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15 Best Kitten Cat Trees

Every joyful cat owner is aware of their kitty's fearlessness and rambunctiousness! And what better way to fulfill their unquenchable curiosity and playful side than with a cat tree?

But keep in mind that kittens aren't yet the nimble, elegant creatures that are height experts like adult cats, so a standard high cat tree may not be suited or safe for them.

As a result, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has investigated and created a list of the best kitten cat trees for your tiny kitty.

Our search for the greatest kitten tree was led by four major criteria: safety, material quality, pricing, and variety. To avoid harmful falls, a kitten's cat tree should not be taller than 3 feet.

You should rush and read our evaluations before your kitten damages your sofa due to a lack of a tree to climb, scratch, and play on all day!


New Cat Condos Deluxe Kitty Pad is the best sturdy cat tree

  • Dimensions: 20′′ × 20′′ x 51′′
  • Weight of the product: 47 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: There is no set weight limit.
  • Solid wood construction
  • Carpet is the covering material.
  • USA is the country of manufacture.
  • Green and Beige as color options

New Cat Condos has been in operation for more than 30 years. These trees are made in the United States and are among the highest-quality goods available. This tree is the second most expensive on the list, but it has excellent build quality, stability, and durability.

It’s wrapped in soft household-grade carpet and has a robust wood core construction. This distinguishes it from most cat trees made of manufactured wood items. It comes virtually fully constructed, as do most high-quality and strong trees. To connect the two platforms, you’ll need to use a drill.

The base is a massive square 20″ x 20″ in size, and the tower is 51″ tall. The tree has a top perch, a central reclining platform, and two “knots” that increase fun possibilities.

It has the appearance of a cartoon tree, which some people appreciate and others despise. Despite the lack of a distinct scratching place, the entire body is covered in carpet, allowing the entire structure to operate as a scratching post.

It is available in beige and green colors.


  • It resembles a genuine tree.
  • It comes practically completely assembled.
  • Available in brown or green.
  • For all-over scratching, use a full-body carpet.
  • Strong and long-lasting


  • Some people may not like the tree design.
  • Platforms for lounging are relatively small.

Trixie Baza Senior Cat Tree is the best choice for senior cats

  • Size: 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 27.5″
  • Weight of the product: 19.2 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: Suitable for cats weighing up to 15 pounds.
  • MDF construction
  • Faux fur is the covering material.
  • China is the country of manufacture.
  • Colors available: cream

Jumping onto a cat tree may be more difficult for your elderly cats if they have arthritis or other movement concerns. Place cat steps or an accessible seat or chair next to an existing tree as one alternative. You might even go with a senior-friendly cat tree design.

The Trixie Baza senior tree has a straightforward design that features padded stepped platforms that allow your senior cat to hop from step to step all the way up to the hammock lounger. It’s not a tall tree, but it keeps your cat off the floor and provides a good vantage point for peering out low windows.

The dimensions of the tree are 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 27.5″. It’s made of long-lasting MDF and covered in soft faux fur. Jute, which is softer and less durable than sisal rope, is wrapped around the three scratching posts.

After a few months of use, expect some shredding and dilapidation. Remember that the scratching rope wrapping can be replaced. While it takes longer than getting a fresh tree from Amazon, it is clearly a more cost-effective and less wasteful option.


  • Ramps with steps for convenient access
  • It has a hammock for napping in the sun.
  • Wrapped in a big faux fur coat
  • Three scratching poles covered in jute


  • There are no instructions included.
  • Made from fragile, cheap imitation fur

Trixie Pet Products are the best for small spaces. Fold and Store Cat Tower Miguel

  • 20.25′′ x 13.75′′ x 25.5′′ Dimensions
  • 11 pound product weight
  • Weight Capacity: Suitable for cats weighing up to 15 pounds.
  • Compressed wood construction
  • Faux fur is the covering material.
  • China is the country of manufacture.
  • Brown and Beige, Gray and Light Gray are the available colors.

This furry little folding tower crams (nearly) all of your cat’s needs into a compact, portable tower that fits into small areas and flexible lifestyles. It’s intended to gratify your cat’s natural desires while taking up little space.

This is an excellent option for those who have not yet settled down. If you’re renting an apartment and plan to relocate soon, this foldable small tower could be a suitable temporary option. A larger, more expensive cat tower requires more time and effort to disassemble, pack, and transport.

It has a cubby at the bottom for hiding, a scratching surface, a dangling ball toy, and a hammock at the top. However, at just over 2 feet tall, it is not the ideal choice for cats who require height.

If you live in a tiny flat and want to give your cat more vertical room, consider removing cat-specific space from a bookshelf or purchasing separate wall shelves for your cat. These can be either general or cat-specific shelves, replete with scratching surfaces and cat-friendly forms.

Wall shelves are a subtle solution for persons with limited floor space because they mount to the wall and tend to blend well with home design.


  • When not in use, fold it up and store it.
  • Multiple surfaces and elements are crammed into a limited space.
  • Nomads will appreciate it.


  • A small tree—unsuitable for cats which want height.

Trixie Pet Products has the best low-cost cat tree

  • Size: 16′′ x 16′′ x 20′′
  • 10 pound product weight
  • Weight Capacity: Suitable for cats weighing up to 15 pounds.
  • Compressed wood construction
  • Faux fur is the covering material.
  • China is the country of manufacture.
  • Colors available: cream

If you’re on a tight budget, you probably don’t need a cat tree at all. If your goal is to provide environmental enrichment, you can do it without purchasing any particular furnishings.

Instead, provide dedicated climbing areas for your cat on bookshelves, baker’s racks, or create low-cost shelves for your cat to climb on. Consider a tall scratching post to satisfy both scratching and climbing urges.

If you’re on a tight budget, this little hammock lounger from Trixie Pet Products is a nice option.

The Baza brand contains a wide range of trees in various prices and sizes. At $30.29, the size small is the lowest option. It’s barely 20 inches tall, so it’s more of a cat chair than a cat tree.

While it isn’t a ceiling-scraper, it does provide some of the psychologically rewarding benefits of a cat tree. It contains two sisal rope-covered scratching pillars, a hammock for relaxing, and a pom-pom dangle toy for the rambunctious set.


  • A fantastic deal
  • The hammock lounger is a favorite among cats.
  • There are two scratching posts.
  • Very simple to assemble


  • It is tough to clean faux fur.
  • Cats have a habit of ripping away the fur base.

On2Pets 60-inch Large Round Modern Cat Tree is the best tree-style

  • 26″x26″x60″ Dimensions
  • Product Weight: 31 lbs.
  • 32 pound weight capacity
  • Engineered wood construction
  • Carpet is the covering material.
  • USA is the country of manufacture.
  • Green, Summer, Fall, and Plum Autumn are the available colors.

This is the greatest choice we’ve found for a cat tree that truly looks like a tree. This On2Pets 60-inch Modern Cat Tree has three platforms supported by a brown bark-covered trunk, each with its own set of fake leaves that you can arrange anyway you choose.

This cat tree is simple to put together and requires no tools. It is non-toxic and available in four various colors: green, summer, fall, and autumn.

Keep in mind that the platform space on this cat tree is somewhat limited, and it can only support up to 32 pounds of weight. Customers like the trendy aesthetic and robust build, however some think it’s too tiny for their needs. However, if you have a little cat, it might be OK.


  • Natural tree design is appealing in the home.
  • Construction that is relatively strong
  • Height in the middle


  • There are no comfortable mattresses or hammocks.

KBSPETS Floral 35-Inch Sisal Cat Tree – Premium Selection

  • 35-inch height
  • Structure material: natural tree branches
  • Sisal and faux fur cover

If you’re tired of the same old cat tree designs, the KBSPETS Floral 35-in Sisal Cat Tree might be for you. This lovely cat tree is shaped like a huge flower, and each piece is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted. Furthermore, a quick glance at its price will persuade you that you are not dealing with a trash cat tree!

Aside from its unusual and intriguing design, the KBSPETS is the ideal height to prevent kittens from tumbling out, robust enough to securely hold even the largest cats, quick to install, and sturdy. It does, however, lack a few more elements to keep active small cats engaged, as well as cozy hiding spots for naps.

If you do decide to splurge on this high-quality cat tree, the good news is that it will most certainly last long after your kitten has reached adulthood.


  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Very simple to assemble
  • Each cat tree is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted from genuine natural tree branches.
  • A hemp rope post is included.


  • Extremely costly
  • There are no hiding spots.

Malaga 43″ Fleece Cat Tree & Condo by TRIXIE

  • 43 inches tall
  • Engineered wood
  • Faux fleece and sisal cover

The “TRIXIE Malaga 43 Fleece Cat Tree & Condo” is yet another cat tree with condominiums, perches, a hammock, and no less than 5 sisal scratching posts! There’s no hope if your cat scratches your couches after this.

But, truly, this tree is a fantastic, albeit pricey, choice for kittens and elderly cats. Kittens will use the sisal ladders to climb and run to the top, while senior cats can rest in one of the two faux fur condos.

However, be advised that assembly is not as simple as the other options and will undoubtedly try your patience. Nonetheless, as one buyer put it, “it’s worth it after you angrily finish making it!”


  • Design is adorable and comes in two hues.
  • Ideal for a pair of active kittens
  • Strong substance and a firm foundation
  • Ladders are included for frenetic runs to the highest perch.


  • Expensive
  • Not so simple to put together.

Buyer's Guide: What to Look for When Purchasing a Cat Tree for Kittens


The majority of models are constructed of engineered wood, which provides them a robust construction.

Faux fur, faux fleece, carpet, and other synthetic materials can be used as the covering material. Sisal scratching posts are also great for keeping your kitten’s claws off your furnishings.


This is without a doubt the most critical factor to consider while looking for a kitten cat tree. Because your newborn cat lacks the agility of the big cats, the tree should be no taller than 3 feet.

His movements and jumps are less secure, and he lacks the ability to assess heights accurately, making falls more perilous.


There’s no need to overspend, especially if you later want to buy a massive cat tree with extra features.

If you intend to keep the same model even after your kitty has reached adulthood, it is better to invest in a tree that provides outstanding value for money.


A kitten requires stimulation. If the cat tree merely has a sisal scratching post, your cat may become bored quickly.

The greatest thing you can do is get him a tree with a hammock, a dangling toy, and one or two perches so he can quietly examine his surroundings.

Introducing Your Kitten to His New Cat Tree

We’ll give you some pointers on how to lure your kitten to this wonderful new huge “toy” now that you’ve chosen the appropriate cat tree for him or her:

  • To lure your kitten, sprinkle catnip on the lowest platform. If you don’t have any catnip, put some food in it, such as kibble or biscuits.
  • Kittens are inquisitive and eager to learn about their surroundings. Shake the cat toys on the tree and call them by name to attract them.
  • Place the kitten gently on a cushion of the cat tree to give him confidence in his new environment. Make him feel at ease and allow the baby cat to discover the cat tree on his own. Furthermore, this method is highly suggested for educating your kitten to use her litter box.
  • It’s critical to educate your new cat healthy habits as soon as possible and to entice them to their cat tree so they can scratch it without hurting your furnishings.
  • Please be patient! A kitten, like a newborn, requires time and attention.


Cats enjoy elevated spaces and rough materials that they can scratch without being chastised, therefore cat trees are a must-have for any cat owner.

However, kittens lack the dexterity required to securely climb cat trees 5 feet or higher. A maximum height of 3 feet is ideal for avoiding the painful repercussions of rough play.

As a result, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends that you choose trees that are small in size yet have enough characteristics to keep your young feline entertained.

The Trixie Baza Senior Cat Tree and the Malaga 43″ Fleece Cat Tree & Condo by TRIXIE are the best overall choice and value, respectively, so your kitten may play for hours without your continual supervision.

There are so many options that it can be hard to choose one. We hope that our reviews of the best kitten cat trees have helped you narrow down your choices and find the best one for your needs!

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