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The 11 Best Interactive Dog Toys

We cannot always be there to play with our dogs, which might leave them feeling lonely and bored. Fortunately, interactive toys are now available to keep your dog occupied, whether he is alone or you are busy.

There are several varieties of these toys, ranging from traditional to high-tech. The issue is: which option will you select for your pet?

Purchasing interactive dog toys requires using common sense and bearing in mind the pet's likes, dislikes, and other preferences. This might make the task more challenging.

With the assistance of BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) evaluations of the best interactive dog toys, you can make a more educated decision and select the ideal toy for your dog. pets on the market, as well as a complete guide to these entertaining pet accessories.


MODERN WAVE – Squeaky Plush Dog Toy – Overall Winner



  • Size classes: medium and big
  • Material: Polyester
  • Toy has a squeaky sound

The MODERN WAVE – Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is our pick for the finest interactive dog toy in general. This adorable puzzle toy has a plush volcano and small dinosaurs that give hours of hide-and-seek fun for your dog.

Watch as your dog discovers out how to extract the dinosaurs from the erupting volcano. Your pet will like this puzzle even more because the dinosaurs have squeakers.

In addition, after your dog is through playing, they may slumber with the super-soft volcano and dinosaurs. Additionally, the soft material will be gentle on your dog’s teeth.

However, if your dog is a big chewer, you may want to avoid this toy, since it might be destroyed.


  • Offers loads of hide-n-seek fun
  • Made from a soft, tooth-friendly material
  • Dog owners noted that their canines adored this toy, whether as a puzzle or as separate pieces


  • Not appropriate for heavy chewers
  • Volcanoes are more durable than dinosaurs


Dog Chew Toy with Sensory Ball by Ethical Pet – Lowest Price



  • Size of breed: Small
  • Material: Rubber
  • Features: Durable chewer

Want the most affordable interactive dog toy? Then this sensory ball is perfect for you! This ball may appear to be just another chew toy, yet it provides your pet so much more than gnawing.

It features a squeaker and a bell for entertaining noises, smells and tastes like beef to engage the nose and taste buds, and offers a variety of colors and textures for the senses of sight and touch. This means that the toy will stimulate all of your dog’s senses as he plays!

Although there is no such thing as an indestructible toy, the sensory ball is composed of thermoplastic rubber to increase its longevity. The ball is available in two sizes and an assortment of colors.


  • Strong enough for heavy chewers
  • Entices all your pet’s senses
  • Available in numerous sizes and hues


  • Huge and large canines may be able to demolish the ball
  • Some accounts of squeaker failure rapidly


Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Dog Toy Puzzle



  • Size of breed: Large
  • Material: Polyester
  • Toy attributes: squeaking, exercise, and training

This charming interactive dog toy is another game of hide-and-seek that dogs appear to enjoy! Simply position the squirrels into the tree’s trunk so that your dog may sniff and extract them.

All of the squirrels feature squeakers for hours of enjoyable gnawing and squeaking! This toy is available in four sizes – junior, giant, jumbo, and gigantic – so regardless of the size of your canine companion, you may find a suitable size.

The squirrels and tree trunk are constructed from sturdy materials, but like with any toy, certain dogs may be capable of destroying it. During playtime, it is advised that you keep an eye on your pet.


  • Super adorable
  • Filled with noisy toys
  • Available in four sizes


  • May not be good for those with a powerful bite
  • Some individuals received items that seemed deficient


Wobbler Dog Toy by KONG



  • Breed size: All
  • Material: polymer plastic
  • Toy feature: Instruction

The KONG‘s inclusion on this list is hardly surprise; it is a classic for a reason! This amusing toy is made from an FDA-approved plastic polymer and is highly durable.

It allows your pet to access goodies whenever they want, so long as they can get them out. The KONG rolls, tips, and wobbles to offer your dog with lots of stimulation.

In addition, it can be utilized at mealtimes to calm down rapid eaters. The KONG is dishwasher safe and features a screw-on lid for quick refilling and cleaning. This product is available in two sizes, small and big, and is recommended by veterinarians.

Some dogs must become used to the size of the KONG toy, especially smaller dog breeds. Keep this in mind if your dog has powerful jaws, as the plastic polymer is not as durable as rubber.


  • A classic
  • Perfect for speedy eaters throughout mealtimes
  • Made of a long-lasting material


  • Toy is much larger than anticipated, and its size occasionally terrifies canines
  • There are sporadic claims that plastic polymer is not as durable as rubber


Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispenser Toy by Planet Dog



  • Size of breed: Small
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: Durable chewer, training, and exercise

This interactive dog toy contains a pop-out fissure that can be filled with tiny treats or food. When you’re through adding rewards, just reinsert it so your dog can figure out how to remove it.

The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff is manufactured from eco-friendly and chemical-free materials, making it completely safe for your dog to chew on. This toy is really easy to clean; simply fill it with water and shake it!

The substance contains peppermint oil, which imparts a minty taste. Although peppermint oil has been deemed unsafe for dogs by some, there were no reports of dogs becoming ill from the modest amount used here.


  • Interesting design to increase cognitive stimulation
  • Simple to clean
  • Eco-friendly components


  • Some comments about the toy’s sticky texture
  • Toy may not be suited for dogs with small noses, since they may become entangled
  • Rare reports of a strong, unpleasant scent emanating from a toy


Nina Ottosson Hide N’ Slide Puzzle Game Dog Toy



  • Size of breed: Small
  • Polypropylene and wood make up the composition of the material
  • Toy feature: Instruction

If your dog requires more mental stimulation, this puzzle toy might be ideal. This toy provides enough opportunities for involvement and learning. Simply place goodies in the compartments and watch your dog learn how to manipulate the pieces to discover them.

There are many compartments for experimenting with various combinations of treat placement. In this way, each time your pet plays with the toy, he or she will have a unique experience.

The built-in components are intended to remain in place, and the materials utilized are durable. Because the game is somewhat raised, it is simpler for individuals with shorter noses to move the pieces.


  • Ample mental stimulation
  • Excellent for puppies with shorter noses
  • A novel adventure each time


  • Occasional complaint of goodies becoming entangled and difficult to recover
  • May not be as difficult as advertised


Blinky Babble Ball Dog Toy by Pet Qwerks



  • Size: Extra-small and toy
  • Material: Plastic
  • Toy is electronic, glowing/light-up, and exercise-oriented

This interactive dog toy that not only lights up but also speaks will keep your pet occupied and away from destructive behavior.

Your pet will be entertained by the toy’s 18 words and noises once it has been triggered by your pet’s play. In order to retain your dog’s attention as it speaks, the device will flash lights.

This combination can excite the auditory and visual senses. This toy is triggered by touch, but once your pet has done playing with it, it will switch off automatically to preserve battery life.

Keep in mind that some dog owners believed the toy was excessively noisy. If you desire a peaceful home while your dog plays, this toy may not be suitable.


  • Light-up
  • 18 different sounds are played
  • Turns off after use to preserve battery life


  • Complaints that the toy is excessively loud
  • Owners reported that the word “no” caused their dogs stop playing with the toy
  • The toy is tough and not designed for chewing


Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy Seen on TV



  • All breed sizes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Toy characteristics: squeaky, outdoor, crinkly, and workout

This (literally) jolly toy will keep your canine companion content. Designed to mimic human chuckling, amusement, and happiness, this interactive dog toy satisfies your pet’s desire for play and curiosity.

In addition to its cheerful tunes, it also has unusual movements and bright colors. This ball is constructed from phthalate-free, pet-safe vinyl, so it will not affect your dog’s health.

Additionally, the vinyl is incredibly durable to prevent the ball from being ruined by gnawing. The highlight? This device requires no batteries!

Some individuals have complained about this toy’s volume. Although the noises are intended to depict human emotions, several purchasers of this product found the volume to be excessive. In addition, opinions on the toy’s durability have been divided.


  • Fun noises
  • Made of safe and long-lasting materials
  • No batteries are required


  • Some materials are considered as being exceedingly durable, whereas others are reported as being fragile
  • Smaller canines were occasionally intimidated by their size
  • Is really noisy


Dog Toy with Built-in Treat Dispenser from Pet Zone IQ



  • Size of breed: medium
  • Material: Polyester
  • Features of the toy: Tough chewer, exercises

With this tough yet entertaining toy, you can have your dog figure out how to obtain goodies in a variety of ways. To keep your dog interested, involved, and stimulated, begin with beginner-level activities and progress to more difficult ones.

The many levels ensure that your dog will never become bored! This toy can also be used to slow down mealtimes for dogs with a tendency to eat too rapidly.

This toy is available in three-inch and four-inch sizes. You can simply clean it by disassembling it and washing it with soap and water.

Several purchasers of this toy have reported having trouble disassembling it and adjusting the settings.


  • Different levels for additional difficulties
  • Can assist with mealtime pacing
  • Simple to clean


  • Requires additional tiny treats/kibble
  • Some experienced trouble disassembling and reassembling the item
  • Some players had difficulty figuring out how to switch levels

Choosing the Finest Interactive Dog Toy: A Buyer's Guide

What do Interactive Dog Toys Entail?

Interactive dog toys are those that stimulate your dog to the fullest extent. As gregarious and energetic animals, dogs require a great deal of social interaction and playtime.

When you have several animals and a large number of humans in your home, your pet will generally receive sufficient social interaction and playing.

But what if you just have one pet or if family members are absent for extended periods? The outcome might be destructive behavior due to boredom in the dogs. Interactive dog toys can aid in combating this ennui.

Different Interactive Dog Toys

There are a variety of interactive dog toys available (not all of which are on this list). However, the following are some of the most popular interactive toys:

Toys That Dispense Sweets

The reward dispenser is arguably the most prevalent sort of interactive dog toy. With these toys, food or treats are concealed within the toy, and your dog must use various methods to get them.

These are effective for dogs who react well to positive reinforcement; you can also use them for pets who tend to eat too quickly during mealtimes.

Engaging Interactive Dog Toy

Typically, responsive toys include movement, music, and light. These toys are activated by sound or motion, allowing them to readily attract pets’ interest. This style of toy is suitable for energetic, active dogs.

Puzzle Dog Toy

This category of dog toy is fairly self-explanatory: they are puzzles! This sort of interactive toy provides your dog with plenty mental activity to prevent boredom.

They are ideal for intelligent, mentally active dog breeds. Puzzle toys can range from basic to so difficult that it may be impossible to complete them.

Interactive Hide-and-Seek Dog Toy

Also basic is the interactive toy of hide-and-seek. This type of play includes concealing one toy within another (like dinosaurs in a volcano or squirrels in a tree trunk). The hide-and-seek toy stimulates your dog’s hunting instincts and is ideal for sniffing puppies.

High-Tech Dog Toy with Interactivity

Interactive high-tech dog toys are typically among the most expensive toys. This sort of toy can range from an autonomous ball launcher that allows your dog to play fetch independently to an app-controlled toy that can be operated remotely.

Why Invest in Interactive Dog Toys?

In addition to keeping your dogs occupied while you’re gone, interactive dog toys provide a number of other advantages.

Offering Stimulation

It is a tremendous benefit because interactive toys give both physical and cerebral activity for your cat. These toys not only give stimulation when they are alone, but they may also be used for training.

How so? Interactive toys force your dog to concentrate on the activity at hand, just like training does. Focus improves the more they play with interactive toys!

These sorts of toys can also improve their puzzle-solving abilities, which are important during training.

Relieves Anxiety

If you are the owner of a dog with separation anxiety, you are aware that leaving them alone can lead to an increase in undesirable behaviors such as excessive barking or chewing. Leaving kids alone with interactive objects might help them feel more comfortable being on their own.

Can Help Curb Undesirable Conduct

Your dog’s boredom is a significant cause of undesirable behavior. With the mental stimulation provided by interactive toys, your pet will no longer be bored, which should lessen or eliminate undesirable habits such as shoe and furniture chewing.

Slow Down, Speedy eaters

Some interactive toys, such as reward dispensers, are ideal for assisting quick eaters at mealtimes. In addition to reducing the danger of bloat, this method of feeding can assist overweight dogs lose weight.

How to Select an Interactive Dog Toy

Choosing the correct toys for your pet requires a combination of knowing what they will like most, how readily they will damage things, and the usual purchasing considerations.

Dog’s Character

Your dog’s personality may be the most important consideration when purchasing new toys. Is your dog the anxious variety?

Then kids may not love toys with lights or noise, especially if the toy is interactive and emits sounds when it detects motion. Does your pet enjoy playing fetch but dislike tug-of-war? A ball-launching device may be their thing.

Spend no money on a toy that your dog will dislike!

Canine Chewing Behavior

If your dog likes to chew on items until they are entirely destroyed, you should look for a toy that is extremely durable. If your dog is a mild or moderate chewer, he or she may prefer a softer toy to one made of rubber or plastic.

Dog Toy Size

The toy’s dimensions are essential. If it’s too big, your pet may become frightened of it. If it is too little, it might provide a choking threat.

Check to see whether the product has particular breed sized recommended indicated. If not, examine the product’s measurements to determine how it stands.

Components Found in Toys

Not only should you ensure that the materials used to construct a toy are extremely robust, but you should also avoid purchasing anything that will be destroyed within minutes.

You must also ensure that the item is safe for your dog to consume. Consider whether the materials a toy is composed of are non-toxic or chemical-free. If you are concerned about the environment, you may even discover options manufactured from eco-friendly materials.

Price for Interactive Dog Toy

You want to keep inside your budget while maximizing your investment. A toy may be extremely inexpensive, however this may be due to its poor construction and limited lifespan. It may also be a more costly toy whose durability has been criticized in reviews.

Reviews of Interactive Dog Toys

It is crucial to read user reviews before purchasing any goods. With reviews, you may learn facts such as how well a toy withstands gnawing and general puppy turmoil, or whether the majority of dogs appeared to reject the product for no apparent reason.

Keep in mind, however, that all dogs are unique, and you know your dog best.


We recommend the MODERN WAVE squeaky plush dog toy as the best interactive dog toy due to its soft materials and hours of hide-and-seek fun.

Because it stimulates all five of your pet’s senses, we suggest the Ethical Pet Sense Ball as the best value toy.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our readers for visiting our website to learn about the best interactive dog toys. We hope that you’ve selected an appropriate toy for you and your dog’s interaction.

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