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Here Are The Best Kitten Harnesses

Getting a new kitten is thrilling, but you'll want to keep that precious little fluffball safe at all times! A kitten harness is an excellent method to let your new kitten to explore the wide outdoors in a safe and regulated manner.

Kitten harnesses are available in a wide variety of forms and sizes, ranging from a traditional "H" shaped webbing harness to a ventilated no-escape version. It can be difficult to choose which one will best fit your kitty. Fortunately, we're here to assist.

Some kittens will be perfectly content with a basic harness and leash set, but if your kitten is more wriggly or you intend to take them on longer walks, you may prefer an escape-proof harness or one with reflective piping for those late-night excursions.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) scoured the market for the best kitten harnesses and generated detailed reviews for the top ten. We'll assist you in narrowing down your options and determining which one is the greatest fit for your new pet!


Come With Me, PetSafe Kitty Harness — Overall Winner



If you’re seeking for the best and safest kitten harness, we recommend the PetSafe Come With Me Kitty harness.

This harness’s innovative design differs from most in that a small amount of pressure on the leash acts to gently tighten the shoulder straps on your cat’s body.

This aids control while also preventing kitty reversals and escapes! A bungee part near the clip of the leash gives slightly as your cat pulls.

This gives you complete control while still making your kitten comfy. This harness is intended for use on walks, not around the house.

When not attached to the leash, the neck section may be loose enough for your kitten to wriggle out of. Overall, we believe this is the best kitten harness in 2022.


Harness for Cats and Kittens by rabbitgoo



This lightweight kitten harness is constructed of a soft and breathable air mesh fabric, so your kitty won’t even notice it’s on.

The straps are four-way adjustable for a custom fit, and the leash loop is reinforced for more security.

This harness’s vest design distributes pressure evenly across your kitten’s torso rather than concentrating pressure in a smaller region as many other harness designs do.

Furthermore, this harness contains reflective piping, so you’ll always be able to see your cat, no matter where they are, when the night falls.


Cat Harness Eagloo



The Eagloo kitten harness is ideal if you want a soft and comfortable harness that is cushioned but also ventilated.

This may be too large for little breed kittens, so double-check the measurements before ordering.

If you have to take your cat out at night, the reflective piping down the edge of this harness allows other people to see your kitten and take precautions around them!

Some kittens can easily wriggle out of this harness, so make sure you tighten it properly and practice indoor training before going outside.


Adjustable PUPTECK Harness for Kittens



The PupTeck adjustable cat harness is thicker than other webbing cat harnesses, which means it will last longer!

The lightweight color-coordinated lead will not feel thick on your cat’s back, making long walks more comfortable.

If you’re seeking for a harness in a specific color, there’s bound to be one among the 10 available here. If you can’t decide, there’s even a super-bright and eye-catching rainbow harness!


SCENEREAL Cat Harness with Escape Protection



This eye-catching escape-proof harness will keep your kitten safe while they learn to walk on a leash. Because of the breathable fabric, this is an excellent choice for hot and humid weather.

This harness includes two adjustment points, one around the neck and one around your cat’s stomach, but it isn’t as flexible as some of the other harnesses we tested.

Overall, this is an excellent pick, however some kitties find the neck strap to be a little uncomfortable, and you won’t know whether this is the case until you try it on them.


What exactly is a kitten harness?

Best Kitten harnesses are meant to go around your cat’s neck and chest, allowing you to safely walk them.

Harnesses distribute leash pressure around your cat’s body rather than concentrating it on their sensitive necks. It also implies they can’t remove the harness like a collar.


What styles of kitten harnesses are available?

Kitten harnesses come in two varieties: “H” harnesses and vest harnesses.

Webbing is typically used to make “H” style harnesses, with one strap fastened around your kitten’s neck and the other over their chest, right below their elbows.

They are easily adjustable and placed on. Because of the form, some kittens can easily wiggle their way out of a “H” harness.

Vest harnesses cover a bigger amount of your kitten’s body and are constructed of mesh or cotton. They are typically fastened with buckles or Velcro.

They are more difficult for a kitten to escape from and might provide more comfort for extended periods of time.


How can I put a harness on my kitten?

When it comes to keeping your kitten happy and safe while wearing their harness, getting the right fit is critical.

If they are too loose, they may be able to wiggle free and escape. They will be unpleasant if the clothing is too tight.

You should be able to slide one finger’s width between your kitten and the harness as you adjust it to suit.


What else should I keep an eye out for?

Once you’ve chosen on the type of harness you’d like to use for your kitty, there are a few accessories from BestForPets (bestforpets.org) you should consider:

  • Some kitten harnesses have a leash, which is frequently the same color as the harness. Others will not, thus you will need to purchase a leash separately.
  • Attachment fashion. Kitten leashes are typically secured with buckles or Velcro. Buckles are simple to use once you’ve properly adjusted the harness, but it will take some time to get the straps adjusted so they’re the ideal length for your cat first. With Velcro fastenings, you can achieve an exact fit right away, even as your kitty develops. However, if you spend time wandering outside, it may acquire dirt.
  • Extras were added. Some harnesses have reflective piping that allows others to see your cat if you’re out in the dark. Others contain breathable mesh, which might make your kitty more comfortable in hot weather.

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