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The 15 Best Modern Cat Carriers

Look no further if you're looking for a cat carrier that has a more modern appearance and looks amazing carrying around.

While cat carriers aren't as attractive as handbags, there are some stylish and functional carriers on the market today.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked at other cat owners' reviews and compiled a list of the top best modern cat carriers slung over your shoulder, strapped to your back, or rolling behind you.


Best Value Jespet Soft-Sided Sport Cat Carrier Bag

  • Size: 16 x 11 x 10 inches
  • 15 pound maximum weight
  • Gray/red, dark blue, and pink

The Jespet Soft-Sided Sport Dog & Cat Carrier Bag offers the finest value for money. This carrier features a nylon shell, a strong design, and is available in three colors: gray and red, dark blue, or pink.

The top and sides are composed of durable EVA plastic with mesh ventilation apertures. Three spacious pockets on the sides are large enough for collars, harnesses, or travel items.

On the inside, there is a fleece pad to provide comfort for your companion traveler. This carrier is waterproof, lightweight, and incredibly simple to clean. It also has three large side pockets and folds down for storage.

There are numerous access points, making loading a breeze. Overall, the Jespet Soft-Sided Sport is difficult to top, especially given the price.

Despite the fact that it can carry up to 15 pounds, the only drawback cited was that it was a little smaller than expected.


  • Inexpensive
  • Various color options
  • Simple to clean
  • There is enough of storage.


  • For some users, it is smaller than intended.


Premium Choice: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

  • 17 x 17 x 13 inches in size
  • 15 pound maximum weight

Black, arctic white, sky blue, blossom pink, dark chocolate, jet black, and strawberry red are the colors available.

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is unquestionably our top pick for a modern cat carrier. This carrier combines style and functionality; it begins as a standard pet bed and easily turns into a carrier.

This is fantastic for cats since it gives them the comfort of home while on the road.

Although this carrier is recommended for cats weighing 15 pounds or less, several users have complained that it is considerably smaller than they expected, therefore it may not be suitable for really large cats.

The inside is foam and soft for comfort, and the spherical shape conforms the body. The dome gives your cat seclusion, which is a significant bonus for felines.

For car safety, put the seat belt over the base of the Sleepypod and pull the shoulder belt through the top handle.

The Sleepypod is perfect for road trips, but it does not meet airline regulations, so verify with your airline before booking flights with this carrier.

This carrier is extremely simple to maintain; some components may be machine washed, while others can simply be wiped clean.

Aside from being pricey, some users have reported broken zippers when transitioning from bed to carrier. Overall, cat lovers rave about this really elegant carrier.


  • Excellent for road trips
  • There are numerous color options.
  • Design is quite stylish.
  • The ease of transitioning from bed to carrier


  • Expensive
  • Smaller than anticipated
  • Problems with a broken zipper


Mr. Peanut’s Airline-Approved Kitten Cat Carrier Bag

  • Size: 18 x 10.5 x 11 inches
  • 15 pound maximum weight
  • Platinum gray, deja blue, and purple

Mr. Peanuts’ Gold Series Airline-Approved Soft-Sided Carrier is a very attractive and convenient carrier that comes in three different colors to complement your style.

This carrier is suitable for pets weighing up to 15 pounds and is ideal for kittens. With a plywood base and fleece cushioning, this vehicle carrier is both supportive and comfy.

This carrier is made of claw-resistant material to prevent damage. When most cats are forced to travel, a roll-away cover provides the privacy they crave. You don’t have to worry about flying with your cat because it is airline-approved.

There are huge mesh windows on the top and both sides, a zip-up mesh storage pocket, an ID badge holder, a luggage strap, car safety seat belt attachments, and an inside leash attachment to keep them in place if needed.

Customers love how long-lasting this carrier is. There aren’t many unfavorable reviews, but one user does mention that the pad can’t be machine washed. It may not be suitable for larger cats because to its limited size capacity.


  • Non-toxic
  • Stainless steel formula


  • The pad cannot be machine washed.
  • Not suitable for larger cats.


Deluxe Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag by Sherpa

  • 19 x 11.75 x 11.5 inch dimensions
  • 22 pound maximum weight
  • Color Black

The Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline -Approved Dog and Cat Carrier Bag is another excellent modern cat carrier. With a basic, sleek black design, this carrier may be utilized in almost any occasion where you need to transport your cat.

The tight, ventilated mesh panels can accommodate even the smallest of dogs and can support up to 22 pounds, so you should be able to fit any size cat in here as well.

You won’t have any problems flying with your cat because this carrier is certified by the majority of major airlines. You can even load your cat from the carrier’s top.

A non-slip shoulder strap, locking zippers, and a back storage compartment for snacks or other supplies are included. The lining is constructed of machine-washable faux lambskin, making it both soft and simple to clean.

This top-rated carrier is a jack of all trades. The most common criticism was that pets attempting to escape could scratch up the material on the inside.


  • Approved by airlines
  • Options for top and side loading
  • Pocket for storage
  • Simple and elegant design


  • Claws have the potential to do damage.


Sleep & GO 3-in-1 Pet Carrier by Doc & Phoebe

  • 4.23 x 7.48 x 7.48 inch dimensions
  • 22 pound maximum weight
  • Color Gray

The Doc & Phoebes Sleep & Go 3-in-1 Pet Carrier is a fashionable dome design that not only looks wonderful but also provides a safe environment for your cat when out and about.

Because your cat’s bed from home can be rapidly turned into a carrier, it can provide anxiety alleviation. This carrier has a washable cushion and a vinyl liner, making cleaning simple and easy.

A mesh window for ventilation and strong carrying straps are included. Many reviewers remark about how much their cats enjoy using this carrier.

The only drawback was that some people were put off by the price in compared to the quality. However, you get the convenience of a bed to a carrier for a lot less money than the Sleepypod.


  • For security, switches from bed to carrier.
  • Dome design for privacy
  • Simple to clean


  • More expensive than some others


LOLLIMEOW Pet Carrier for Rolling Cats

  • Size: 21 x 14 x 5.5 inches
  • 16 pound maximum weight
  • Gray and black

The Lollimeow Pet Rolling Carrier transforms into a backpack, wheeled carrier, car seat, and pet bed in seconds. With this carrier, you gain all-around convenience.

With three-sided mesh, your cat will have enough of airflow without sacrificing privacy. There are rollable window shades on the front that can be used as needed to keep the wind at bay or to create privacy.

There is also a strap storage layer to prevent straps from being stuck in the wheel when used as a rolling carrier. This carrier can accommodate felines weighing up to 15 pounds, so you can even transport small dogs or other small pets in it.

It is composed of scratch-resistant material to be long-lasting and durable. Another advantage is that it is waterproof, easy to clean, and includes side pockets for carrying treats or other delights.

When the carrier first came, reviewers stated that it was difficult to assemble. Another user cautioned that just because it meets airline requirements does not imply it would fit beneath the seats.

There was an issue with the carrier not fitting beneath the seat, which caused considerable inconvenience for air travel.


  • Converts from a backpack to a rollerblade
  • Excellent ventilation and an open window
  • Lightweight
  • Even large cats find it simple to transport.


  • Difficult to put together
  • Not suitable for all airline seats.


Cat Carrier SportPet

  • 18.75 x 23.13 x 17.25 inch dimensions
  • Maximum Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Color Gray/Aqua

The SportPet Cat Carrier, as the name suggests, is intended to be more sporty. It has an extra-large side aperture with a removable door for easier access. It is well-ventilated, durable, secure, and has excellent visibility.

A high-density foam cushion is available for this carrier, but it is sold separately. The carrier folds and unfolds easily for storage and travel, and it wipes clean with ease.

It has a wide capacity and can hold up to 35 pounds, allowing you to house two cats if necessary. Some reviewers found the enormous size unpleasant and would have preferred a smaller carrier.

Despite its size, this carrier has only one access point.


  • Greater hauling capacity and numerous cat usage
  • Simple to store
  • Easily removable door


  • A scarcity of diverse entrance points
  • Some cats find it too big.
  • Cushions are offered separately.


PETKIT Cat Pet Backpack Carrier

  • 12.211.416.5 inches in length
  • 17 pound maximum weight
  • White and green

The Petkit Pet Backpack Carrier has an unbeatable classic but modern appearance. It has a good-sized glass so your cat can see what’s going on around them.

The tinted window will keep out glaring lights while still providing comfort for your trip. There are mesh panels and an integrated fan.

This backpack is meant to be tough and long-lasting, with a side pocket for stashing snacks. Most airlines accept it, but it’s important to double-check before you fly.

The disadvantage of this option is that some consumers reported that their cat overheated, while others said that the fan was malfunctioning.

Because the huge window has been reported to scratch easily, this may not be the ideal solution for you if your cat is easily stressed in travel conditions and tries to escape carriers.


  • Design that is one-of-a-kind
  • A big window
  • Lightweight


  • Problems with the built-in fan
  • The window is easily scratched.
  • Some cats overheat.

Choosing the Best Modern Cat Carriers: A Buyer's Guide

Cat carriers do not come in one size fits all. There are numerous aspects to consider before making a purchase decision. Let’s go over the points you should think about:


Before making your purchase, it is critical to consider the carrier’s size. Cats and carriers come in a variety of sizes.

You should check the dimensions to ensure that the specific carrier is a good match for your cat. Furthermore, what fits your kitten may not fit them as an adult cat.

You can even measure your cat if necessary, and knowing their approximate full-grown size is important if they are still young.

Traveling cats need to be comfortable because they do not like leaving their home and might become anxious quickly.


Cat carriers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and prices.

You should have an idea of how much money you are ready to spend on your carrier to guarantee you receive a well-rounded carrier that works for the purpose you need it for and gives you good value for money.

Features for Safety and Security

We belt up in the automobile for safety, so why shouldn’t your cat? Some of these carriers are seat belt compatible, allowing you to safely secure the carrier with your vehicle’s seat belts.

You should also make certain that the access points can be properly locked to prevent your cat from escaping.

Some will include zipper locks and other security features to keep claws from reaching through and opening the doors.


You must ensure that your carrier has adequate ventilation. Traveling is stressful for cats, and they readily overheat.

If it’s summer or you live in a hot, humid region, your cat is at a higher risk of heat stress. You must guarantee that your cat can breathe freely in a properly ventilated carrier.

Entrance Points

Some carriers provide many entrance points, while others only provide one. Loading a cat into a carrier can be difficult, and you may need to choose one with a top entry option, which is usually a soft-sided carrier.

One door is more commonly found on hard carriers. It will eventually come down to personal preference and what is most convenient for you and your cat.

Approval of an Airline

If you need a cat carrier to transport your feline companion on an airplane, obtaining an airline-approved carrier is critical.

Airlines, understandably, can be picky about their demands. It’s advisable to check with the product’s manufacturer and the airlines you fly with to guarantee you’re getting a compatible carrier.


As you can see, there are numerous types of carriers. There are backpacks with shoulder straps and rigid carriers with handles.

You’ll be the one carrying your cat around, so choose the most comfortable solution for what you’re doing.


If you travel frequently with your cat, there’s nothing wrong with having a stylish carrier to carry around.

Cat carriers are available in a variety of forms, colors, and shapes on the market today. You’re sure to find one that complements your overall look.


The Hepper Soft-Sided Cat Carrier was the finest overall choice for cat carriers.

It boasts a sleek and basic black style, is reasonably priced, and is ideal for general use. The Jespet Soft-Sided Sport Dog & Cat Carrier Bag offers the finest value for money.

Not only will you be paying a reasonable price, but you will also have the assurance that other cat owners have praised the look and convenience of this particular carrier.

You can always choose the luxury Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed, which changes effortlessly from bed to carrier and features a very modern, dome-like design that comes in a variety of colors and is not only attractive but also well-liked by cat owners.

Of course, there are many other high-quality, attractive carriers on the list of the best modern cat carriers from BestForPets (bestforpets.org).

You should have no trouble finding a more modern carrier to fit your and your cat’s demands, given your taste and style.

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