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The 11 Best Litter Box Enclosures

Litter box enclosures are visually beautiful pieces of furniture that cover up your cat's litter box and turn it into a decor item.

Some are made of wood, while others are made of plastic, engineered wood, or laminate.

Some include additional storage or a huge top surface that can be decorated or used as a bench.

You won't have to worry about odor because most are moisture-resistant and ventilated, as long as you keep the litter box clean.

The best litter box enclosures for your cat and your home are listed here by BestForPets (bestforpets.org).


GDLF Modern Wood Pet Crate Cat Washroom Hidden Litter Box Enclosure is the best overall choice

Because of its beautiful appearance and noteworthy features, this attractive litter box enclosure from GDLF is our top selection.

When it’s time to scoop, the front doors provide easy access to the litter box, while the cardboard scratching pad at the entryway serves a dual purpose by preventing litter from being tracked out.

It’s also less priced than many of the competing models. It comes in white, grey, and black.

One disadvantage is that the finish may be prone to chipping, so this may not be the greatest choice for houses with high-energy pets, children, or passersby.


PAWLAND Decorative Cat House is the most affordable option

The PAWLAND Decorative Cat House is an excellent solution for hiding your kitty’s litter box on a budget.

It houses a standard-size litter box and doubles as a side table or nightstand, similar to the UniPaws Gray Indoor Cat House with Mat, but with a more rustic farmhouse-style feel.

It features vented holes, and unlike magnets, which can pop up when your cat knocks into the door, the enclosure’s rotary latch has a stronger grip that keeps the door firmly shut until you’re ready to clean it.

This litter box enclosure is made of engineered wood and available in two colors: white and espresso, both with shiplap detailing.


Smell-Best: New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table

The ideal approach to keep the litter box as fresh as possible is to scoop it every day (or more if you have numerous cats), but the New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table can also help.

It’s made of an eco-friendly engineered wood that repels — but never absorbs — moisture, so if your cat misses, it won’t sink into the litter cage and leave behind that distinctive litter box odor.

Simply wipe it away, and the area is as good as new. The engineered wood is extremely long-lasting and will not split, break, or distort.

Because of its end table-like shape, you may stow this choice out of sight or place it next to your couch or in your bathroom.

Furthermore, it is available in two sizes (regular and large) and four colors, allowing you to select the one that best complements your area and decor.


Palram CATSHIRE Enclosed Cat Litter Box Washroom is the best plastic

The Palram CATSHIRE Enclosed Cat Litter Box Washroom is the natural choice if you prefer plastic to wood or engineered wood. This litter box enclosure is made of Palboard, a multi-layered PVC sheet with a laminated particle board.

It’s labeled “pee-proof,” and it’s impervious to moisture and acidity, so if your cat unintentionally (or even intentionally, because, you know, cats) misses the box, you can wipe it down and no harm will be done.

There is no bottom, so you can easily set it over any litter box, and it features a magnetic swing door that allows you to easily slide the litter box out for deep cleanings.

And, while the material is strong and solid, it is lightweight and easy to move if you need to clean around it.

Final Decision

The GDLF Modern Cat Hidden Litter Box Enclosure, which has an appealing appearance and comes with a scratching pad, is a sure bet.

If you’re looking for a more economical option, consider the PAWLAND Decorative Cat House.

After all, we appreciate that you chose BestForPets (bestforpets.org) from dozens of websites to read evaluations of the best litter box enclosures

Hopefully, this post has helped you pick the finest product for your pet.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Finest Litter Box Enclosure for Your Cat

Prior to making your first purchase, you must evaluate some elements of each enclosure, since the most are rather pricey. We’ll consider the size and style as well as your cat’s requirements to help you make an informed choice.


This is perhaps one of the most significant considerations when purchasing litter box enclosures. It must be large enough for your cat’s litter pan and for him or her to comfortably use the litter and turn around.

Always double-check the dimensions and ensure that the dimensions displayed on the product page are for the interior of the enclosure.

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Not all cats will prefer having their litter box enclosed in a confined, gloomy container. You are in the greatest position to determine whether or not your cat will accept the new furnishings, as you know your cat best.

If your cat is huge, overweight, or elderly, you may choose to forego an enclosure. You do not want your cat to become trapped or to be unable to reach her litter box. Consider something similar to the second-placed screen option in these instances.

Last, maintain cleanliness! Your cat’s litter box must be kept clean by daily scooping with a conventional box, but within an enclosure, the odor will be much more potent for your sensitive cat. If you intend to conceal the litter box, you must maintain its cleanliness.


Always verify the weight capacity of the enclosure. If you wish to use it as a bench, you must ensure that it can support your weight. You must also ensure that it can support your cat’s weight, since you do not want it to collapse when your cat decides to examine (and most likely sleep on) the top.


This section is all about your own preferences. These enclosures are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials; thus, choose one that you find aesthetically pleasing and complements your interior design.

Also, take in mind that the colors you see on your laptop/computer/notebook/smartphone screen are likely to differ from the actual hues.


Consider where you will place your new furniture in your home. Even though it affords your cat additional privacy, the same guidelines apply to the placement of the litter box. It should not be placed in a high-traffic location or near noisy equipment. Unless your cat is truly indifferent to all of this.

If you’ve spent money on a new cage that didn’t work out (cats are notoriously resistant to change), you may utilize it as a play or sleeping space.

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