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9 Best Laser Pointers For Cats

There is no better toy than a laser light to make your little furball happy. It will provide you and your cat with hours of entertainment as you watch them careen across the floor in search of a small red dot.

This toy not only entertains your cat, but it also gives exercise and encourages their natural hunting talents.

Your charming little fluffy-tailed tabby may appear cute, but when their stocking and hunting instincts kick in, it'll be curtains for the object of their attention.

However, there are numerous solutions accessible, as with anything else. Some barely last an hour, while others don't even require you to be held.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has selected the %product_count% best laser pointers for cats on the market to make your buying journey a little easier.

Check out our reviews for information about the toy's durability, usability, degree of fun, and anything else that is essential to you and your Tom.

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PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat Toy – Overall Winner

The PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat Toy is our top pick in this category. This tall, white, and sleek laser pointer can be operated manually or as a hands-free toy.

It runs on four AA batteries and is suitable for both pets and humans, thanks to its Class IIIa laser and 5mW maximum power. Place this toy on a flat surface and observe the laser move in random patterns.

There is a mirror control that allows you to direct the dot where you want it to go. The exterior casing is tough but light at 7.8 ounces. Your cat will have a great time with the PetSafe.

There is minimal to no noise, and the light is sufficient for daytime use. There is also a 15-minute automatic timer to keep your pet from being overly excited or bored.

Furthermore, the battery life will last for a month. Overall, this is the most suitable laser pointer for your cat. The single top button makes this toy simple to use, making it the best cat laser toy on our list.

There are also options for a dancing dot, a laser tail, and zoom.


  • A strong light
  • Pattern at random
  • Battery life is extended.
  • Handheld or manual
  • Mirror with adjustment
  • Timer


  • None


Interactive Laser Cat Toy Friends Forever

The Friends Forever PET66-0035 Interactive Laser Cat Toy is a rotating laser pointer that rotates 360 degrees to keep your cat engaged. It has three different speeds.

You can choose between slow, fast, and random. You may also adjust the speed based on your pet’s agility and activity level.

The Friends Forever has a 15-minute automatic shutoff timer and is made in the United States. This toy is white and tall, with a blue diamond-like top.

Unfortunately, the heavy laser pointer top can cause it to be little top-heavy, so careful positioning is advised.

Also, because this toy has a 360-degree rotation, you will need a large space to place it; otherwise, your pet may end up jumping on a china cabinet when the light turns all the way around.

This toy is 10.4 ounces in weight and is not intended to be used as a manual cat distractor. However, the light is brilliant and safe.

The Friends Forever is silent and runs on three AA batteries, which will endure for several days of play. Finally, please keep in mind that you can only point to the floor light.


  • There are three speeds.
  • Timer that automatically turns off
  • A complete 360-degree turn
  • Battery life is extended.


  • Only points on the ground
  • Need a lot of room
  • There is no manual use.


petnf Laser Cat Toy

If your cat enjoys more variety in their playtime, the petnf Cat Laser Toy could be beneficial. This is a two-in-one solution that functions as both a tumbler and a light pointer.

This cat occupant spins 360 degrees and is made of strong ABS plastic in blue and white. Your cat will be able to play with or without the light while using the petnf.

They can bat the tumbler around and watch it rock from side to side. They will be able to chase the spot around after the laser is turned on.

There are two cycle ranges and four speeds to choose from. Select from slow, medium, fast, or random. In addition, based on your tabby’s playing tendencies, you have three timed settings.

It has a timer that can be adjusted to 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Furthermore, the random setting will create unpredictable circles that your cat will enjoy.

The petnf runs on three AAA batteries and has a ten-hour battery life on low. Unfortunately, even with light use, the batteries often only last a few days.

Also, while the light is quite safe at five milliwatts, it is not particularly bright, even in low-light conditions. This toy is non-toxic and safe.

Although it weighs 13.8 ounces, it is not intended for handheld use. Worse, if you have a neurotic nelly feline, the light’s loud noise may startle your pet.

Finally, be careful where you position a 360-degree rotating toy.


  • 2-in-1 toy
  • There are four options.
  • There are three timer settings.
  • Safe and long-lasting


  • The light is low.
  • Manual use is not advised.
  • Loud
  • Battery life is limited.


PetDroid Boltz Laser Cat Toy Hanging

The PetDroid Boltz Hanging Laser Cat Toy is our sixth recommendation. This style, as the name implies, is intended to be hung on the wall or attached to a window.

It comes with a suction cup, a pothook, and a nail for mounting it wherever you like. We’d like to point out right away that the suction cup isn’t powerful enough to hold this model.

Furthermore, the pothook is flimsy. Because this 7.2-ounce toy is not sturdy, a fall can result in significant harm. While the nail is functional, it can be tricky to hang.

The PetDroid randomly patterns your floors and walls. Unfortunately, you cannot change the speed of the pattern. You do, however, have a 10-minute timer to utilize, so your cat will not become bored too quickly.

The laser light is powered by three AAA batteries with a reasonable lifespan. What is more troubling, however, is the faint and slow light. It is unlikely to hold your pet’s attention for long. The laser noise is both powerful and alarming.

You may rest easy knowing that the class one light is safe for both humans and pets. However, as previously said, the overall operation, including the limited rotation range, leaves much to be desired.

Finally, you cannot play with your kitty while holding this toy.


  • Sage
  • Times
  • Battery life is extended.


  • Suction and pothook are not long-lasting.
  • The overall construction is subpar.
  • Light is ineffective and has a limited range.
  • There are no speed or pattern options.


Cat Light Toy DELOMO

The DELOMO Cat Light Toy was our most recent review in this area. This is a lightweight option weighing 6.4 ounces that can be used manually or set on a level surface.

It generates a light pattern at two speeds: fast and slow. However, because the pattern is not random, it rapidly becomes predictable and dull for your cat.

The DELOMO uses a tilting mirror to aim the laser in the desired direction. You must manually adjust the mirror, but it does allow you to direct the light to the walls or the floor.

Furthermore, the mirror only tilts 30 degrees, limiting the beam’s range. A USB wire is used to power this toy. Unfortunately, it takes up to three hours to fully charge the model, and you only get five to six hours of play time.

There is also no timer with this option. Having stated that, this toy has a safe light that will not damage your kitty or yourself. The DELOMO’s biggest flaws are its structure and its lighting.

First and foremost, the overall housing is not long-lasting. Worse, the internal mechanism that generates the light fails soon.

The beam itself is faint at best and moves in a repeated pattern of sluggish half circles. Overall, this is our least favorite automatic cat laser toy option.


  • There are two speeds.
  • Handheld or wireless?
  • Mirror with adjustment


  • Insufficient lighting
  • The pattern is slow and consistent.
  • Housing is insufficient.
  • The inner mechanism is not long-lasting.
  • Charge time is short.
  • There is no timer.

Buying the Best Laser Pointer for Cats: A Buyer's Guide

What You Should Know About Laser Pointers

Did you know your fuzzy little predator makes eight to ten tiny hunting expeditions per day? This is why a laser pointer is an excellent toy, particularly for indoor cats.

It stimulates their natural hunting instincts, offers them exercise, and can improve the link between you and your tabby if you play together.

On the other hand, there are several things you should be aware of before purchasing one of these light toys. Even if you already have one, consider the following guidelines for proper laser pointer etiquette:

  • Safety: Lasers come in a variety of powers. A laser “toy” is usually safe for both you and your pet, although this is not always the case. Make sure the milliwatt is between 1 and 5 to avoid causing damage to their eyes. Also, even if the laser is faint, avoid shining it in their eyes for long periods of time.
  • Rewards: Chasing an invisible foe can be frustrating when they never find the perpetrator. Point the light at a small mouse toy or concealed treat at the end of each play session to offer them some delight.
  • Change things up: Your cat, like us, requires variety. Make sure they have other toys to chase than the laser pointer so they don’t get too excited chasing something they’ll never catch.
  • Physical Attention: Even if you use a hands-free toy, you should get down and messy with your pet to strengthen the bond. Play with your pet with another toy or simply your hand every now and then.
  • Caution: Cats with sensitive eyes or other disorders should not undergo laser treatment. It may cause greater harm, so visit your veterinarian first.

Shopping Suggestions

Now that you’re familiar with the safety features, let’s look at some buying suggestions to assist you select the best cat laser toy for your cat.

There are a few possibilities for a cat laser pointer, as you can see from the reviews above. You can choose a handheld toy or a stationary one depending on your cat and your needs.

Let’s look more closely at what to look for in a light game:

  • Stationary: A stationary choice is ideal if you want to keep your cat entertained while you are at work. These toys typically include a timer and may be programmed to perform various patterns and speeds.
  • Handheld: If you want to be more interactive with your cat, the manual toy is ideal. Look for a toy with a slide switch so you don’t have to hold the button down. Many of these also feature clips or wrist lanyards to prevent them from falling.
  • Combination laser pointers are, in our opinion, the finest of both worlds. If you’re short on time, you can leave them on a level surface, but you can also pick them up and play with them.

While we’re at it, let’s have a look at some more useful features:

  • Adjustable Speeds and Patterns: No two cats will be alike. A kitten may want a slower pattern, whereas a grown and experienced hunter will prefer a faster spot to chase. Having said that, they will all benefit from varying the pattern to keep things interesting.
  • Timers: As previously stated, you do not want your feline to become overly eager or worried. A timer that will automatically turn off after 10 to 15 minutes is a useful feature.
  • Durability: Accidents are unavoidable. This is especially true if your ankle-biter is scurrying around in quest of a dot.
  • Light Strength: Although we discussed light strength in terms of safety, we also want to talk about brightness. It won’t be much fun if your pet can’t see the beam in daylight.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you liked our reviews of the best laser pointers for cats. With so many alternatives, we understand how difficult it may be to choose the proper toy.

We hope the information above has made your search for the finest autonomous cat laser toy a little easier. We propose the PetSafe PTY00-14244 Bolt Laser Cat Toy if you want the finest of the best.

You may use it as a handheld or stationary unit, and it will keep your kitty excited about hunting.

If you require a less expensive choice, consider the The PetDroid Boltz Hanging Laser Cat Toy, which will provide your cat with all the pleasure at a cheaper cost.

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