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The Best Interactive Cat Toys To Buy

Cats, as most people who live with them have discovered, either love or despise cat toys.

However, interactive cat toys, or those that respond in some way when played with, can get even the most sedentary kitty moving in the direction of a more active and healthy lifestyle.

"The benefits of interactive toys for cats, particularly indoor ones, include enrichment when they would not otherwise have an enriching environment." "Dr. Crista Coppola, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist at The University of Arizona, explains."

"Indoor life can be a bit monotonous for a natural born hunter who would normally spend its day stalking and catching prey in the wild," she says. "Interactive toys specifically provide mental, physical, and social enrichment."

Interactive cat toys are especially useful in households with only one cat. "While cats are not as socially obligate as our dogs, they do enjoy social interactions with social partners," Dr. Coppola adds. "Interactive toys help strengthen the human-animal bond and can also help relieve stress in a cat whose environment is stressful."

You'll want to choose interactive toys that engage your cat's mind and body, as well as toys that are safe and made of durable materials.

The following are just a few of the best interactive cat toys on the market today that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends.


FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy is the best laser

Everyone knows how much cats enjoy laser pointers. The hands-free PetSafe Bolt Laser pointer can be used in manual mode just like any other laser pointer, but it can also be placed on a flat surface for hands-free entertainment.

When set to automatic, the laser shines in random patterns, keeping your cat guessing and entertained. It comes with an adjustable mirror, giving you some control over its range.

The Bolt is powered by four AA batteries and has a timer that turns off automatically after 15 minutes. It takes some minor adjustments at first to get it just right.

However, once you’ve found the sweet spot, cats will look forward to regular sessions that will keep their reflexes and minds sharp while also assisting obese cats in burning a few extra calories.


Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center is the best food puzzle

Cats evolved as hunters, spending their days outside in search of prey. They no longer need to hunt for survival due to domestication, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hunt for fun and mental stimulation.

Food puzzles have become very popular indoor activities for keeping their minds and reflexes sharp. The Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center is a food and toy puzzle that provides your cat with five different types of entertainment and challenge.

Sprinkle dry food, treats, or small toys over the activity center and watch your cat become engrossed in figuring out how to catch, eat, and play.

The clear globes stimulate their digging instinct, while the pegs, alleyways, and indents encourage your cat to seek out the treats or small toys you scatter around.

The non-slip rubber feet help it stay in place, so it should stay upright even if your cat gets overly excited. The simple white design should blend in unobtrusively with your decor.

If you change up the food, treats, and toys, this activity center has value every day. It was also safe and simple to clean, according to our tester.


BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy is the best for chasing

Chasing may be a cat’s favorite natural activity, second only to sleeping. The BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toy has a hanging feather attached to two large wheels that swivel, turn, and rotate, causing the toy to move in unpredictable ways, delighting your cat’s natural predatory instincts such as stalking, chasing, and pouncing.

You can adjust play to match your cat’s mood and activity level, while also keeping it fresh and unpredictable, thanks to two operating modes (fast and slow). The wheels are large and sturdy enough to run on most carpeted floors.

There’s also a convenient automatic mode for when you’re gone for the day. The toy will run for 10 minutes, then turn off for 90 minutes, then restart for another 10 minutes, and so on for a total of eight hours.

The built-in rechargeable battery charges in under three hours via USB and should last up to eight hours in default mode.

This toy or a toy very similar to it may be sold under several brand names, including BurgeonNest, Sefon, and CSHope, but the BENTOPAL brand has the highest customer satisfaction ratings of the bunch.


Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy is the best string toy

We’ve all seen how excited cats can get when they play with a simple piece of yarn or string. The clever design of Moody Pet’s Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy has a proven track record of making cats happily berserk.

This automatic string toy, designed to hook on any household door knob, will get even the most sedentary cats moving. One end of a long, brightly colored, silky string is sewn onto a rotating flat, elastic conveyer belt.

When the string is activated, it flings in and out, enthralling your cat, who will want to bite, paw, claw, and hopefully stop the string. But as soon as they let go, the string begins to rotate again, enticing them to play for extended periods of time.

Fling-Ama-String is made in the United States and has two speeds to provide variety and prevent boredom. This toy is suitable for children of all ages and requires three AA batteries, which can be standard or rechargeable.

This toy has been around since at least 2009, and it has a long history of happy kitty customers. To prevent your cat from unsupervised play that could result in the string wrapping around a paw or their neck, the manufacturers recommend wrapping the string around the door knob when not in use.


Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy is the best choice for multiple cats

When you have multiple cats at home, you need a sturdy toy that multiple cats can play with at the same time. If you’re lucky, two cats will enjoy playing with the toy together, adding to the fun.

Track ball cat toys are an excellent option. There are numerous track ball cat toys to choose from on the market. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy is a low-cost option that is widely available and popular among our editors. Both of these options, as well as many others, are made of plastic.

Consider a track ball cat toy made of wood (available from Cute Cat Store) or the more sustainably-sourced bamboo. Petstages Tower of Tracks is irresistible to cats because their efforts to pull the three brightly colored balls from their tracks only cause the balls to roll out of sight in their tracks.

When cats are overjoyed, they may have all three balls spinning and rolling at the same time. This stacked play station is built to last and is safe to play with even when you’re not at home. You’ll appreciate the non-skid pads on the bottom, which keep it from shifting or tipping over.


FurHaven Double Decker Playground is the best splurge

Cats have an innate desire to climb. If you have space in your home for cat furniture, cat trees with interactive play parts are a fantastic choice.

The FurHaven Double Decker Playground is especially beneficial for indoor-only cats who are unable to climb trees. Its multi-level platforms and diverse features encourage natural play and regular exercise.

They’ll like scratching the sisal fiber posts, batting at the soft ball toys, biting and kicking the hanging rope, and jumping and climbing from one platform to the next.

This is spacious enough to accommodate many cats, with two distinct cat condo hideouts for a game of hide and seek or calm, warm naps. It comes in cream and silver gray.

Final Decision

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy is one of our favorites since it’s portable and promotes your cat’s innate curiosity and hunting instinct.

If you have the space and want to provide your cat with a whole playground of stimulation, check out the FurHaven Double Decker Playground (see on Amazon) for an all-in-one playing, climbing, and napping experience they’ll enjoy every day.

After all, we appreciate the fact that you choose BestForPets (bestforpets.org)  from among thousands of websites to read reviews of the best interactive cat toys.

Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the best product for your pet.


What interactive cat toys are the greatest for while you’re not home?

“The finest toys are mentally engaged and surprising,” says Dr. Coppola. “The variable of unpredictability aids in keeping your cat’s attention.

I especially like suncatchers that throw prisms of light for the cat to ‘pounce and grab,’ and bird viewing is also excellent cerebral stimulation.”

Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for any safety hazards and cautions. “A toy should not be left alone with a cat if there are any possible concerns such as eating, choking, or strangulation,” Dr. Coppola says.


How can you keep your cat’s toys from becoming boring?

Dr. Coppola feels that toy novelty and rotation are important in minimizing boredom.

“Cats will become bored with the same toys day after day. Restriction their access to ensure that the toy retains its high value for the cat. When you just have access to something for a portion of the time, its gratifying value remains (similar to dessert for humans).”

To keep their interest and excitement fresh and exciting, try rotating toys on a daily or weekly basis.

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