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The 17 Best Luxury & Modern Cat Bowls

There's no denying that we adore spoiling our kitties. They have earned it! They provide us with love, comfort, and a certain bit of entertainment, so why not give them the finest of everything if you can afford it?

The bowls they eat from should be no exception, thus we looked at the most luxury and sophisticated cat bowls on the market today.

The majority of the bowls we've chosen are marketed as dog bowls, but don't let that deter you. Small dog food bowls are also ideal for cats.

Some may believe that the dish is unimportant because your cat is more concerned with the food inside it. But they'd be mistaken!

Some bowls are superior than others because raised bowls assist cats just as much as dogs. If your cat has a flat face or frequently vomits after eating, she may benefit from eating from an elevated bowl.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done all of the legwork for you and are presenting our reviews of the best luxury & modern cat bowls for your selection.

The majority of these are elevated for your cat's feeding enjoyment, and they are all elegant and trendy, so they should complement your kitchen decor.


PETLIBRO Modern Auto Feeder – Overall Winner

If you want the ultimate in luxury in your cat’s bowl, look no further than our best overall pick, the PETLIBRO Auto Feeder.

It has a number of high-tech and sophisticated features that elevate what appears to be a standard auto function to something beyond imagination.

This auto feeder incorporates a key lock to prevent multiple feedings if your cat is prone to convincing multiple members of the household that they haven’t yet eaten.

If you spend a lot of time away from home, it also has some amazing remote features. You may remote feed and set up a vocal playback for your cat to hear at mealtime using a specialized phone app.

This seemingly unending number of capabilities need power to operate, thus batteries will not suffice. It is instead necessary to connect to an outlet.

However, this product only includes a USB cord and does not include the power converter required to connect it to a standard household outlet.


  • To avoid overfeeding, use a key lock.
  • Remote feeding through an app
  • Timer with adjustment
  • Playback of voice
  • Design that prevents clogging


  • There is no wall power adaptor included.
  • Only appropriate for 2-12mm kibble



The PETKIT CYBERTAIL Cat Bowl is the most affordable cat bowl. They are not only the cheapest bowls on our list, but they are also elegant and will make eating easier for your cat.

It comes with two stainless steel bowls, one of which is angled for ease access and the other is wide enough to prevent whisker tension.

They are dishwasher safe since the bowls can be removed from the base and tilted at different angles. The base is made of strong black plastic with rubber grips to keep it from sliding about.

The bowls are bolted together to keep them from toppling over, and they have rounded rims that allow easy access to the food while also preventing spillage.

Because the bowls have a very glossy and reflecting surface, some cats may be surprised when they approach to eat.

We also discovered that the bowls were not always easy to attach or remove from the base, and in some cases, the bowls’ bases snapped off when attempting to remove them.


  • Inexpensive
  • Elegant stainless-steel bowls with a slightly raised base
  • Bowls are wide and can be tilted or flat.
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Bowls are securely fastened to the base.


  • Some cats may be startled by shiny, reflective dishes.
  • Some bowls broke at the base.
  • Bowls can be difficult to remove and reattach.


Hepper NomNom Premium Choice Modern Cat Bowl

The Hepper NomNom Cat Bowl is not elevated like most of the other cat dishes on this list, but it is incredibly good quality.

It includes a white tray made of chew-proof plastic with a broad rim to catch crumbs and nibbles while your cat eats.

The two stainless steel bowls click into the tray, making cleanup quicker, and they are shallow and wide, making your whisker-sensitive cat happy.

The moat around the food plates can also work as an ant deterrent because you can fill it with water (exactly like a real moat!) to keep ants off of your cat’s food.

However, because the bowls are small and shallow, they will not function well as a water dish, which you would most likely need to purchase separately.

To summarize, we believe these are the best luxury and modern cat bowls available.


  • Plastic tray that is chew-proof and has a broad rim to catch crumbs
  • Two stainless steel bowls snap in and out for easy cleaning.
  • The shallow and wide bowls are ideal for cats with sensitive whiskers.
  • To keep ants out, fill the moat surrounding the dishes with water.
  • Excellent for messy eaters.


  • Ants may gain access to the food via the gap in the bottom.
  • Because the dishes are shallow, a separate water bowl is most likely required.


FOREYY Cat Raised Pet Bowls

The FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls is a bit more expensive than the other bowls on this list, but it is well worth it.

These stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe and are placed in a bamboo stand for elevated feeding.

The bamboo stand will catch a lot of the surplus food that your cat throws around and is simple to clean.

The stand also includes anti-slip feet and will stay in position while your cat eats. Bamboo is resistant to water and has a gentle, natural smell.

It does require assembly once it arrives, and while it is quite simple to put together, some may find it difficult.

We also discovered that not every product came with all of the pieces needed for assembly. If you don’t get everything you need to build it, it will be unstable or unusable.


  • Bowls made of stainless steel
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Robust bamboo stand elevated
  • The stand is water-resistant and simple to maintain.
  • The stand’s legs are non-slip.


  • It takes some time to put together.
  • Expensive
  • Not all products arrived complete.


Elevated Modern Cat Bowl by Platinum Pets

Platinum Pets Modern Elevated Pet Bowls aren’t the cheapest, but they’re stylish and elevated to the perfect height for your cat.

These cat bowls are available in a number of colors (white, black, pink, red, blue, silver, and copper) and come with a black wrought iron stand.

For further durability and safety, the bowls and stand are powder-coated.

The bowls have a rubber ring to avoid excessive movement (and noise) and come in sizes ranging from 34 cups to 10 cups (not that any cat needs one this huge!).

The disadvantage of this product is that it comes with stickers in the bottom of the bowls that are difficult to remove.

The powder coating does begin to chip off over time, but the bowls are constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel, so there is no serious concern.


  • Bowls are available in five different sizes and seven different colors.
  • Elevated wrought iron stand
  • Powder-coated for durability and safety
  • Rubber-rimmed bowls to reduce movement and noise


  • Stickers on bowls might be tough to remove.
  • After some time, the powder covering may flake off.


The Best Modern Elevated Cat Bowl on the Internet

The Internet’s Best Modern Elevated Cat Bowl is available in two sizes, but solely in terms of stand height.

The base is white and can be 4 or 512 inches tall, but both bowl heights hold 2 cups of food. The stand is made of wood and stained white, and it arrives fully constructed.

These dishes are dishwasher safe and stainless steel, and they can be simply removed from the base when needed. The stand is fairly strong because it is constructed of wood.

If you add water in one of the bowls, the wooden support may become damaged over time. We also discovered that the stainless steel rubs off on the white base, leaving a yellowish tint.

Because the bowls are rather deep and narrow, they may contribute to whisker stress in cats.


  • The elevated stand is available in two different heights.
  • The bowls are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.
  • The base is made of solid wood with a white stain finish.
  • The white stand is delivered completely assembled.


  • Water could corrode the wooden stand.
  • The bowls discolor the stand.
  • Bowls are deep and narrow, which may create whisker strain.


Adjustable Elevated Cat Bowl by Pet Zone Designer

The Pet Zone Cat Bowl is an adjustable feeder that will be ideal if you have a kitten because it will grow with her.

The base is composed of strong plastic that has been painted black to seem like wood and can be set to three various heights – 244, 8, and 12 inches tall.

The legs have an appealing geometric pattern when fully extended, and they are also collapsible for convenient storage and have rubber grips to avoid slipping.

The two bowls are stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and carry roughly 312 cups of food each.

While this is a very attractive product, we found it to be somewhat flimsy, so if you have an overeager or large cat, the stand may be unstable.

When fully extended, the legs did not always stay attached, and while being touted as non-slip, it did slide around quite readily.


  • The tray’s height can be adjusted to three different levels.
  • At full height, the legs exhibit a geometric pattern.
  • Legs collapse for easy storage.
  • The bowls are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.


  • Not very sturdy and quickly tipped over when fully extended.
  • Legs did not always remain linked.
  • Slides around a lot.


LIONWEI Contemporary Cat Bowl

The other bowl set that is not elevated is the LIONWEI Cat Bowl, but it is the only one that includes 100% porcelain ceramic bowls over stainless steel.

They are available in a variety of colors (including blue and pink, grey, pink marble, and green and yellow) and include a wooden stand.

The stand helps to keep the food dishes from moving around. The ceramic bowls are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and hefty enough not to topple over.

Unfortunately, the bowls are not as sturdy as they should be, having arrived shattered or readily broken at home. The wooden stand is also prone to falling apart.

While the product promises to be solid and difficult to move, we discovered that it moved quite a bit across the floor.


  • Bowls made of ceramic and available in a variety of colors
  • It comes with a wooden stand to keep it from tipping over.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean


  • Bowls can readily shattered.
  • The wooden stand is prone to falling apart.
  • It claims to be slip-proof, yet it readily glides across the floor.

Finding the Best Modern Cat Bowls: A Buyer's Guide

While purchasing a cat bowl may appear to be a straightforward task, it is actually extremely dependant on your cat (and you too, of course).

Some cats may not care what kind of bowl they eat from, but we also know how finicky our felines can be, and the improper feeding dish may result in some snubbing.

So, let’s take a look at some things to think about when searching for a new bowl, set of bowls, or full-fledged feeding station.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the ideal modern cat bowl for your feline companion.

Whisker Anxiety

So, we’ve addressed whisker stress a few times in relation to some of the bowls we’ve reviewed, so in a nutshell, whisker stress can arise in some cats if the food dish is too narrow.

Your cat’s whiskers are firmly implanted in her skin, where nerve endings and blood vessels are extremely sensitive.

This means their whiskers are extremely sensitive, and placing their head in a tight dish may force the whiskers to press on the surface, which may be uncomfortable for certain cats.

If your cat stands in front of her bowl and appears hesitant to eat, or if she flicks the food out of the dish and eats it off the floor, she may be suffering from whisker stress.

This might help you decide what kind of food bowls to acquire for your cat.

Dimensions and Form

The form and size of your cat dishes will be determined by the whisker stress factor.

Bowls that are very shallow and wide will assist avoid whisker stress and may be less stressful for most cats overall.

A deep dish can also restrict a cat from seeing what’s going on around them, therefore experts prefer small bowls and plates.


Some cats respond better when their food is elevated above floor level, particularly if the bowls can be positioned at an angle.

Cats with flat faces will find it much easier to eat from these feeding stations. Crouching down and eating from a deep bowl is more difficult for Persians.


Plastic dishes should be avoided since they are easily damaged and might potentially trap microorganisms.

This not only necessitates constant cleaning on your part, but it may also contribute to feline acne. Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are more sanitary and easy to clean.


If the bowl moves around while your cat is eating, she may be put off.

It could also result in your cat tipping the bowl over, spilling her food all over the floor! When looking for a new bowl, one that is engineered to stay put is desired.

This could suggest that the stand or bowl itself has a rubber grip, but the weight of the bowl itself could also be a factor.

Consider Having a Separate Water Bowl

If you buy a stand with two bowls, try utilizing both dishes for food and keeping the water in a separate bowl farther away.

Cats prefer to have their water source away from their food since the water can become contaminated and dirty if it is close to the food dish.

It has also been demonstrated that cats enjoy a running water supply, thus purchasing a water fountain would be the finest thing you could do for your cat.

It will boost her water consumption, which will aid in the prevention of future illnesses such as kidney disease.


That’s all there is to it! The seven best luxurious and sophisticated cat dishes for making your cat feel like the queen of the house! Which she almost certainly does.

The PETLIBRO Modern Auto Feeder is our choice for the best overall cat bowl. It will look great in your home thanks to its high utility and stylish appearance.

The PETKIT CYBERTAIL Cat Bowl is our pick for the finest cat bowl for the money since it is the least priced on our list and can be tilted—or not!

Finally, the Hepper NomNom Modern Cat Bowl is the premium choice cat bowl because, while it is pricey, it is highly robust and constructed of all-natural bamboo.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best luxury & modern cat bowls have helped you narrow down your selections and that you’ll discover the appropriate one for you and your cat.

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