • Mesh panels and pockets with zippers
  • Wearable front or back
  • Less pricey than competing carriers


  • Can be agonizing to the back
  • Some canines will refuse to enter.

Kuryakyn Motorcycle Dog Carrier – Premium Choice

The Kuryakyn Motorbike Dog Carrier is a premium mounted motorcycle dog carrier created to provide a pleasant experience for your pet. The carrier is constructed with water-resistant material and a sturdy inner structure to ensure the safety of your dog.

This model offers an open-top window with a flap that lets your dog to see the scenery while traveling, as well as zippered exterior compartments for your belongings. With the adjustable sissy bar strap system, it securely and pleasantly fits your bike. There is also a detachable foam layer on the bottom to provide your dog with additional support when riding.

The Kuryakyn Motorcycle Dog Carrier is more costly than competing manufacturers, despite its superior features and design. It may also be too broad for some bicycles, which poses a safety risk if installed improperly. Due of these factors, we did not place it in the top two. Aside from that, we suggest it as a premium, high-quality motorbike dog carrier.


  • A sturdy structure made of weather-resistant material
  • Open top window and zipper pockets
  • Adjustable sissy bar strap system
  • Removable foam panel


  • Pricey compared to most carriers
  • Too broad for some bikes


K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack

The K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack is a backpack-style carrier that may be used when walking, hiking, or traveling. This type may be worn front or back, depending on your riding inclination. With completely adjustable cushioned shoulder straps and a sternum strap, the backpack will fit snugly and securely during your trips.

It is also constructed of weather-resistant material, in case you become stranded in severe weather. However, there are several difficulties that may render this model inappropriate.

The K9 Sport Sack is higher than conventional dog backpack carriers; thus, shorter dogs may require a booster block, which is not included. We also discovered that this bag’s zipper is of poor quality and jams much too frequently for its expensive price. If you seek greater value, Lifeunion may be a better alternative for you.


  • Wearable front or back
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with padding
  • Material that is resistant to the elements


  • Short dogs might require a booster block (not included)
  • Poor-quality zippers frequently jam.
  • On the pricey side

Outward Hound PoochPouch

The Outward Hound PoochPouch is a front-style carrier that may be used on the road or on a hike. This front-facing carrier is equipped with an inner safety strap that prevents your dog from escaping. It is constructed of nylon with mesh side panels for ventilation, ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort.

This carrier is less expensive than others, however the least expensive option is not necessarily the best. This front-style carrier places too much pressure on the shoulders for long-term comfort, regardless of any changes. The PoochPouch is not suited for dogs weighing more than 15 pounds due to the poor quality of its stitching.

The zipper is likewise poorly constructed, continually jamming. Although it may appear to be a decent value, we prefer other airlines for better service and a safer journey.


  • Interior safety harness for increased protection
  • Nylon exterior shell with mesh side panels for ventilation
  • Less costly than the majority of carriers


  • Unprofessional sewing and zipper
  • Not safe for dogs above 15 lbs.
  • Grabs the shoulders

Petego USB Pet Travel Carrier

The Petego USB Pet Travel Carrier is a versatile travel carrier that may be used as a backpack or attached to a bicycle. It is composed of water-resistant material and has mesh vents on the sides, but its general design and quality are subpar. However, a few disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

Disappointingly, the Petego does not come with mounting straps, which makes it more costly than it should be. Due to the lower size of the carrier compared to others, it is unsafe for dogs weighing more than 12 pounds.

Finally, the straps are inflexible and difficult to move, which might compromise the fit and put you both in danger. We recommend trying the Saddlemen mounted carrier first if you’re looking for a strong, spacious carrier.


  • Waterproof fabric with mesh ventilation
  • Can be worn as a pack or be mounted


  • Straps for mounting are NOT included.
  • Overall poor quality and style
  • Sized smaller than the majority of carriers
  • It is tough to adjust the straps.

Milwaukee Leather Pet Carrier for Motorcycles

The attached Milwaukee Leather Pet Carrier for Motorcycles is designed for toy-sized dogs. This carrier has adjustable, universal sissy bar straps for mounting on your bicycle. The outside has three decently-sized pockets, however the zippers clogged nearly every time they were used.

This carrier is manufactured from a cheap and weak PVC material and can only comfortably transport dogs weighing less than 10 pounds, making it unsuitable for larger-boned tiny breeds such as bulldogs.

Additionally, the carrier folds too readily, which might be uncomfortable for your dog when traveling. For a superior design and more value, we suggest searching for other carriers that can properly hold your dog.


  • Adjustable universal sissy bar straps
  • Three exterior zip pockets


  • Substandard and fragile material
  • Only suitable for dogs under 10 pounds.
  • Zippers jam nearly always
  • Carrier is too easily compromised

Buying Guide

If you’re considering bringing your dog on the road, your ultimate choice will be influenced by a number of things. Although it might be enjoyable, safety is always the top consideration. Before purchasing a pet carrier for a motorbike, you must consider the following factors to ensure the safety of you and your dog:

Dog’s Temperament

The attitude of your dog will influence whether or not riding a motorcycle is safe, much alone pleasant. Some dogs may like the freedom of the open road, while others will be afraid during the journey. If your dog is calm and obedient, riding a motorbike together may be a bonding experience.

Height and Weight of the Dog

Your dog’s height and weight will likely be the most important factors in determining whether carriers are road-worthy. Some dogs are simply too large to be a suitable bike companion, while others are little enough to take a sleep in their carrier. Always verify the weight limitations and measurements to ensure that your dog satisfies the criteria before making a purchase.

Bike’s Size

The size of your bike’s seat might have a significant impact on your search for a mounted carrier, since the majority of models require a specific width for proper attachment. In addition, certain carriers may require additional straps that are incompatible with your motorcycle’s configuration. Consider carriers with universal and adjustable mounting straps for a more adaptable fit.

How far you will go

Since some carriers are worn on the back as opposed to being attached to the bike, the distance you want to go may also be an issue. If you intend to go great distances, search for airlines that are equipped to manage such journeys.


The Saddlemen Pet Voyager is the best overall motorbike carrier for your dog, based on our thorough testing and evaluation of each model. It is built with superior materials and craftsmanship to ensure your dog’s safety. In our perspective, the Lifeunion Dog Carrier Backpack offered the greatest value. It is simple to use and requires no installation on your bicycle.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes to have simplified your search for the best motorbike dog carriers. With your dog’s safety in mind, we searched for the most reliable models. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing a new hobby, such as motorcycle riding, to your dog.

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