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The 8 Best Lint Rollers For Dog Hair

We all like canines, but living with one or more of these four-legged critters has a number of disadvantages.

You must clean up after them, pay for costly medical appointments, keep valuable stuff out of reach, and, probably most irritating, remove dog hair from your clothes and furnishings on a regular basis.

The lint roller was invented centuries ago as a remedy to this never-ending issue. Even now, though, not all lint rollers are constructed identically.

Continue reading if you are weary of lint rollers from cheap stores that cause more irritation than convenience.

BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) list of the best lint rollers for dog hair will help you find the best one for getting rid of dog hair on clothes, furniture, and other surfaces.


PetLovers Lint Roller for Dogs – Best Overall

The PetLovers Lint Roller is the most effective lint roller for dog hair currently available. This lint roller is a popular pick for several reasons, including the fact that comes with four refill rolls (450 sheets in total) (450 sheets in total). The handle rotates 360 degrees in either direction, and the removable adhesive sheets are spirally perforated for convenience.

In addition to gathering dog hair, this lint roller is excellent for collecting dust, grime, crumbs, and other household detritus. It’s even safe to use on your dogs — that is, if they let it — to remove stray hair before it makes its way into your furniture and flooring.

While this lint roller is fantastic in the start, several consumers noted that the handle broke after some usage. Given that this lint roller comes with numerous refills and is intended for repeated use, this is an apparent issue.


  • Includes four refill rolls
  • Extra-sticky adhesive
  • Turns effortlessly in both directions
  • Safe for use on animals
  • Peelable perforation


  • The handle is not suitable for long-term usage.

Scotch-Brite Dog Hair Roller – Best Value

Scotch-839R-56TP Brite’s Pet Hair Roller is the most cost-effective lint roller for dog hair that we would recommend to dog owners.

These lint rollers are created using Scotch Brand’s renowned adhesive, so you can count on them to do the job every time. Each lint roller has an ergonomically designed handle for additional comfort whether cleaning upholstery, clothing, or even a pet.

These lint roller sheets are simple to separate so that you do not have to fight each time you use them. In addition to pet hair, you may use these lint rollers to remove dust, grime, and other household detritus. While this package does not contain replacement sheets, they are available for buy individually.

Keep in mind, if you have a short-haired dog, that these lint rollers function better on longer fur. Also, several owners experienced concerns with the sheets unrolling during usage.


  • Utilizes trusted Scotch Brand glue
  • Handle is intended for comfort
  • Includes two separate lint rollers
  • The sheets rip easily
  • Refill kits are available separately


  • Not as effective on short dog fur
  • Sometimes, sheets unfurl during usage.

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover – The Best Available Option

When it comes to cleaning dog hair from big pieces of furniture, bedding, and other home surfaces, standard lint rollers may be tedious to use and wasteful.

Instead of sticky glue, the ChomChom Roller 2323445 Dog Hair Remover employs unique fibers to take up dog hair, lint, dust, and more.

Since this lint roller doesn’t depend on sticky sheets, it may be used again and over without having to buy refill packs or toss away hundreds of paper sheets. It does not need batteries or an electrical source; just roll it back and forth to collect dog hair.

As noted, this lint roller does last quite a long time. However, the fibers that collect dog hair and other debris will deteriorate with time. Since this lint roller works best on flat, semi-firm surfaces, it doesn’t work for removing fur from garments.


  • Works excellent on furniture and other big surfaces
  • Convenient and sustainable
  • Not dependent on batteries or other power sources
  • Prolongs for a very long period


  • Fibers degrade with time
  • Does not perform properly on fabric

iLifeTech Lint Roller for Dog Hair

Traditional lint rollers may be cumbersome and time-consuming for furniture and heavy clothes items. The iLifeTech I-STICKY-L Lint Roller, on the other hand, combines a pleasant grip with a wider sticky surface to remove dog hair in less time. Plus, each full-sized lint roller comes with a travel-sized one, too.

However, this lint roller does not depend on disposable sheets to perform its function. It has a unique, soap-and-water-cleanable adhesive roller. After drying, the roller is once again sticky and ready for use.

Multiple consumers claim that this lint roller loses its stickiness over time. When cleaning big surfaces, it is also less handy than standard lint rollers since you must pause to wash and dry it. Additionally, the connection point between the roller and handle is weak.


  • Double the adhesiveness of conventional rollers
  • Includes a tiny travel roller
  • Design that is reusable and eco-friendly
  • Comfortable and simple-to-hold grip


  • The roller detaches from the handle under severe usage.
  • Over time, glue loses its stickiness.
  • Inconvenient for huge surfaces

Degbit Lint Rollers for Dog Hair

The Degbit Lint Rollers set comprises two ergonomic handles and five adhesive rolls for a total of 300 adhesive sheets. These lint rollers are compatible with a variety of surfaces, including hardwood floors and fabric. The glue used to create the sheets is eco-friendly.

This kit includes two lint rollers, allowing you to keep one at home and one at your vehicle or workplace. The sheets are simple to rip apart and make removing unwanted dog hair fast and easy.

Theoretically, these lint rollers are excellent, however the refill rolls tend to separate after usage. Additionally, the individual sheets are more difficult to remove than competing goods on the market.


  • Compatible with a variety of surfaces
  • Sustainable adhesive
  • Includes two separate lint rollers.


  • Refill rolls glide effortlessly off the handle
  • Adhesive does not completely cover papers.
  • It is tough to pull apart sheets.

Spotty Adhesive Lint Roller

If you use your lint rollers more often on your furniture than on your garments, conventional rolls are likely too tiny and difficult to manage. The Spotty 2355 Adhesive Lint Roller is meant to be used on upholstery and other big surfaces, allowing you to swiftly and simply remove unsightly dog hair.

Each roll has 60 sheets that are 40% bigger than standard lint roller sheets. The ergonomically constructed handle may be refilled with new rolls that are offered separately. In addition, the sheets are very sticky and effective in picking up pet hair and other debris.

Unfortunately, several owners have stated that this lint roller is rather fragile. The handle bends and the roll slips off during usage. This lint roller seems to be susceptible to breaking if dropped on the ground.


  • The extra-large pattern is ideal for use on furniture and flooring.
  • The handle is pleasant to grasp.
  • Separate refills may be bought.


  • Thinner sheets than competing brands
  • The handle is not very sturdy
  • Roll detaches during usage

Flint Retractable Lint Roller

Traditional lint rollers are cumbersome and inconvenient for dog owners on the move. The Flint 856299005529 Retractable Lint Roller is fashionable, portable, and simple to use anywhere you need it. Whether you carry an excellent lint roller in your handbag, briefcase, desk drawer, or vehicle, you will never be without one.

This retractable lint roller is available in a number of colors to complement your current décor and collapses to a length of 5.5 inches. It extends effortlessly to expose the adhesive sheets, which are shielded from dust and debris while not in use. Each roll holds thirty sheets of recyclable material, and the handle may be refilled as required with new rolls.

Due to its intricate design, this lint roller may provide some difficulties. Initially, the top tends to detach, causing the sticky roll to slip out. Moreover, according to some users, the roll itself does not rotate inside the handle. According to some, the handle is difficult to extend and retract.


  • The portable design is discrete and fashionable
  • Handle shields sheets while they are not in use.
  • There are refills available for purchase.


  • Occasionally, the handle is difficult to open and shut.
  • The top of the handle tends to detach.
  • Rolls are difficult to spin inside the handle.

XFasten Pet Lint Roller

The XFasten Pet Lint Roller is simple and efficient, which is often all you want from a lint roller. One plastic handle and five sticky sheet rolls are included in this kit. This bundle has 450 super-sticky sheets in total.

This regular lint roller is excellent for use on floors, furniture, clothes, and even your pet. Individual sheets are simple to take off and dispose of, ensuring that you always have a clean sheet. This lint roller’s simple design makes it simple to clean up after your pet or just gather dust and dirt around the house.

If you dislike spiral-cut lint roller sheets, it’s probably better to avoid this lint roller. While this method is preferred by many, removing each layer may be time-consuming and difficult. According to some owners, these sheets are not extremely adhesive, rendering them useless on certain kinds of dog hair.


  • Includes five sticky rolls.
  • Sheets are easily torn.


  • Not every user like the spiral-cut papers.
  • Does not work on all sorts of dog fur
  • Sheets are less sticky than competing brands.

Buyer's Guide


The size and diameter of a lint roller are important considerations when purchasing one. Smaller alternatives are convenient to take in your vehicle or suitcase, but if you want an effective solution, you should choose for a larger size with larger sheets. With smaller alternatives, you will need to peel off the sheets frequently—which is sort of a lot of effort.

Quantity of sheets

If you don’t want to continually purchase lint removers, get one with numerous sheets or buy them in bulk. You don’t want to run out of lint rollers, particularly if you have dogs.

If you often interact with others in your field of work, you should constantly look your best. Showing up with clothing full of pet hair or lint may not offer an ideal first impression if you are meeting with new customers or if you are on your way to a job interview.


When picking a lint roller, quality is vital. Some alternatives are sticky, but the sheets can be too thin. Thin sheets are incredibly hard to peel off, and you are going to wind up removing the whole roll.


Obtain a lint roller with sheets that are thick, robust, and simple to peel. As previously indicated, peeling off thin sheets may be rather irritating.

Also, make sure you obtain the stickiest lint roller so you can maximize each sheet and collect the most lint and pet hair with one sheet, rather than using two or more sheets for one piece of clothing.

Lint is rather bothersome, particularly if you want to appear presentable for a date or business meeting.

Lint Rollers Price Ranges

The maximum you will spend on lint rollers is less than ten dollars. Something that is worth $5 should be a reasonably excellent pick, but do not rely your judgment on the cost alone. Ensure that you adhere to our procedure for selecting the finest items.


1. How can you prevent collecting pet hair?

There is no way to prevent falling pet hair. However, you may cut it off at the source by washing your pet first or providing them vitamins and food that is beneficial for treating dogs who lose too much hair. Also, frequent grooming sessions may help minimize the quantity of hair shed by your pet dogs.

2. Should I prefer thinner sheets in lint removers?

No, thinner sheets are not the greatest when it comes to durability and usefulness. Thinner sheets are more difficult to replace than thicker sheets. Additionally, thicker sheets may catch more lint/hair per sheet, making them the more inexpensive alternative.


When it comes to picking the best lint rollers for dog hair, our top recommendation is the PetLovers Lint Roller. In addition to including four refills, this lint roller boasts an extra-sticky adhesive and a 360-degree handle. Plus, it’s safe to put straight on your dog.

If you’d rather save your money on food and dog toys, then the most cheap lint roller on our list is the Scotch-Brite 839R-56TP Pet Hair Roller. This lint roller utilizes Scotch Brand sticky sheets and offers an ergonomic grip. Each box comes with two lint rollers and you may purchase individual refills as required.

For dog owners who want to reduce excessive waste and don’t mind paying a little extra, we propose the ChomChom Roller 2323445 Dog Hair Remover. This lint roller does away with disposable sticky sheets and instead boasts a reusable design. It is most effective on big surfaces and is durable.

Regardless of the lint roller you pick for your individual house cleaning regimen, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our evaluations have helped you weed out the duds. Even with the greatest cleaning equipment, it may be challenging to keep your house clear of hair.

How can you keep your furniture, carpets, and clothes free of extra dog fur? Share your favorite tips and techniques with us in the comments section below.

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