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The 6 Best Insulated Dog Houses For Winter

It might be difficult to locate an insulated doghouse that can endure cold temperatures. There are several brands available, and it may be tiresome and time-consuming to obtain information on each one.

We have numerous dogs in our home and are aware of the challenges that might arise when selecting an insulated dog housing.

We will be discussing the best insulated dog houses for winter. You will have a sense of what you need and desire in an insulated dog housing after reading these evaluations.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has also included a buyer's guide that examines each component of the dog home to determine the most important factors to consider while purchasing.

Continue reading for our in-depth analyses of each insulated dog house brand, in which we assess insulation, construction material, capacity, and durability to help you make an informed choice.


Pets Imperial Insulated Dog House – Best Overall

Our pick for the finest insulated dog housing during winter is the Pets Imperial Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel. This type is uncomplicated to put together and is quite durable.

Each panel is insulated with Styrofoam between two layers of wood, and adjustable feet keep the home level on uneven terrain.

The home is elevated two inches from the ground and has plastic flaps over the entryway to retain heat and keep away insects. It can accommodate one or many dogs and up to 150 pounds.

We appreciated the spaciousness of this home, and two or even three of our dogs may be in it at once. The primary difficulty we experienced was that the pups preferred to gnaw on the plastic flaps above the entryway.

However, we still consider that this is the finest insulated dog housing of this year.


  • Simple to put together
  • Durable
  • Holds 150 pounds
  • Adjustable feet
  • Raised floor


  • Dogs could chew door flaps

ASL Insulated Dog House – The Best Option

The ASL Solutions BLZ-9698 Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace is our preferred choice dog housing for winter.

Our model is more expensive than many other manufacturers on this list, but it is of superior quality and durability.

This home is simple to install and has a self-closing doggie door that you can remove or keep partly in place until your pet becomes used to it.

It is also pretty spacious and should accommodate most dogs without difficulty. The foam-filled walls and roof will shield your pet from extreme temperatures and provide shade.

It may be difficult to clean and requires disassembly to access everywhere. This was the only issue we had while using this dog home, other from its exorbitant price.


  • Foam-based insulation
  • Self-closing door
  • Durable
  • Large


  • Expensive
  • No too simple to clean

SF Net Winter Insulated Dog House

The SF Net Trading Winter Warm Collapsible Non-Slip Outdoor Pet Kennel is a soft-sided and foldable dog housing. This dog home has enough padding, and the roof folds down to form a bed for the pet.

The walls and bed are robust waterproof nylon that resists discoloration and is machine washable. The bottom contains a non-slip rubber cushion. This home is available in many sizes to fit the majority of dogs.

Even if your pet is protected from the sun and the material is waterproof, you will not leave this sort of bed outside. It may function on a covered porch or in a garage, but it will not stay outside.

It’s also not particularly durable compared to many of the other types on our list, and the roof tends to droop down after a few weeks. Ours came crammed inside a plastic bag and was quite crumpled.


  • Foldable
  • Machine washable
  • Cushioned floor
  • Transforms into bed
  • Waterproof


  • Could arrive crushed
  • Not sturdy or resilient
  • Unsuitable for outdoor use

Insulated Petmate Indigo dog house

The Petmate 25942 Indigo Dog Housing is an igloo-shaped outdoor dog house with a protruding door.

This dog home is made of sturdy, heavy-duty plastic and has ceiling vents to enhance air circulation. This home is available in many sizes and may be ordered with a door and heating pad.

The disadvantage of this home is that it allows a great deal of rain to enter via the front entrance and ceiling vents.

Even having the front door installed, a significant amount of precipitation entered the home. The entrance and entryway were also favorites of our cats for chewing.


  • Durable plastic construction
  • Ceiling ventilation


  • Rain enters the front and vents out.
  • Dogs could gnaw on it.

Heininger Dog House

The Heininger 3096 PortablePET HoundHouse is a lightweight canvas outdoor dog housing.

It keeps your pet 6-inches above ground to keep them dry and enable plenty of air to flow beneath the home. The design is lightweight and simple to travel.

We believe that this is a fantastic summer bed that will keep your pet cool and out of the heat during the summer months, but it’s far from practical for winters usage since there is no insulation or solid walls.

It consists of a single cloth panel and a metal frame. The cloth also tends to wear down and tear in some points where it joins the frame, especially if your pet loves to use their claws.

We also discovered that it’s prone to filling up with air and toppling over on windy days, and a few times, it even made it to the neighboring yard.

It’s also hard to clean since it doesn’t come off the frame easily, and the corners are hard to reach.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Keeps the animal off the floor


  • Overthrown by the wind
  • Fabric tears
  • Uneasy to clean
  • Lack of insulation

ecoFLEX Rustic Lodge Dog House

The ecoFLEX ECOH203XL-GN Rustic Lodge Style Dog Home is a big dog house designed for several dogs weighing up to 140 pounds.

The walls are made of a plastic-wood polymer that does not absorb moisture and is mold and mildew resistant. It’s also straightforward to clean and can be wiped down or hosed off.

We loved that this dog home could be built without the use of tools, but the instructions were so difficult to follow that we first constructed it incorrectly.

There is no no insulation on this model, nor is there a front door or door flap, however, you may buy one separately.


  • Recycled plastic-wood polymer
  • No-tool assembly
  • Compatible with dogs weighing up to 140 pounds


  • No door flap
  • Lack of insulation
  • Poor assembly instructions

Buyer's Guide

Let’s look at some of the elements that are vital to consider while selecting a dog housing for winter usage.


The first thing we should look at when selecting an insulated dog housing is the insulating material. Our list includes three kinds of dwellings. Those with no insulation, those with a stuffing form of insulation, and those with a Styrofoam kind of insulation.

Not Insulated

The item we are reading is about insulated dog homes, although the insulation is not necessarily need to be built-in. Dog homes with superior insulation might be costly.

Often, if the dog house is big enough, you may add insulation in the form of blankets and heated pads that result in a warmer environment for your pet than a commercial unit can give.

This DIY insulation may be simply removed, cleaned, and refilled. Frequently, a large, strong house is the ideal place to begin.

Insulation must be purchased separately, which will increase the price of this sort of dog housing. Additionally, you are responsible for providing adequate thermal protection.

Filling with Insulation

This form of insulation is the type frequently seen in dog beds. In fact, many dog shelters insulated with this material may be converted into dog beds.

This insulating material resembles a big blanket, coat, or cushion. It is cozy and will keep you warm, but it is often not the best option for outside use.

This sort of insulation may absorb and retain water, enabling mold and mildew to grow. This style of dog housing could work on a covered porch or in a garage, but it won’t hold up out in the open.

Styrofoam Insulation

Styrofoam insulation is the best grade insulation normally offered in outdoor dog homes. This method of insulation wedges Styrofoam between two hardwood or plastic panels.

These dog shelters might be fairly pricey, but they are frequently quite robust and well-constructed. Styrofoam-insulated dog shelters are an excellent investment if your pet spends a significant amount of time outside.


The ability to clean your insulated dog housing should be your first priority when selecting a purchase. If you are using a home with stuffing insulation, you will need to wash it in a washing machine.

If you are using a dog home with Styrofoam insulation or no insulation, you will need to be able to clean it with a cloth or a hose.


A door is something else to consider when purchasing an insulated dog home. A door may assist retain warm air inside the dog home and also keep out precipitation and snow.

Some doors are detachable when they are not required. The one negative of doors is that certain dogs may have a hard time getting accustomed to going in and out.


Always ensure appropriate ventilation is provided when selecting a dog home, particularly if there is a door. Air circulation is dependent on ventilation throughout the summer and winter.


1. Should I install a dog house heater?

Yes, it would be beneficial to utilize a heater in your dog’s kennel throughout the winter and on chilly days.

2. What size dog home should a huge dog have?

Your dog’s shoulder-to-ground height should account for around 75% of the door height of his doghouse. This amount is then multiplied by 0.75 to get an appropriate door height.

Please review the following example:

In the event of a shoulder-to-ground measurement of 19 inches, you must choose a door with a minimum width of 14.25 inches.

You also need a dog home that is at least 25 percent higher than your dog’s head-to-ground height. If this model is 50 percent taller than your dog, it can keep your dog warm. Let you multiply your dog’s height by 1.25 and 1.5 to result in minimum and maximum heights.

A 22-inch dog needs a dog housing with a height between 27.5 and 33 inches.

Your dog house’s breadth and length should be roughly 25% greater than the pet’s nose-to-flank length. After measuring your dog from the point of the snout to the base of the tail, multiply the result by 1.25.

For example, a dog measuring 25 inches in length needs a minimum width of 31.25 inches on each side.

3. Should a dog house be above the ground?

Yes, the elevated area gives more insulation, preserving the wood floor from decaying and lowering flea infestation danger.

4. Is it acceptable to let your dog live outside?

Yes, it’s good to let your dog live outdoors, but remember to supply your pet with ample water and shelter.

5. How wide should the door of a dog home be?

8 inches at least.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you liked our reviews and buyer’s guide of the best insulated dog houses for winter. If you’re still undecided, we propose our overall recommendation.

The walls and floor of the Pets Imperial Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel are insulated with Styrofoam. It is resilient and simple to clean. 

We really hope that our advice will assist you in locating the best insulated dog home so that your beloved companion can remain warm during the winter. Good luck!

Also, if you have learnt anything new from our buyer’s guide and our reviews have moved you closer to a conclusion, please share our insulated dog house reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

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