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10 Best Interactive And Electronic Cat Toys

Cats, like humans and dogs, require a lot of cerebral activity to keep them entertained.

They require physical activity as well, and it's always a good idea to let them use their natural hunting ability, even if you don't want to find dead rats all over the home.

Fortunately, electronic and interactive cat toys can do all of these functions and more.

Many toys require a lot of human interaction, but there are lots of interactive cat toys that may keep your feline entertained for hours with little to no assistance from you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of %product_count% of the best interactive and electronic cat toys.

You can read about how they compare in the reviews below, which should give you a decent sense of how each toy works, preparing you to choose the finest cat interactive toys for your cat to play with.


Chickadee Sound Cat Toy by SmartyKat – Best Value

The SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp demonstrates that a toy does not have to be expensive or difficult to keep your cat entertained.

Even though it’s dirt cheap compared to other comparable toys, we believe it’s one of the greatest interactive and electronic cat toys for the money, as it will keep your cat interested and provide hours of entertainment without your involvement.

This is a very basic toy. It’s a little, soft bird with an electronic sound-maker inside that chirps and sings like a small bird, tempting your cat to hunt and pout.

It’s also loaded with catnip, so any cat will be drawn to it, providing a safe method to satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Because it is touch-activated, the toy turns on anytime your cat touches it. When it is not used for a short period of time, it will turn off, saving the batteries.

Unfortunately, the batteries are not replaceable, so when they die, so does the toy. Still, it’s so cheap that replacing it isn’t a big bother, and the batteries appear to last a long time in any case.


  • Touch sensitive
  • It is filled with catnip.
  • It imitates the sound of real birds.
  • Meets your cat’s hunting demands in a safe manner
  • It is less expensive than many options.


  • When the batteries run out, the toy dies.


Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Toy – Premium Selection

The Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle and Play cat toy is an entertaining puzzle play that gives felines with cerebral stimulation as they try to solve problems that reward them with little goodies for success.

Everything used to make this toy is food-safe, and there are 14 concealed compartments in which to store treats.

Granted, you’ll have to resupply the snacks for ongoing play, so it can only provide enjoyment until your cat has retrieved all of the treats.

This is an excellent toy for cats who get bored rapidly. Smart cats require a lot of mental stimulation, and puzzle toys like this one are an excellent way to deliver it.

As your cat solves each puzzle to access the goodie within, you’ll be able to relieve boredom while also helping to strengthen its mental faculties.

Thankfully, cats don’t appear to get tired of this toy, which is probably thanks to the constant supply of yummy food!


  • A challenging puzzle stimulates the mind.
  • Treats can be hidden in 14 different compartments.
  • Produced entirely of food-safe materials
  • Helps to relieve boredom


  • You’ll need to replenish the snacks if you want to keep playing.


Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy by PetFusion

The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic cat toy has a lot to enjoy, but it also has enough drawbacks to hold it back. Some of the features, such as the auto-shutoff, are even problems.

It goes off after 8 minutes to save the batteries, but you must turn it back on before your cat may play with it! It’s also much noisier than most cat toys, especially interactive ones. Furthermore, this gadget will cost you more than other alternatives.

Nonetheless, this item is a big hit for the 8 minutes it lasts. It has colorful feathers that burst out of holes at random, and there are six of them around the device’s diameter.

Colorful LEDs are also employed to pique your cat’s interest. If your cat manages to destroy the feather, a replacement is given.

You may choose between two play speeds, making this toy suitable for almost all cats. Overall, this is a fantastic interactive cat toy.


  • Auto-shutdown after 8 minutes to save battery life
  • The anti-slip feet keep it in place.
  • Included is a replacement feather.
  • For maximum stimulation, it employs lights, feathers, and motion.
  • Various speeds are available for various cats.


  • It makes more noise than other cat toys.
  • More costly than alternatives
  • The auto-shutdown feature can be pretty unpleasant.


Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle for Cats Toy for Cats

This fantastic Cat Amazing toy is a treat labyrinth and puzzle, which means you place treats inside the various compartments and your cat must figure out how to get into each of the secret areas to access the sweets.

Each compartment has a varied level of difficulty, allowing you to increase the amount of effort your cat must do to obtain a prize.

This one is a bit pricy in comparison to many other cat toys, therefore it’s surprising that it’s constructed of simple cardboard.

On the other hand, this implies that it is safe for claws and that the entire toy can be recycled once it has outlived its useful life.

However, more processes are required to make it actually usable, such as bonding portions of it together so they stick. Otherwise, it will come apart while in use.

We enjoy how this toy keeps cats entertained as they struggle to get into each compartment. However, you must be careful not to leave unfound treats within it, since this can attract ants to the leftover food, resulting in quite a mess.


  • Puzzles keep your cat entertained.
  • Various levels of difficulty
  • Cats will be entertained for hours.
  • The entire toy is made of recyclable materials.


  • Additional actions are necessary to make the toy useable.
  • Costly cost for a cardboard box
  • Any treats that are not removed can attract ants.


Fly By Spinner Interactive Cat Toy by Pet Zone

The Pet Zone Fly By Spinner interactive cat toy is similar to other spinning cat toys available on the market. It has a butterfly on a long wire attached to a motorized base.

The butterfly is spun by the motor, which produces a lifelike semi-erratic motion due to the flexing of the thin wire. This movement encourages your cat to pounce and try to grab the butterfly.

The butterfly is made of plastic, so it won’t get stuck to your cat’s claws like many softer ones can, but it can be easily eaten apart by your cat.

This technology not only moves the butterfly, but it also produces tempting vibrations, which makes the toy quite noisy. Cats may easily knock it over, and when they do, you’ll hear the engine moving and the toy striking the ground.

Unfortunately, with frequent use and a few tip-overs, the toy will very likely shatter before long. On the bright side, this gadget runs for a long time on a single AAA battery.

Cats love to play with it, but you might not appreciate frequently reattaching the butterfly when they rip it off.


  • Plastic butterflies do not become entangled in claws.
  • Attracts felines by using motion and sound.
  • A single AAA battery lasts a long time.


  • Cats could eat the plastic butterfly.
  • The butterfly does not remain affixed to the base.
  • Not tough enough to endure regular roughhousing.
  • Cats are too easily knocked over while playing.
  • It’s a quite loud toy.

Choosing The Best Interactive and Electronic Cat Toys

It’s difficult to imagine your cat not enjoying any of these fantastic interactive cat toys. But, as we all know, cats are quite finicky creatures, which may make it unpleasant to select anything for them, knowing they may be uninterested.

So, how can you compare these cat toys and ensure you’re getting the proper one? If you’re still unsure, this buyer’s guide should assist.

In it, we’ll look at the most crucial features to compare on each of these toys, both from your and your cat’s perspectives. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision, sure that your cat will be happy.

Choosing Between Interactive and Electronic Cat Toys

There are far too many ways to compare various electronic cat toys, which is why you should simplify things.

Rather than scrutinizing each toy’s minute intricacies, we believe it is best to focus on a few essential areas that make the most difference.

Then, all you have to do is pick the toys that best meet your and your cat’s demands in those areas, and you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

Is Your Input Required?

People frequently look for interactive and electrical cat toys to keep their cats occupied without their involvement. If that’s your goal, not every toy will be equally appealing.

Even if they are electronic, certain toys will demand regular input from you. Most laser pointers, for example, will require you to point the laser.

Other toys, such as turning on the gadget or hiding treats in puzzle compartments, can occupy your cat with minimum effort from you.

There are even some toys that require no interaction from you at all. When your cat plays with it, it turns on and provides entertainment whenever your cat wants.

A laser pointer is not a good idea if you want to keep your cat entertained without doing anything. A toy that does not require human input is great for folks who are gone all day at work.

However, if you simply want to keep your cat engaged while you do other things around the house, it may be acceptable to buy a toy that requires some input from you to get started but will then occupy your cat for a while without any of your attention.

How Long Will It Keep Your Cat Amused?

It can be aggravating to put up a puzzle toy for your cat only to have it empty all of the treats in 3 minutes. If you actually need that time to focus on anything essential, you’ll be even more annoyed.

As a result, we prefer toys that can entertain for extended periods of time rather than a few minutes.

Can it withstand rough play from cats?

Cats are tough on their toys. They have keen claws and teeth that, if given the opportunity, may easily damage toys. That’s why it’s critical to look for toys that can survive harsh feline play.

To be sure, many cat toys are inexpensive, making them easily replaceable if necessary. You don’t want to replace your cat toys every week, therefore durability is important to consider.

Stimulation of the Mind and Body

The appropriate toy can bring numerous advantages to your cat. Playing with toys is not only enjoyable, but it can also provide vital mental and physical stimulation.

However, not every toy will do this equally, and not every cat requires the same level of mental and physical activity. Because only you know your cat, choose toys that will satisfy its needs.

Our favorite toys usually give a nice balance of cerebral and physical stimulation, but it’s also fine to have several toys to satisfy different needs.


Although not all interactive toys are electrical, those that are will require batteries. Many will include batteries with your purchase, but double-check because it can be really frustrating to receive a toy and discover it lacks batteries.

Also, keep in mind that some toys’ batteries are not replaceable, which means the toy will die when the batteries die. Battery life is also an important factor to consider.

Some small toys use a deceiving amount of electricity, which means they’ll swiftly deplete batteries, adding up to a significant cost in the long run.


Many of these electrical cat toys produce sound. Bird calls or vibrations, for example, can be used to attract your cat.

Other times, the noise is created by a running motor, which might happen when anything goes wrong.

Such toys may become a nuisance if your cat is playing in your peaceful office while you work, so consider where the toy will be used and how much noise you are ready to tolerate.


If you read our reviews of the best interactive and electronic cat toys, you’ll see that choosing from so many fantastic cat toys might be difficult, but we do have favorites.

Overall, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes the PetFusion Ambush Interactive cat toy is the greatest cat interactive toy.

For a low-cost option, we propose the SmartyKat Chickadee Chirp cat toy, which uses genuine bird noises to motivate your cat to hunt, chase, and pounce.

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