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The 7 Best Leash Accessories

A few essential gear may make your next dog walk safer, more practical, and more enjoyable. Many dog accessories, including poop bags, treats, and other items, may be attached directly to the leash.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) investigated the best leash accessories in terms of usability, innovative design, mobility, and practical qualities. We sought out devices that serve many purposes or increase your and your dog’s visibility when you’re out walking. Finally, on many dog walks and under real-world settings, we tested some of the products on this list to gain more insight.

Our favorite leash addition is the low-profile and machine-washable Kurgo Duty Bag Dog Poop Bag Dispenser, which has become an integral part of our dog-walking routines.

These are the greatest leash accessories for your upcoming stroll.


Best Bag Dispenser: Kurgo Duty Bag Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

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The Kurgo Duty Bag Dispenser is a convenient accessory that attaches simply to any tether. This product is designed to be low-profile and attaches to the leash via a loop at the top and two Velcro straps, unlike unwieldy and cumbersome dispensers.

This dispenser made of durable nylon can contain a roll of bags or a clutch of loose ones in its zippered compartment. It also includes a roll of 15 ready-to-use containers. While some users have reported that it hangs somewhat loosely on thinner leashes, attaching it to the handle loop can prevent it from falling down during walks.

The considerate additions to the Kurgo Duty Bag Dispenser, such as the metal hook for suspending used poop bags, make it more hygienic and convenient. Additionally, it is machine-washable for simple cleansing.

In conclusion, the Kurgo Duty Bag Dispenser is a practical and dependable accessory for pet owners who wish to maintain sanitary and hassle-free outings. It is a must-have for anyone who wishes to be a responsible and conscientious pet owner due to its versatile attachment options, refillable design, and practical features.


Compatible with any flat or rope leash


Extra hook for old poop bag attachment


Velcro straps might adhere to certain garments.

Final bags on a roll may be removed simultaneously.

Can accommodate thinner leashes with some slack

Best for Treats: Ruffwear Treat Trader Dog Treat Bag

RUFFWEAR, Treat Trader, Twilight Gray

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The Treat Trader Dog Treat Bag from Ruffwear is a highly functional accessory that can be affixed to your waist with the included nylon strap belt. Its roomy main compartment is lined with an impermeable material to ensure that treats remain dry and fresh.

The purse opens and closes with a sturdy magnetic closure that enables one-handed access to treats. In addition, there is a tiny exterior compartment for housing a clicker or additional poop bags.

The Treat Trader Dog Treat Bag from Ruffwear is designed to provide all-day comfort with its ergonomic fit and multiple carrying options. It can be looped onto an adjustable belt or affixed directly to your midsection with the belt clasp, allowing it to remain at your side at all times.

The exterior fabric is durable and water-resistant, while the lightweight, waterproof interior helps to contain spills, even when oily delicacies are involved.

The Ruffwear Treat Trader Dog Treat Bag is equipped with a small outer compartment for storing small essentials and a loop for attaching a training clicker. Although this bag of dog training supplies can be washed by hand, it is recommended that excessively smelly or wet treats be placed in a disposable bag to make cleanup simpler.

The Ruffwear Treat Trader Dog Treat Bag is a trustworthy and functional accessory for any companion owner. With its roomy, waterproof compartment, convenient magnetic closure, and versatile carrying options, this bag is ideal for transporting treats during walks and training sessions. In addition, its small outer compartment and loop for attaching a training clicker make it a useful instrument for reinforcing your furry friend’s positive behavior.


Attaches to waistline or buckled belt

Snap with a single hand

Waterproof lining


Outer pocket may be bigger

Best for Carrying Waste: Dooloop The Dooloop

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 The Dooloop Dog Poop Holder  is a basic yet effective device that makes it easy and hygienic to transport a full excrement bag on a walk without juggling it with the leash handle, treats, or other objects.

After collecting your dog’s waste, simply tie the bag and insert it into the opening on the Dooloop. By capturing the knot on the knotted bag, the minuscule gap secures the bag to the holder until you return home.

The Dooloop is made from recycled plastic in Maine and is available in a variety of colors. It is an excellent option for pet owners who wish to support local businesses while keeping their excursions clean and hassle-free. It is recommended to replace or supplement the fragile metal chain connector with a Velcro fastener or zip closure for added security.

The Dooloop is designed to be used without using your hands, readily attaching to a leash, knapsack, or other carrier. Its simple design allows your lead hand more freedom, and it’s simple to slide trash bags into the openings and remove them when it’s time to dispose of them. The Dooloop is durable and environmentally favorable, retaining multiple bags snugly in all weather conditions.

The Dooloop Dog Excrement Holder is a simple yet effective way to transport excrement bags on outings. With its eco-friendly and colorful design, hands-free functionality, and easy-to-use compartments, it is a must-have for any pet owner who wants to keep their excursions clean and hassle-free.


Simple to use with one hand

Manufactured from recycled plastic in Maine

Available in different hues


Beaded chain is not particularly secure.

Best Light: Nite Ize Spotlit Rechargeable Collar Light Disc-O Tech

 Nite Ize Spotlit XL LED Collar Light, Carabiner Clip Dog Light

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The Spotlit Collar Light  is a highly functional accessory that can be affixed to your pet’s collar or harness using the stainless steel carabiner. With the option of selecting from four colors (red, green, blue, and white) or cycling through all four, you can keep your companion safe and visible in any situation. With the stroke of a switch, you can also choose between steady and flashing illumination.

The Spotlit Collar Light has a battery life of 10 hours and is micro USB rechargeable, requiring only 1.5 hours to completely recharge. This one-of-a-kind model features Disc-O Select technology, allowing you to choose between four distinct colors or leave the light in Disc-O mode. The on/off switch makes it simple to activate and deactivate the light, conserving the rechargeable batteries.

The Spotlit Collar Light is built to withstand the elements and rambunctious canines. It is weatherproof and durable. With a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches and a total length of 2 inches, the SpotLit XL may be too large for smaller canines, but it is available for larger animals.

In conclusion, the Nite Ize Spotlit Collar Light is a dependable and useful accessory for any pet owner who desires to keep their feline companion safe and visible during walks, particularly in low-light conditions. With its user-friendly carabiner attachment, multiple color options, and long-lasting battery life, it is the ideal product for pet owners who prioritize their companion’s safety.



Four colour options

Weatherproof container


Too big for little dogs

Best Leash Message: Max and Neo Leash Sleeves

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The  Max and Neo tether Sleeves  are a convenient and highly visible accessory that can be easily affixed to your dog’s tether to denote essential information such as “In Training,” “Friendly,” or “Do Not Pets.” These 1.25 x 8-inch leash covers make it simple for others to comprehend your dog’s requirements and boundaries from a distance, with their bold text and vibrant colors. This can help ensure that you and your pet have a safe and enjoyable walk.

The Max and Neo Leash Sleeves are reversible, so you never have to fret about which side is facing out. They feature a Velcro closure system that is adjustable to suit any leash width and secures to the majority of leashes without harming them. The plush, cushioned tether sleeve is also suitable for larger canines with sizable harnesses.

Each purchase of the Max and Neo Leash Sleeves benefits a dog rescue organization. Max and Neo donates an identical leash sleeve to a dog rescue organization for every leash sleeve sold. By purchasing a leash sleeve, you receive an accessory of superior quality for your dog and donate one to a rescue.

Based on the number of harnesses and collars sold throughout the United States each month, Max and Neo donate to various animal shelters. They donate until each rescue on their list has received a donation, and then return to the top of their list. In exceptional circumstances, they will donate out of order to rescues based on their immediate requirements.

In conclusion, the Max and Neo Leash Sleeves are a highly visible and functional accessory for pet owners who wish to signify essential information about their dog while walking.

With their bright colors, large text sizes, and Velcro closure system, they are an excellent option for keeping your furry companion safe and comfortable during outings. In addition, a portion of each purchase is donated to a dog rescue in need.


Big font size and vivid hues

Eight messages

Simple to attach


May be too broad for extremely thin leashes

Best Way to Go Hands-Free: Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

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A hands-free leash can make your time on the trails simpler if you enjoy running or hiking with your well-mannered companion. The Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is an excellent option due to its shock-absorbing bungee cords, comfortable handles, and adjustable waist harness.

The shock-absorbing feature of the bungee tether helps to neutralize the force if your dog pulls or you halt abruptly, without putting undue strain on your dog’s collar. Additionally, it provides an additional foot of space for your dog’s movement.

The fastener on the Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash glides along the waist belt as your furry companion moves from side to side. With two handles accessible along the entire length of the leash, you can rapidly seize control of your companion if necessary.

This hands-free tether is available in more than a dozen colors and features reflective stitching for increased visibility during early morning and late night excursions. The adjustable belt suits up to 42-inch waists, making it a convenient and comfortable choice for a variety of pet owners.

The Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is ideal for medium to large canines with a pulling tendency. With its shock-absorbing bungee cables and comfortable grips, it enables you to control your companion without using your hands. In addition, reflective stitching and high-quality materials assure your safety during evening runs.


Dog can walk comfortably on either side

Has two handles and a bungee connection.

Exists in numerous hues


No storage in waist belt

Best Leash Bungee: Jerk-Ease Bungee Dog Leash Extension

JERK-EASE Patented Shock Absorber Bungee Dog Leash Attachment

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The Jerk-Ease Bungee Dog Leash Extender is a practical accessory that provides cushioning and absorbs jarring motions that can cause discomfort to your arm or your dog’s neck. The rigid elastic rope adds approximately 9.5 inches to your leash’s length and can stretch to a maximum length of 16 inches when pulled.

This stretching reduces sudden shocks, making it an ideal option for pet owners who may have difficulty handling large or energetic canines, such as the elderly, the young, or the diminutive. Additionally, it protects your dog’s neck from abrupt jerks that could cause injury or distress.

While the Jerk-Ease collar places strain on your dog’s neck when he pulls, it does not interfere with proper leash training and offers optimal stretch that maximizes cushioning without compromising control.

In contrast to retractable leashes, which make it difficult to teach your dog fundamental leash behavior, the Jerk-Ease is particularly effective when your dog cannot forecast when he or she will be pulled by the leash’s limit. This makes it a fantastic option for pet owners who appreciate walking, jogging, cycling, hiking, and training their canines.

The Jerk-Ease is available in four sizes to accommodate canines weighing up to 110 pounds. It is constructed of a durable, lightweight, and user-friendly polyester material that has been field and laboratory tested to protect you and your dog from injury, pain, and repetitive stress. It has been utilized by U.S. military and police K-9 units and is recommended by veterinarians, physicians, chiropractors, master dog trainers, and canine behavior specialists.

In conclusion, the Jerk-Ease Bungee Dog Leash Extender is a practical accessory that cushions and absorbs jerking motions to safeguard you and your companion during outings. It is a sensible option for pet owners who wish to ensure their dog’s comfort and safety due to its optimal stretch and durable, lightweight material.


Offered in four sizes and three hues

Compatible with all leash and collar configurations

Durable materials


There is no substitute for good leash training

Buying Guide

There are several essential factors to consider when purchasing accessories for your furry companion to ensure that you are receiving the best value for your money. Here are additional buying guide suggestions to assist you in selecting the best leash accessories:


The comfort of your companion should always be your top priority when selecting accessories. Consider items that are tailored to your pet’s size and shape, such as harnesses that uniformly distribute pressure across the torso or collars with soft padding. Your walks will be more pleasurable with a companion that is more at ease.

2. Simplicity of Use

Convenience is an essential consideration when selecting accoutrements. Look for items that are simple to operate, such as leashes that can be operated with one hand or without touching them. This can make a significant difference in your ability to control your companion while performing other duties.


Multifunctional items can be incredibly useful when strolling your companion. A leash that functions as a refuse bag receptacle or a water container, for instance, can help you remain organized and ready for any situation. Consider accessories that provide added value and can enhance your walking experience.

4. Durability

Because outdoor accessories are exposed to severe weather conditions and rugged terrain, it is essential to select items that are made of durable materials and have strong attachments or closures. This ensures that your accessories will last longer and offer the greatest return on your investment.

In conclusion, when selecting accessories for your companion, you should prioritize comfort, usability, versatility, and durability. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can maximize the value and enjoyment of your excursions with your furry companion.


1.What is the function of a tether without handles?

A hands-free leash enables you to walk or gallop with your companion without holding the leash, granting you greater mobility. It is especially helpful for dog owners who love outdoor activities with their canine companions.

2. What are some essential considerations when purchasing a tether extender?

Consider the size of your dog, the strength of the bungee cable, and the simplicity of use when purchasing a leash extender. Consider a tether extender that is durable, lightweight, and simple to affix to your dog’s collar and leash.

3. What sort of harness is ideal for a dog that pulls?

A harness that prevents pulling is the ideal form of leash for a dog that draws. It is designed to accurately distribute pressure across the chest, making it more difficult for your dog to draw and giving you greater control.

4. How can I ensure that my companion is visible while walking at night?

During nighttime excursions, you can make sure your dog is visible by using a collar light or a leash attachment with reflective tape, stitching, or vibrant patterns. These features will make you and your companion more visible to vehicles and other pedestrians in low-light conditions.

5. What are some desirable characteristics of a tether accessory?

Look for a leash accessory with one-handed or hands-free operation, additional stowage space, and multiple functions. These features make walking more pleasurable and facilitate organization.


Both of our two favorite goods are bags. Attached flat to your leash, the Kurgo Duty Bag Dog Poop Bag Dispenser is a low-profile, machine-washable bag dispenser.

The Ruffwear Treat Trader is a water-resistant, waist-worn treat bag with an easy-to-use magnetic closure and simple maintenance. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews and buying guidance will aid you in locating the best leash accessories.

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