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The 9 Best Litters For Rabbits

The right litter can make all the difference when it comes to the cleanliness and comfort of your rabbit's living space, whether you've just started litter training or you already have a dedicated litter box.

You may be wondering what your best and cheapest alternatives are, and whether cat poop is enough.

Read these BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best litters for rabbits and benefit from our critical, hands-on research.

When you finish reading, you will have a clear understanding of the rabbit hole options available to you.


The Supreme Winner Is Kaytee Kay Kob Natural Rabbit Bedding & Litter

Kaytee Kay Kob Bedding and Pad for Pets

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There was a lot of pressure on our top selection for rabbit litter to meet a lot of criteria. Can one litter truly be the greatest in absorbency, comfort, and being entirely bunny safe and ecologically friendly?

Kaytee's Kay Kob litter manages to accomplish everything, and then some. It’s an excellent and flexible investment because it serves as both a litter and bedding for your rabbit.

The absorbency and simplicity of cleaning were also major selling points. To maintain a clean and sanitary environment for our rabbit, we used dried corn cob material, which proved to be a simple and practical solution. One of the best choices for your home.

For the year, we consider this to be the top litter of rabbits.


  • Extremely retentive
  • An all-natural deodorizer
  • A perfect fit for your rabbit’s feet
  • The non-stick quality makes cleaning quick and painless.
  • No dust in the air in 9.1% of the time
  • Useful as both a litter box and a mattress


  • If your rabbit consumes too much of this, it might lead to stomach issues.

High Quality, Economical, and Fresh Newspaper for Small Animals

Fresh News Recycled Paper Bedding

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This litter from Fresh News is inexpensive and kind to the planet because it is made from recycled newspapers. This paper-based litter is a great alternative to traditional litter since it is more absorbent than wood, clay, or maize litter and is treated with baking soda to eliminate odors.

But the value you get for your money makes this the greatest rabbit litter available. If you have many rabbits at home, it is in your financial best interest to go for a high-volume, cost-effective alternative like Fresh News.

Furthermore, it is entirely recyclable and biodegradable due to its recycled paper construction. If you’re a rabbit owner on a strict budget, we wholeheartedly suggest this product to you.


  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Sustainable resources
  • To remove unpleasant odors, baking soda is used in the processing.


  • Extremely pungent paper odor, which may be offensive to certain rabbits.

Premium Pelletized Wheat Straw Rabbit Litter by Eco-Straw

Oxbow Animal Health Eco-Straw Litter

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The Oxbow Eco-Straw is the most novel rabbit litter on the market since it bridges the gap between traditional based litter and wood litter. Its wheat straw pellets are incredibly absorbent and fully safe for rabbit eating, making it a unique litter option.

Oxbow Eco-pelleted Straw’s wheat straw may very well be the most absorbent and safe rabbit litter solution available. A small amount of this litter will go a long way because it is twice as absorbent as paper-based litter. The Eco-higher Straw’s price tag is the only genuine drawback we could uncover, so this is fantastic news.


  • Highly absorbent cat litter
  • Foods with a high fiber content made from wheat are fine for rabbits to eat.
  • Is repelled by the fur of long-haired rabbits.
  • Sustainable harvesting practices and complete compostability


  • Expensive

Rabbit Litter Made From 100% Recycled Paper Pellets Is So Clean

So Phresh Fast-Absorbing Paper Pellets Small Animal Litter

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So Phresh paper pellet litter is a great alternative to Fresh News. So Phresh, like its main rival, is a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative for rabbit litter.

Unique to it is a pellet design that packs more securely, resulting in significantly less dust.

So Phresh may not have the name familiarity of other litters, but its odor-trapping paper pellets struck us much. We strongly suggest this litter if you’re allergic to the stench of rabbit pee.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for the most effective litter that won’t break the bank, consider this option.


  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Strong ability to absorb odors
  • Totally recyclable and made from recycled paper
  • Rapidly expanding paper pellets seal in moisture.


  • Dangerous and potentially fatal if ingested.

SUNSEED 100% Natural Corn Cob Rabbit Litter

Sunseed Natural Corn Cob Bedding & Litter for Pet Birds and Small Animals

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This Sunseed product is made from corn cobs, which are a renewable resource and fully biodegradable and compostable. They are also highly absorbent.

You may feel good about using it to fill your rabbit’s litter box because it is safe for ingestion in low doses.

These benefits, while wonderful, might come at a hefty price, especially if you plan on taking care of more than one rabbit. While this Sunseed litter performs admirably in the toilet, the price makes it out of reach for most rabbit parents.

Mixing this bag with a cheaper, paper litter will give you the best of all worlds. You’ll have better success in keeping your rabbit’s litter box clean and odor-free if you use two types of absorbent material, one of which is specifically designed for that purpose.


  • Cultivated and harvested in a way that doesn’t harm the environment
  • Totally decomposable
  • Very high capacity for absorption


  • Costs a lot of money.

Small Animal Litter Boxes Guinea Pig Litter Guinea Pig Litter

Kaytee Premium Potty Training Critter Litter for Pet Ferrets

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Kaytee Critter Litter Potty Training Small Animal litter uses a special form of clay that is nearly 100% dust-free and won’t bother your rabbit’s respiratory system as regular clay cat litter would.

If your rabbit can use anything, it doesn’t guarantee it’s a good choice for a litter box.

We found that when utilized for rabbits, this clay litter frequently formed clumps that were difficult to remove. We recommend choosing a different litter from the ones we evaluated.


  • Virtually devoid of dust (almost to a one)
  • Not harmful to rabbits


  • Urine on clay creates a huge mess.
  • Extremely troublesome to remove from your rabbit’s litter box.

Buyer Guide

1. Material

For your rabbit, pick a litter composed of paper, wood, or grass. Clay litters should be avoided since rabbits might choke on them.

2. Absorption

If you want to ensure that your rabbit’s habitat stays dry and clean, you should search for litters with a high absorption rate. Baking soda and other odor-neutralizing chemicals are used in certain litters.

3. Dust and odor

To protect your rabbit’s respiratory system, don’t use litters that have additional perfumes or produce too much dust.

4. Reputation of a Brand

Check out what other rabbit owners have to say about the product, and learn about the brand’s history. Check out many brands to choose one that has a history of creating safe, high-quality pet goods.

5. Price

When picking a rabbit litter, keep your spending in mind. Try to choose litter supplies that don’t break the bank but yet fulfill your pet’s demands.

6. Quantity

Determine the quantity of litter your rabbit requires and select goods accordingly.

7. Comparison between pellet and loose

Pellet and loose rabbit litter are available. Loose litter, such as shredded paper or other debris, requires more frequent cleaning than pellet litter, which is manufactured from compressed sawdust or recycled paper and is easier to clean. Find out what litter will work best for your rabbit.

8. Litter size

The litter box for your rabbit should be the right size for the litter you choose. Your rabbit will be most at ease if the litter is deep enough for it to burrow in.

9. Effects on the Environment

Think about how the rubbish you’re using will affect the environment. To lessen your impact on the environment, seek for litters that break down in the landfill or a compost pile.

10. Preferences of rabbits

Rabbits are picky about the type and texture of litter they use. You can tell which sort of litter your rabbit prefers by observing its behavior and tastes.


Despite how convenient it may seem, you should not use litter for rabbits. What kind of rabbit will you get now if you know the right choice? Here’s a brief recap of the best litters for rabbits from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) before you leave.

Our top pick for rabbit litter is Kaytee Kay Kob Natural Bedding & Litter<br /> , which is highly absorbent and odorless. We found that this litter offers the best balance of litter quality and price that we’ve tested. Any rabbit should use it as their litter box, as we highly recommend it.

The Small Animals Fresh Newspaper  is a great option for those looking for a cheap rabbit hole. Our second best pick, while not nearly as appealing as our first pick, is much more affordable and will last months in your pocket.

Your rabbit deserves a long, healthy life, and a clean litter box is a great first step towards that goal!

We sincerely hope that this advice helps you find the best litter and litter box for your rabbit. I wish you the best of luck!

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Dr. Freddie T. Young is a highly qualified veterinarian who specializes in emergency and critical care for tiny animals. Now, she serves as a relief veterinarian for various emergency and speciality hospitals, providing skilled treatment to animals in need.

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