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For Your Pet, The Best Modern Cat Trees & Furniture

Have you considered purchasing a cat tree for your furry pals but loathe the way they appear?

While most cat trees are covered in carpet and stick out like a sore thumb, you don't have to get an unsightly cat tree that will clash with your decor.

This article contains a list of some of the best modern cat trees & furniture available for purchase.

When compiling our list, we took into account not only the endurance but also the general appearance of each cat tree.

You won't be ashamed to display any of these items in your minimalist, mid-century modern living room.

Read BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) reviews to find out which of these modern cat trees and modern cat tree furnishings is best for your home and cats.


Best Value Catry Wooden Cat Tree Condo

The Catry Wooden Cat Tree Condo is the best modern cat tree for the money if you’re on a tight budget.

However, in addition to being less expensive than other options on this list, this cat tree is significantly smaller than others, with only one apartment, one perch, and one scratching post.

As a result, this cat tree is best suited to cat owners who only have one kitten. That being said, this is a high-quality product with neutral hues that will go with anything.

Keep in mind that the footprint of this cat tree is so little that it could be knocked over by large or energetic cats, therefore it may be best suited for small to medium-sized cats.


  • Minimalist footprint
  • Neutral colors are easily integrated into house decor.
  • Simple to construct


  • Not suitable for large cats.
  • It could be too tiny for numerous cats.


Premium Choice – Vesper High Base Modern Cat Tree & Condo

If money isn’t an issue, the Vesper High Base 48-inch modern cat tree and condo is an excellent premium option. This cat tree is available in three distinct colors, allowing you to select the style that best complements your home decor.

With two perches and six scratching posts, this cat tree is suitable for many cats, despite the fact that it only has one cat condo.

Although the tree is very solid and easy to install, the scratching posts and toy ropes that come with it are not as durable and may fall apart rather fast if your cats play vigorously.

However, when it comes to premium options, we believe this is the best modern cat furniture tree piece available.


  • Cushions are machine washable and detachable.
  • Simple to construct
  • Minimalist footprint
  • It is available in three different hues.


  • The scratching posts and ropes are less robust than the rest of the cat tree.


Trixie Lilo Plush Cat Tree and Condo 48.2 in

This plush cat tree and condo stands alone and has three tiers, each with a condo. The design is sleek and modern, and the cushions are removable and machine washable.

It does not have a scratching board, yet natural sisal covers all sides for your cats’ scratching demands. It is long-lasting and built of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). It also saves space because the entire tree fits neatly into corners.

While there are plenty of scratch surfaces on this modern tree furniture, the carpet that surrounds the tree may tear quickly. Because of the lack of toys, some cats may not take to it as well as others due to its sleek, modern style.

Even though this modern cat furniture does not include toys, cats will like the snug three condos, and you will appreciate how easy it is to keep the cushions clean.


  • Cushions that are removable and washable
  • Condos on three levels
  • Modern, sleek design


  • Some cats dislike it.
  • A scarcity of playthings


On2pets Small Square Modern Cat Tree – Best for Kittens – 24 in

This trendy cat tree will give a touch of nature to your home’s décor. Even though the non-toxic leaves are plastic, they have a silky texture that cats seem to enjoy.

This tree is safe for kittens because it is only 2 feet tall, therefore there is no risk of them falling and injuring themselves.

Kittens enjoy the natural feel of this tree, which allows them to exercise their natural instincts of hiding in a secure, protected location.

The disadvantage is that there is no scratching post, however the carpeted shelves does provide some scratching space.

This selection for greatest modern cat furniture demonstrates how far cat furniture has progressed. It stands out from the crowd, and you’ll enjoy how it appears in your home, especially for the price that won’t break the bank.


  • No tools are required for assembly.
  • Ideal for kittens
  • Sturdy


  • There is no scratching post.


Sky Blue 38-Inch Faux Fleece Cat Tree by Armarkat

The Armarkat 38-inch fake fleece cat tree in sky blue is a very appealing cat tree. Although the colors aren’t as neutral as the others on this list, this art deco-inspired cat tree is a work of art that will appeal to both visitors and cats.

This cat tree does not have any condos, but it does include three perches with semi-circle tunnels where your cats can hide.

Because the bottom perch is low to the ground, this product may be suitable for older cats who cannot jump as high as young cats.


  • Perches that are low to the ground are ideal for senior cats.
  • Sky-blue color is appealing.


  • Difficult to put together
  • Shelters are insufficient for some cats.

Buying Modern Furniture and Cat Trees: A Buyer's Guide

Purchasing a Cat Tree

When selecting the best cat tree for your needs, there are a few factors to consider. Continue reading to learn how to choose the greatest modern cat furniture.

Perches or Condos

While some cat trees are rather intricate in construction, with many cat condominiums or perching possibilities, others are extremely simple.

We included a few uncomplicated solutions on our list because they have the most appeal to the minimalist aesthetic. A simple cat tree, on the other hand, may not be suitable for your home.

If you have numerous cats, you might want a cat tree with multiple climbing and perching choices so that all of your cats can enjoy it.

If you only have one curious and energetic cat, you might want to explore a more intricate cat tree. Cats can get bored and curious; regrettably, they occasionally exhibit their curiosity by getting into things they shouldn’t.

Getting your cat a multi-level cat tree will provide it with a new outlet for exploring that isn’t your worktops or kitchen table.


Cat trees take up more vertical space than horizontal space, but some can overpower a small living space. Measure the space where you intend to place your cat tree ahead of time to ensure that it will fit.

Even a simple yet attractive cat tree would look odd and out of place in a cramped quarter.

Posts for Scratching

Is your cat fond of scratching your couch? Purchasing a cat tree with at least one scratching post may aid in diverting your cat’s scratching demands away from your furnishings.

Look for cat trees with several scratching posts if you have multiple cats.

Flooring and decoration

It may sound foolish, but you should make certain that the cat tree you choose complements the design of the space in which you wish to set it.

Consider the surface as well; if you have hardwood floors or other easily scratched flooring, buy a cat tree with non-skid pads to prevent the tree from moving around and scratching them.


Cat trees, like any other item of furniture, may require some assembly. Stick to cat trees with fewer components and pieces if you aren’t extremely handy.

Otherwise, you may become quite frustrated by the time the cat tree is finished.


There are numerous cat tree options available, but few are as fashionable as the cat trees on this list.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that after reading the evaluations of our best modern cat trees & furniture, you were able to choose a beautiful, modern cat tree that works for you and your kitties.

The Trixie Lilo Plush Cat Tree and Condo 48.2 in is a fantastic entertaining tree for your child. If you want something a little less expensive, consider the Catry Wooden Cat Tree Condo. Have fun shopping!

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