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The 11 Best Indoor Dog Pen With Floor

We all adore our dogs, but there comes a point when every dog owner needs an indoor pen of some kind to keep their dog contained. You must be aware of your alternatives if you require a playpen for your dog when traveling or if you require a safe spot for them to sleep or hang out when you are not at home.

It can be difficult to choose the best indoor dog enclosure with a floor. There are numerous types of playpens available, each with its own distinct personality. There are wire kennels, pop-up soft pen choices, and everything in between.

What is the finest floored indoor dog pen? BestForPets (bestforpets.org) are here to assist you in finding the best solution for your dog. We've narrowed the field to bring you our best indoor dog pen with floor.

How to Choose the Best Floored Indoor Dog Playpen

We thought it might be good to give you a buyer’s guide now that you’ve had a chance to look at some very outstanding possibilities. The inside dog playpen with a floor that you require will be determined by your requirements, but there are several factors to consider before making a final decision.


  • Knowing the size you require is critical when selecting an indoor dog enclosure. Some of these solutions don’t come in a number of different sizes, although others do.
  • Consider your dog’s size and whether you intend to use this for numerous puppies or just one. Understand your goal as well. Do you want to use this pen for potty training or for general containment?
  • If it’s for containment, sleeping, playing, or visiting somewhere, a larger pen is the best solution. It provides your dog with space and comfort, preventing them from feeling trapped inside the enclosure. If you are simply using the pen for potty training, a smaller size may be preferable for effective training.
  • Remember that many of them come in a variety of color options to match your decor, so choose wisely.


  • You may have noticed that there are mesh and cloth pens, as well as wire and metal pens, in our reviews. There is no one material that is superior than another, although you may like one over another.
  • Wire is more likely to keep an obstinate or playful dog from escaping, but cloth and mesh combinations are considerably more convenient if you’re traveling or on the road and need a quick solution. Mesh is typically less in weight and easy to set up and disassemble.
  • The appropriate material for you may differ based on the usage you have in mind for your dog.


  • Finally, as you choose your kennel, consider how simple it is to use in general. Portable indoor dog enclosures are extremely practical, although some are more difficult to fold than others. Wire kennels, on the other hand, might be difficult to set up and heavy in weight.
  • We took every effort to select kennels that are simple to set up and take down. Some of the pop-up pens may require some delicate patience to fold away, but for the most part, any of these options will perform well.


EliteField Soft Indoor 2-Door Dog Playpen with Floor


  • Warranty period of two years
  • There are several sizes to pick from.
  • Several color variations are available.
  • Option for portability
  • Washable materials and windows


  • This is large and may require the assistance of another person to fold.

The EliteField indoor dog playpen is an excellent choice if you require something both useful and portable. There are many various sizes and color schemes to pick from. We chose purple, beige, and black as our color scheme. The dimensions are 62 inches x 62 inches x 36 inches, and it is shaped like an octagon.

This solution is appealing since it provides a great deal of flexibility. It’s a top-and-bottom indoor dog pen. You can quickly pop it up or down and take it with you wherever you go, or just store it when not in use. This playpen includes a zippered entrance and plenty of netting mesh holes for airflow for your dog. This indoor pen will not allow your dog to escape or jump out.

This alternative even contains bags for carrying dog toys, snacks, and other items. Because they believe in the quality of the materials used here, the company provides a 2-year warranty. The floor mats, like the rest of the pen, are removable and washable.

Portable Foldable Indoor Dog Playpen with Floor by Zampa


  • Medium-sized indoor soft dog playpen with floor
  • There are four color possibilities.
  • Quality and long-lasting materials
  • Materials that withstand water
  • Mesh top is removable.


  • The mat cannot be removed for washing.
  • Smart dogs can easily wriggle and escape through the zipper.

The Zampa Foldable Indoor Dog Pen is comparable to the first alternative we discussed. It’s a different brand and a smaller size. There are four different sizes available to accommodate your dog and the available space in your home. This option is medium in size, measuring 45 x 45 x 24 inches in diameter and height. You may also select from four different color selections to complement the inside of your home.

The pop-up and fold-away design is straightforward, and it folds away simply with the included case. Furthermore, this features a zippered door that can be pulled up and left open if you want your dog to be able to walk in and out of the dog enclosure. The windows are netted, and the top is completely open, so your pup will never be deprived of fresh air. If necessary, a mesh top can be zipped on.

There are numerous external compartments for storing toys, dog treats, water, food, or whatever else you may require. This is a soft, long-lasting, water-resistant material. The disadvantage is that the floor mat must be removed for washing.

Midwestern Pet Homes Inside Dog Playpen with Floor


  • Kennel made of wire with a plastic floor tray
  • Optional additional wire floor grid
  • It has two sides and a top that open.
  • The latch on the door is strong and safe.
  • There are three sizes to pick from.


  • Some of the edges have not been properly filed and may be sharp.
  • The grid can be difficult to install, and there are no instructions.

This alternative is similar to a standard wire kennel, except it also has a floor. This dog enclosure is unique in that it features a plastic pan as well as an additional wire floor grid that you can insert. Your dog will have a pan beneath them, but it will not touch them. You may also use it without the floor grid as a kennel, which may be more pleasant for your puppies.

This is a huge kennel, but they also have small and medium alternatives depending on whether you have one dog or numerous dogs. The large is 49 x 48.5 x 31.75 inches in size. This is an excellent choice for training your puppy, whether for potty training, sleep training, or when you are not at home.

There are two side door openings for easy access to the kennel. You can also open it from the top, which provides another access option or simply a way to open it. You can fold this kennel up and store it or transport it if necessary. If you want a wired indoor dog enclosure with a floor and a top, this should be your first pick.


Large IRIS USA Wire Open Pet Pen


  • Stylish open-top indoor dog playpen with floor
  • Materials that are strong and long-lasting
  • Tray is detachable.
  • There are three size options to pick from.


  • This one is pretty pricey, but it has a distinct design.
  • The bottom tray is of poor quality and might easily shatter.

The IRIS USA Pet Pen with Floor is an excellent indoor solution for your home. It looks amazing, and if all you want is something that looks nice in your home, this is a great choice! This indoor playpen is constructed from wood and white-painted wire. It has a fancier appearance so it doesn’t stand out as a normal wire black kennel that doesn’t look nice inside your house.

This inside dog playpen with floor has no top and is open, which may not be ideal if your dog can jump extremely high. They have large, tall large, and medium sizes available, so you can obtain what you need for sizing. This wire playpen fits snuggly into a molded plastic tray with a lip so it fits firmly into the pen yet is easy to remove for cleaning.

This is a simple, effective, and fashionable alternative. We like how it may blend in with your home decor while yet keeping your puppy contained when necessary. It has a big door opening and a sturdy snap closure. The dimensions of the huge size are 47.24 x 31.5 x 27.95 inches. Everything is made of heavy-duty materials that are safe, secure, and long-lasting.

Fantastic Pet Portable Indoor Dog Playpen with Floor


  • Color combinations that are appealing
  • There are several sizes available.
  • Extra-large and spacious in-door dog playpen with a floor
  • Simple to activate for use
  • Both the top and bottom are detachable.


  • The pen can be difficult to fold back up to fit inside the case.
  • The zippers may not dissuade intelligent or stubborn dogs for long.

Another excellent indoor dog enclosure for small or medium-sized dogs. Fabulous Pet created this pop-up option. The size we chose is extra-large, although lower sizes are also available, including a small size for small puppies and miniature dogs. The extra-large spans 62 x 37 inches and is deemed extra-wide, providing enough of space for your large pet or many pets.

There are numerous color combinations to choose from, and they are all bright and entertaining. They also have simple brown, blue, and gray versions if you prefer more relaxed colors. This pet-safe playpen has a floor and high walls.

This dog enclosure is simple to assemble and takes little time to set up. It also comes with a carrying case. The sides are entirely mesh, and there is a mesh top that may be removed if desired. If you need to carry dog supplies, the door is zippered and there are pockets on the outside for storage.

Jespet Pet Floored Indoor Dog Playpen


  • There are four color possibilities.
  • There are three size possibilities.
  • Superior, long-lasting materials
  • Removable mesh top with zipper
  • Materials that withstand water


  • Folding it back up can be difficult, and the instructions are insufficient.
  • Very light, and will not withstand applied weight or pressure on the sides or top.

The Jespet Playpen is an incredible pop-up play tent. It’s of exceptional quality and has received numerous positive reviews. This particular choice spans 61 x 61 x 30 inches, making it a rather large pen that can accommodate larger canines. If you have a little dog, there are two smaller size possibilities. This pen is also available in four common colors.

The Jespet playpen includes every form of access imaginable. There are two zipped doors and a zippered mesh ceiling that is easy to put on and take off. The windows are all mesh as well, so your dog can see out while yet getting enough of airflow.

This is unquestionably a better design than some of its less expensive competitors. You get side storage room for whatever you might need to bring along, and it’s made of tough 600D Oxford fabric. The materials are also water-resistant and simple to clean when necessary.

It’s lightweight but strong, and it folds up to fit in a small case. Furthermore, it requires little effort to pop-up when you set it up for use. It has one of the thicker flooring for mesh playpens, however the floor isn’t detachable, thus cleaning is difficult.


Best Indoor Dog Pen with Floor Conclusion

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope you find this advice to the best indoor dog pen with floor useful. We worked hard to identify the greatest solutions to share with you, and we hope that our efforts are reflected in the options you find here.

You’re almost there to a new playpen for whatever your needs are! Just keep the tips in mind while you make your decision, and you’ll be fine! Which pen are you and your dog interested in?

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