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The 4 Best Mineral Blocks For Sheep And Goats

Sheep and goats may not always obtain all of the nutrients they need from their daily meal, and you may need to supplement their diet with a mineral block.

Mineral blocks may help your sheep and goats restore lost minerals and keep them healthy.

Mineral blocks are often put in the livestock's feeding area so that they may utilize them as needed, eliminating the need to worry about them acquiring too much of a certain mineral.

Mineral blocks may be hung in the enclosure or put in a mineral block holder near your goats' and sheep's eating and drinking areas.

In this post, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) looked at some of the best mineral blocks for sheep and goats and what they have to offer.


3-in-1 Vitamin & Mineral Block by Kalmbach

3 in 1 Block for Cattle and Horses

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The greatest overall product is from Kalmbach , and it is a nutritional supplement mineral block with salt, vitamins, and organic trace minerals that aid in the health of your goat and sheep.

This is a huge mineral block that hangs on a rope near their lips so they may lick it as necessary. This mineral block may feed a group of 5 to 15 goats or sheep at a time and functions as a self-feeding supplement.

It essentially works together to offer your goats and sheep with any lost minerals that they aren’t receiving from their commercial diet, so improving their health and preventing deficits.


  • Salts, vitamins, and organic trace minerals are replenished.
  • Can sustain a big number of cattle
  • Assist in the prevention of mineral deficits


  • The salt lick’s consumption must be monitored.

Trace of North American Salt

North American Salt 41018 Big 6 Trace Silver Mineral Pet Supplement

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This product provides the greatest value for money since it provides a broad variety of trace minerals to sheep and goats while staying economical for the size of the mineral block.

This mineral block includes six essential minerals, including zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, iron, and cobalt, which may considerably help the nutritional needs of your sheep and goats.

Furthermore, this mineral block is good for increasing weight increase, fostering normal appetite, and enhancing animal performance.

If your goat or sheep herd is exhibiting indications of mineral deficiency, this is a useful product to include in their diet.


  • Affordable
  • It contains six essential minerals.
  • Encourages weight increase


  • Must only be used when there are dietary deficits.

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt

WBM Himalayan Nature Deer Salt Mineral Block

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The Himalayan rock salt mineral lick is our top pick since it contains naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes for your goats and sheep.

The major advantage of using this form of mineral lick is that the salt naturally increases their thirst, encouraging your sheep and goats to drink more water to keep hydrated.

This mineral block is likewise smaller than others, but it is resistant to biting and being washed away in the rain, allowing it to remain longer. It is safe to keep near your cattle without fear of them overusing this mineral block.


  • Trace minerals that occur naturally
  • Weather and rain resistance
  • Long-term usage is safe.


  • If livestock does not drink enough water while using this, they may get dehydrated.

Compressed Nutrition Focus

Focus Nutrition Large 4 Pound Compressed Mineral Himalayan Salt

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This item is comparable to Himalayan mineral blocks, however it is more processed and compacted. Because it is smaller, it will not endure as long as other mineral blocks in the category.

Some advantages of employing a compressed mineral Himalayan salt block for your goats and sheep include giving them with much-needed nutrients while also providing amusement and minimizing boredom.

It includes minerals including iron, potassium, and magnesium, which aid in the replenishment of lost electrolytes. It includes a short hanging rope that may be fastened to a post or hung from a location where your goat and sheep can readily reach it.


  • Hanging rope is included.
  • Replaces electrolytes that have been lost
  • It aids in the prevention of boredom.


  • Size is small.

Buyer's Guide

Why should you provide goats and sheep mineral blocks?

Mineral blocks may benefit goat and sheep owners by replenishing any minerals and salts that they may be missing in their regular diet. It also serves as a sort of entertainment for them, which helps to alleviate boredom.

Mineral blocks, in certain forms, may also help your goats and sheep to drink more water. Another big advantage is that mineral blocks are a safe and natural method for goats and sheep to acquire the nutrients they need without having to worry about introducing these supplements separately into their regular meal and risking overdosing on specific minerals.

  • Mineral blocks provide several advantages for sheep and goats.
  • Give them trace minerals including iron, magnesium, cobalt, copper, and iodine.
  • Replaces electrolytes that have been lost
  • An inexpensive and risk-free method of encouraging your animals to drink more water
  • It aids in the prevention of boredom.
  • Improves cattle efficiency and overall health


For the best mineral blocks for sheep and goats, the Kalmbach 3-in-1 mineral block  is our top option among the goods we evaluated in this post since it is big enough to maintain a large herd of goats and sheep while staying economical.

The Himalayan Naturals mineral block  is BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) second-best selection because it gives your sheep and goats with electrolytes and salts that are helpful to their health and well-being.

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