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The 8 Best Lovebird Cages

There is a vast selection of lovebird cages available on the market. Manufacturers produce cages of various sizes and forms, allowing you to retain a single lovebird or a whole flock. Some have water and food dishes built in. Others are simply skeletal cages.

This article examines a variety of possible solutions, including cages of various sizes and functionalities, to give you a better understanding of what's available. The best lovebird cages recommended by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will depend on your living situation and personal tastes.


Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage for Small and Medium Birds

The Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Small & Medium Birds Flight Cage is larger than the majority of cages now available. But it is not significantly more costly. Although birds may typically thrive in tiny cages, they prefer bigger enclosures. There is no cage that is too large for lovebirds.

This is a plain, basic cage, so you may fill it with bird feeds and toys of your choosing. It does have four feeding stations and several perches. Numerous individuals will appreciate the ample space and freedom for customization.

Others will dislike having to perform the customization themselves. It would be easy for a novice bird keeper to feel overwhelmed by this design.

Due to its bigger size, this cage can accommodate many lovebirds. This may be an excellent alternative for those with many birds. It is also suitable for a single bird. They will likely value the space.

The cage is constructed of iron and features two huge access openings. Six tiny sliding doors on the side allow for more access and the placement of nests. A garbage bin facilitates cleaning, and three perches are also included. With all of these qualities, this is by far the best available lovebird cage.


  • Made from sturdy iron
  • Adequate space for many birds
  • Multiple access doors
  • Included are four double cups and three wooden perches.
  • Great value


  • Uses up a substantial amount of space


Vision II Model S01 Bird Cage

Not everyone can afford to purchase an expensive cage for their lovebird. Check out the Vision II Model S01 Bird Cage if you’re on a tight budget or just don’t have the space for a large cage. Due to its little size, it is considerably less expensive than other possibilities. It is only appropriate for a single bird, thus it cannot house a huge flock.

This enclosure has interesting characteristics. It includes multi-grip perches, for example, to improve circulation and avoid sickness. The whole bottom of the cage is removable for easy cleaning; unlike typical designs, there is no drawer.

The cage also includes two cups, one for food and the other for water. The shields at the bottom of the cage prevent waste and food from escaping. The entire thing can be assembled with ease.

It is evident from these qualities that this is the greatest lovebird cage for money.


  • Inexpensive
  • There are two multi-grip perches
  • Waste barrier
  • The bottom is removable for cleaning
  • Simple assembly


  • Quite tiny


Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage

The Vision II Model L01 Bird Cage is characterized as being enormous, yet it is not as large as other cages. Keep this in mind while you’re purchasing, and be sure to carefully verify the dimensions provided. As with all of this company’s cages, it incorporates multi-grip perches that promote circulation.

This feature is very effective at preventing foot issues. Extra depth is added to the base to serve as a waste guard. Food and water should deflect off the bottom and remain within the enclosure.

No tray is included with this design. Instead, the entire bottom detaches for simple and rapid cleaning. Each end has a panel that can be lowered to access the feeds. There are two cups designated for seed and water in this cage. There are also two perches included.

Everything snaps together for simple assembly.


  • Multiple perches are available.
  • Innovative waste shield style
  • Extra-deep foundation
  • Simple assembly


  • Not as massive as other “giant” styles
  • The bottom is difficult to remove for cleaning.


Vision II Model M01 Bird Cage

The Vision II Model M01 Bird Cage resembles other bird cages manufactured by the same business. This is a medium-sized cage. It is suited for a single lovebird or even two if there is space in the flight cage.

It consists of two separate perches meant to improve circulation. Instead of a waste drawer, the entire base is detachable. Although this is an interesting design, it is somewhat more difficult to utilize. A debris guard is incorporated to prevent food and liquid from escaping the cage. Using the panels at each end of the cage, access to the feeders is made simple.

This birdcage is of inferior quality compared to other available alternatives. The bottom section appears to be readily detachable from the main cage, and the provided clips may not be sufficient to keep it in place. The bottom of the cage is measured, which is less than the real “flying” area.


  • Two birds are included
  • Debris protection is supplied.
  • Size suitable for one bird
  • Innovative design


  • Separates easily
  • Less expansive than typical “medium” cages
  • Low value


Economy Dome Top Bird Cage from A&E Cage Company

Typically, A&E produces quality cages. However, the Economy Dome Top Bird Cage from A&E Cage Company is quite underwhelming. It is more fragile than most other cages, and the food access holes are difficult to open.

The poor fit of the components frustrates the assembling process. Also, the directions are unclear, so expect to spend a considerable deal of time attempting to assemble it.

The sole positive aspect of this cage is its aesthetic appeal. However, upon closer inspection, the flimsiness of the cage ruins much of its aesthetic value.

The cage itself is constructed of metal, but the pull-out tray is made of plastic. The cage contains a slide-out tray for simple cleaning, and the stand has a storage shelf. There are several color options available.


  • Shelving for storing
  • Metal


  • Complicated to construct
  • Flimsy
  • Costly relative to its quality


Midwestern Birding Experiences Nina Dometop Bird Cage

The MidWest Avian Adventures Nina Dometop Bird Cage is fairly pricey compared to comparable cages. You are not receiving much additional value for the money. There are several instances of shipment difficulties.

For instance, several purchasers discovered that critical elements were missing, making it practically hard to assemble the cage. Others have reported getting deformed or damaged components. This appears to occur regardless of where the cage is purchased online.

Even if all the components are included, the cage is not easy to assemble and is rather fragile. If parts are readily bent while shipment, it is likely that they will also be easily bent during usage.

This cage has three stainless steel food bowls, which is a plus. This exceeds the majority of other bird cages. However, just one perch is supplied, when the majority of cages of this size have at least three.


  • Three meal cups include stainless steel


  • Expensive
  • Complicated to construct
  • Pieces frequently arrive damaged or totally absent
  • Just one perch is present

Buyer's Guide

Your bird will spend most of its time caged. Therefore, it is essential to choose a high-quality cage that does not break the budget. A low-quality cage can complicate bird care and perhaps cause health issues. No cage should make caring for your bird more difficult than necessary.

While the majority of bird cages are virtually identical, there are a few minor differences between them. Different birds require unique cages. Some birds require a larger cage because they are active. Other birds may live in smaller cages since they are less active.

In this part, we will assist you in determining what your lovebird needs so that you may choose the appropriate cage for your feathery buddy.


The cage’s size is vital. If the cage is too small, you cannot expect the bird to be content. Due to their high level of activity, lovebirds require a larger cage than other kinds of birds.

They may not be the biggest birds, but they need ample space to soar in order to be happy and healthy. In general, minimum dimensions of 32″ x 20″ x 20″ are recommended. It is possible to maintain the bird in a smaller cage, although this is typically not advised.

Quantity of Inches

Lovebirds love to be constantly in motion. To obtain the necessary quantity of physical activity, they must have ample areas to move. A minimum of four perches is suggested for a pair of birds.

This gives adequate seating space and encourages physical activity. They will likely be dissatisfied if they just have two perches since they would not have many options to roam about.

Unfortunately, most cages do not provide this many perches. Most products on the market only have two. In many instances, finding three perches is difficult.

Consequently, you will certainly need to add perches to your cage after purchasing it. Ensure that your cage is large enough, though. Some cages are physically incapable of accommodating more than two perches.


Numerous bird cages boast an abundance of accessories. However, this is not a particularly high priority. If you don’t like the cups and other accessories that come with your cage, you may easily swap them out.

There is no reason to maintain the default settings. Numerous attachments have the same dimensions, facilitating their interchangeability when necessary.

For example, you should not be too concerned about whether you enjoy the food dishes that come with a cage. You may always modify them in the future. Nevertheless, you should be cautious with the immutable aspects of the cage. For instance, you cannot alter its size.

Simple to Clean

The cage must be cleaned often. Cleaning is an essential aspect of bird care. Some cages facilitate this, whilst others do not. You will spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the cage, thus it is essential that the process be as simple as possible.

The classic design of a cage has a grate and a tray beneath it. You just remove the tray, clean it, and proceed. The grate must also be cleaned since it will become soiled.

However, you may not need to clean it as frequently as the tray. Many birds do not mind having a grated bottom because they spend most of their time perched.

Nonetheless, some cages have attempted to alter this age-old formula. There are several creative designs now available on the market. For instance, the entire bottom of a number of cages is built to be removable. There is neither a grate nor a tray; you just remove the bottom to clean it.

The choice is mostly a matter of personal preference. Some individuals enjoy the tray, while others dislike cleaning the included grate.

Waste Guard

With a metal cage, trash and birdseed will accumulate outside the cage. If your bird scatters its seeds, it will end up all over the floor. Some individuals do not mind cleaning up this mess, whilst others would pay a significant price to prevent it. As with other things, this is a question of preference.

Where you store the cage is also significant. If you maintain your cage on a firm surface, cleaning is typically uncomplicated. However, carpet might complicate matters.

Numerous bird cages now have a waste guard. This stops trash from falling to the ground. However, this leaves you with an additional item to clean. Even though the waste guard will just need to be cleaned down, you will still need to add this to your cleaning list.


Ventilation is crucial for lovebirds, as well as any other bird. Without enough ventilation, birds can rapidly become ill. Air that is stale and humid promotes bacterial development. Additionally, birds love air movement. After all, they are accustomed to living in trees.

Certain waste guards and cage designs might readily impede airflow. Consider how readily air may flow through the cage when you are shopping. In general, basic cages consisting of only bars function well in this category. All the additional “innovative” designs may be an issue.


Some bird cages are definitely not intended to be attractive. Many are designed with straightforward practicality in mind. They can adequately shelter a bird, as that is its sole purpose.

Depending on where you intend to place the cage, you may want a more attractive one. Typically, these are more expensive. A few good cages are available on the market now, but many of them are twice or even treble the price of simple cages. Some are also not very well-designed. Manufacturers may prioritize from the above utility.

Obviously, even if aesthetics are essential to you, you still need a comfortable cage for your bird. Do not forgo other elements for the sake of a beautiful cage.


Some bird cages are fairly weak. If the cage’s bars are manufactured from a material of inferior quality, they might bend and bow under strain. Because cages sometimes have no other means of support, the quality of the individual bars is crucial. Otherwise, the cage may quickly unravel.

If the cage consists of numerous components, the strength of these components is also important. If the top of the cage appears as though it will come off whenever the cage is moved, it is likely unsuitable for your bird.


There are several cage options available on the market. They are available in several sizes and with a variety of functions. The one you choose for your couple will rely on your intended configuration and personal preferences.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) suggest the Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Small & Medium Birds Flight Cage to the majority of customers. It is a basic, affordable, and very huge cage. You won’t find something this large in this pricing range that is as elegant. This is a wonderful alternative if all you need is something to properly house your birds.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the Vision II Model S01 Bird Cage. It is incredibly affordable in comparison to other cages, however, this is primarily due to its little size. It is only suitable for one bird or one pair of young birds. However, its other characteristics are flawless.

Hopefully, our evaluations of the best lovebird cages have provided you with an overview of the various lovebird cages. We advise carefully reading the reviews and selecting the model that best suits your preferences and available space.

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