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The 9 Best Indoor Dog And Puppy Playpens

Playpens are a simple and practical solution to confining your dog to one area. Whether you have a single dog or a litter of pups, a playpen may be a lifesaver. Therefore, it is essential to pick the ideal playpen for your purposes.

When shopping online, reading product reviews is one of the best ways to ensure you're getting the right product for your needs. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled evaluations of the best indoor dog and puppy playpens to make it easy for you to have the proper one shipped directly to your home.


EliteField 2-Door Soft-Sided Playpen – The Best Overall



  • Dimensions: 30L x 30W x 20H; 36L x 36W x 24H; 42L x 42W x 24H; 48L x 48W x 32H; 52L x 52W x 32H; 62L x 62W x 24H; 62L x 62W x 30H; and 62L x 62W x 36H
  • Pre-assembled: Yes

The EliteField 2-Door Soft-Sided Playpen, available in eight sizes and eight color options, is the greatest dog playpen overall. It quickly unfolds and collapses for storage, and comes with a storage bag. It has two doors with locking zippers and plenty of ventilation mesh.

Two of the pockets are accessory storage compartments, while the third is a water bottle pocket. The floor mat is removable and machine-washable for convenient cleaning.

It can support up to 150 pounds of pet weight. It is constructed of soft materials, thus it is not the best option for dogs of huge breeds or chewers.


  • Eight sizes and eight color schemes
  • Simple to put up and store
  • Contains a storage bag
  • possesses many holes and pockets
  • Abundant ventilation
  • The mat is removable and machine-washable


  • Material with soft sides is not appropriate for chewers


Premium Outdoor Playpen and Cover from Lucky Dog Pet Resort



  • Dimensions: 48L x 48W x 52H
  • Pre-assembled: No

The Lucky Dog Pet Resort Outdoor Playpen & Cover is the premier option for dog playpens. This playpen is only available in one size, but its powder-coated steel construction makes it rust-resistant and weatherproof.

It is simple to construct and no tools are required, however it does not arrive pre-assembled. It comes with a watertight tarp that covers the pen, protecting your dog and the pen from the sun and rain.

The tarp covers the steel roof firmly. It has a lockable gate and elevated legs that facilitate cleaning.


  • Powder-coated steel is weather-resistant
  • Simple to put together without tools
  • A waterproof tarp shields the enclosure and your dog from the sun and rain
  • The steel roof preserves the form of the tarp covering
  • Lockable gate
  • Raised legs facilitate cleaning


  • Just one size is offered
  • Premium price
  • Not prefabricated


MyPet Eight-Panel Petyard Passage Plastic Crate – Ideal for Puppies



  • Dimensions: 35L x 35W x 27H
  • Pre-assembled: Yes

The best dog playpen for containing pups is the MyPet 8-Panel Petyard Passage Plastic Pen. Even though it is pre-assembled, you may remove or add panels to this playpen as needed. Assembled, it encompasses 34.4 square feet, making it large enough for many canines.

It is equipped with a tiny, lockable dog door and a carrying strap for portability. It contains pads that are slip-resistant for usage on slippery surfaces. This pen is not suitable for dogs taller than 19 inches or those with a tendency to jump or climb.


  • Best option for puppies
  • Panels can be added to or removed from a prefabricated structure that has been constructed
  • Large enough for many dogs
  • Small dog door is lockable
  • Included are a carrying strap and skid-resistant mats


  • Not recommended for dogs taller than 48 centimeters
  • Not recommended for dogs who can climb or jump


16-Panel Yaheetech Exercise Pen



  • Dimensions: 31.5L x 24W per panel
  • Pre-assembled: No

If you want to construct your own playpen arrangement, the Yaheetech 16 Panel Exercise Pen is a perfect solution. It consists of 16 modular panels that may be joined into a number of forms.

It is possible to connect two or more pens to create a bigger enclosure, however this pen comes at a premium price. It is constructed of powder-coated iron for sturdiness and contains two panels with latched doors for security.

The panels may be stacked flat when they are not in use to conserve space. The bottom of each door is approximately 6 inches from the ground, making it difficult for pups and tiny dogs to utilize.


  • Can be configured in many ways or paired with another pen
  • Powder-coated iron is long-lasting
  • Each pen has 16 panels
  • Two panels include latching doors
  • Panels can rest flat against one another


  • Premium price
  • The doors are approximately 6 inches from the ground


Pet Gear Travel Lite Soft-Sided Dog Pen with Detachable Top



  • Dimensions: 29L x 29W x 17H, 36L x 36W x 21H, and 46L x 46W x 28H
  • Pre-assembled: Yes

There are three sizes of the Pet Gear Travel Lite Soft-Sided Dog Pen with Removable Top. It is pre-assembled and simple to set up and collapse for storage.

It is highly ventilated and has a detachable top that may offer your dog with sun protection. The floor is water-resistant, making cleanup simple, and it features a door with a locking zipper and an accessory storage pocket.

Due to its soft nylon construction, this playpen is not suitable for big dog breeds or chewing dogs or pups. Several individuals have reported that the playpen’s zippers are quite fussy.


  • Three sizes are offered
  • Simple to assemble and fold for storage
  • Sun protection can be provided by a removable top
  • Waterproof flooring
  • Includes a door and pocket for accessories


  • Not recommended for big dogs or pups with a tendency to chew
  • Sometimes, zippers may be tricky


MidWest Wire Dog Crate with Walk-Through Door



  • Dimensions: 62L x 62W x 24; 62L x 62W x 30; 62L x 62W x 36; 62L x 62W x 42; 62L x 62W x 48
  • Pre-assembled: Yes

The pre-assembled MidWest Wire Dog Pen with Step-Thru Door is offered in five heights. A step-through door, four swivel snap locks, and corner stabilizers are included.

It collapses for simple storage when not in use and encloses 16 square feet of space when put up. Powder-coated aluminum construction provides resistance against the elements. A wire mesh or sun protection top is available for additional purchase.

This pen lacks feet, so it may slide and harm smooth flooring. This is not a suitable choice for large, energetic dogs or many pups, since it may topple over if they leap on it.


  • Five possibilities for height
  • Double-latching, stair-accessible door
  • Equipped with swivel locks and corner stabilizers
  • Flattens when not in use
  • Coating metal with powder


  • Top must be ordered individually.
  • Slippery and damaging to hardwood flooring
  • Not stable enough to support a leap


IRIS 8-Panel Plastic Exercise Playpen



  • Dimensions: 63L x 63W x 34H
  • Pre-assembled: No

The IRIS 8-Panel Plastic Exercise Playpen is offered in three color options and is constructed of durable plastic. It provides your dog with more than 21 square feet of play room.

It is simple to set up and clean, making it a wonderful alternative for pups, although assembly is required upon delivery. The pen’s nonslip rubber feet will keep it from slipping and harming your flooring.

The hinged door features two steel locks for security, and the entrance itself is designed to be at dog level for virtually all sizes of dogs. This playpen is sold at a premium price and is sufficiently lightweight for large dogs to transport.


  • Three hue choices
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Simple to construct once assembled
  • Nonslip rubber feet prevent slipping and floor damage
  • Hinged door with twin steel latches


  • Requires assembly
  • Premium price
  • Light enough for huge canines to maneuver


4-in-1 Play Yard Configurable Gate from Regalo



  • Dimensions: 24 L x 28 W per panel
  • Pre-assembled: No

The Regalo 4-in-1 Play Yard Configurable Gate has eight panels that may be combined in a variety of configurations. The wall-mounting hardware adds an additional 2 inches to each wall.

This may be used as a playpen or a dog fence to safely confine your dog to one area. It includes a walk-through design with a double lock lever handle for easy entry and exit.

It is constructed of robust coated metal, but is not suggested for leaping or climbing dogs. Some users regularly report having to retighten the latches, indicating that assembly may be challenging.


  • Panels can be built in a variety of ways
  • Includes mounting hardware for the wall
  • Walk-through style with twin lock lever
  • Durable metal coating


  • Requires assembly
  • Not a viable alternative for stray dogs
  • Possibly need periodic tightening and maintenance


IRIS Open Wire Dog Pen



  • Dimensions: 38 L x 26 W x 28 H; 47 L x 31 W x 28 H
  • Pre-assembled: Yes

The IRIS Open Wire Dog Cage is available in two sizes and has a durable plastic with a wood-like appearance. It is designed for extra-small to medium-sized dogs, thus it is not suitable for huge and extra-large breeds.

A molded bottom tray protects your flooring, and a sliding gate with a locking latch secures your dog. This playpen is not recommended for dogs who are aggressive chewers since the plastic clasp can be gnawed through, enabling your dog to escape.


  • Two sizes are offered.
  • Wood-look plastic reinforced with steel wire
  • Molded bottom tray safeguards flooring
  • Lockable latch


  • Unsuitable for huge and extra-large dogs
  • Premium price
  • Plastic clasp may be opened by chewing

A Buyer's Guide to Locating the Finest Dog Playpen

Selecting the Appropriate Playpen for Your Dog

To select the most suitable playpen for your dog, you must first evaluate its age and size. Puppies lack the escapability of many adult dogs, yet they may be more prone to gnaw their way out of a cage.

To prevent escape, large dogs may require a tall playpen or one with a covering of some sort. Relaxed senior dogs are not prone to chew or jump out of a playpen.

Additionally, you should evaluate the intended use of the playpen. If you intend to use it outside, you must choose a device designed for outdoor usage.

Otherwise, you risk having a rusty mess after the first time it rains on your playpen. For an indoor-only playpen, you may like to choose something that complements the aesthetics of your house.


There are lots of dog kennels available on the market, which may leave you feeling overwhelmed.

The best option overall is the EliteField 2-door soft cot, which is simple to use and comes with several extras, such as a carrying bag.

Multiple pups are kept secure in the MyPet 8-Piece Pet Pathway Plastic Pen, which is the finest option for puppies.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our site to learn about and research the best indoor dog and puppy playpens. We hope you’ve selected an appropriate dog cage for your dog’s size and budget.

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